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    1. To be impartial means to be objective, open-minded, without prejudice,

    2. There may be a change in fund objective

    3. We possess a great deal of knowledge, mental power, and capacities, which have never been drawn forth from the realm of the subconscious into objective usefulness; anyone who has watched the effect of Meditation upon the beginner will substantiate this statement

    4. Those who can train themselves to be sufficiently one-pointed can withdraw their thoughts at any time and in any place to a centre within themselves, and achieve oneness with the chosen objective

    5. sounding board in the form of an objective third party?

    6. Indeed, some of the less objective newspapers even started a campaign to rename football

    7. Not only will you feel better after hashing out all the details of your struggles with this person, they may be able to provide solid objective insights that you may have missed because you were too emotionally involved in the situation

    8. He reached his objective safely, made a quick mental

    9. Keep in mind the orientation and the main objective

    10. Indeed, some of the less objective

    11. “Sir, I believe we can state that we have accomplished our mission objective

    12. his brother at the head of the table, with the objective of spending

    13. gZarvik was always a shifty little wevn in my book but I’m a prejudiced bastard when it comes to sons of the hoi polloi using connections so I might not offer the most objective view

    14. objective of the plan

    15. clear what the objective of the raid actually was

    16. “I caught Althart being less than objective today

    17. “He would be least likely to be objective about this list

    18. Like language itself, it is a product of objective reason and has been preserved as a guidepost for anyone 'who has eyes to see, and ears to hear

    19. Math is math, unchanging; the objective language, if you will

    20. victory for the Church, and that is our ultimate objective

    21. It is called the higher mental center, and is the seat of true impartiality and objective reason

    22. They’ll risk their cover to complete an objective if they

    23. friends given the chance? Only if it kept him from his objective of obtaining

    24. That was our objective

    25. We have met our objective and now its time to call the

    26. If he couldn't, Nidon would know he wasn't being objective and Klowa would lose all credibility

    27. "Our eyes on the Red Mage assure us that he nears his objective

    28. objective by anchoring one end of the rope to the stolen

    29. as objective not only the audio-video or gastronomic

    30. To each one the other side is evil because its objective, purpose and mission are in full and perfect opposition to the other

    31. Relativity only of the subjective and objective?

    32. The objective point of view?

    33. Withdrawing from the objective

    34. and that she would suffer the Consequences… being as brilliant as she was, she abolished The realm of mathematical possibility which minimized time To pure “now” for the purposes of objective analyzing

    35. Your objective may be to create a recurring passive income stream

    36. “Commander, you know that I know what the other half of your objective has been here since the start

    37. You are trying to remain rational and objective by separating your emotions

    38. The programs you dream of watching are an objective view of the things that are in your mind

    39. A bus or train ticket symbolizes the price you pay to get ahead in life, while a movie ticket represents your need to be more objective in a situation

    40. Some cues from others are objective and obvious, clearly communicating their judgments of both acceptable and unacceptable behavior

    41. What we're going to talk about is the objective man and is

    42. “Destruction of the Dark Brotherhood has been the touted objective, but they secretly have been funneling resources into rounding up the Manes

    43. “What appears as some kind of autonomous, objective reality out there does not really fit with the actual nature of reality

    44. So even though our profession or occupation may differ, the ultimate objective remains the same

    45. All presentations have a common objective

    46. You should include only information that is relevant to your audience and your objective

    47. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action - the objective of all advertisements

    48. There is no objective reality

    49. When you allow that so called objective and external

    50. It is not my objective, in these pages, to merely inspire

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    object glass object lens objective objective lens aim object target nonsubjective accusative external material scientific sure extrinsic measurable extraneous fair detached impersonal unbiased unprejudiced unchangeable mission purpose butt destination end