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    1. He was bold and determined, he was energetic and he was virile

    2. Once you have found signs of wood damage and you have determined that it’s not just old decaying wood then you have to decide if it’s termites or carpenter ants that you have

    3. If you have determined that its carpenter ants then go to the Dances with Ants chapter and treat like you would the ants, the only difference would be that you place the ant cafes inside the house, in the attic, crawl spaces, any place where they are seen, hidden from view

    4. He was determined, come Hell or high-water, that he would create the perfect woman,

    5. They had promised themselves this break for months and now that it had come they were determined to take it

    6. Some had even gotten what they wanted in the end, if they were determined enough

    7. Maybe I wasn't the bravest in the world, hell, not even the bravest in Darklow, but one thing I can honestly say about myself, then as well as today, is that I'm determined and when it comes to family I will do, give and take whatever is needed

    8. He had the taste of Scotch in his mouth and was as determined

    9. She continued to study the planet, but was determined to continue with the evolutionary trees and leave the sociology alone

    10. I sense Stephen stiffen as he sees them, though he is obviously determined not to let his fear of the animals show

    11. far flung boundaries of the void Smith finally determined that the endlessly irritating

    12. determined to do the same thing

    13. The soul of Talstan was determined to cure the entire human species of the germ of the idea of the 'sovereign individual

    14. His words present a determined resolution to follow

    15. Now, she's determined to use them as cannon fodder

    16. With Byram Hermosa from the shop, he cruised down the narrow canal between the thick roots of towering apartment trees and into the open lake, bound for the Yakhan, determined to cover the fifteen hundred miles in a native week

    17. Actually, he was sure it was too late by the end of the first dark she spent in that house but was determined to give it due diligence and go up there after it, since he had weeks with the boat and no better plan

    18. Across the far flung boundaries of the void Smith finally determined that the endlessly irritating sensation that underlay the void was deserving of a name

    19. "Alfred has determined that there are tide control locks in the vicinity of that city," she continued

    20. Angie is determined that little Karalintze will know all about her famous Great Aunt as she gets bigger

    21. It is intended to be solely determined by our allowing ourselves to be gripped by the ethical God, who reveals Himself in us, and by our yielding our will to His

    22. quiet and determined in the face of such a monstrous libertine

    23. We have not yet determined it as such

    24. She was also one of his best researchers, both determined and creative

    25. He was shocked by the grim and determined tone of her voice

    26. ’ I said deliberately, determined not to let this man think I can’t manage

    27. One day, attracted by the unrivalled opportunities being offered to skilled people by this new broom sweeping through government’s old and crusty cobwebs of social patronage, two provincial public relations specialists arrived in the city determined to make their fortunes

    28. Nikos could see the man wasn't welcome in our crowd but being host, he was determined to create a relaxed atmosphere so, throwing his arms in the air, he announced to the room, 'OK everybody

    29. During cleaning it became clear that at some time in the distant past part of the church had been a temple dedicated to Pallas Athena and although it was not unusual for the locals to mix their beliefs, the church authorities were rather embarrassed and the work came to a standstill until it could be determined who would provide funds for the work to continue

    30. At the time I didn’t care how long it took me, I was determined that I would kill it

    31. He expected me to give in and I'd been happy to ignore him so far but since he was prepared to persist with the charade, I was determined to have my say

    32. conversation, but you determined to give it a shot

    33. "You know what I think it is?" he said, "I think you are determined to take this away from me

    34. When at last I caught up with the others, they were on the lip of a wide plateau of sandy rock and there, emerging from the wiry scrub, stood a tidy cluster of stubborn ruins and dry stone walls that seemed determined to stand forever

    35. He wondered why Glayet was so determined she had to let this run late into the evening on Friday

    36. Breakfast that morning had been the usual hurried, monosyllabic affair, and when she returned home from work Annie was determined that she would sit her brother down and that they would have a thorough chat about the future

    37. As young Alan blossomed, finding girls and music and the dreams of unchecked possibilities breasting the far hill scapes of his world view, so too Ken determined to be a part of his son’s emerging life

    38. He was determined to

    39. sitting, back to back, weapons at the ready, determined to protect

    40. Abi’s a brave girl and determined that she won’t be an emotional mess

    41. nothing that Karen could do, for her boots were determined to

    42. They are well organized and determined

    43. attitude to courting, but Archibald’s mother was determined to

    44. it has been determined that the biomagnetic fields

    45. shocked by the grim and determined tone of her voice

    46. Once you have determined which column the trapped

    47. Once you’ve determined exactly when the emotion

    48. We determined that he had an inherited emotion

    49. determined the meaning of the first two health issues

    50. specialists arrived in the city determined to make their fortunes

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    compulsive determined driven dictated set firm obstinate dogged positive resolved inflexible strenuous rigid sturdy decided agreed concluded closed