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    1. I pull it off my hat and toss it back to her

    2. He couldn’t give a toss about that

    3. The young Arabs toss Bolt unceremoniously from the back of the speeding Nissan truck without slowing down

    4. They toss Bolt’s camera and bag out of the truck as they drive away

    5. ‘No … I don’t give a toss what Harvey thinks

    6. We’ve decided which laws are applicable and which are to toss aside

    7. It felt good to toss her skirt and lay down

    8. and as long as the car starts who gives a toss about the make,

    9. manic laughter, the toss and turn of heat,

    10. I know he's strange because of his origins and I know he's just a kid, but the fact that he's been loyal to me when no one else has in so long means a lot to me, it's not something I'm going to just casually toss aside

    11. I promised myself I would not casually toss aside a guy who fulfilled my desires

    12. Now get out of my cabin or I'll toss a bucket of water on you!"

    13. He turned from the fire to see her toss her bag on the counter and hop onto the first stool

    14. The ball went fast, but was a full toss

    15. Rayne climbed onto the bed and began to unhook the heavy drapes and toss them onto the floor

    16. I believe that the official line was that she died of heart failure though my understanding is that it was a toss up which of her organs failed first … and I don’t mean that to sound unfeeling

    17. All we've got is a concerned social worker who, by his own admission, never really knows where the kids go, and it's not as though their parents give a toss

    18. “Do you have an operative with a shock of hair that he likes to toss? Skinny, pale, tall?”

    19. I’m going to win the Planet Earth, and as soon as I have The Singularity, I’ll toss the whole planet into the sun!” Lou Cipher said with a diabolical laugh

    20. Then as if on cue, Harry called shift at every toss and the trio were juggling nine balls between them as if practicing for a circus act

    21. It allowed her to toss and turn all she wanted, without restriction

    22. the best way to get what he wanted might be to toss a

    23. She removes her jacket to toss it to the bed

    24. Teeth clenched again and he pulled his fist back more, winding up for the toss

    25. It was not until he impulsively gave his football a high toss into the air and then sought to catch it before it hit the ground that things began to happen

    26. waveform (toss in a pebble) and you change the

    27. hers–she could hear the very tones of her voice, and see that queer little toss

    28. Had she been a normal woman, he would have been able to toss her off to get the upper hand

    29. Sebastian watched her head toss back against the covers as her back arched, urging him to go deeper

    30. Use the old coin toss method or simply decide, but have a plan

    31. Toss out your sodas, energy drinks, and coffee and replace them with soothing teas

    32. I was petrified of what was laying in the box, after the first time that I saw Grandpa pull out a snake and toss it outside (look — I wasn’t a dumb kid… if some lunatic chicken and secret snake called that nesting box home, then I just couldn’t find a logical or rational reason for me to put my fragile little fingers inside of it

    33. I was gratified to see him turn pale, and toss the comic book aside

    34. Since it’s already fitted out for habitation, it would make sense for the pirates to simply toss Coal in there and deal with her later

    35. And to make absolutely certain we jumped (whatever way we pleased as long as we held our feet nicely together to protect our crown jewels), another PT Sergeant stood beside us waiting to toss the reluctant ones off if they showed signs of not wanting to die young

    36. "Toss it away on some search that will prove to be utterly futile?" The old badger's voice was laced with the hard edge of anger

    37. "Go on, get back to the sett," his father finished with a toss of his head

    38. Toss in a small amount of powdered sugar to keep from sticking together

    39. Toss to coat, and spread evenly on the prepared pan

    40. As Brightness slept, she began to toss and turn in a restless way, causing the keepsake Darkburst had hung about her neck to sway back and forth across her chest

    41. Though it was never seriously considered it could have been delivered by the Mirages using the standard NATO tactic of "toss bombing

    42. First, she dreamed of little Alice herself, and once again the tiny hands were clasped upon her knee, and the bright eager eyes were looking up into hers--she could hear the very tones of her voice, and see that queer little toss of her head to keep back the wandering hair that would always get into her eyes--and still as she listened, or seemed to listen, the whole place around her became alive the strange creatures of her little sister's dream

    43. Karla was stunned, wavering between awe and disbelief that someone could turn their back on such a large amount of money, just toss it away like a piece of trash

    44. “Just wad it up old boy, and toss it in the rubbish, don’t you know

    45. into teaching all the old tricks! All you have to do to teach new tricks is toss out the old

    46. She stood in the doorway and watched Herminia’s gentle breathing, regretting that she was far too keyed to enjoy the comfort of such placid sleep: if she tried, all she would do was toss and turn

    47. Good! Now, toss the Uzi overboard

    48. “Considering the mess he has apparently made of it,” she said with a sniff and toss of her head, “that sounds appropriate!”

    49. “See that little building over there?” he whispered, indicating with a toss of his head a small brick building directly across from Immigration

    50. " Gives the aspirin bottle a little toss in the air, catches it in one hand

    1. She burned her hand on the steamer rack and tossed his dog into the bun

    2. Return the next day and find the tunnels out of which the cotton balls have been tossed

    3. Stumbling with two buckets full of putrescent refuse, the boy tossed the wet feces onto the head of the ballista

    4. "Jorma was afraid he might have tossed it," Ava offered

    5. Ackers had turned over every moveable item that he could lift and dumped its contents all over the floor, he had tossed all Johnny’s clothes from the closet, he had even taken apart Johnny’s old computer and made sure that the Chip wasn’t hidden anywhere in that prehistoric machine

    6. Dave has tossed one of the blankets from the bed over him

    7. The lion in black tossed his mane and stood tall once again, recovering his

    8. like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind

    9. All of a sudden I was tossed into the air, landed against bookshelves and I collapsed on the floor together with some heavy volumes, while Arion was already aiming his weapon at me

    10. She tossed the dry wrap down to Luray who was now glad to put it on, the temperature was getting to closer to what one would expect on a Nightday in mid winter

    11. She lifted him from the cage and tossed him

    12. He grabbed the slobbering mess and tossed it off as far as he could throw it

    13. Catwhiskers tossed the balls to Cosmicblasto then climbed onto

    14. They tossed their things in compartments on their way down

    15. He tossed his bag into the trailer, and helped the ladies climb aboard and get seated

    16. Omi tossed in his money as well

    17. Speared me and tossed me aside like I was a rag doll

    18. She tossed and turned for several hours, and finally gave up trying to sleep

    19. 'Here is my ten,' Ish said and tossed the bundle back to me, 'My contribution to

    20. 'Just when the business was looking up! Oh well,' I said and tossed my bundle

    21. She tossed and turned for several hours and finally, exhausted, fell into a deep sleep

    22. 'Here, bowl,' Fred tossed the ball to Ali

    23. One night, as the husband tossed and turned in his bed with that

    24. Mama tossed the ball in his hands

    25. He tossed the ball in one hand and held the trishul in the other

    26. They had the local uniform on, but one of the girls removed the heavy flounced skirt as the old woman talked and tossed it into her cubicle

    27. Mother Superior eyed the one who tossed her skirt and pressed her lips, but went on with her lecture

    28. She was glad he didn’t have to put his face in it and smell it, instead he tossed it with the skirt on the bench

    29. ’ He tossed me the cardigan lying on the back of a chair and waited for me to sort myself out, before handing me the bowl and the spoon

    30. mention a few coins being tossed into an old felt hat at their feet

    31. Shoved it in you and sewed it shut!” He grabbed up the package and stomped into the house where he tossed the envelope on the table and called Brian

    32. ” He tossed her the handcuffs and then the key

    33. Joseph roughly jerked the drawer open and tossed the bottle to Howard

    34. “I would be, I wouldn’t want my stuff tossed before it’s time

    35. They tossed their baggage into the back of what

    36. Even though his brain was reeling with the shock, part of Andy’s mind tossed out the thought that it would have to have been a bloody strange accident

    37. ” He tossed the paper aside in disgust

    38. When it became apparent that there was no convincing her that they would all be cyborg-slaves on Planet Fnord by sundown, Sunil bitterly tossed his apple away, and it flowed down the stream until it rested on a small road by the embankment, and was swiftly run over by a passing horse carriage

    39. So, Tipene took a long, deep breath, and then, with all his might, he tossed the ball at the bottles

    40. and someone tossed out a bucket of slops into the street,

    41. He tossed a small birch log onto

    42. Valla was probably with Mappu again, unless he’d already tossed her

    43. He tossed it through both windows

    44. " he answered without looking back, but instead picked up the dusty sheets removed from the windows the day before, turning he tossed all but one on the floor, in front of the fire place

    45. She looked at it, confused, and then decided that the spoon was of no use to her and she tossed it away absent-mindedly

    46. Meanwhile, Lucy was being wrapped head-to-toe in toilet paper by two mischievous imps, as a third imp tossed eggs that splattered over her face

    47. And with that, Justice picked up the Delacroix Church with one hand, without breaking a sweat, and tossed the building at one imp; it was hit with full force, and he was crushed into the ground, as the Delacroix Church itself fell into pieces and became rubble

    48. Olivia quickly removed the shawl she was wearing on her shoulders and tossed it to her daughter, then let her hair down so that it fell to her shoulders in the fashion of Chloe's coiffure

    49. Harold tossed his own Malvern ring to Harry, who caught it and placed it on his finger

    50. kept the city streets silent, Roman and Heather tossed and rolled in the bed, their

    1. ” Micah tosses the crowbar to the ground and puts his hands on the wall

    2. Finally he hangs up, tosses his phone on the passenger’s seat, reaches over and turns on the radio

    3. John ends the call, tosses the phone on the passenger’s seat

    4. Bush strips off his jacket, tosses it in the corner, walks over to a refrigerator against the wall, opens it up, takes out a can of beer, pops the top and begins to chug-a-lug

    5. He thinks about it a minute, shrugs his shoulders, chugs some more until the beer is empty, tosses the can in the corner on top of his jacket

    6. Dave finishes cleaning a fish he has just caught, takes a strip of the flesh and re-baits the hook, tosses it over the side

    7. He casually tosses the book out the window beside him

    8. As John drinks, Russ tosses a nerf football that bounces off of John’s head

    9. His harsh gaze follows the man to his car as Jayson’s right hand tosses the papers on the passenger seat then reaches for the ignition

    10. She tosses the paper in the trash

    11. Gibbons tosses a wrench into the plans

    12. And she will have her beautiful auburn hair again, swinging when she tosses her head, and she will look as before…so lovely!

    13. Tosses the tissues into the waste paper bin, then tosses 150,000 Pesetas onto a nearby table

    14. The wheel is still moving, creating a wind that tosses my hair back

    15. She presses the button on the side of the device and tosses it across the alley, underhand

    16. When we walk up the steps, he stops the knife and tosses it into his other hand, which is gnarled with scars

    17. ” His dry cracked hands light a cigarette and he tosses the match over his shoulder

    18. He pulls me out of the tub by my neck and tosses me across the bathroom

    19. She tosses the sword in her right hand towards the ground

    20. He then lifts him by his long black gown and tosses him with all his might into the forest

    21. tosses and screams in his dream? Surely, it is not the love that

    22. kid here grabs the thing out of my mouth, tosses off the lettuce and

    23. what she wants everyone to believe is real about her, she tosses my

    24. tosses her over to the flipside of life

    25. That means that if your child tosses and turns a lot, you should provide full mattress coverage as well as possibly pillow liners or protectors as well

    26. ” He pulls a news clip from his jacket and tosses it on Avery’s plate

    27. He tosses the gas hose up with his left hand, a half foot or so in the air and catches it firmly on the way down, by the metal nozzle

    28. With a perfect side pitch, the old man tosses the blazing lighter into the car window and onto the gas-sopped driver's lap

    29. He tosses the shears to the floor

    30. ” She tosses a handful of sand into the air

    31. She tosses her hair, slides forward, and places her feet on the ground

    32. “Let’s ride,” Jane tosses you the keys

    33. A couple more tosses and the snowball is full, the substructure pulls up through the ground

    34. When he tosses his gear off I collect it without being obvious so he can exit gracefully

    35. Aside from a few tosses and turns she was in a perfect sleep

    36. The anxiety he feels twists his stomach and he tosses and turns for several hours until sleep overcomes him

    37. pieces and tosses me into the fire pit,

    38. Then still holding Archan’s hand and with his other hand is his midsection, The Host hoists Archan over his head and effortlessly tosses him 20 feet into the outer wall

    39. tosses the lifeless body to the ground

    40. She frowns and growls, then tosses the head against the hallway wall

    41. As she is running she tosses ninja stars with deadly accuracy as bullets fly past her

    42. Then Max tosses a 16 stone he-man into the truck like a straw bale

    43. Marcus painfully turns around and reaches for a tin garbage pail that is close by! He turns back towards Diane D and shouts, “Can you respond to this?!” Marcus angrily throws and tosses the tin garbage pail right at Diane D!

    44. He turns back towards Diane D and shouts, “Can you wake up to this?!” Marcus angrily throws and tosses the empty paint can right at Diane D!

    45. Aaron tosses his apple core over the cliff and jumps to his feet

    46. “Dana won’t even touch them again, unless she tosses them into the trash, that’s the only time she will ever touch them

    47. She tosses it over two rows of heads to Xzavier standing

    48. He tosses it to Raiden

    49. Tosses them in one by one, pack by

    50. He tosses the mobile phone into the air repeatedly

    1. He was hunched over his desk, shifting through piles of paperwork and tossing it around with abandon, creating a bigger mess than he had before

    2. He didn't say a thing, just kept tossing sticks he snapped off into the fire

    3. She wandered around the yacht, tossing things where they looked most comfortable

    4. He took off his shoes outside on the porch and had no sooner walked inside then the twins grabbed them and took off tossing them into the air, barking

    5. I stand by the rail, my hair tossing in the strong breeze, just enjoying the sheer exuberance of the waves

    6. Tossing an insult back at them could

    7. Suddenly he grabbed her and carried her to their bed, tossing her on it

    8. past his face, tossing the silver pole-braid on the

    9. During the long, pillow tossing watches of the night, between imagined conversations during which Andy persuaded the Sergeant by sheer dint of his charismatic personality that there had been nothing going on, the unwelcome thought had occurred to Andy that the Sergeant was being exceptionally curious about what Andy had been doing since he left Tracey

    10. Tipene sighed and retired to his bedroom, casually tossing the teddy-bear on the floor

    11. Yeah his body could really use a ride on hers, but she was tossing bombs awfully close to places Fenais was especially nervous about

    12. ” Said Matt, carelessly tearing a tree branch off and tossing it aside

    13. “Ha ha! Now move along, I have work to do!” Justice said, tossing the children across the street

    14. “Now don't be cheeky,” said Harry and began tossing the spheres into the air again

    15. tossing them down to their warrior friends

    16. He'd had only a few hours sleep when he was brought instantly awake when a candlelantern flickered to life as a woman was tossing her street wrap toward the hook

    17. tossing back and forth in the high winds

    18. I thought of Holmes tossing upon his bed of sickness and counting the minutes, perhaps, until I could bring help to him

    19. To dream that someone is tossing t-shirts into the crowd means that you need to slow down and enjoy the moment

    20. ‘Of course you don’t!’ the Hatter said, tossing his head contemptuously

    21. ‘Idiot!’ said the Queen, tossing her head impatiently; and, turning to Alice, she went on, ‘What’s your name, child?’

    22. Sebastian threw Russell’s towel into his face before running back into the bedroom, grabbing clothing out of the drawers and tossing them on the bed

    23. Sebastian turned to Russell, tossing clean clothes in his face, making him drop the towel he was holding

    24. He yanked open the doors and drawers and started tossing things out of them

    25. Instead of purging, it festered, and his hands gripped everything in sight, tossing it into whatever would cause the most damage

    26. She started tossing clothing on

    27. was, slumped up to the counter, stubbing out the cigarette, then tossing it to the floor

    28. I threw him off me, and rolling to the side, tore to the house, tossing my gun aside

    29. I managed to avoid the obstacles, but I noticed that the truck was gaining on us and slamming into the dumpsters, bins and cans, tossing them aside as if they were cardboard

    30. Tossing his head back, he leaped down to the concrete ramp and headed for the terminal

    31. When it launched itself upwards, McKee caught it mid-air, twisting sideways and tossing it away from his body

    32. bed at night with aching arms and tired feet, to lie there tossing

    33. “Here,” he said, tossing the items to Dawn, “Shove them in the back of the car with you

    34. Tossing a couple of painkillers in his mouth, he took a drink from the water bottle, closing his eyes against the sudden dizziness that descended on him

    35. Terry pulled the dead cat from the pilots shoulder, tossing it back into the helicopter

    36. peoples from different ethnic backgrounds and religions by tossing them into the pot, if you will

    37. “Here you go Harry,” he said tossing it over

    38. "Tot has set her heart on the raisins," said papa, tossing the small

    39. Tossing her head angrily, Broshee squeezed her eyes tight shut, locking in the tears, determined not to show her hurt

    40. He reached over to the wall where her sword hung, tossing it to her, and she slid it into the sheath with an easy movement

    41. Tossing a bone aside, he stretched languidly and stood up

    42. Grindel threw back his head, shrieking his frustration, tossing the useless body aside

    43. Her heart faltered as the animal growled deep within its throat, tossing its head violently to clear its eyes

    44. Pausing for a moment, he played the crowd, allowing them to become restless before tossing his next words at them, like sharp-edged stones

    45. Within moments they had hauled her up the stone stairs to her room, gently but firmly tossing her within

    46. After decapitating the bird, I gutted it, tossing the intestines and head onto the draining board

    47. Tossing the head out of the kitchen window, I shivered as the farm cat pounced on it, growling low in its throat

    48. "It's no use," I said, tossing the magazine back at him

    49. 'Idiot!' said the Queen, tossing her head impatiently; and, turning to Alice, she went on, 'What's your name, child?'

    50. "'Ere, yer'll need this," Uncle Hobart called after me, tossing his credit card in my direction

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