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    1. The workmen, accordingly, very seldom derive any advantage from the violence of those tumultuous combinations, which, partly from the interposition of the civil magistrate, partly from the superior steadiness of the masters, partly from the necessity which the greater part of the workmen are under of submitting for the sake of present subsistence, generally end in nothing but the punishment or ruin of the ringleaders

    2. Not only grain has become somewhat cheaper, but many other things, from which the industrious poor derive an agreeable and wholesome variety of food, have become a great deal cheaper

    3. A service of plate, and the other frivolous ornaments of dress and furniture, could be purchased for a smaller quantity of commodities ; and in this would consist the sole advantage which the world could derive from that abundance

    4. The cheapness and abundance of gold and silver plate would be the sole advantage which the world could derive from the one event; and the dearness and scarcity of those trifling superfluities, the only inconveniency it could suffer from the other

    5. On the other hand, someone handicapped or sub-endowed could also derive a lot of satisfaction from a less prominent rank because of lessons well learnt

    6. But when he possesses stock sufficient to maintain him for months or years, he naturally endeavours to derive a revenue from the greater part of it, reserving only so much for his immediate consumption as may maintain him till this revenue begins to come in

    7. The rent of land and the profits of stock are everywhere, therefore, the principal sources from which unproductive hands derive their subsistence

    8. In a city where a great revenue is spent, to employ with advantage a capital for any other purpose than for supplying the consumption of that city, is probably more difficult than in one in which the inferior ranks of people have no other maintenance but what they derive from the employment of such a

    9. The increase of those particular capitals from which the owners wish to derive a revenue, without being at the trouble of employing them themselves, naturally accompanies the general increase of capitals ; or, in other words, as stock increases, the quantity of stock to be lent at interest grows gradually greater and greater

    10. The person who has a capital from which he wishes to derive a revenue, without taking the trouble to employ it himself, deliberates whether he should buy land with it, or lend it out at interest

    1. Berith is derived from a root word which means "to cut," and hence a covenant is a "cutting," with reference to the cutting or dividing of animals into two

    2. Earth's exile community here on this planet is small, herself, derived of an Angel downloaded into a native body, Alan, raised from a frozen zygote by the same expedition that brought her, and the thirty one Brazilians that survived cryofreeze, with or without the intervention of the Kassikan

    3. It's written for cherons, I built a whole hierarchy from the base up, I didn't use any of the standard derived classes of cherubs, not even pets

    4. theoretical books were derived from it

    5. Then there was the account created for the receipt of funds derived from George's 'partnership' with Samuel Allcock

    6. The score is derived by the space between the first question missed and the second

    7. In the progress of the manufacture, not only the number of profits increase, but every subsequent profit is greater than the foregoing ; because the capital from which it is derived must always be greater

    8. All other revenue is ultimately derived from some one or other of these

    9. The revenue derived from labour is called wages; that derived from stock, by the person who manages or employs it, is called profit; that derived from it by the person who does not employ it himself, but lends it to another, is called the interest or the use of money

    10. The revenue of the farmer is derived partly from his labour, and partly from his stock

    1. return an instance of a any class that derives from ActionResult class

    2. “Yes, as I pointed out before, this is how and where the octave derives its 'inner' structure

    3. Whoever derives his revenue from a fund which is his own, must draw it either from his labour, from his stock, or from his land

    4. From some it derives a flavour which no culture or management can equal, it is supposed, upon any other

    5. Food is, in this manner, not only the original source of rent, but every other part of the produce of land which afterwards affords rent, derives that part of its value from the improvement of the powers of labour in producing food, by means of the improvement and cultivation of land

    6. The advantage which the landlord derives from planting can nowhere exceed, at least for any considerable time, the rent which these could afford him ; and in an inland country, which is highly cuitivated, it will frequently not fall much short of this rent

    7. If it is to be let to a tenant for rent, as the house itself can produce nothing, the tenant must always pay the rent out of some other revenue, which he derives, either from labour, or stock, or land

    8. He feels that an artificer is the servant of his customers, from whom he derives his subsistence; but that a planter who cultivates his own land, and derives his necessary subsistence from the labour of his own family, is really a master, and independent of all the world

    9. Each tradesman or artificer derives his subsistence from the employment, not of one, but of a hundred or a thousand different customers

    10. The importation of gold and silver is not the principal, much less the sole benefit, which a nation derives from its foreign trade

    1. Does she even continue 'running' our souls when we die, harvesting them like you ghosts? Or is it possible she is deriving her nourishment from the 'running' of any conscious soul within her, so you could think of conscious minds as her 'mitochondria' in a spiritual sense? I tend to believe more in that theory of religion myself

    2. When the stock which a man possesses is no more than sufficient to maintain him for a few days or a few weeks, he seldom thinks of deriving any revenue from it

    3. Yet, I had enjoyed them all, deriving thrill out of the

    4. This is possible by deriving a new class from the existing one

    5. However, in reality, they are mainly interested in deriving economic benefits by claiming to be the right wing

    6. Thus deriving the term Vam Pŷr, which means Slave to the People of the East, and forming a logical history to the creation of the German word, Vampyre

    7. --- length function is called for deriving the number of characters

    8. (Retention x ROE), and proceed with deriving “the rule of thumb” method

    9. several other deductions will be made at this time as well, and deriving a coherent NOPAT

    10. lips” when we are wrong? Statistically deriving a prediction interval is not the same as

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