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Toss en una oración (en ingles)

It was full of toss.
They would toss a coin.
I had him toss me a bomb.
Add lemon juice and toss.
Like the toss of a coin.
The grasses toss and shimmy.
Toss in the mustard seeds.

Just toss it into the trash.
As for leftovers, toss them.
Toss the noodles to coat well.
He saw the spades toss up dirt.
I couldn’t just toss it away.
Add oat flour and toss to coat.
Toss the pasta to cover with sauce.
Good! Now, toss the Uzi overboard.
Toss with about half the dressing.
But any way who gives a toss about.
Sprinkle with lemon juice and toss.
Better yet, toss me in the ocean.
We will toss to see who goes first.
If you could toss me a dub spot, I.
Who gives a toss! she exclaimed.
The arm was cocked for a mighty toss.
He couldn’t give a toss about that.
Add the cheese and the nuts and toss.
Toss zucchini with oil in a large bowl.
In MY club we toss the hypocrite out.
Then toss in a bit of cinnamon saying:.
Toss the squash with Wicked Good Sauce.
He needed time to toss the place again.
Would you toss it in the closest waste.
Toss it out on the side of the highway.
In a small bowl toss the walnuts with.
The ball went fast, but was a full toss.
Sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg; toss.
Toss over the backpack too, he said.
At home, toss the bags into the laundry.
Are tossing in the gale.
I kept tossing on my bed.
Tossing in the other sword.
She started tossing clothing on.
The tossing waves seemed darker.
Tossing them into her mouth, she.
My stomach was tossing and turning.
The comrades busted in, tossing pad.
Tossing her backwards onto the bed.
Okay, he said, tossing it back.
Tossing a rawhide ball Cal had made.
The waves are tossing backward spray.
Tossing an insult back at them could.
He was in his backyard tossing a ball.
With the dining came much food tossing.
Here, she said tossing her the key.
Red bast tassel tossing on top of my hat.
Thandi was stirring, murmuring, tossing.
That way, she said, tossing her head.
Carl was tossing me a can and hit me there.
Still tossing the aspirin bottle up and down.
Shit! he raged, tossing it to the ground.
Guard the sailors tossing on the deep blue sea.
Here she said, tossing the pouch to Jaron.
Here, he said tossing them each an apple.
She was tossing a salad as part of the picnic.
Ed was tossing and turning on his cot constantly.
A mean wind blew in, tossing leaves and branches.
Finally, she said, tossing it into the fire.
LYNCH: (Tossing a cigarette on to the table) Here.
Here you go Harry, he said tossing it over.
Christ was tossing me so much that I did not know.
Tossing his napkin on the table, Gabriel asked Mr.
This oftentimes results in owners tossing or giving.
See, he said, tossing the ball from hand to hand.
Only the semiconscious tossing of sand over his body.
He and his brother had always made a sport of tossing.
Yes sir, ma’am, he said, tossing a mock salute.
I threw off the covers and lay across the bed tossing.
He last recalled tossing it in the trash at his office.
He tossed it to Sonja.
I tossed the cops a wad.
Dar tossed him a towel.
Robert tossed on his bed.
He's tossed it to Macco.
Then she tossed her head.
Jo tossed a trainer at her.
He tossed it and hit the.
When was all logic tossed.
I tossed it into the grass.
Dakin tossed hers off last.
If she was getting tossed.
Komadze tossed up his hands.
He lifted, and tossed badge.
I tossed and turned night.
The lil bomber tossed the.
She tossed both of them on.
She tossed it in the garbage.
It tossed Mor Xurxo skyward.
With a towel tossed over it.
He tossed me the plastic bag.
Zem then tossed one to Panny.
I tossed and turned all night.
Guardon tossed back his head.
Or tossed by tempest, hiding.
Caramarin tossed him the keys.
She tossed the hoodie in the.
Salome tossed the head to him.
The other shield was tossed in.
Sophia tossed a chirp, Yeah.
I’ve been tossed around by.
He tossed it back to Dol and.
He tossed it back in the hole.
He tossed the shotgun in the.
A fresh wind tossed her hair.
When he finally woke he tossed.
And she tossed about on the bed.
Omi tossed in his money as well.
Some tossed coins into his cup.
High in the air he tossed the.
He tosses it to Raiden.
He tosses the shears to the floor.
She tosses the paper in the trash.
He groans and tosses his head back.
Tosses them in one by one, pack by.
She tosses the phone into the street.
Gibbons tosses a wrench into the plans.
With a sneer Odin tosses him to the side.
Let’s ride, Jane tosses you the keys.
Rico, take this and tosses it in the stove.
On the job, she thinks, and tosses her hair back.
He tosses the mobile phone into the air repeatedly.
This night is filled with many tosses and turnings.
That’s anything except coin tosses and dice throws.
He casually tosses the book out the window beside him.
He breaks a twig off a nearby tree and tosses it high.
He tosses his cable cutters in through the open window.
The city bloomed up in great tosses of heat and light.
She tosses it over two rows of heads to Xzavier standing.
She tosses the sword in her right hand towards the ground.
Will pulls out a cartoon smoke bomb and tosses it into the.
Aside from a few tosses and turns she was in a perfect sleep.
The blast grips me and tosses me like a weightless paper bag.
Yet over many tosses, the outcome can be reasonably predicted.
John ends the call, tosses the phone on the passenger’s seat.
He removes the jacket from my hand and tosses it on the floor.
The cook tosses a dish towel over his shoulder and strolls away.
Aaron tosses his apple core over the cliff and jumps to his feet.
His glance is calm and commanding, he tosses the slouch of his hat.
Then Max tosses a 16 stone he-man into the truck like a straw bale.
BOYLAN: (Tosses him sixpence) Here, to buy yourself a gin and splash.
The wheel is still moving, creating a wind that tosses my hair back.
She frowns and growls, then tosses the head against the hallway wall.
Luckily, he tosses that one over to me and gives the other one to Tori.
She tosses her hair, slides forward, and places her feet on the ground.
He pulls me out of the tub by my neck and tosses me across the bathroom.
Brett whistles shrilly and tosses a sword to my uncle, the nearest relative.
As John drinks, Russ tosses a nerf football that bounces off of John’s head.
As she is running she tosses ninja stars with deadly accuracy as bullets fly past her.
When he tosses his gear off I collect it without being obvious so he can exit gracefully.

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