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    1. My original view [since revised!] was that “if you can’t give it away you might as well give up!” I also wanted to distribute copies to gain feedback as family and friends are not always the best critics

    2. Remember, I said in the beginning that if you just read this book, you will gain knowledge, but if you do the work, you can transform your life! This book is designed to help you in the most efficient way possible

    3. Her therapist thinks something similar, though instead he tells her that she is trying to gain control over her life by ironing clothes

    4. She thought Herndon wanted to accuse him of stealing it from New Brazil, but that would be counter productive and would give away a lot more information than it would gain

    5. Of course he would probably give more information over that pillow than what he would gain

    6. Do this sincerely without seeking personal gain or recognition

    7. It is well-accepted principle that without risk there can be no gain

    8. He paid a high price in order to gain us in Jesus Christ

    9. " He ducked outside the shop and left Travis to mull over what he had already revealed, what he had to gain or lose by telling more

    10. "Look, I respect your tradition Travis, and I respect everything that you had to do in order to gain that mark, but you have seen what they are capable of, you saw what happened to Rocco

    1. Many years ago when tests were run on the toxicity of DE, it was found to be beneficial to the animals fed with it as they gained weight and seemed healthier then those not fed DE

    2. Tdehsi's body was born to a hired mother by a father named Leand, a body with a stormy and tragic life until Ava gained control of it

    3. He has gained a little weight back

    4. There might be something in the amorous line to be gained after all

    5. they negotiated and gained allies

    6. While the revolution in the small town gained

    7. nothing is gained from it

    8. On the other hand, if I sit in studying every evening, this could be considered painful while I’m doing it, however in the long term I will have gained skills and knowledge and I could possibly go on and gain better employment

    9. Daniel watched as they gained altitude

    10. He has gained their trust

    1. d) Capital gains from the sale of shares

    2. It then gains more detail as we progress through Genesis

    3. During the day the young man went off to commit his musical crimes in shopping malls and bus stations, only to find that he had to hand over most of his meagre gains to blustering brokers and flustered financial advisers because Cyberia had scorched their whites

    4. I can follow his argument about the precision he gains by averaging more samples

    5. he had to hand over most of his meagre gains to blustering brokers

    6. For what is a man advantaged, if he gains the whole world, and loses himself, or be cast

    7. I don’t think there’ll be any capital gains involved, but I’ll check with one of our taxation experts

    8. paycheck of hers and used the ill-gotten gains to buy drugs

    9. His whole gains, however, are commonly called profit, and wages are, in this case, too, confounded with profit

    10. His extraordinary gains arise from the high price which is paid for his private labour

    1. The stubble on my chin was growing softer now that it was gaining its critical beard length and my hair was becoming ragged at the back of my neck

    2. How many times has it been that someone will start a church with the heart to truly live and teach others to live the apostolic lifestyle, but after a certain point in growth and after gaining a certain amount of property, they suddenly change

    3. This will in turn lead to more new customers, more site visitors to your online business page and eventually to more profits due to the increase in the number of customers you are gaining through social media

    4. Upon the gaining of our glorified bodies, we are able to endure the face of God

    5. He wondered if he was actually losing his affection for Desa and gaining more for Luray

    6. to give and receive love and it’s about gaining all the

    7. You are now gaining the understanding and the

    8. ’ I said gaining confidence

    9. She paused for comment, but had at last succeeded in gaining their considered attention

    10. The Triodines were close behind and gaining

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    gain in English

    obtain procure secure get win acquire accomplish accrual addition advance accumulation advantage profit profits get to arrive at attain better forward improve near progress overtake approach

    Sinónimos para "gain"

    amplification gain profit addition increase put on gather advance gain ground get ahead make headway pull ahead win arrive at attain hit make reach acquire bring in clear earn pull in realise realize take in benefit derive obtain procure secure get accomplish accrual accumulation advantage profits get to better forward improve near progress overtake approach