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Dictated en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Her modesty dictated the rule.
  2. Dictated by the LORD JESUS to.
  3. Your biography is dictated by.
  4. I cannot be dictated to by a watch.
  5. He dictated long, uninspired letters.

  6. Curiosity dictated that he see what.
  7. As tradition dictated, she kept her eyes.
  8. This was dictated by JESUS to Susan for you.
  9. Sabrina and a second letter dictated to Susan.
  10. JESUS dictated these words in this letter to.
  11. These feelings dictated my answer to my father.
  12. Letter dictated to Mary of Texas by JESUS.
  13. After a bit, the text you dictated will appear.
  14. The color of the boxes is dictated by the close.
  15. Heku tradition dictated the Commander came in.

  16. The type of art that is dictated by stone frame.
  17. We may follow a recipe or procedure dictated by.
  18. The jinni dictated the revelation at this number.
  19. Its every slightest move was dictated by its rider.
  20. This Part 31 was dictated by JESUS to Susan for you.
  21. However tradition dictated that cornflakes were for.
  22. November 19, 2010, dictated to Susan from the LORD.
  23. The teacher lectured or dictated a lesson, and the.
  24. First is a letter from the LORD JESUS as dictated to.
  25. So why be dictated to by the heavy hand of commerce ?

  26. LORD had dictated this letter below to me, I was stunned.
  27. Dictated by time, place, and circumstance, variations in.
  28. Everyone lives by the rules dictated by society –.
  29. Your diet is dictated by just what kind of shape you are in.
  30. This was dictated by JESUS to Susan in the first letter for.
  31. Letter dictated by the LORD JESUS to Susan, November 26, 2010.
  32. We need to talk about today’s events, dictated Rudolph.
  33. There are phenomena smaller than the atom that are dictated by.
  34. Dictated by Nature - The Rights of the Rulers and the Ruled Ones.
  35. The series of messages were dictated to us, and other people as.
  36. Volatility alone dictated this as a good time to sell strangles.
  37. She dictated them to me and I wrote them out in a small notebook.
  38. This time we are including an urgent letter dictated by JESUS to.
  39. First is a letter from the LORD JESUS as dictated to Sabrina and.
  40. The LORD JESUS dictated this letter to me and I am sending it out.
  41. Ear-training exercises dictated by the teacher and written on the.
  42. This letter dictated by the Lord Jesus to me is very, very serious.
  43. Todd, said Drew, The pace is dictated by the interviewees.
  44. Write from dictation when you are dictated to; that is your job!.
  45. This Part 32 was dictated by JESUS to Susan in the first letter for.
  46. He dictated 14 million words while in this state of wider awareness.
  47. Forked tongues spewed draconic vapor when through them he dictated:.
  48. Letter dictated to Sabrina in Dutch by the LORD and later translated.
  49. Our lifestyle and behaviour are dictated by the expectations of others.
  50. Only they dictated what was to be done, instead of doing it themselves.
  51. On November 10, Butterfield dictated a confidential response to Haldeman.
  52. Therefore wisdom dictated the leaving of such a decision to the midwife.
  53. For more than two hundred years Newton’s ideas dictated our world view.
  54. The phone was set to scramble as Olsen’s experience dictated his actions.
  55. These remarks are not dictated by experience; but merely by the compassion.
  56. And the extent of any trend will be dictated by the cause and effect rule!.
  57. Competition in an industry takes place within the framework dictated by such.
  58. Proper respect with regard to one’s place in society dictated his teaching.
  59. As unfortunate as all this was, it was actually going as dictated by history.
  60. Before he left for the school, he dictated the letter for Elizabeth to write.
  61. I approached the dais that the thrones were on and bowed as was dictated of me.
  62. Venables in his name; and, in consequence of the remonstrances he dictated, I.
  63. I hope the world will not call me cowardly for acting as my conscience dictated.
  64. Jacob couldn't understand why everything had to be exactly as tradition dictated.
  65. An official was writing the report of the events as dictated by the two policemen.
  66. A thousand rules he has devised and dictated; handed down from the mouth of Yhwh.
  67. I wrote that letter, it means only that every word in it was dictated by him.
  68. What if they dictated he mutilate the girl more than he discovered he really wanted?
  69. Lywahn watched him go, and wondered if he should have dictated a more erudite message.
  70. Lezura was observing something on her portable radar while she dictated to the others.
  71. Modi’s choice, then, was dictated by strategic pragmatism, not ideological affinity.
  72. I was able to fly for six hours at a stretch before hunger and fatigue dictated I rest.
  73. The marine aquarist has two choices when it comes to SW, and can be dictated by distance.
  74. LP had crunched the numbers and the probability dictated that this was the winning spin.
  75. Both his rationality and emotions dictated that death is preferable to his current state.
  76. We thus decided to save you and Mister Noonan rather than let you die as history dictated.
  77. Chinese, burmees cannot rise to their feet with the cry we will not be dictated to.
  78. Thanks to the depression, the GRF dictated who and how many children families could have.
  79. Sometimes Roger was absolutely clueless as to how the work was be conducted and dictated.
  80. One of the most important moments of my life, I thought, dictated by the angle of the sun.
  81. They are as wise, however, as if they had all been dictated by the most deliberate wisdom.
  82. After breakfast Napoleon in de Beausset’s presence dictated his order of the day to the.
  83. The reason for the lack of constructions is that the government dictated that the nuclear.
  84. That dictated a strategy more like your pirate battles than like traditional space battles.
  85. Finally, a letter arrived, composed by Harvey and dictated to a nurse from his hospital bed.
  86. Sitting down that evening, William painstaking dictated into his recorder a letter to Freda.
  87. He had refrained from calling Becky when Suzy was around and dictated his work through email.
  88. They strolled casually through the front door, Fergus first as dictated by his fidgety nature.
  89. Not that any of it was planned at all everything I was doing was completely dictated by the.
  90. They dictated what they would do and rammed their decrees down the throats of their subjects.
  91. Being part of the fifth dimension, life is subjected to the criteria dictated by the balance.
  92. But Eudora tradition dictated that any woman who ran the place was referred to as Maybelle.
  93. After breakfast Napoleon in de Beausset’s presence dictated his order of the day to the army.
  94. Your vantage point is usually dictated by the limits of your mental and emotional comfort zone.
  95. John sold the put because (a) his fundamental analysis dictated that silver would not reach $7.
  96. As always with trading, there are exceptions allowed, as dictated by current market conditions.
  97. Second, I fear the decisions being dictated to us are … militarily suspect, shall we say?
  98. When I came to live with Maye, I promised myself that I wouldn’t allow my world to be dictated.
  99. Lambert on behalf of the 3rd Naval Lord Jack dictated as the Chief Yeoman wrote on his clipboard.
  100. They are actions dictated by seeing in the moment, and motivated solely by the needs of the moment.
  1. Hell is Eastern countries dictating what women should do.
  2. Emma began dictating the history as best she could remember.
  3. Deep in his body, the chemicals were dictating his movements.
  4. I am still so weak that I have to write, as you see, by dictating.
  5. He was not disappointed when Barnes started dictating his message.
  6. The oxygen mask he was dictating into dropped as soon as he saw them.
  7. He appeared to be dictating lecture notes, his disembodied voice drowning on and on.
  8. Arayus paced back and forth as he finished dictating his speech to the desk-mounted.
  9. Gavin nodded and returned to his normal seat and set about dictating to her the tasks he.
  10. Zhaspahr Clyntahn looked up from the memo he’d been dictating with a flicker of annoyance.
  12. I backed the call up by dictating a quick synopsis of what I had learned onto my tape recorder.
  13. My dual role was already dictating whom my wife and I could see where and in what combinations.
  14. She ensued dictating herself that she loved Giovanni and at some part of her heart, it was true.
  15. I left him about five minutes ago, and he is now occupied in dictating his will to two notaries.
  16. A woman’s voice could be heard, dictating what sounded as if it were a lesson about the alphabet.
  17. The beauty of trading on a tick chart is that it is the market dictating the ‘speed’ of the market.
  18. If you want you can read it out again, but make sure students aren’t writing while you are dictating.
  19. His friend was also weary from last night’s battle and his afternoon of dictating the stories of the Bible.
  20. She was dictating to Ellen Cooke, as if making a report, the exact circumstances of the death of Vernon Duffy.
  21. This was five steps further than dictating my life; he had turned me into a puppet, while he created the stage.
  22. He realized he couldn‘t sort out everything and the circumstances of his condition seemed to be dictating his priorities.
  23. I was dictating all of my material, and every time she would put the earphones on to type my dictation, the phone would ring.
  24. Sebastian approached another group with a radio, and spoke with Ethan on the radio, dictating Hans’s plan over the airwaves.
  25. Gonzalez placed a tiny dictating machine at the edge of his desk, and then drove his stare deep into Mitchell's confounded eyes.
  26. The two mortal scribes were not so regular, and Carl appeared displeased with the way he often had to repeat himself while dictating.
  27. When we move to a time based chart, it is we who are dictating to the market our chosen timeframe, a subtle but important difference.
  28. On an urgent basis I want on my desk late this afternoon (Tuesday) recommendations to carry out this directive which I am now dictating.
  29. A dictator acheives dictatorship by his natural dictating emotions overflows from His unconscious mind and cannot be stopped by the rational mind.
  30. If a nation enters a session with conditions set for the other country, that restriction seems to be dictating matters and limiting possibilities.
  31. But now, without the Queen of Ice and Chrysalis Evande dictating who she could be, Mama was the most magnificently awesome thing that Dana had ever seen.
  32. The Now of Power is the practice of dictating the present for the purpose of transcending time and becoming, not simply virtually, but actually immortal.
  33. Without the multitude of professors and required subjects and degree plans dictating his path, he realized that he was free to choose his own priorities.
  34. Pyotr Stepanoviteh jumped up from his seat and instantly handed him an inkstand and paper, and began dictating, seizing the moment, quivering with anxiety.
  35. He rarely typed anything and had such a whispery vocal delivery to his dictating machine that only his personal secretary could understand and reproduce the words on paper.
  36. The first thing necessary to render an act valid is, that the notary should be thoroughly convinced that he has faithfully interpreted the will and wishes of the person dictating the act.
  37. Those who propose enacting abortion laws—or any law dictating to a woman how she can use her own body—are reverting to the women are disposable chattel concepts of ages thankfully past.
  38. Those who propose enacting abortion laws—or any law dictating to a woman how she can use her own body—are reverting to the "women are disposable chattel" concepts of ages thankfully long past.
  39. Who did they think taught them about the military technology? She supplied the humans with a vast wealth of knowledge, and she sure as fuck didn't need them dictating where and how she would live.
  40. The problem with having all chiefs and no Indians in your teepee is that unless you’re the chief dictating the current warpath, or in tight with that chief, you have no bloody idea what’s going on.
  41. He knew that he would have to personally ‘disarm’ each member of the two meetings as they arrived, and relieve them of their briefcases, notebooks and any portable dictating machines they may have.
  42. As it was at the same time the bedroom of the engineer-in-charge there, Montero had thrown himself on his clean blankets and lay there shivering and dictating requisitions to be transmitted by wire to Sulaco.
  43. So why let Tom and Dick forever close our eyes and seal our mouths, dictating to us a religious teaching? On its very face it is an obvious farce and an extravagant burlesque on the great architect of the universe.
  44. Terror, too, that all this might be over, that her alleged reason for being here was finished, and she would have to make the hard decision about what came next without the benefit of external factors dictating her actions.
  45. The Americans have been dictating for far too long what to do to our own leaders, while a return to the offensive by ISIS will keep in check those damn Shiites in Iraq and will keep Iran’s attention and resources occupied there.
  46. Yet, is an experience intimate and personal and sometimes uncomfortable, and that is the sense or feeling that somebody is dictating to one from within, and saying, You should not use this means for that purpose or pursue that particular goal or behaviour.
  47. Accessory, perhaps, to the impulse dictating the thing he was now about to do, were certain prudential motives, whose object might have been to revive the spirits of his crew by a stroke of his subtile skill, in a matter so wondrous as that of the inverted compasses.
  48. All his dispatches detailing the starvation and demoralization of the heretic Eastshare’s understrength army had clearly come from someone else, and Ahlverez felt his teeth grinding once more as he visualized the grinning heretic duke dictating those lying messages.
  49. What was curious to him as he paced around his study dictating memos and writing emails, was that there had been no voices whatsoever, no hint of his condition returning or static from any electrical items placed around him which usually preceded the cruel spouting of hatred.
  50. To the ‘faith’ believing reader, these ‘holy’ scripture verses contain literature that appear to consist of a complement of specific words and statements dictating harsh and vitriolic sentiments that threaten ‘physical’ violence, including the ultimate punishment, eternal hell.
  51. While he was waiting for the boarding call for the aircraft he went to a public phone and dialled a special number which Jacob had given him, dictating a short message into a message machine which let Jacob know that he was relocating urgently to Brisbane and that he would make contact later that day.
  52. The vote recently passed at the General Association of Congregational Churches in South Dakota ought to be taken up and echoed through the land, protesting against the assumption, by the Administration, of the right to control our missionary operations, dictating what pupils may attend our schools, or what language may be used in them.
  53. If it were otherwise—if he treated me diplomatically—that is to say, like a man who wishes, by some means or other, to obtain a footing in the house, so that he may ultimately gain the power of dictating to its occupants—he would, if it had been but once, have honored me with the smile which you extol so loudly; but no, he saw that I was unhappy, he understood that I could be of no use to him, and therefore paid no attention to me whatever.
  54. She had a letter from him herself, a few hurried happy lines, written as the ship came up Channel, and sent into Portsmouth with the first boat that left the Antwerp at anchor in Spithead; and when Crawford walked up with the newspaper in his hand, which he had hoped would bring the first tidings, he found her trembling with joy over this letter, and listening with a glowing, grateful countenance to the kind invitation which her uncle was most collectedly dictating in reply.
  55. And I began, half dreaming, to weary myself with imagining some fit parentage for him; and, repeating my awaking meditations, I tracked his existence over again, with grim variations; at last, picturing his death and funeral: of which, all I can remember is, being exceedingly vexed at having the task of dictating an inscription for his monument, and consulting the sexton about it; and, as he had no surname, and we could not tell his age, we were obliged to content ourselves with the single word, Heathcliff.
  56. And I began, half dreaming, to weary myself with imagining some fit parentage for him; and, repeating my waking meditations, I tracked his existence over again, with grim variations; at last, picturing his death and funeral: of which, all I can remember is, being exceedingly vexed at having the task of dictating an inscription for his monument, and consulting the sexton about it; and, as he had no surname, and we could not tell his age, we were obliged to content ourselves with the single word, ‘Heathcliff.
  1. He largely dictates the ways.
  2. Logic dictates she keeps both.
  3. HE dictates the letters to us.
  4. Following the dictates of our inner.
  5. Logic dictates a different course.
  6. But only do so when intuition dictates.
  7. Following the dictates of the Quran and.
  8. Surely pure reason dictates that we live.
  9. What you think about dictates how you feel.
  10. In the big picture, its cycle dictates many of.
  11. The law dictates that she must serve her penalty.
  12. Matrix dictates the properties that are achievable.
  13. I wonder, who dictates such questions to the child?
  14. He pins his faith to one channel only, and dictates.
  15. What you program into it dictates how it will function.
  16. I never believed I'd ever amend the dictates of my.
  17. This forms and dictates a better attitude at workplace.
  18. The belief that a person has a dual nature dictates what.
  19. The chart clearly dictates the fact that it has opted for.
  20. Each social group they enter will have its own dictates in.
  21. Even if the third is, as need dictates, ignorant of the fact.
  22. Negotiations would only be to formalize the Israeli dictates.
  23. Yet, common sense clearly dictates it would be a waste of time.
  24. The method of data collection generally dictates what analysis.
  25. Common sense dictates that featured affiliate products should be.
  26. Publishers not only follow the dictates of State Legislatures and.
  27. The gentleman at the time followed the dictates of his conscience.
  28. Emotion dictates to your body what you need to achieve the result.
  29. The belief that a person has a dual nature dictates what they can.
  30. Excuse me, he said over his shoulder, the dictates of common sense.
  31. Simple mathematics dictates the likelihood among those that remain.
  32. That’s what we need God for, and all the rules He dictates to us.
  33. Nature dictates that flow occurs in areas with the least resistance.
  34. History dictates that a market begins to recover at this point, and.
  35. We often think we will react far better than what reality dictates.
  36. As custom dictates I will leave after two days prayer and meditation.
  37. Every principle of justice and sound policy dictates its rigid fulfilment.
  38. The equation of life dictates that harmony be balanced by evolution or growth.
  39. Culture also dictates what is and is not remembered and how forgetting occurs.
  40. This dictates that we use the 50-day moving average as a selling guide for now.
  41. Believe it or not they can be a very adaptive species when necessity dictates.
  42. Perhaps your mind dictates that you cannot be happy if your friend is unkind to you.
  43. Theoretically, all sources of capital are priced at what the market currently dictates.
  44. An executive cosmic force shapes us and dictates through our temperament and environment.
  45. Once on his own he decided to live according to the dictates of the Universe and his own.
  46. Sometimes we follow a faint path, but it is mainly Jack's memory that dictates our route.
  47. However, not everyone welcomes that information if it clashes with predetermined dictates.
  48. Here in the northland we have an underclass, no longer willing to abide the dictates of.
  49. Thus, it is our level of spiritual growth which dictates our destination in the other realm.
  50. Intuitive, innate and interior conscience tells us, without words, what divine will dictates.
  51. One look at the breakeven equation dictates that variable costs would increase as well; this.
  52. Thus, logic and Economics 101 dictates that when supplies are highest, prices will be lowest.
  53. I decided to act frankly, according to the dictates of my conscience and my personal feeling.
  54. Wisdom dictates that you avoid all the pain and bloodshed that awaits those who would choose.
  55. I am the one who rules so I am the one who demands and I am the one who dictates what happens.
  56. Society almost dictates hypocrisy with its examples on television in the soaps and reality shows.
  57. These are the sorts of alliances that we should arrange, as the international situation dictates.
  58. The belief that a person has a dual nature dictates what they can believe about the nature of God.
  59. Alcohol has no fat content, so there are no restrictions on its use other than by the dictates of.
  60. Yes, they follow the dictates of their own hearts and give heed to their own self-serving desires.
  61. The arrogance of the young rebel answers the arrogance of the past dictates of the ancient patriarch.
  62. The normal development of a child dictates that all experiences should occur at the appropriate ages.
  63. Common sense dictates that the more black dots there are, the more powerful the potential move will be.
  64. No more being part of a world where someone else’s history dictates our intolerance and hatred of others.
  65. There are exceptions, of course, as when senior management dictates that paper memos are no longer allowed.
  66. He’s the one who dictates policy, supervises the system of government and has the authority to declare war.
  67. And to my thinking it was done at the dictates of the vivid mental impression he wished his drawing to convey.
  68. Yes, he would follow his brother’s dictates, even from the grave; it always made sense to stick with winners.
  69. HIV-1 subtype B’ dictates the Aids epidemic among paid blood donors in the Henan and Hubei provinces of China.
  70. The Dictates of the Heart are Weakness, Sentiment, and womanish Cowardice; but the Head is manly and courageous.
  71. In one word, if the government dictates to me by telegram, activité dévorante, I'll supply activité devoranté.
  72. But pile them up by the millions and they become a blind, reactive social force that dictates what other people do.
  73. According to Pauline, the law dictates that if embalming is not performed, the burial has to occur within a one-day period.
  74. Uncommon sense dictates that Universal laws should govern, not the desires of a few, or even the greed or delusion of many.
  75. Faith, defined, 115, 162, 166, 244; and works, 160, 169; based on the dictates of reason, 170; source of, 171; the false, 173.
  76. Shame is predisposed to proper notions of right and wrong whereas the shameless are untroubled by the dictates of Conscience.
  77. Increase in me that wisdom Which discovers my truest interest, Strengthen my resolution To perform that which wisdom dictates.
  78. This dictates that you absolutely must cut all losses quickly and get off margin when a major general market deterioration begins.
  79. Those who have their own preset dictates discard the qualities that most people consider useful to bring harmony in a relationship.
  80. If you have sufficient insurance that a major move will not hurt, there is no incentive to bid more that your comfort zone dictates.
  81. This leaves the insurgents free to enforce the dictates of the Second Commandment—Be Politically Correct—to do our judging for us.
  82. Remember, it's not the price of the wedding that determines the quality of your marriage or that dictates a good time for all involved!.
  83. Prudence dictates paying some price to get those puppies off the street, but the intrepid cash-collecting trader does not think that way.
  84. Your Nutritional Type determines your individual nutritional requirements and dictates your individual responses to what you eat and drink.
  85. Electrodynamics field dictates the behaviour and ordering of components; fields impose a plan and organization of the material components.
  86. How and what we communicate dictates the ethic and will of society – the communication system in which we exist with ourselves and others.
  87. As emotional creatures, the way we feel most often dictates how we behave which ultimately dictates the circumstances you find yourself in.
  88. I realize your upbringing dictates your actions and that your first instinct is to kill those who killed him, but we handled it already.
  89. The other half of the play, the 120-day options you own? Well, the nearer an option to expiration, the more that current HV dictates pricing.
  90. What they don’t realize is that history virtually dictates that in the next year or two, that fund will probably show much slower results.
  91. Your riches and your pleasures are advantages which I hold over you in the debate; but good taste dictates that I shall not make use of them.
  92. Group consensus was that the best approach was to give only as much detail as necessary to comply with the dictates of management, but no more.
  93. Christians typically have wedding ceremonies performed in churches; Jewish tradition dictates the ceremony takes place in a temple or synagogue.
  94. Simonson was one of those people (of an essentially masculine type) whose actions follow the dictates of their reason, and are determined by it.
  95. Every man has a right to erect his idol in this land of liberty, and to fall down and worship it according to the dictates of his own conscience.
  96. They are capable of inflicting and threatening bodily harm if someone contradicts their dictates and refuse to acknowledge their righteousness.
  97. Here in the northland we have an underclass, no longer willing to abide the dictates of Pharaoh, and who are rising against us in open rebellion.
  98. With no real leadership being exhibited by the tribal leaders, the warriors were only too glad to follow the dictates of someone with an actual plan.
  99. Though he knew that it was wrong to do it, he went there, contrary to the dictates of his own conscience, considering himself bound to keep his word.
  100. Heart of mine! She would follow, her dream of love, the dictates of her heart that told her he was her all in all, the only man in all the world for.

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1. The truth as the Elders dictate.
2. Our eating habits dictate our health.
3. You can dictate the terms of the meeting.
4. It is human, not horse beliefs, that dictate.
5. The Heart would dictate Mercy for Llewelyn.
6. It's so cute, you thinking you can dictate me.
7. Prudence would dictate he wait for another full.
8. The music will dictate any necessary changes in.
9. You cannot dictate consequences, but you can 329.
10. I had decided to let that dictate where I would go.
11. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments.
12. My consort does not dictate who I have in my bed.
13. Him for granted, test Him, and dictate the terms of.
14. That is, they do not dictate where their energy goes.
15. I can’t dictate to the Council—that’s absurd.
16. Be brave, be fierce and YOU dictate how the conversa-.
17. Princess Anna; what you have to write I'll dictate to you.
18. Themes dictate templates, regions, and all other related.
19. Social groupings of differing sorts dictate our behaviour.
20. Need, merit, means and circumstance will obviously dictate.
21. When they finish, have them dictate their list to a partner.
22. I’m not going to dictate what you do or who you do it with.
23. Have the goodness to write what I am about to dictate to you.
24. I rested on my face content beyond all reason should dictate.
25. They want to comformicate, dictate and then monitor your will.
26. The phases of the sun will dictate the Earth's climate, going.
27. That's not your place to dictate anyone else's choices in life.
28. But circumstances, being what they are, dictate that I be here.
29. They often converge to dictate the same, or a similar, course.
30. Indicators monitor and reflect behavior; they do not dictate it.
31. It is the actions of Muhammad that dictate the model for living.
32. Under Communism, bureaucrats dictate production and distribution.
33. Votes dictate, not the other way around, I remember him saying.
34. Personalities dictate investment success or failure, not the data.
35. That subject will dictate whether your lead paragraph will follow.
36. For others it is a talent or gift that may dictate their direction.
37. Now she was the beggar and a beggar in no position to dictate terms.
38. But his voice failed him, and he could neither converse nor dictate.
39. When she had settled back in her seat Jamie began to dictate a letter.
40. I dictate the rules of the game and I change them when I feel like it.
41. So you are going to let him dictate to our relationship? That is so.
42. Fey rules dictate that only a mated couple could become King and Queen.
43. This is the dictate of common sense; such also is the usage of nations.
44. Well, no, but he would sometimes dictate his thoughts after a meeting.
45. But if you have a moment to dictate something, it would be very helpful.
46. They saw Father, I told Mordan when he stopped by to dictate a letter.
47. You should never allow a vendor to dictate the criteria or score themselves.
48. But fundamental research should always dictate in which market(s) you trade.
49. His only obligations to Rome were to pay taxes and obey Rome’s dictate in.
50. Hitler used the time to dictate his deadly dull book Mein Kampf (My Struggle).
51. That is what will dictate whether you are qualified for the first resurrection.
52. That is where ‘we the people’ need to dictate to corporations and the world.
53. But the judge's heart may not dare to dictate to his brain or to his conscience.
54. Armand, you will stay here after this, so that I could dictate that letter to you.
55. As long as I was in this town, he could essentially dictate how my life played out.
56. The size of the market and your price will probably dictate which scenario is best.
57. The characteristics of each industry dictate limitations on the components, and the.
58. I’m also not saying that we should always allow our emotions to dictate what we do.
59. Never lecture him on his behavior or dictate how he should spend the rest of his life.
60. It must have been difficult but sometimes circumstances dictate these thorny decisions.
61. And we have sat here like slaves and let a woman dictate the laws of the city to us.
62. The variations and emphases that feeling may dictate can be done in the painting stage.
63. Aunt says Amy, decidedly, and it is not for us to dictate when she offers such a favor.
64. It is not to be called amiability, it is her duty; a slave does not dictate to a master.
65. Understand that the underlying businesses will dictate investment, not the macro picture.
66. But you're doing just what that guy wanted, by giving him the power to dictate your life.
67. The founder’s perception and the scriptures of the particular religion dictate religions.
68. The ayah is said to have canceled 124 verses that dictate less, leaving the Koran unbalanced.
69. Normally this would be forbidden Brent, but circumstances dictate that we must reach shelter.
70. Pure logic would dictate that if a company changes its default probability, then the risk of.
71. And Puller had let him dictate the plan going forward, when that was not his natural inclination.
72. The Bible is God-breathed, but He did not dictate His revelation to make the writers into robots.
73. Why shouldn't her imagination dictate from memory how this whole thing was supposed to play out?
74. What then but madness can dictate a policy tending to dry up our resources and paralyze our energies.
75. To-morrow, after Shatov's affair, I'll dictate a note to him saying that he is responsible for his death.
76. The number of searchers and the type of terrain will dictate the search pattern best suited to the situation.
77. Sometimes we let bad experiences dictate our lives for us, instead of just letting those moments pass us by.
78. Angel, he said, the likes of us dictate the tune in this country as far as leadership is concerned.
79. I don’t dictate to you what a valid candlestick pattern looks like or tell you how to draw your trendlines.
80. I don't mean to presume to dictate to you in the slightest degree but why did you leave your father's house?
81. Did you really think I would stand aside and let you replace my emperor and dictate policy for Turgonia?
82. Whatever the circumstances dictate – start the process as soon as possible and get the professionals involved.
83. Of course, we use technical indicators in timing our option sales, but they will not dictate what markets we trade.
84. Why the hell hadn’t she remembered that last night, before she let her much-neglected libido dictate the terms?
85. Wise discrimination and sound judgment should dictate your decisions regarding the bequest of riches to your successors.
86. And are we not in the act of yielding obedience? Sir, the nation which pretends to dictate laws to another offers chains.
87. Sound practice would dictate its complete abandonment or in any event the avoidance of such issues by intelligent investors.
88. Just remember that the computer will do everything you tell it to do but it is up to you to dictate the proper instructions.
89. The unique circumstances of every case will dictate the team and it is the Team Leaders’ duty to establish what is needed.
90. Tito told Stalin to stop trying to dictate Yugoslavia’s agricultural policy and, while he was at it, to call off his spies.
91. The Rule of Law, as it relates to Immigration Policy, or any other law for that matter, should dictate and not be dictated to.
92. Yeah, maybe that would be cool, but I wouldn't be able to stay too long, you know responsibilities and all dictate what I do.
93. Her Story has been replaced with a new story that serves as a cover for those that are in position to dictate what is recorded.
94. Facilitator - Helps members of a group conduct a meeting in an efficient and effective way, but does not dictate what will happen.
95. They dictate the choices we make, the relationships we have, the creations we manifest, the behaviours and actions we demonstrate.
96. The career that you choose for your life, can dictate your happiness with life, because of the amount hours daily you are at work.
97. Besides, she had never yet allowed a man to dictate to her in matters of style—only, perhaps, in matters of the mind or the heart.
98. Do not suppose, however, that I wish to dictate happiness to you or that a delay on your part would cause me any serious uneasiness.
99. He does not have to ask anyone for permission, and he does not have to abide by any guidelines that dictate where he can put the money.
100. He was the type who sought after to dictate over his women and she absolutely did not want that in her life…even if it was all a sham.

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