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    1. Jorma's head was feeling too heavy already to stretch this out any more, "What then?"

    2. 1Sam: 26:9: And David said to Abishai, Destroy him not: for who can stretch forth his hand against the LORD's

    3. 1Sam: 26:11: The LORD forbid that I should stretch forth mine hand against the LORD's anointed:

    4. David says who can stretch forth his hand against the

    5. upright in his heart he said ‘ I should not stretch forth

    6. There was a wide bench on the front of the rockasaur and he and Tahlmute had plenty of room to stretch out

    7. Pretty steady for a while as well, but then there was no activity for a long stretch and in the last 3 months she, or someone, has been withdrawing a couple of thousand at a time

    8. I look around at the expanse of lawn, dotted here and there with island beds of shrubs and the occasional stretch of herbaceous border set against a wall

    9. They had slept with nothing over them in the 'sleep' of noon, he could sit up and stretch without disturbing her

    10. Isaiah 8:8 says that the Messiah’s wings shall stretch out over Judah

    11. the life of your dreams, you have to stretch yourself, you’ve

    12. As long as she was in the main thoroughfare it would be difficult if not downright foolhardy for anyone to attack her … but there was a stretch just the other side of the river where the pedestrian path separated from the road, sloping down into a sort of culvert … a subway … if I were going to ambush someone, that’s where I’d choose

    13. Looking up at the full stretch of bull necked space,

    14. When he didn't think anything was nearby he would straighten his legs to stretch them

    15. I shall go to the top of this mountain and stretch my cramped legs and wings

    16. He hesitates on the edge of the trees before plunging across the stretch of grassland which surrounds the Naveta … it looks far larger than I remember: a massive prehistoric building looking like an upturned hull of a boat, hence the name

    17. ‘The next stretch is going to be the iffy one

    18. What was it Auntie Agnes had said? Every now and then get up out of your seat and have a good stretch? Trouble was I'd only just sat down and now I was far too embarrassed to make a fuss

    19. This increases the stretch of the dorsal muscles while you are performing the deep breathing

    20. Now raise your arms as far above your head as you can and you will feel a powerful stretch along your sides

    21. Try to increase the stretch of your spine by pushing your toes away from your head as far as you can

    22. Indeed this way may help you to push your body over a little more and increase the stretch of the spine

    23. When you are able to perform this Plough Posture to your liking try to increase, all the time, the overall stretch, as this position is most beneficial when carried to its extreme form, i

    24. Not that I was a regular swimmer but here was such an idyllic stretch of unblemished sand, and the sea was such a peaceful blue that it seemed to draw me towards it

    25. He might have walked along this very stretch and sat on this very spot

    26. The most important feature of this exercise is the gradual increase of the stretch of the free arm, which should be brought over farther and farther each time you practice this exercise

    27. Fields bounded by low stone walls stretch off into the distance

    28. He continued to have to stay in the back with me for the rest of the stretch that would be the ending of what seemed like an eternity

    29. She had Ash and Lady Ariel stretch a large white sheet of canvas tenting across the mountains between the ridge and the Riders Hall

    30. ’ He replied, eyeing up the stretch of sand

    31. Along one stretch of the road there are stalls selling various goods – doing a good trade too

    32. To say that they are basic would be to stretch the meaning of the word to its limits

    33. wondered if I should stop bearing pain right then and stretch my legs

    34. I glance across at Alastair, engrossed in the music – he’s not what you’d by any stretch of the imagination call classically good looking but has a pleasant face and is considered attractive by many people … his hair is dark but there are grey hairs showing in places now – it needs a cut by the look of the way it’s starting to dangle over his ears

    35. she couldn’t resist the urge to stretch her legs out in front of her and

    36. This was any five mile stretch of any main canal in the Yakhan, twenty miles or more from the center of the city

    37. 13If thou prepare thane heart, and stretch out thane hands toward him;

    38. The interconnects span seven hundred miles in a straight line, but stretch eighteen hundred following the water

    39. whither thou wouldn’t: but when thou shalt be old, thou shalt stretch forth thy hands,

    40. ‘Otherwise it’s going to stretch on and on and you’ll get fed up with it, lose the edge

    41. Succumbing to one of her rare moments of despair, Chrissie sat numbly and watched the bird as it wove back and forth across the stretch of water

    42. In the first ambulance the paramedic is working as quickly as he can given the constant subtle shifts of weight and force induced by the vehicle's furious pace as it crosses the narrow stretch of land between the Taw and Torridge estuaries

    43. The path she was used to taking turned off to the right outside the barracks and led down to the cove, a junction part way along leading off to the dig … but what if she went left outside the barracks? With one finger, she traced the route of the path as it wound through the marsh, concluding that it appeared to end up further along the coast at a stretch of beach shown on the map by a splash of yellow … at least she assumed that’s what it meant

    44. Whereas the cove she knew had been a small almost circular area shut in by the ground around it and only open to the sea for a short arc of its circumference, this was a long stretch of sea-washed coast leading off in both directions as far as she could see

    45. I just covered it with a stretch of cloth and left it next to the plaster sacks and mortaring equipment against the wall

    46. Harry was just looking for a book of sonnets referred to in one of his texts, even if it was a long shot he was just out for a stretch of the legs after all

    47. The Bideford bridge disappears as he climbs the ascent to the top of the first stretch of dual carriageway on the main trunk road east

    48. The party used the few blocks for a stretch of the legs after so much sitting during this first day of their arrival

    49. It seemed a stretch because unless he told Althart of his involvement, Althart would never see a connection between Laxgon and the arrival of a body for Ava

    50. We’d both been more subdued on the final stretch and it had been very hard saying goodbye when we got home

    1. Wel I say normal; I sat with a wool hat stretched to its limit over a large bandage whilst

    2. "Time for us to perform some serious vegetable imitations," Herndon said as he stretched out

    3. It was half a week later, she was in the cabin again on a late Afternoonday, their shifts had stretched thru the light

    4. He watched in irritation as the others played through the endless golden plains that stretched across the Universe

    5. As soon as he returned, she turned and stretched

    6. The muscles are contracted in geometric shapes and the contracted muscle is stretched

    7. The muscles that are stretched are used in such a manner as to draw the flesh closer to the bone

    8. I will walk the beach in a swim suit that is stretched over a bulging body, and will dive into the waves with abandon if I choose to, despite the pitying glances from the jet set

    9. He walks over toward the car, his arms stretched out, feeling his way

    10. He glowers at me before lowering his eyes to glare at his shoes, stretched out in front of him

    11. There would be a little moment of thrill when she stretched her legs out on the

    12. The road stretched out before him, long and dark and shining,

    13. As he turned his head a little more of the spider-web stretched around his fat neck

    14. opened his door, climbed out of the car, and stretched himself out to his full height

    15. Saya was stretched out on the back seat, fast asleep

    16. The landscape was magical: A vast seaside of rosy sand stretched before me, an odd treasure of tiny pink diamonds turning white under the shallow sea waves in the distance

    17. The endless, dark blue sea stretched calmly to the horizon

    18. If he would have been flesh he would have fainted from holding his breath as long as this silence stretched

    19. There would be a little moment of thrill when she stretched her legs out on the threads of her invisible web, a subtly delicious hour of play as she watched him eat, and then there would be the ultimate liaison dangereux

    20. The road stretched out before him, long and dark and shining, just as the crow flies towards a departing soul

    21. He opened his door, climbed out of the car, and stretched himself out to his full height and width

    22. An irregular mass elongated and stretched itself, revealing the rough shape of torso, limbs and head, all of them covered in what seemed to be a coating of thick, black, flowing cloth

    23. In front of them, a vast expanse of sand stretched towards the distant waters and just round to the left was the aforementioned pier … a long narrow construction reaching far out across the sands towards the sea

    24. Jake stretched out his massive wings and took off with a leap

    25. Windows stretched to the ceilings, with shutters on the outside

    26. Then he stretched his wings; oh I believe this room is too small for me

    27. He stretched and rubbed his eyes

    28. “Mmm…come to think of it, yes, I’m hungry too!” She stretched her body seductively and looked up at him, smiling

    29. There was enough growth in it all now to keep it anchored, but not enough to make more than a gentle net of thin ribbonleaves stretched from crack to crack

    30. She stretched, arched her back and rolled over opening her eyes and smiling up at him

    31. He was landing, and stretched to his full height, wings extended out

    32. He stretched out his hand and found another root and held on for dear life

    33. Wings fully extended he landed stretched to his full height; carefully and slowly folded his wings, and turned his massive head and stared at the group of students standing in dumb awe at the sight of him

    34. All my options were cut off by a broken down fence that stretched between me and the almost hidden shack

    35. A gentle drone disturbed my sleep growing louder by the second and I hadn't a clue what it was until I stretched and felt something moving on the bed

    36. Sit down on the floor with the legs stretched out and your

    37. Him in his bathing shorts, scratching his belly, engrossed in his book and me stretched out on a towel in the shade

    38. On the outskirts of the city he met an old woman with hideous, blotchy skin and a bottom lip that stretched all the way down to her chest

    39. It made a strange sound and then howled as it stretched out its arm

    40. I spend a good bit of the next day stretched out by the ggs’ stable, dozing in the sunshine, while Berndt sits nearby reading

    41. I stretched and yawned in the flour-scented breeze

    42. She awoke and seductively stretched; unaware of the effect she had on him

    43. So peaceful!’ Alastair said, lying stretched out in the sun

    44. We were standing at the entrance to a sort of warehouse that stretched back into the cliff for over a hundred metres

    45. Topless and bethonged and stretched across one of the sofas, she was carefully admiring her reflection in a mirror whilst wiping away some lipstick traces from those teeth

    46. Ben’s stretched out on his bed, pen in hand, he’s working on something which looks mathematical

    47. Just as she stretched out her arms as if embracing the storm Tarak knocked and stepped into the room

    48. He leaned back and stretched out his frame, those eyes of hers… just like our women

    49. She moaned in her sleep and stretched and scooted closer to him

    50. Tarak turned and stretched out his hand to Rayne, calling her over

    1. Russ yawns mightily, stretches, stands, tries to focus on his watch

    2. The silence stretches out and out

    3. He takes us through to his lounge – a room which stretches across the back of the house with a large picture window opening out onto the back …

    4. I lean against him comfortably, and he stretches his legs out parallel with the sofa

    5. Prophetic Dream: Dry, barren land stretches before me, somewhere in Somalia

    6. The eternal covenant stretches back to the beginning in that Jesus was the Lamb slain from the foundations of the world

    7. (stretches out his hand

    8. It is an open landscape with few trees and the land rises steadily towards the rocky hills we can see in the distance; stretches of scrubby grassland are interspersed with dense groves of olive trees and, as Drens said, dry stone walls carving up the landscape, as well as islands of tall, dark stands of yet more pines

    9. Any exercise which tones and stretches the leg muscles and the sciatic nerve will bring relief from aching legs and so do not omit from your daily practice schedule the exercises described in the following chapter on lumbago and sciatica

    10. This tones and stretches the muscles of the thighs and legs and helps to relieve varicose veins

    11. One of the basic Yoga asanas, it stretches the vertebrae to the maximum, and subjects the abdomen and its organs and muscles to a powerful massage

    12. Time stretches on … still I sit there … thinking back over the years I have known Alastair … putting together all that I have learned today with what I already knew

    13. Treacle is sitting on top of my car, he stretches and yawns at me … I go over to stroke him, grateful that he is still here

    14. stretches to the far side of the mountain

    15. even though they had seen exactly the same stretches yesterday

    16. He sits up and stretches his legs out, closing his eyes as he sips thick, black caffeine

    17. He stretches his neck, left and right, then rolls his head round in a clockwise circle

    18. This time he positioned them such that they covered narrower stretches of the deck and had to start a new direction more frequently

    19. The staircase, clad in robust cord carpet, stretches up the opposite side of the hall to that in her house

    20. He could sit for long stretches immersed in the antiquities, imagining himself among the colonnades and odea of the ancient cities, the great architectures and ideas of an age long past

    21. She stretches luxuriously, reaching her feet into the corners of the bed and smiles, it is fantastic having the bed to herself … doubly so as she also has her body to herself

    22. The smell of dry mud rises as he stretches the creases in his clothing

    23. The road stretches out in front of me, winding along the ridge of the hill – I’d forgotten how much I like this road

    24. stretches out his hand, those who

    25. With forests in the north and deserts in the south, it stretches from Russia’s Siberia to the deserts of China and the Caspian sea

    26. in his pyjamas, stretches his arms, yawns and mumbles to

    27. But really it stretches credibility that she could have been saved at that crucial moment before her car incinerated

    28. length of the name in letters; number of vowels; number of consonants and many other properties used in this genealogy that stretches from Abraham all the way to Jesus Christ; the language and numbering system that would be employed - would finally fit like small pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, that would only reveal a masterly constructed design, once the final piece was fitted

    29. New Testament it states, if any stretches forward to

    30. He was thankful for the stretches of unconsciousness, when he didn’t have to deal with his pain or the stench of his surroundings

    31. Already, I was in the middle of one of the long undeveloped stretches

    32. My daily routine has 21 stretches in it (I’d tell you what they are, but then I’d probably go to jail for giving out medical advice)

    33. If I were to hold each of those stretches for the widely recommended 30 seconds, my routine would take over 10 minutes

    34. They stopped at islands or lonely stretches where the riverbank was not marshy to establish camp each night

    35. Gripping bitumen as they accelerating along straight stretches of highway continuing west, the spinning wheels spat out gravel on tight turns overlooking a steep riverbank

    36. They passed some stretches of scenery that looked familiar to Colling and Elizabeth as they traveled in a circle around Warsaw

    37. A slant of orange light stretches across one of the rock walls

    38. He stretches his arms wide as Zeke shoves him down the steel cable

    39. The net stretches across the gaping hole, just as it did when I last saw it

    40. I stand next to the train tracks in a group that stretches as far as I can see with my peripheral vision

    41. A scar stretches in a thick line from just above her right eyebrow to her lip, rendering her blind in one eye and giving her a lisp when she talks

    42. She stretches out her hand and, with her index finger, pulls back the collar of his shirt to see his tattoo

    43. The bridge, its red paint peeling, stretches over the muck

    44. stretches over a broader terrain than that contained in this false dichotomy

    45. On a normal day, a few hours can contain long stretches of watch-checking, of empty time

    46. Please take note that this relationship between “no burial” and God’s punishment, stretches from the Old Testament into the last book of the Bible, Revelation

    47. 25 For he stretches out his hand against God, and strengthens himself against the Almighty

    48. 7 He stretches out the north over the empty place, and hangs the Earth on nothing

    49. The meat shrinks, pulls, stretches, changes shape, changes colour to black and curls up

    50. 2 Who covers yourself with light as with a garment: who stretches out the heavens like a curtain:

    1. Sitting in the driver's seat was some kind of hairy man-thing, its nose stretching into a snout, fingers to claws before her eyes

    2. "What?" he was stretching and scratching his head

    3. He was soundly sleeping stretching his arms and smiling

    4. ’ He said stretching luxuriously and yawning

    5. ’ She said, stretching the truth a little for the sake of simplicity

    6. The sun is shining in through one of the portholes and glinting on the polished wood, stretching as I go, I pad barefooted across the floor to look out at the day

    7. The porthole is above the waterline; all I can see is the sea stretching away to the horizon

    8. The benefits are many but principally the Half Somersault brings into play the muscles of the back, toning and stretching the whole of the spinal column

    9. Many of the Yoga exercises are based on the natural stretching of healthy animals which the ancient Yogis, who formulated the science of Hatha Yoga, observed and emulated

    10. Also do not omit the simple, leg stretching exercise described in chapter two

    11. In stretching the spinal column to the greatest degree it helps to relieve and prevent sciatica and lumbago

    12. Having had an easy time of it with the Letter L Breathing Exercise, try now another exercise which incorporates breathing, stretching, and in its advanced stages, a high degree of balance

    13. But at least I was in Greece and I'd read somewhere that 'Greece always gives more than it takes', so with two weeks of immeasurable contrasts stretching out before me on my very own quest with nothing to guide me but sweet ignorance and a ferry, I drained my glass and moved out under a parasol

    14. Think yourself into a calm state of mind before you lie down on the floor and practice stretching and relaxing

    15. All the stretching exercises I have described in this book, and particularly in chapter two can be performed in connection with exercising the eyes

    16. To try something new in this combination of stretching and eye movement, try the Sideways Bend

    17. The pause was stretching longer than it should, everyone was attentive, the side conversations had almost stopped

    18. You’re stretching the truth a little there, Sally, you didn’t actually see Karen with Jo

    19. ' I said, stretching the truth slightly

    20. I save what I have done and close down the computer, stretching as it goes through it's shutdown routine

    21. stretching his back, and then touched his hat politely in greeting

    22. With that, he sat back in his chair, stretching out his feet towards

    23. He paused in his activity, and stood up straight, stretching his

    24. Stretching stiffly, Andy climbed out of the bed and availed himself of the basic facilities presented by the cell

    25. "Not really", Billy answers, feeling the skin stretching across his bruised and grazed knuckles as he tries to make a fist

    26. As we’d gone into the cottage and turned on the light, Treacle had come out of the lounge, stretching and yawning

    27. He said a month initially but I think there is a possibility of it stretching into six weeks

    28. myself,' he said - stretching the truth a little

    29. his lighter was like that of a blowtorch, stretching at least six inches into the air

    30. stretching out in every direction

    31. It was magnificent, and a small moonlit dale lay stretching out before them

    32. Of course, there was furniture and boxes to be unpacked, but it didn't distract from the giant white columns, stretching some thirty feet to the ceiling

    33. Lush leaves had filled in the trees, and were stretching their little veins to reach the sun, camouflaging the last of the pond from the deck's sight

    34. She just had a bad habit of stretching it, whenever she got mad, and lately, that was only when she called him

    35. his feet and stretching

    36. He followed a minute later, stretching his arm above her to lean against the barn door

    37. said, breathing deep and stretching his limbs

    38. ‘I came straight home,’ said Jean, stretching his

    39. On the southern edge of this plateau, overlooking the Karedarzin lowlands and the river itself, far in the distance, there is a series of lofty cliffs stretching irregularly for hundreds of miles

    40. ’ Jean reluctantly followed suit, stretching the

    41. and ahead lay a series of low, rolling hills stretching

    42. down next to her, stretching his hands back to touch the

    43. He regained his balance but kept his distance, not quite pushing her away but stretching to the end of her reach

    44. As they got closer they could see faded tails stretching to the horizon

    45. The sun was waking and stretching its sunbeams lighting clouds slightly below them in the east

    46. Atop the remnants of the Northern Tower, a brilliant sphere of azure blue grew, stretching out to cover the entire city, spreading to the Outlands as well

    47. From one end of the hall to the other -- well over five hundred feet -- the multicolored windows filled the northern wall, their panes of color and pictures of heroes only briefly interrupted by pillars of polished marble stretching from the floor to the ceiling

    48. After nearly an hour they rounded a corner and found the dots of lanterns stretching another two miles of straight khume ahead of them

    49. out more crosses stretching away into the mist, and the

    50. She still hadn't told Lesahr and Wuffs that she meant to leave the band when the tape was done, but they seemed to sense it and were stretching the process out and being too perfectionist

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