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    1. Lopez’s mission is the education of the public on the necessity to quit using chemicals altogether and in the meantime, to properly dispose of their waste - so that one day the earth may return to its natural cycle of growing and decomposing

    2. Altera straightened herself and took a deep breath, “Yes my Queen, there is still one more piece of garbage to dispose of

    3. He set off to dispose of the fruit, no longer useful as food, and to return the fireplace implement to its normal perch next to the fire screen---no one to be the wiser for its most recent use

    4. At the following rehearsal, before the next weekly performance, Kaitlyn broached the subject to the Players, of how to dispose of the receipts from each engagement

    5. I have to dispose of a large amount of scrap

    6. “How will you dispose of the bodies?”

    7. When an independent workman, such as a weaver or shoemaker, has got more stock than what is sufficient to purchase the materials of his own work, and to maintain himself till he can dispose of it, he naturally employs one or more journeymen with the surplus, in order to make a profit by their work

    8. I shall hereafter have occasion to mention the reasons which dispose me to believe that the capital stock of Great Britain was not diminished, even by the enormous expense of the late war

    9. 'Perhaps you could read them quietly and dispose of those you think inappropriate

    10. It amazed me how many people wanted to dispose of great grandpa's pride and joy

    11. In them, too, the rich, having a greater superabundance of food to dispose of beyond what they themselves can consume, have the means of purchasing a much greater quantity of the labour of other people

    12. Fizzicist had to dispose of his contents and when he arrived back there was just the cauldron to scrape clean

    13. will dispose of it as we see fit,’ said the Abbot

    14. That, notwithstanding this reduction, the value of silver has, during the course of the present century, begun to rise somewhat in the European market, the facts and arguments which have been alleged above, dispose me to believe, or more properly to suspect and conjecture; for the best opinion which I can form upon this subject, scarce, perhaps, deserves the name of belief

    15. But the whole produce of the land undoubtedly belongs to him, who can dispose of the labour and service of all those whom it maintains

    16. The superior security of land, together with some other advantages which almost everywhere attend upon this species of property, will generally dispose him to content himself with a smaller revenue from land, than what he might have by lending out his money at interest

    17. The people to whom it is granted as a privilege, that they might give away their own daughters in marriage without the consent of their lord, that upon their death their own children, and not their lord, should succeed to their goods, and that they might dispose of their own effects by will, must, before those grants, have been either altogether, or very nearly, in the same state of villanage with the occupiers of land in the country

    18. Along with this grant, the important privileges, above mentioned, that they might give away their own daughters in marriage, that their children should succeed to them, and that they might dispose of their own effects by will, were generally bestowed upon the burghers of the town to whom it was given

    19. The high price of exchange, too, would naturally dispose the merchants to endeavour to make their exports nearly balance their imports, in order that they might have this high exchange to pay upon as small a sum as possible

    20. Now that I know that there's a rat somewhere around, I have to flush him out and dispose of him

    21. To dream that you are unable to dispose of the feces suggests that you are unwilling to let go of your emotions

    22. Be ready for action as soon as I dispose of our uninvited guest

    23. Nevertheless, you alone stand as no threat to me, so I have no reason to dispose of you

    24. Notwithstanding these favourable allegations, however, the following considerations dispose me to believe, that in granting at least one of these bounties, the legislature has been very grossly imposed upon:

    25. If, in a year of scarcity, therefore, any of them should find that he had a good deal more corn upon hand than, at the current price, he could hope to dispose of before the end of the season, he would never think of keeping up this price to his own loss, and to the sole benefit of his rivals and competitors, but would immediately lower it, in order to get rid of his corn before the new crop began to come in

    26. manufacturer, by taking his goods off his hand as fast as he can make them, and by sometimes even advancing their price to him before he has made them, enables him to keep his whole capital, and sometimes even more than his whole capital, constantly employed in manufacturing, and consequently to manufacture a much greater quantity of goods than if he was obliged to dispose of them himself to the immediate consumers, or even to the retailers

    27. The Leader was about to dispose of all the soldiers when the sound of gunfire distracted him

    28. But that part of the capital of Great Britain which brings those eighty-two thousand hogsheads to Great Britain, which re-exports them from thence to those other countries, and which brings back from those other countries to Great Britain either goods or money in return, is employed in a round-about foreign trade of consumption; and is necessarily forced into this employment, in order to dispose of this great surplus

    29. It might dispose them not only to respect, for whole centuries together, that treaty of commerce which they had concluded with us at parting, but to favour us in war as well as in trade, and instead of turbulent and factious subjects, to become our most faithful, affectionate, and generous allies; and the same sort of parental affection on the one side, and filial respect on the other, might revive between Great Britain and her colonies, which used to subsist between those of ancient Greece and the mother city from which they descended

    30. It would be absolutely impossible to distribute among all the leading members of all the colony assemblies such a share, either of the offices, or of the disposal of the offices, arising from the general government of the British empire, as to dispose them to give up their popularity at home, and to tax their constituents for the support of that general government, of which almost the whole emoluments were to be divided among people who were strangers to them

    31. But the owner of that stock necessarily wishes to dispose of as great a part of those goods as he can at home

    32. He naturally, therefore, endeavours as much as he can to turn his carrying trade into a foreign trade of consumption, If his stock, again, is employed in a foreign trade of consumption, he will, for the same reason, be glad to dispose of, at home, as great a part as he can of the home goods which he collects in order to export to some foreign market, and he will thus endeavour, as much as he can, to turn his foreign trade of consumption into a home trade

    33. It is thus that the private interests and passions of individuals naturally dispose them to turn their stock towards the

    34. In the spice islands, the Dutch are said to burn all the spiceries which a fertile season produces, beyond what they expect to dispose of in Europe with such a profit as they think sufficient

    35. Unless, therefore, he has the custom of, at least, 50 such families as his own, he cannot dispose of the whole product of his own labour

    36. But as the produce of the agriculture of both France and England is, the far greater part of it, consumed at home, each person employed in it must, according to these computations, require little more than the custom of one, two, or, at most, of four such families as his own, in order to dispose of the whole produce of his own labour

    37. Now we need to dispose of it, but if we are to avoid leaving a hole in our heat shielding then we are going to have to use one of those in the command section

    38. In 1734, the company petitioned the king, that they might be allowed to dispose of the trade and tonnage of their annual ship, on account of the little profit which they made by it, and to accept of such equivalent as they could obtain from the king of Spain

    39. The interest of those servants and dependants might so far predominate in the court of proprietors, as sometimes to dispose it to support the authors of depredations which had been committed in direct violation of its own authority

    40. If he is obliged, therefore, to give a certain number of lectures, these motives alone, without any other interest, might dispose him to take some pains to give tolerably good ones

    41. By the other part, music, it was proposed, at least by the philosophers and historians, who have given us an account of those institutions, to humanize the mind, to soften the temper, and to dispose it for performing all the social and moral duties of public and private life

    42. “I stalk the darkness and serve to dispose of

    43. The maltster does not always keep in his granaries a stock of malt, which it will require a longer time to dispose of than the stock of beer and ale which the brewer frequently keeps in his cellars

    44. My ‘crime’ offended them so much that not only was it covered up, but I was locked away in a place certain to dispose of me

    45. Historians tell us that it took poison, stabbing, shooting, and finally, drowning to dispose of him

    46. They assist the primary systems in the body to dispose of waste products

    47. Seeing his chance to dispose of one of the men, the creature lunged a claw at Saldon’s head and Manna leapt before it, slicing deep into the creature’s wrist

    48. During that period (or window of opportunity) mothers will be permitted to dispose of their infant/child in a manner adjudicated by law

    49. "I'll dispose of these for you then, shall I, sir?" he asked, his tone telling me exactly what he thought of me

    50. Chuck went to dispose of the bag into a handy garbage bin, which unfortunately did not have a lid

    1. He forbade her to take a break until the whole wardrobe had been disposed of and it wasn’t until nearly four o’clock that afternoon that Cyberia managed to trudge home wearily, smelling of sweat, fried burgers and other people’s loose change

    2. wardrobe had been disposed of and it wasn’t until nearly four

    3. Titania and Hipolyta grew and became less disposed to be constantly in their own company, as each took upon herself her own responsibilities and temperament

    4. disposed of the creature’s body when others

    5. agent, whom Carl had just disposed of, lay next to us at the rear wheel of the van

    6. The whole quantity brought to market, therefore, may be disposed of to those who are willing to give more than what is sufficient to pay the rent of the land which produced them, together with the wages of the labour and the profits of the stock which were employed in preparing and bringing them to market, according to their natural rates

    7. employments to a smaller number than would otherwise be disposed to enter into them ;

    8. employments to a smaller number than would otherwise be disposed to enter into them,

    9. Their writers on agriculture, indeed, the lovers and promoters of high cultivation, seem generally disposed to decide with Columella in favour of the vineyard

    10. The whole quantity, therefore, can be disposed of to those who are willing to pay more, which necessarily raises their price above that of common wine

    11. Their whole produce falls short of the effectual demand of Europe, and can be disposed of to those who are willing to give more than what is sufficient to pay the whole rent, profit, and wages, necessary for preparing and bringing it to market, according to the rate at which they are commonly paid by any other produce

    12. Those who imported that metal into Europe, however, would soon find that the whole annual importation could not be disposed of at this high price

    13. There are so many more purchasers for the cheap than for the dear commodity, that, not only a greater quantity of it, but a greater value can commonly be disposed of

    14. When all expenses are computed, the whole quantity of the one metal, it would seem, cannot, in the Spanish market, be disposed of so advantageously as the whole quantity of the other

    15. Fourthly, and lastly, of the work which is made up and completed, but which is still in the hands of the merchant and manufacturer, and not yet disposed of or distributed to the proper consumers; such as the finished work which we frequently find ready made in the shops of the smith, the cabinet-maker, the goldsmith, the jeweller, the china-merchant, etc

    16. Those statesmen who have been disposed to favour it with particular encouragement, seem to have mistaken the effect and symptom for the cause

    17. Mutual interest, therefore, disposed them to support the king, and the king to support them against the lords

    18. Independent of this necessity, he is, in such a situation, naturally disposed to the parsimony requisite for accumulation

    19. They are likewise less disposed to do so

    20. gentlemen, on the contrary, are generally disposed rather to promote, than to obstruct, the cultivation and improvement of their neighbours farms and estates

    21. It was probably in imitation of them, and to put themselves upon a level with those who, they found, were disposed to oppress them, that the country gentlemen and farmers of Great Britain so far forgot the generosity which is natural to their station, as to demand the exclusive privilege of supplying their countrymen with corn and butcher's meat

    22. That part of his capital which had usually been employed in purchasing materials, and in paying his workmen, might, without much difficulty, perhaps, find another employment ; but that part of it which was fixed in workhouses, and in the instruments of trade, could scarce be disposed of without considerable loss

    23. But as corn grows equally upon high and low lands, upon grounds that are disposed to be too wet, and upon those that are disposed to be too dry, either the drought or the rain, which is hurtful to one part of the country, is favourable to another ; and though, both in the wet and in the dry season, the crop is a good deal less than in one more properly tempered ; yet, in both, what is lost in one part of the country is in some measure compensated by what is gained in the other

    24. The people, therefore, usually most interested in celebrating the Portugal trade, were then rather disposed to represent it as less advantageous than it had commonly been imagined

    25. Accumulation is thus prevented in the hands of all those who are naturally the most disposed to accumulate; and the funds destined for the maintenance of productive labour, receive no augmentation from the revenue of those who ought naturally to augment them the most

    26. The colony assemblies, if they were not very favourably disposed (and unless more skilfully managed than they ever have been hitherto, they are not very likely to be so), might still find many pretences for evading or rejecting the most reasonable requisitions of parliament

    27. From the nature of their situation, too, the servants must be more disposed to support with rigourous severity their own interest, against that of the country which they govern, than their masters can be to support theirs

    28. I am, however, disposed to believe, that the quantity of the annual produce cannot have been much, though it may, perhaps, have been a little affected by these regulations

    29. He was not only disposed, like other European ministers, to encourage more the industry of the towns than that of the country; but, in order to support the industry of the towns, he was willing even to depress and keep down that of the country

    30. In time of war, they are all of them naturally disposed to muster themselves under his banner, rather than under that of any other person ; and his birth and fortune thus naturally procure to him some sort of executive power

    31. The account which Bernier gives of some works of this kind in Indostan, falls very short of what had been reported of them by other travellers, more disposed to the marvellous than he was

    32. Such teachers, though very well paid by their students, might be as much disposed to neglect them, as those who are not paid by them at all or who have no other recompense but their salary

    33. Such is the generosity of the greater part of young men, that so far from being disposed to neglect or despise the instructions of their master, provided he shews some serious intention of being of use to them, they are generally inclined to pardon a great deal of incorrectness in the performance of his duty, and sometimes even to conceal from the public a good deal of gross negligence

    34. They feel themselves, each individually, more respectable, and more likely to obtain the respect of their lawful superiors, and they are, therefore, more disposed to respect those superiors

    35. They are more disposed to examine, and more capable of seeing through, the interested complaints of faction and sedition; and they are, upon that account, less apt to be misled into any wanton or unnecessary opposition to the measures of government

    36. In free countries, where the safety of government depends very much upon the favourable judgment which the people may form of its conduct, it must surely be of the highest importance, that they should not be disposed to judge rashly or capriciously concerning it

    37. How dangerous must it have been for the sovereign to attempt to punish a clergyman for any crime whatever, if his order were disposed to protect him, and to represent either the proof as insufficient for convicting so holy a man, or the punishment as too severe to be inflicted upon one whose person had been rendered sacred by religion ? The sovereign could, in such circumstances, do no better than leave him to be tried by the ecclesiastical courts, who, for the honour of their own order, were interested to restrain, as much as possible, every member of it from committing enormous crimes, or even from giving occasion to such gross scandal as might disgust the minds of the people

    38. The pope, however, was still disposed to favour him; and Frederic of Holstein, who had mounted the throne in his stead, revenged himself, by following the example of Gustavus Vasa

    39. He does not even despise the prejudices of people who are disposed to be so favourable to him, and never treats them with those contemptuous and arrogant airs, which we so often meet with in the proud dignitaries of opulent and well endowed churches

    40. The landlord can afford to try experiments, and is generally disposed to do so

    41. As the wealth of those competitors would in no respect be increased by a tax upon ground-rents, they would not probably be disposed to pay more for the use of the ground

    42. Rosemary shook the letter at him as if it was a nasty insect that had crawled up onto the bed and she wanted rid of it, now, disposed of, dead

    43. All testaments must be written upon stamped paper, of which the price is proportioned to the property disposed of ; so that there are stamps which cost from three pence or three stivers a-sheet, to three hundred florins, equal to about twenty-seven pounds ten shillings of our money

    44. The more he is obliged to pay in the way of tax, the less he will be disposed to give in the way of price

    45. They are, perhaps, in most countries, higher than it requires; the persons who have the administration of government being generally disposed to regard both themselves and their immediate dependents, rather more than enough

    46. By this indulgence of the public, the smuggler is often encouraged to continue a trade, which he is thus taught to consider as in some measure innocent; and when the severity of the revenue laws is ready to fall upon him, he is frequently disposed to defend with violence, what he has been accustomed to regard as his just property

    47. When, by different taxes upon the necessaries and conveniencies of life, the owners and employers of capital stock find, that whatever revenue they derive from it, will not, in a particular country, purchase the same quantity of those necessaries and conveniencies which an equal revenue would in almost any other, they will be disposed to remove to some other

    48. This time, the two men quickly and disposed of the matter

    49. No ashes were left, all had been carefully disposed of or taken away

    50. Fidel Castro is coming to town! This poorly stylized villain, who for years has fed off the (romanticized) illusions conjured up by left-leaning individuals, will undoubtedly receive a warm reception in some quarters by disaffected groups whose alienated affections for this great nation have grown naturally disposed toward honoring every ideological enemy of America as some visionary liberator in their incorrectly perceived fight for ―freedom

    1. But the high price of provisions, by diminishing the funds destined for the maintenance of servants, disposes masters rather to diminish than to increase the number of those they have

    2. Let us suppose that he generally disposes of his whole stock upon hand, or of goods to the value of his whole stock upon hand, once in the year

    3. The situation of such a person naturally disposes him to attend rather to ornament, which pleases his fancy, than to profit, for which he has so little occasion

    4. But in a country where the government is in a great measure arbitrary, where it is usual for the magistrate to intermeddle even in the management of the private property of individuals, and to send them, perhaps, a lettre de cachet, if they do not manage it according to his liking, it is much easier for him to give some protection to the slave; and common humanity naturally disposes him to do so

    5. He can safely pardon or neglect them, and his consciousness of his own superiority naturally disposes him to do so

    6. Among nations, to whom commerce and manufacture are little known, the sovereign, it has already been observed in the Fourth book, is in a situation which naturally disposes him to the parsimony requisite for accumulation

    7. The same confidence which disposes great merchants and manufacturers upon ordinary occasions, to trust their property to the protection of a particular government, disposes them, upon extraordinary occasions, to trust that government with the use of their property

    8. Their great demand for active and productive stock makes it convenient for them to have as little dead stock as possible, and disposes them, upon that account, to content themselves with a cheaper, though less commodious instrument of commerce, than gold and silver

    9. The Jews quite thought that Jesus was a revolutionary! Usually, if one disposes of

    10. In Colossians 2: 14 Paul finally disposes of this, stating that these “writings that

    11. the linguistic tools of which he disposes

    12. It’s only matter of time before she disposes of us

    13. Peeling is the process in which the body disposes of dead skin cells

    14. A mind proposes and disposes

    15. We were in need of that who supports us, has affection for us and disposes our affairs

    16. That is, it is He who possesses and disposes the affairs of all what is in the heavens and on the earth, and it is He who supplies them with existence and life

    17. One woman sweeps, another woman disposes

    18. According to Jung, the sphere of spiritual notions disposes of psycho-

    19. therapeutic orientation makes it the only school that disposes of ef-

    20. Th us, modern science disposes of signifi cantly manifold store of fa-

    21. This I say, Sancho, that thou attribute not the favour thou hast received to thine own merits, but give thanks to heaven that disposes matters beneficently, and secondly thanks to the great power the profession of knight-errantry contains in itself

    22. And that, it seems to me, disposes of the question of duty

    23. "We have found that which may be good or evil to us, as heaven disposes

    24. In matters of speculation, however, though "man proposes," "money disposes

    25. How fortunate that Eugenie is possessed of that strange character which has so often made me tremble!" And her glance was turned towards heaven, where a mysterious providence disposes all things, and out of a fault, nay, even a vice, sometimes produces a blessing

    26. He said, "God disposes of the lives of women as well as those of men

    27. At any moment in time t (that is, at each step of simulation), the strategy disposes of a certain information set I(t) that is currently available

    28. How is it submission, then, to these orders for us to trade to Gottenburg, when neither France nor Britain command, nor prohibit it? Of what consequence is it to us what way the Gottenburg merchant disposes of our products, after he has paid us our price? I am not about to deny that a trade to Gottenburg would defeat the purpose of coercing Great Britain, through the want of our supplies, but I reason on the report upon its avowed principles

    29. While, sir, the spleen of hostility towards the Government is gratified, while the manufacturing establishments of the East are promoted, while the middle section of the Union disposes of, at high prices, the abundant harvest of their fields, what becomes of the commerce of our country? What fate befalls the agriculture of the South? Our cotton rots on the stalk

    1. Building that android and disposing of my flesh body is what upset the element balances

    2. consequently, those of all great proprietors into the hands of the king, who was charged with the maintenance and education of the pupil, and who, from his authority as guardian, was supposed to have a right of disposing of him in marriage, provided it was in a manner not unsuitable to his rank

    3. Your position is an important one, not only with reference to the immediate results to the enemy’s property, but from the facts that neutral rights may frequently arise under it; reliance, however, is placed in your judgment and discretion for meeting and promptly disposing of such questions

    4. detained under legal warrant upon any criminal charge, we are not aware of any ground upon which they can properly be prevented from going on shore and disposing of themselves as they think, and we cannot advise her Majesty’s government to assume or exercise the power of keeping them under any kind of restraint

    5. Whether they go into the fights or not, those prisoners need disposing of

    6. That many financially successful individuals should decide to pass along the fruits of their labors to their families and loved ones instead of having them arbitrarily redistributed to other individuals, should be a prerogative of acquired wealth; a privilege enjoyed by those who have properly earned it and should enjoy the right of disposing it as they think fit

    7. appeared, such as the disposing of the buildings in nests/groups (for example:

    8. Peter and Nicolas returned from disposing of the deer

    9. disposing of the shares

    10. Learn more about disposing of unused medications here

    11. Deftly disposing of the Old Testament (“The

    12. Part of the preparation consisted of emptying out store rooms and disposing of all outdated equipment and medications

    13. a valued client with utmost courtesy,” he said, lightly disposing of

    14. He then sprinted from the scene disposing of his blue bandana in the stream that a fire hydrant that was sprouting water had made

    15. Before disposing of the would-be assassin’s remains he searched her belongings and discovered a wad of cash wrapped in a hand-drawn map

    16. 1 After disposing of the fish catches of two weeks, Judas Iscariot, the one chosen to act as treasurer of the twelve, divided the apostolic funds into six equal portions, funds for the care of dependent families having been already provided

    17. Accordingly, sometime after the resurrection and also after the death of his mother, David betook himself to Philadelphia, having first assisted Martha and Mary in disposing of their real estate; and there, in association with Abner and Lazarus, he spent the remainder of his life, becoming the financial overseer of all those large interests of the kingdom which had their center at Philadelphia during the lifetime of Abner

    18. Why had the man dwelt in this desolate spot, and to what unknown destination had his servants departed after disposing of their master's corpse?

    19. He desired to direct the matter of disposing of Jesus; he feared to trust such an important undertaking wholly to his brusque and aggressive son-in-law

    20. -It was a method of disposing infants

    21. Disposing of the byproducts of

    22. What do you do with them? I wouldn’t advise disposing of them in the oceans or even shuttling them out into space

    23. What is worse is the problem of disposing of the unused contents of the can

    24. I would like you first to empty your vehicles, I assume they are not family heirlooms because we will be disposing of them later today, Mr Crow’s is going to a watery grave in a local disused quarry, I have it on good authority it’s at least ten metres deep, next Mr Jays vehicle will pay a visit to a hydraulic press in a wrecker’s yard at Caboolture

    25. “You must have a hard time disposing of that type of material, these days,” suggested Fleming

    26. Trust and Estates is a rapidly growing area of practice in the law that includes estate planning, managing your estate during life and disposing of your estate at your death through the use of trusts, wills and other planning documents

    27. “Do you wish for me to handle the matter from here on out?” Tom offered, hoping to alleviate some of the pressure and pain that would be involved in disposing of the new threat to the organization

    28. The blood-donation camp started and Karan and Tarana were volunteering by handing out syringes to the doctors and taking care of disposing the discarded syringes

    29. encouraging cooperation in undressing and entering the death chambers and disposing the bodies was often left up to other death camp inmates

    30. Meanwhile Arnie was disposing of the revellers,

    31. “That is a state of perfect freedom of acting and disposing of their own possessions and persons as they think fit within the bounds of the law of nature

    32. Disposing of the saber and champagne bottle by ‘recklessly’ tossing them aside, she pulled one of the knives from her thigh strap

    33. Confronted by this zeal in disposing of her, Fanny would have had to go, even if she didn't want to

    34. I asked the June baby, who had several times noticed with indignation the culpable indifference of this boy in regard to corners, whether she did not think that would be a good way of disposing of him

    35. The next hour was spent disposing of the rotten food, cleaning the fridge, and leaving it open to air out

    36. That The Willows should still be in Everard's life, and actively so, not just lingering on while house agents were disposing of it, but visited and evidently prized, came upon her as an immense shock

    37. The costs of disposing of

    38. Generally lending of money refers with disposing of the money or property with

    39. Being of some intelligence she contemplated methods of disposing of Jacques when the time came

    40. before disposing of the rotting limb

    41. Since we are on the subject of disposing of, I will tell you about the do’s and don’ts of getting rid of paint other than at a burn site

    42. Disposing: The act of arranging, ruling, directing; to put something where it belongs

    43. Artonion natives have an interesting way of disposing of their dead

    44. The women in this case struck Rafferty as particularly strong-minded, and wasn't it true that the gentler sex were often less squeamish than mere males when it came to disposing of a barrier to happiness?

    45. Most theories hold that he was probably hoping to find a way of disposing of certain djinn and earthbound demons permanently

    46. He also hunted women, and took his prey in his Castle through a variety of ingenious innovations within the very walls, disposing of the bodies via lime pits in the basement

    47. The best minds will thus have reached a stage in the development of the race in which it is clearly seen that there is no mode of disposing of surplus wealth creditable to thoughtful and earnest men into whose hands it cows, save by using it year by year for the general good

    48. After disposing of the two carcasses I closed the door of the warm dugout and prepared for a hot meal, as the snow started to fall heavier and heavier

    49. way of preparing and disposing the soul to rid itself of all the disordered

    50. Disposing these articles about him in skilful manner, he bestowed a parting defiance on Mrs

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