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    1. He could imagine her turning to dry powder in his arms, stabbing himself on the splinters of her bones as her shrill cackle faded into the cold distance of outer space

    2. She hopped into the boat, he wanted to be out of the inlet before the tide got low, as it was, he was in time for a nice early rip that he rode out, accelerating into the distance as Jorma watched

    3. Looking through the skeleton of the building, he could see dark clouds approaching in the distance; but where Travis was standing, there was still sun and blue skies

    4. Underling would hear him from the distance he had traveled

    5. They receive respect from others as a matter of routine, but slowly the distance increases and they acquire ceremonial importance

    6. I've seen it from a distance but never stopped there

    7. I've never been in it, but the towers in the distance might be big

    8. Johnny and Nancy kept running, trying to put more distance between themselves and the United Order, doing everything they could to keep the Chip safe

    9. One needs to notice the tiny pinpricks of ship's lanterns receding into the distance

    10. When one of the workers got too close, Scar couldn’t help snarling at it to keep its distance

    11. Scar judged the distance between him and the throne

    12. It was at least an hour, but they might have covered a sixth of the distance back to habitation when her mount went down

    13. He approached the alarm keypad that was emitting the noise and inspected it from a distance

    14. If we do have a center within a reasonable distance then we should take part in all its programmes and contribute for its proper management

    15. Away in the distance, I can hear some music playing

    16. Idly staring off into the distance, I wonder how Dan is

    17. Could I have gone on in time and distance

    18. He stands up and stares off into the distance as if he had totally forgotten about them

    19. In the dim distance, he makes out what seems to be land

    20. For Afternoonday they trudged on in front of the Troarar hills, some greener humps in the distance across dun plains of thinning ribbonleaves in rough gravel

    21. a distance the rear of the old farmhouse did not look too bad but now that Johnny had

    22. "We've used up almost all the firewood for quite a distance around

    23. It had been so long that he didn't think of it at first, but this matched his memories of the news from back then, as well as his memory worked over that distance of time

    24. Cases of liquor are stacked to the ceiling along rows that recede into the distance

    25. Glenelle wondered at the folly of a nation consisting of one pill-shaped space colony three miles in diameter and forty miles long that passes in close orbit less than five hundred miles above, declaring war on a glowing industrial belt holding half a billion mortals that was longer than the distance to that orbit

    26. Johnny managed three strides, perhaps half the distance that he needed, before

    27. ‘I had moved up country and was fed up with commuting over that distance

    28. of a moped in the distance

    29. John stands a safe distance from the wreckage, shielding his eyes from the heat and watching the plane crackle and burn

    30. From a distance, there is a sound of approaching trucks

    31. Just one second later, with another impossible distance of road covered, he saw an

    32. The first guard sees a column of vehicles approaching in the distance

    33. Every now and then one or other of us will point out something we can see … I spot a deer in the distance at one point but it disappears before Stephen can see it

    34. On their first orbit within landing distance of their old site, they did not descend

    35. Man in love ---> When you look the distance a woman crying

    36. The young up and see in the distance a silhouette of a

    37. They’re made for finding metals and high density materials at a distance

    38. "If that alien is smart, then he’ll keep his distance

    39. Lightning flashed in the distance behind the Haadij

    40. I just wonder at the worth of all this," he waved his arm at the harem, the fine carvings, the fountains, the sky and fields in the distance

    41. I have felt enough pain from him lately to know my distance would now be something that could be helpful, "I must go, they are things at the Acropolis that require my attention

    42. I shuffled backwards on my arse, scrabbling to put distance between myself and the door, which slammed open just as I had imagined it would

    43. Slowly, as if a soft, breezeless tide were creeping up a gently sloping sandy shore line, I became aware of waves in the distance, and slowly I tuned into the echo of my exhalations

    44. Beyond that we could hear thunder in the distance, but there was no lightning flash to accompany it

    45. Even the new products using technology from Earth were often decorated to look like their ancient artifacts so the terminal was a crystal ball that you panned and zoomed by looking from a different angle and distance

    46. They were passing over some distant realm he had never seen, making him realize how little he had seen, though he had journeyed a local year from the Kassikan, it was a small distance on the world when seen from this distance, not a twentieth of a circumnavigation

    47. The guys running the mechanical shop had managed to put together a very good imitation of an ocean racer and it was now ready for some long distance trials

    48. But the sentinels were golden hillsides of herds and grains not fuzzy lines of vine-covered towers over dock and beach, almost invisible in the distance

    49. The landscape was magical: A vast seaside of rosy sand stretched before me, an odd treasure of tiny pink diamonds turning white under the shallow sea waves in the distance

    50. The sheep suddenly scattered as another sound, closer, less expected, broke through the background of train, birds, sea and herbage; they regrouped a short distance beyond and stood staring

    1. The soldier had distanced himself from Son and was growing closer and

    2. thought, yet very far distanced

    3. The One Elf was standing, his face impassive, safely distanced from the range of her weapons

    4. Soon Kurt had regained a good pace as he distanced himself from the river

    5. But Perry somewhat distanced himself from their secessionist platform when he ran for president

    6. As he distanced himself back from the wall to have more room to lash out to the chained man, a shout from across the chamber halted him with his whip barely halting in mid-air:

    7. The characteristically huge horn-like towers on the top seemed to be what distanced it from the shape of a pyramid

    8. Over the past couple of days I had buried myself in my work, it was the only thing that kept me sane, I also distanced myself from Lucky and it made her unhappy

    9. Josie’s decision to take Roger to court and serve him with divorce papers in the second appearance on March 2, 1983, angered the older Fernández children and distanced them farther away from their mother

    10. distanced from the customer

    11. vividly remember slipping into that distanced mode and staying

    12. Many have separated themselves into little spiritual “clicks,” and have distanced themselves from the rest of the body for a variety of reasons

    13. It is true that others have distanced us from God, often those who are cal ed to gather us close to Him

    14. district had distanced itself from Max the previous year

    15. They distanced and got lost into the forest

    16. The resignation distanced Stallman's work from the legal

    17. ownership distanced the act of computer hacking in the 1960s

    18. When that distanced was reached the Dawhawks came to a stop and hovered over the trees

    19. Once the Hapchenan distanced themselves from the giants they unleashed a hailstorm of bullets at them

    20. The nycarmans had distanced themselves from the events on Slyerrick and Gammuo

    21. Searching for a response that would offer a sufficient explanation as to his enquiries, Lord Ashburn said, “You just seemed distanced, that’s all

    22. It was probably that conversation; that admission by Choco, which distanced the Armenian from him

    23. While the previous Canadian government had been nearly slavish in espousing and supporting American policies around the World, the present one had quickly distanced itself from the United States in many respects, intent on building back for Canada a reputation as ‘an independent World middleman and honest broker’

    24. The Americans likewise distanced themselves, even though their own planes had gunned down civilians fleeing the burning city the morning after the raid

    25. My own have not only distanced themselves on my own conduct and behaviour but have on many occasions tried to lecture me

    26. Therefore if a harmonious situation has to be selected out as a strategic aspect over which we could stage whatever we had expressed, then we could all calculate how far away we are distanced away from this static position of an ideal sphere that should indicate out exactly where we are presently `staged` now

    27. Modi hasn’t criticized or distanced himself from the remarks

    28. She had not told Unni how her friends had distanced themselves from her after she had become interested in the Christian religion, and even more so after she had hinted about her maredreams

    29. Sprinting as fast as her legs would carry her, she whipped the branches away as she distanced herself from the festival, wanting nothing but to leave the memory behind

    30. Serco has immediately distanced itself and, in a separate press release, announced that “as a company that values our relationships with all our supply chain partners, large and small, we deeply regret this action and apologise unreservedly to them for the concern that this has caused

    31. At the recent G20 summit in Los Cabos, Mexico, it was interesting to see how quickly David Cameron distanced himself from the Argentine president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner when the subject of the Falkland Islands came up in their now famous chance meeting

    32. Energy consumption in terms of distanced travelled, both for road freight and for road passengers, has remained relatively constant over this period

    33. What if she chose to seduce Anand to score over me and still keep it in the family; but soon as if to relieve me of my worry, like I distanced myself from Raju before, she came to cold-shoulder Anand, but for a different reason; while I avoided Raju imagining that I had outgrown him, I suspect that she began to shun Anand to disown her humble past

    34. What with the kshatriya power too on the wane, the traditional Aryan leadership was dispirited and disjointed under the Mohammedan rule in India, and the Hindus, as though to seek a mass escape from life’s hardships had turned to spirituality, which distanced them even farther from the social realities

    35. But those who report, comment on, analyze, console and pick to death every aspect of the horror should be distanced enough from the paralysis of grief to be able to look at things more logically

    36. We are distanced by ubiquitous contact

    37. “With every additional follow and friend are you distanced from yourself?” The pause allowed the blood in their ears to echo in any earweeds they might be sprouting

    38. “Not me,” Caesar said, but his voice seemed to have distanced itself from the horror

    39. you distanced when it does

    40. The night they shared was spectacular but once Isabel had made her mind up to leave this world as quickly as possible she distanced herself and steeled her heart, saying goodbye now rather than later

    41. They had a strong emotional bond, yet Oak distanced himself from her as much as possible

    42. This cloth distanced itself from the acoustical hairs,

    43. “Because the band and I think that Neil has distanced himself

    44. We have abstracted our awe, our wonder, our love of beauty also… The actual truth is buried under 50,000 years of disassociated, distanced, deflections and lies and denial and ignoring

    45. � In that eternity, the selves, identities, egos, of all our desperate, disparate, and distanced times of life will find themselves as the one, the unity they have always been

    46. Urtholan looked upon the city with quiet reflection in his gaze as he spoke, “By their own actions they have distanced themselves from El Elyon until He is but a vague memory in their thoughts

    47. One effect of Sally’s death on Shapiro was that he distanced himself from Judy Katz, who had somehow become a part of the group of strangers he appeared to have become allied with

    48. And have distanced what is behind me for good reasons,

    49. "It is so good, that I have distanced M

    50. He had had a couple of major film roles at the beginning of his career, but lately had fetched up in a backwater, and was now less well known than his wheelchair-bound brother Tobias, an outspoken professor of biology who was said these days to have distanced himself altogether from Roger

    1. "A stargate is the theory that space can be curved and distant points brought together so they are joined over distances as great as one star to another," Luray said

    2. If what Thom claimed was true, those signals were fast enough to run a remote soul over these distances

    3. having travelled great distances across the world, with the crossing to

    4. You see once when he was compelled to survey across a lake for the feasibility of a bridge or something or other some engineer had dreamt up, he filled these bladders with air, tied them to ropes with weights dangling from them and had me place them at intervals along the water to assist him in his solving distances or such

    5. Alex is already looking away, calculating distances, making assessments and assumptions

    6. They’ve had to research the subject; it’s formed a major part of their curriculum for this half term, they’ve been looking into the clothing and living conditions of people 2,000 years ago in Israel (history), calculating distances from various places to and from Jerusalem (numeracy), written about it (literacy), learned some Israeli dances (physical exercise) and goodness knows what else besides

    7. There were fronds at all distances, receding into the distance in this incredibly flat country

    8. Never having travelled long distances in the

    9. The partitions were deployed, but the point was only a hundred twenty miles out at this time, the collector only thirty eight, about the minimum functional distances

    10. the light of billions galaxies has traveled across vast distances of space and time, and now

    11. Perhaps it was merely an effect of the vast distances of any reference points

    12. Although we may have travelled to the Moon, our solar system’s size, compared to the size of the Universe, does not provide us with any mentionable mobility with which we would be able to perform measurements, which could relate to the distances that we are dealing with

    13. When we measure distances to nearby celestial objects in the universe, we make use of the distance of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun to give us the base of a triangle, which is then used to calculate the difference in angle when the object is viewed, six months apart

    14. 3 For objects further than 100 light years apart, this method becomes obsolete and cosmologists then revert to measuring the properties of light emitted by stars and galaxies to determine the distances to these objects

    15. These are messages that are hidden from plain view and that can be read if specific letter sequences are extracted out of the text by skipping equal spaced distances

    16. They noticed that hidden messages could be found in the Hebrew text when skipping equal distances between letters

    17. This means that the distances between the letters are so vast, that it requires all 39 books in the Old Testament 9 times in succession to complete the code

    18. Looking at the Sun, Moon and stars we can also identify some peculiar properties: Have you ever noticed that the Sun and the Moon, although at different distances away from the Earth are exactly the same visual size when observed from the surface of the Earth? This becomes most apparent during a full solar eclipse

    19. from one hundred and seventy five yards to two hundred and twenty five yards, and those are not distances to sneeze at

    20. distances if supplied with water and provisions

    21. He just hoped it would be a strong enough connection to cover the distances involved

    22. In other words, only 20% of the section had a weapon capable of deadly force at long distances (up to 800 plus yards)

    23. to kill terrorists, and at longer distances

    24. Because of the distances involved and logistics this will mostly be done by carrier groups with support from Europe or other friendly countries if you can find the non-existent facilities not build with your stolen aid money

    25. Pick up the spoor and then do the same until the covered enough (read vast) distances to find the terrorists to kill them

    26. The natural formation of the country is the soldier's best ally; but a power of estimating the adversary, of controlling the forces of victory, and of shrewdly calculating difficulties, dangers and distances, constitutes the test of a great general

    27. He hated driving long distances in cars, unlike his wife, who loved the open road

    28. Each station was equipped with a motorized pulley and target mounts that allowed for practice at distances of from five to fifty yards

    29. He still had a ready supply of honey-laden bars of nuts and sesame; it was a confection most appropriate for traveling long distances; generally invigorating when consuming one’s energy

    30. He could see clusters of the trees that bore it at various distances, and a nearby tree had even shed some of its fruit of its own volition

    31. All those stars were at different distances from his home world

    32. The days that followed were as exhausting as the first, made more difficult as they were forced to travel ever greater distances to locate the sunken hulks

    33. Ground, cover, visibility, distractions, angles and distances, it was good to see the scene first hand

    34. He knew he was wishing, but his eye had been trained by hard urgency to see detail at long distances

    35. They were giving me just the cover I needed, and being as though the shotgun didn’t have good accuracy at far distances, I had to focus

    36. He sees that in Power, it is not an island, but a long web that ebbs across unfathomable distances

    37. The groups of buildings, settlements, I occasionally found between the enormous distances were sometimes inhabited, sometimes abandoned

    38. I drove beside them for long distances to find fording places, hoping these hadn’t been washed away too

    39. A prosthesis was made so he could walk short distances with crutches

    40. To that end, we would have to be able to march and ride long distances through the jungle, up the mountains, through the high mountain basins, and along the harsh, dry shore

    41. Our “exercises” proved to be brutal marches toward objectives some distances away

    42. “Amelia travels long distances alone

    43. distances without distractions and

    44. The child could see to long distances

    45. And if cannot work with love but only with distances, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy

    46. distances are theoretical constructs that only exist in one’s imagination for the benefit of the

    47. They always seek to savor the culinary delights of their childhood and youth, and even travel long distances to obtain them

    48. It becomes very difficult to measure the immensity of distances where, to succeed in the effort, one must move around from place to place either by plane, or by boat or simply on foot, for roads and highways are rather scarce

    49. Distances across water were deceptive, he knew, and he had had no practice in that sort of measuring

    50. Yania was not really convinced of the ease of floating over longer distances, so she sighed in anguish at the situation they found themselves in; however, neither she nor Kami regretted in the least that they had tried to save Daisy

    1. After a while, I found the courage to creep along in the darkness of the passageway, distancing myself from all the betrayal and disloyalty

    2. Distancing ourselves would help prevent the stirring up of negative emotions within us

    3. I believe that the Church must begin distancing itself from secular viewpoints incompatible with traditional church teachings

    4. Because of that distancing, as told in the biblical account, the third generation strayed from the faith of their fathers, and grandfathers

    5. may correlate with the problem—but due to distancing oneself from

    6. way it need to be turned and that the distancing was correct, so I reached for the second

    7. Ras muses, “No one would dare hide without distancing himself first

    8. He was already distancing himself from any bad publicity by making it out to be a “Barry and Avery” case

    9. Sure, I expected the cold shoulder and the distancing of so-called

    10. my mother, but at the same time I feel the distancing, rational under

    11. While we didn’t get a similar visit from the Australian ambassador, indications are that Australia is also distancing itself from British policies

    12. Tammas nodded, distancing himself further from his emotions

    13. Oh, why it didn’t occur to me before I destroyed all that money? If only we learn from nature; won’t all trees brave the vagaries of weather to bear their fruits to serve the species? But ravaged by the vicissitudes of life, how I had lost the opportunity to bestow the bounty to the needy; even otherwise, man is inexorably distancing himself more and more from the nature by dwelling in excuse me for the well-worn phrase, the concrete jungles

    14. Exposed to the liberal ideas that held sway all over the world during the sixties of the last century, the Brahmans in towns began distancing themselves from the orthodox ways and the social prejudices of their forefathers

    15. speed and distancing to fit the change-in-weather?

    16. Distancing himself from the faithful hound his thoughts returned to brooding

    17. One might hypothesize that the health of a culture could be determined in part by gauging to what degree those in positions of influence and authority embrace the traditions and beliefs upon which the society rests or the amount of embarrassment these figures exhibit by distancing themselves from these once-cherished notions

    18. I wasn’t sure what was going through Sinclair’s mind after everything she’d been through, but I could definitely tell she was distancing herself from me

    19. “The others are distancing themselves, Neil…” said L€ne,

    20. Judas listened to the distancing footsteps and waited, his heart

    21. By increasing the number of separations, by distancing ourselves form our actions, humans no longer have to deal with the consequences of their actions

    22. We have abstracted our own hate, our own scorn, our own disrespect, our own revulsion, our own disgust, and our own fear: in so many ways; it would take ten thousand books to show how we abstractively express our revulsion… our hate, and on how many abstract levels, in how many abstract ways we do it by distancing ourselves from all directness and direct truth and direct experience,

    23. “If I was you, and it is none of my business, I would seriously consider distancing myself from your mother

    24. The result is “Ascension the Matter to Heaven” - the separation of particles from the Fields of Attraction together with the particles with Repulsion Fields of the total number of involution ones and therefore connected to each other, and distancing them from the heavenly bodies

    25. ” Like a teenager hedging her words, distancing herself

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