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    1. The two main factions that define the

    2. MANAGE…STAIRS?” In fairness to them, it is very hard to define what

    3. That’s one reason fall prevention programs aimed at seniors point out the need for appropriate lighting throughout the home to clearly define changes in floor surfaces or levels and to eliminate both shadows and glare

    4. Once we stop comparing ourselves with others and define our identity based on our own terms, we remove the constraint we have put on our mind

    5. Also define the risk you need to assume, which should be in tune with your comfort level

    6. Define an asset allocation between cash, equity, debt and other assets

    7. Most people define ‘wrong’ as that which is different from their way of thinking

    8. We would define this as the Church

    9. Apart from His essential character, we cannot define these words aright

    10. Layout pages, can define sections, which can then be overridden by specific views making use of the

    11. Define a one-to-many dependency between objects where a state change in one object results in all its

    12. For himself, Harry enrolled for the Summer Term at Malvern and set his mind to completing his education with that hallowed institution within the shortest time practicable, driven by an imperative which he could not satisfactorily define

    13. "What?" was he really asking her to define it?

    14. So OK, she built a virtual environment and tried to define it in the language used by this protocol

    15. "You said these universes are self-unfolding, which I would imagine means that the fractals which define the decorated skeleton aren't evaluated until someone looks in that direction

    16. Eventually she realized that the mere fact of sleeping did not define the nightmare

    17. If asked to explain, scientists would probably say: “Time expands or contracts according to a number of physical factors in a define situation

    18. Many of my words have many definitions and interpretations; therefore, in this glossary I will define how I am using them and hope to help you understand better in this book

    19. language cannot define nor describe the experience of beholding the One face to face

    20. Experimentally-calculated methods define corresponding experimental parameters (strength, modulus of elasticity, water absorption, etc

    21. Calculated methods allow to define approximately frost resistance of concrete

    22. It is necessary to take into account that at production conditions, sand and crushed stone (gravel) have some humidity unlike laboratory (nominal) compositions of concrete, which define for dry initial materials

    23. I define prosperity as being the abundance of all things

    24. Remember that I define wealth as a holistic and

    25. I define those five aspects as being material,

    26. Define it by what it is

    27. you stop and define your success this very day

    28. This time it was by recommendation of the chief medical consultant who’d treated him for injuries from some peculiar accident, citing possible psychological abnormalities (not that she could define what normal is, or look to herself as an example these days)

    29. A Professor of political science teaching a class in which I was enrolled chose the first meeting of the class to define government as the determination of who gets what, when, and how

    30. Without the empire to define an ideology for them, they would be lost

    31. Might it be a “professional” choice to define her as “work” and stay focused on his goals? It was probably better not to ask

    32. The above represent a sampling of the essential characteristics that typically define what is meant by ―being‖ (human)

    33. Therefore, can any of us ascertain, without qualification, that the manner an individual behaves is either moral or immoral without properly assessing that individual‘s underlying assumptions or conditions without compromising our (own) judgment? Insight into ―things‖, as indicated above, requires that an individual be cognizant of the internal factors that correctly define the quality of his or her actions; that such qualities ―unseen‖ are nevertheless as real as Character, Decency or Virtuosity, or their opposites, that become readily apparent to an inquiring mind

    34. the end, this is what will define you and your success

    35. For Conservatives, a William Buckley, for example, to help define the moral and intellectual climate of conservative viewpoints

    36. ‖ The Conservative Movement, I believe, has yet to fully recognize the vast pool of potential converts, people who are principle conservatives in their everyday lives yet are seemingly unable to define themselves politically because their values are not being properly reinforced by the ―mainstream‖ media or are not being ―targeted‖ by conservative groups, including members of the Hispanic and African American communities, who, aside from their voting ―habits‖, are otherwise socially conservative in many respects

    37. may mean this little story written from the perspectives of cultists (as I define them in

    38. Therefore, most people are likely to embrace viewpoints that have come to define them as (uniquely) individual

    39. Such qualifiers that otherwise define an individual remain subject to revision; modifying attitudes, a (calculated) means toward an uncertain end, that, when understood in the aggregate, however, ushers a uniquely complex, multi-dimensional individual unrestricted by the limits of determined viewpoints

    40. What many of these women and their proselytized (male) cohorts fail to recognize, howe ver, is that manly qualities are determined by nature and that although the underlying characteristics(s) that typically define (most) males may be artificially modified, nature‘s tenacious capacity to overcome such efforts is demonstrated in the remarkable manner it is able to recover itself

    41. These models (I will refer to them as models for purposes of discussion) that serve to properly inform an individual; that is to say, define appropriate rules of conduct, vary in proportion (or meaning) to that individual‘s or society‘s present stage of spiritual, moral and intellectual development

    42. Conflicting viewpoints and differences of opinion are perennial rites of passages that typically define traditional parental/child relationships

    43. Nevertheless, it is not without irony that from the smoldering ashes of defeat emerged off-centered platforms that would quickly come to define both party‘s sociopolitical ideologies in the coming years

    44. Such viewpoints are oftentimes engendered by the perception of ―partial justice‖ as it seems to apply to a particular racial or ethnic group, influencing the (collective) mindset of that group seeking justice within narrower limits that typically define that group‘s self interests rather than the interests of society

    45. Our nation‘s political institutions have provided meaning to free and open societies that ultimately define us as a people (given to ideas)

    46. The avoidance of controversial themes and other subject matter has become one of the modern ―virtues‖ that has gradually come to define our collective mindset

    47. These are the driving forces (or values) that typically define achievement

    48. As indicated above, anti-gun proponents are (oftentimes) likely to define violence in American Society in terms of gun ownership by comparing its own (violent) crime rate(s) with that of other Western Industrialized Nations (including Japan) that have lower (violent) crime rates then we

    49. With the coming industrialization of America, labor struggles would define America for the next century

    50. to define the concept of “family

    1. At the stage of life they are in, the needs of those who are retired can be defined clearly

    2. The mind of India can be defined as that conveyed by the most significant aspects of Indian Philosophy through scriptures and discourses

    3. defined by the contours and ripples of a thin white sheet

    4. is defined by the word “agape”

    5. Faith is defined by the faith of Abraham

    6. As he walked he could feel his hard and defined physique ripple under tight, figure-hugging cloth

    7. solitary, defined anew as mother

    8. her limbs lengthen, become thin and defined,

    9. space without a defined edge,

    10. From my perspective, mental illness is defined as any abnormal or imbalanced brain activity that leads to inappropriate actions, this being enough for diagnosis and sometimes too soon a course for medication

    11. Where are the routing rules defined in an asp

    12. Probability can be defined as,' I said as I wrote the lines:

    13. them, having lost everything else that defined their world during

    14. alone on a small hill, it's clearly defined borders

    15. defined and his dark hair was still wet from the shower

    16. defined the other and the two were inseparable

    17. The nightmare had become defined by reality

    18. appeared, as the “Science of Policy” defined it, if

    19. Once you have your key strength defined, it will be easy for you to see if a new

    20. Standard were a shining example of what their culture had defined as being moral, hardworking individuals who had formed a respectable legal and holy matrimony that resulted in the much valued and desired undertaking of procreation and thus the continuation of their bloodline and species

    21. Executive function as defined by Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child is a combination of working memory (aka, those 700 neural connections per second), selective and focused attention on important tasks (or self control), and mental flexibility – being able to revise a course of action based on changes in the environment

    22. A few seconds later six walls defined their space within the newly-formed cube

    23. Chemical activity of slag is defined by quality coefficient К, calculated according to following formulas:

    24. He had come full circle along the walls, when he spotted a topographical picture over a place called Ohiopyle, where he could make out a faded outline of a defined trail

    25. He could see that the walkway was almost buried in growth at some locations, but still clearly defined, especially when it followed along the rivers

    26. the rule that determines how all other rules are defined

    27. defined destination and c) have a road map or game plan

    28. that spare tire you carry around), each with a defined job

    29. Our ability to imagine is defined (limited) by our

    30. what they mean because they have not defined them

    31. It was human, he thought, but couldn’t be sure: not sharply defined, but a blue and beige ghost of a man

    32. There was a defined break in the oncoming blackened sky, nighttime darkness and an oncoming deep blackness of a storm

    33. It was difficult to pick a team for a task that was, at best, only partially defined

    34. If we consider the accurate letter skips that are used in each case, the unique and defined starting positions in each book, and the patterns that are mirrored around Leviticus; it is statistically much more improbable that this phenomenon occurred as a result of mere chance

    35. Today, there is no defined layer of water, suspended high-up above the sky that would remain there under normal conditions, but we know that water can be suspended in the atmosphere in the form of ice crystals

    36. Can one really take a relativistic stance with confidence, when it comes to anything for which proof exists, contrary to that in which one believes? If the Bible tells us that we are eternal beings and our choices today affect our relationship with our Creator and that our eternity depends on the choices we make while we are alive on Earth, should we not pay attention to what is said in a document that comes from Someone who holds the world’s past, present and future in his hands? If this Person is intimately involved with you, having given you your body and having created your soul and spirit within you which will never die, who is with you every second of every day of your life and says that He knows you better than you know yourself, who even knows how many hairs you have on your head at any time of your life; should we not listen to him if he states that he loves us and wants to be in a relationship with us? If the information within the pages of this hyper-dimensional document paints a defined picture of the wonderful gift that God has given us

    37. Clearly defined space in the music for major poses is usually

    38. Defined by Ayn Rand as the weed that only grows in the vacant lots of an abandoned mind

    39. The monitor AI was evolving at such an exponential rate that – notwithstanding the obvious considerations of sentience – there may be a risk of insanity or simulated insanity perhaps, the difference was not something that could be easily defined

    40. An interesting concept that may be loosely defined as a group of symptoms, usually in reference to a living organism, and usually with an expectation of some sort of ultimately negative effect on that organism

    41. 45, “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined

    42. A moment defined in history

    43. The surgeon replied, ‘that is not something which can be defined in absolute

    44. Nothing seemed quite so well defined as it once had been; he didn’t see black and white, but only

    45. Of course, handling good fortune with grace, dignity, and charity are, also, self-defining acts, but we, as a whole, are ultimately, defined by the way we overcome adversity

    46. Having dismounted the craft she looked around at a sharply defined cratered landscape, half-expecting Darangi solders to jump out from behind one of the craters and accost her

    47. The law defined Crimen Injuria as "unlawfully, intentionally and seriously impairing the dignity of another

    48. There are defined, strategic rules for capturing such a position

    49. Informed decisions based on evidence and points of law clearly and properly defined, are gradually giving way to preliminary jousting matches between opposing counsels seeking a propitious ―mix‖ that will ‖carry the day‖

    50. Capitalism, when unregulated and properly tuned, is designed to promote upward social and economic mobility along a broadly defined cross section of individuals and groups

    1. name that defines Abraham relationship with God

    2. a living depth that defines the metre of this universe,

    3. Merriam-Webster defines it as the “sympathetic consciousness of others' distress, together with a desire to alleviate it

    4. This law defines that “like energy is attracted to like

    5. Ayn Rand defines it as „…the frozen form of a living intelligence

    6. Language is the cornerstone that defines a Culture

    7. I would like to express some (scattered) thoughts about Dress: Dress defines a society and its people; its customs and habits

    8. (Adversity ultimately defines the limits of Character)

    9. Suffering (oftentimes) defines or softens the heart of an individual by making that individual (more) receptive to of other individuals who are suffering or who have suffered in some manner

    10. Each ultimately defines a society‘s probable place in History

    11. either because he or she needs the money or because these collectibles no longer hold the same intrinsic ―value‖ that they once did, so why not part with (them) for a profit? This is not meant to imply, however, that that individual‘s principled belief system has been fundamentally modified in any manner; such accommodations do not (necessarily) alter the underlying (moral) assumptions that (otherwise) defines that individual

    12. HaveInotsaid, “Who you choose, not what you choose, is the answer, for who you choose defines what you do

    13. Cloning is Humankind‘s crowning achievement that defines its (own) conceited self-centeredness!

    14. Tolerance requires an ―intuitive‖ capacity to render sound (moral) judgments as they relate to essential motives and/or principle ideas that form the template of a well-ordered society that do not reflexively support tolerance for its own sake without giving proper pause to discriminating factors that correctly defines appropriate conduct

    15. For who you choose defines what you do

    16. Therefore, a forest populated by trees, in a manner that properly defines a forest, may be misconstrued by less discerning minds as a collection of trees (parts) rather than a forest (whole)

    17. Who you choose, not what you choose, is the answer, For who you choose defines what you do

    18. (Read: Conservative Blacks!) Although it is not my intention to marginalize the organization‘s historical importance (or value) for peoples of color, its neo-radical, oftentimes racist agenda has long abandoned its intended purpose of advancing civil rights and equal opportunity in favor of consolidating a political power base in a manner that incorrectly defines the ―needs‖ of its ―constituents‖ by propagating the meanest forms of race-baiting that (otherwise) serve to advance political ambition by fanning artificial expectations that have lost much of their historical relevancy

    19. ultimately defines an individual‘s (moral) character are the decisions that he or she makes

    20. ‖ Goodness lies in Humility of Purpose; without intended purpose, however; that is to say, undetermined and without motive; an impartial or uncertain ―Will‖ to Goodness that internally defines the Self; a Goodness that does not issue from the Conscious Self but the Hidden Self, rather, that must necessarily refute its own ―apparent goodness‖ or the self-sustaining content of its (own) intentions

    21. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines worry as a state of

    22. The government defines regulations as “significant” if they have an impact on the economy

    23. In another vein, he defines a miracle as, “exactly what it seems, an event offering access to the divine

    24. Yahushua told a story in the Book of Luke that clearly defines

    25. “If our lives are a rolling sequence of choices, then that is what defines us, wouldn’t you say

    26. And as a few economic indicators go south, all of a sudden we’re in a recession even if we didn’t have two quarters in decline, which defines recession

    27. The oxford dictionary defines the word “bury” as follows:

    28. It defines an array called student that consists of 100 elements

    29. Note that each sub-class defines only those features that are unique to it

    30. However, unique to each object and so the draw procedure will be redefined in each class that defines the

    31. As its name defines, it is used to clear the output screen

    32. The emotional division, then, defines an individual’s over-

    33. ” Huxley defines a good metaphysics, as against a bad metaphysics, as one “that corresponds reasonably closely with observed and inferred reality and one that doesn’t

    34. Q: You said the body defines the outer self

    35. that which defines the future of mankind

    36. If we compare religions and their bottom line, which is the percentage of souls making it to Heaven, we can see that it is our honest commitment to our spirituality that defines this bottom line

    37. If we can die with low vibration we have the ability to empower our soul to travel the path of light that defines our reality

    38. Truth is the word that defines Blake's quest

    39. The fear that defines our species

    40. What truly defines femininity? It’s not the clothes you wear, or even the shape of your body

    41. Imagine a quadrant, if you will, where the vertical axis defines

    42. He does not realize that our constitution defines the best government in the world and adherence to it would solve our financial problems

    43. Our response defines our relationship with God and determines our place in eternity

    44. In a world that defines the individual as autonomous and free to act so long as his acts do not interfere with the freedom of others, governments should play only a subsidiary role and should not be

    45. The Constitution clearly defines the responsibilities of each

    46. Defines the word it

    47. Anti religion defines someone who is opposed to religion

    48. But how one defines one’s

    49. appearance of what I feel defines crazy, at least some of the time, in

    50. This author, many years ago, before he was one, accepted a proposition with “less than sufficient proof to afford positive knowledge” as the dictionary defines belief

    1. Defining and overriding sections is optional

    2. They had known each other before they swam that river, but that was the defining moment of their friendship and something they would always have together

    3. I’ve often wondered if there would be something in looking back to the year of conception to see if there is some defining link

    4. Too many children, and adults, have learned to focus too much on their IQ score at 2nd grade as defining their level of intelligence

    5. defining the sub-atomic quarks that the size

    6. The second characteristic defining capillary porosity of concrete is degree of cement hydration which depends on cement strength, rate of hardening, time and conditions of concrete hardening

    7. you have are defining (limiting) your ability to create that

    8. capable of building orbiting space stations, defining the

    9. In spite of his admitted and admired learning and intelligence, he got it exactly backward when he said that we are defining deviancy down

    10. Rather, we are defining it up, in our continuing expansion of the parameters of the outrageous to be tolerated

    11. And, if we actually have any self-identity in our elementary years (other than who our parents tell us we are), then, it is these defining moments that give us that underlining identity

    12. The inherent ―right‖ to terminate one‘s (own) life as it relates to vague or questionable notions defining quality of life, introduces yet another dubious precedent as it relates to Choice, especially in rather gray areas where the decision to either perpetuate or curtail an individual‘s life has been proxied (sic) at a time when that individual could not possibly foresee the (uncertain) consequences of such decisions entrusted to the care of family members or friends (concealing underlying motives for authorizing such decisions, perhaps) or where a potential illness at some uncertain point in time or that individual‘s problematical reaction (to that illness) could not possibly be understood in advance; that is to say, until that individual is actually sitting on Death‘s doorstep

    13. Politicians seeking imaginative ways of defining poverty in our nation by targeting its ―root causes‖ plays well among certain audiences however fundamentally flawed their analysis

    14. The Vietnam War was a defining moment in American and European politics that produced ideological divisions at home and abroad, giving rise to moral equivocations and modernist geopolitical assumptions whose (dire) impact on critical political thinking continue to resonate through present times

    15. There was a defining moment in our nation‘s history when the laboring classes (en masse) went from resenting the rich to emulating their lifestyles…or trying to, at least

    16. This in no manner implies an nullification of Free Will that (inevitably) continues operating within the (singular) guidelines defining one‘s existence however guided by its fundamental designs

    17. These defining aspects typically characterize a nation by keeping it Whole

    18. Great nations and civilizations have been defining and re-fining themselves for centuries

    19. The one defining event for those who dislike him was the Iran hostage crisis

    20. Truman's administration only called for “continued progress,” never defining what that was

    21. Hilderich could sense the sorrowful note in his voice, his wife understandably a defining part of him, part of who he felt he was

    22. Once they were past the last few trees and plants, a trench of sorts lay there; it was mossy but clearly man-made with clear-cut lines and angles defining it, not deeper than the height of a man

    23. The Congress needs to pass a law defining the authority of the President in issuing executive orders and

    24. The inevitable expansion and codification of these first decisions defining allowable behavior between individuals, families, groups, tribes, etc

    25. He would show the girls the magic of his martial art, and at the same time put a defining kick on his victim

    26. scope (::) to specify that we are defining a function that is a member of the class CRectangle and not a regular

    27. The only difference between defining a class member function completely within its class or to include only

    28. quite clear, so defining these terms he is using in this theses

    29. have come to a defining moment in our quest for the winner of the

    30. Faith is a topic worth defining

    31. In defining the thoughts and actions of a modern Christian

    32. ” He further said, “The fact that the cosmos is comprehensible and that it follows laws, is the defining quality of a God, who reveals himself in all that exists

    33. Start by defining the voice of your brand

    34. In order to write an effective tweet, start by defining the specific objective you want to accomplish with the tweet

    35. Supreme Court of California arrive at the decision the Proposition defining marriage as a rite between a man and a woman unconstitutional? They came to this decision for one reason only

    36. whole person, becoming the defining substance and stability of that person

    37. figuring out the maximum cost per click that you are willing to spend and defining bid

    38. himself beyond the willingness to be in charge of defining who I

    39. Now Kelsen’s motive for so defining law was with the best of intent: he wanted to clear the road for a benign Socialist system and natural law was not flexible enough for him

    40. The scene started without defining the context as a dream, so

    41. I had to develop a marketing campaign defining the target audience, and a media plan and budget and, finally, the TV commercial storyboards, billboard copy, magazine and newspaper ads

    42. ” To ensnare oneself by overbuying into a situation that seemingly has no foreseeable escape or that creates mental suffering is not true enslavement as I am defining it, because it is self-inflicted

    43. What has been learned after thousands of sales projects is that the time spent up front in defining needs, understanding the results and getting the solution right, produces successful projects

    44. Peter had a team working on clearly defining the company structure and its interlocking business interests

    45. The Top Five Console Defining Exclusives for the Playstation 3

    46. In between stages, players are able to micro manage their armies by defining the job specialties of the various “-Pon” units and what equipments they will use

    47. Much has been written on the topics of defining masculinity and femininity

    48. com - Defining the future of Education

    49. To awaken is to know yourself as awareness without defining attributes

    50. Process - a repeatable phenomenon marked by gradual changes through a series of states that we become aware of after defining objects and relationships and observation

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