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    1. Johnny trailed Nancy, trying to quickly dodge the students faster than she was so he could catch up to her

    2. The newer ships with their near relativistic speeds and more delicate construction must dodge the interstellar bodies like the veils of snowflakes that nearly disabled the Heavenly Mother

    3. He had to dodge them both, though he could not treat the fat-sailed lake runners like islands, even wide open

    4. Strangely enough, this time it proved to be quite easy for me to dodge the thick azure beams as his marksmanship seemed to have waned a little -maybe because he was still dizzy

    5. “We’re not going to dodge the bullet tonight Daniel

    6. There were so many streetcars you had to dodge them; and the many passengers hopping on and off at this busy circle

    7. Of course no interstellar mission is really safe, a snowflake they couldn't dodge could take them out, even if they vaporized it with the point laser ten thousand miles ahead of them

    8. The girls were no less spectacular and each successful deflection, dodge, duck, leap, handspring, or somersault gradually brought them nearer to each other in order to unite their force and neutralize the near invisible staff that Harry wielded like a master

    9. and the two Knights were constantly having to dodge the

    10. The imp begged for mercy, but Justice just picked up the nearby swing set, and pummeled the imp into the ground, then pulled the imp up again and tied the imp to the maypole, hitting the imp over and over again with a big, red dodge ball

    11. Even so, it shouldn’t have been possible for the elf to dodge him, not when he moved so fast

    12. melee as they could, but still had to dodge the occasional

    13. dared to pass through the mountain passages and dodge and weave through the great trees

    14. This time she would dodge the strike and manage to plunge the blade into the cat’s side

    15. "Don’t dodge the question," the calm man said

    16. And it took the burst of fresh adrenaline for Penelope and Mercer to dodge the barrage

    17. I angled westward, and even though I had to dodge cars and freaks as I came across them, I was able to weave my way through the streets until I finally found an interstate

    18. By comparison, Wilson’s hits had been weak, easy to dodge and relatively painless when they connected

    19. dogs that one had to dodge constantly

    20. Stumbling backwards, Brokin's assailant did his best to dodge the swiftly moving claws as they repeatedly raked across his snout, but with little success

    21. The remnants of the fighting forces that had so confidently entered the labyrinth such a short time ago, was now blindly following the flitting black figure along the twisting passageways, doing their best to dodge the rocks still falling from above, hoping against hope that their path-finder knew where he was going

    22. It was for vengeance, but she knew that when he got out he would search tirelessly for her: it was time to get out of Dodge

    23. Not only did I dodge that knife, but I actually craned my neck backwards in a graceful move, with the knife missing me by no more than an inch, then thrusting the table away with my legs

    24. Through the cloud of dust thrown up by its wheels he saw that it was a Dodge deuce-and-a-half with a half-dozen Russian soldiers seated in it

    25. She tries a sloppy kick at my side, which I dodge, and while her balance is off, I rush forward and force my elbow up at her face

    26. He dove to dodge them, and landed in the

    27. punched, ported to dodge an attack and repeated the pattern; Sven had a

    28. Trying to dodge the bullets, he jumped behind a nearby

    29. They dodge and roll to avoid being hit

    30. The skelborgs are moving at high speed as well, and dodge the missile rocks while getting closer to Bellona

    31. At the Winslow airport, the bales of MJ that were tossed out along the runway as he taxied to the terminal were picked up and placed into a mint new Dodge station wagon just purchased on credit from his pal, the Mesa owner of Jack Ross Dodge

    32. They could not dodge the beam, but if it takes too long to destroy them, they may find a way to block it or reflect it away before they are burnt

    33. dodge in their rush

    34. On top of that, Dodge pickup trucks and International Harvester Scouts, even with the doors removed for ease of entry and exit, didn't even come close to providing the type of armored and armed transportation required to relieve guard posts at a defensive perimeter in a fire fight

    35. to dodge with her around my father

    36. In the cramped cell, Calvin had no way to retreat or dodge

    37. His eyes took on a sort of Holy Glow when he started talking about Dodge 'Ems from the 1960s and carrousels from the 1940s

    38. move to dodge it

    39. I saw the SUV dodge a fallen tree

    40. I looked forward again and had to dodge a large zombie that was in my way

    41. The game places you in control of one of the two gung-ho super action-star heroes as they face hordes of bad guys, dodge screen-fulls of enemy bullets and take on the most gigantic sprite based bosses a side scrolling game has ever seen

    42. His car almost hit me head on but I dodge it

    43. We only managed to keep ahead of it because we ran uphill, and we could dodge in and out of trees while the boar had to plow through them

    44. I managed to leap aside and dodge the bite

    45. ” You keep yourself on four wheels, Jane and Kaite dodge you

    46. The two women began to duck and dodge the branches as Oscar ran and whipped through the trees

    47. There may be uncomfortable questions but you just dodge them or hit them right; without losing your focus, stream of thought, or getting distracted from the topic

    48. Piers stopped dead in his tracks silently holding up some keys that he had picked from a small basket next to the telephone stand, I could see the Dodge logo sparkling there in the hall light

    49. We sidled up to the massive American Dodge van, Piers couldn’t wait to have a nose inside the back and soon disappeared into the back

    50. “I was in one of them Dodge Charger Hemi’s,” Richard replied, not bothering to look at Malow

    1. Elden dodged and Sons’ punch landed on the tree

    2. secured the infant with his other hand, and dodged the soldiers’ blade all in

    3. The soldier gave chase, swinging his sword as Son dodged while running

    4. he dodged them with great speed

    5. dodged the venom and picked up the sword that the soldier had dropped

    6. The serpent struck again and again as Son dodged and countered the

    7. The serpent dodged Sons’ death strike, and bit into

    8. When he fell off he thought he'd be instantly trampled by other thongas but they all dodged him and as it happened he was near the tail end of the herd so there weren't that many

    9. She had already dodged that with the war effort

    10. The head lamp illuminated Joseph a few seconds before he dodged into the brush

    11. His words had broken the spell binding her to that spot in the corridor; horror fuelling her muscles, Chrissie frantically dodged from one side of the hall to the other, desperately trying to find a way past, but Ozzie and his grisly burden filled the hallway, she couldn’t get past

    12. There she went down to the cargo level and dodged teams and wagons and came aboard with a load of brined karga that would probably be Nightday dinner on Grand Canal

    13. He dodged the

    14. stepped inside and dodged the worshippers leaving the

    15. She tried once more to lay her hand on Alec's arm, but this time he was ready and quickly dodged to the side

    16. dodged the merchant’s carts as they came and went along

    17. The huge one took a swing, easily dodged by the smaller man

    18. dodged one of his bearish hands and whirled away

    19. When she dodged to avoid

    20. They dodged most of the rocks, though one guardsman fell with a great lump on his

    21. Tragus dodged the first, but the second struck his hip

    22. She dodged, sprinted and leapt her way down the hill, relieved to not see Mercer lingering outside of the rocky shelter

    23. Relying once more upon her size and swift-ness of foot, Penelope dodged the first lunge of the metal warden

    24. “I-It’s a long story," she dodged the question

    25. Aetes dodged the strike and swung his sword

    26. Shamus tries again, but again is dodged, this time to his, the new fella’s, left

    27. Russell dodged away from the group and turned to run to Alex’s aid, but she flicked her power at him, turning him back toward the exit

    28. dodged in and out of the crowd, trying to keep up with

    29. ” He reached for her and she dodged playfully

    30. He dodged through the columns and took off in the same direction as the beast

    31. the marble steps unseen, and dodged round the corner

    32. That created the myth that SAP bullets can somehow be dodged

    33. Reese dodged further to the right, letting the sword skitter down his own sword’s length, whipping the tip around to spin toward Jack’s ear

    34. She dodged the attack and began to reach her long black hair

    35. ) Some like John Wayne dodged the draft, while others like Reagan played token roles at best

    36. I thought I dodged him,� Steve replied as he noticed the cuts

    37. Half of all southern white men dodged the draft, even forming bands that drove away Confederate officials

    38. Tony dodged the bullets

    39. It dodged as best it could, but lethal rays struck often and mercilessly, making it sluggish and near collapse

    40. He dodged and twisted, and the Hedgehog followed his every whim, pirouetting at the speed of light

    41. The dragons hissed and shot meter long flames at their attackers, but they just dodged and struck down on the backs of the dragons

    42. Dacian had dodged and deflected each

    43. “Shit,” Kurumi swore as she grabbed Souta's screwdriver from his hand, attached a charm, and went in for another hit which the monster also dodged

    44. It is important to realise that Jesus never dodged the issue when He was

    45. whom were involved in the expensive Air India investigation, which was dodged by

    46. And you have dodged my original claim: that the pursuit of power has enslaved you

    47. Will’s buddy, Brian, had knocked her up the previous year, but he dodged a bullet when she miscarried at five months

    48. fearfully around restaurants, hoping to be thrown a bread crust; you'll have dodged the

    49. quickly dodged through the second door

    50. She dodged his hands

    1. move dodges with cutting off a limb

    2. He dodges another punch, slipping around Al and kicking him hard in the back

    3. Bellona dodges lasers while striking several nearby slow moving blisters

    4. She dodges another rock impact within inches

    5. Jaden quickly dodges to the left missing another projectile

    6. She advanced on him, taunting him for a moment with twists and dodges, then with a liquidly graceful movement she whirled the staff, sending the hammer-end of it into the man’s windpipe

    7. barely dodges it but he still could

    8. He charges her with kicks and punches, all which she dodges

    9. I ran to the hybrid and try to attack her but she dodges and attacks me at the back

    10. Jacob dodges a stack of barrels and a pile of coiled rope

    11. He dodges a sphere and whips his own at Glacia, who’s the last person on her team

    12. As an ex-Head of the Fraud Squad, he’d know all the dodges

    13. He rails at Eugene with a flurry of punches, powerful and swift and vicious, but Eugene taps into his own experience as easily as slipping into cool water, and he ducks and dodges, light on his feet, bending and twisting to avoid most blows and block the rest with his forearms, which sting with every hit until his reddened flesh turns raw

    14. She dodges my fist and grabs hold of my arm

    15. Blanding easily dodges the first few swings, but gets caught in the face with a roundhouse kick that sends him staggering back

    16. Ciere dodges around a line of people with suitcases and briefly considers trying to slip in with one of the families

    17. He points to the “countless number of dodges which are used to fool rather than to inform

    18. There were ancient Fords, ravaged in their upholstery; Chevrolets and Dodges with rusty noses, paintless, with loose fenders or no fenders at all

    19. Tom said, “These here Dodges can pull a house in low gear

    20. But he who dodges hospitals and jails, and walks fast crossing graveyards, and would rather talk of operas than hell; calls Cowper, Young, Pascal, Rousseau, poor devils all of sick men; and throughout a care-free lifetime swears by Rabelais as passing wise, and therefore jolly;—not that man is fitted to sit down on tomb-stones, and break the green damp mould with unfathomably wondrous Solomon

    21. Prosecutor, have you not invented a new personality? Is the prisoner so coarse and heartless as to be able to think at that moment of love and of dodges to escape punishment, if his hands were really stained with his father's blood? No, no, no! As soon as it was made plain to him that she loved him and called him to her side, promising him new happiness, oh! then, I protest he must have felt the impulse to suicide doubled, trebled, and must have killed himself, if he had his father's murder on his conscience

    22. The broken screen lay as before, and exposing Semyon Ivanovitch's seclusion, seemed like an emblem of the fact that death tears away the veil from all our secrets, our shifty dodges and intrigues

    1. He cackles, jumps back suddenly, dodging a crack on the sidewalk, points at the sidewalk

    2. From his perspective, the ‘draggers dodging fire and debris below drove straight into a cloud of Staas Shipping containers and came to a dead stop

    3. Son was running, dodging, and

    4. They came at him from both sides, and he was dodging flames and destroying dragons with nonstop speed

    5. “It’s still out there dodging snowflakes with the main fire ball cold

    6. The ride was smooth and gentle now that he wasn’t dodging things

    7. They pressed on, dodging the wagons and staying clear of

    8. Ava spent a nervous week waiting to see what Yorthops might learn and dodging any further tails anyone put on her

    9. navigated us through the crowd, dodging beers held above heads, breaking up

    10. dodging the wrath of Ed Pentoch, escaping the cellars of Bravo, triumphing over

    11. lost his footing a couple of times, rolling in the dirt, and dodging back and forth

    12. Then Desa appeared, she screamed and ran, dodging into the back corner of the dormer where she slept

    13. Without using his hands, Roman jumped to his feet, dodging the swings of

    14. Dodging and ducking were skills she had long since acquired and finessed, owing in no small part to her petite size

    15. She very cautiously edged nearer to it, dodging its snapping jaws and leaping to barely avoid its lashing tail

    16. They kept on running, dodging through the increasingly moonlit trees until they came upon a large burrow entrance

    17. by dodging once again to his right

    18. I got used to dodging the bottles, the drunks and the others, but was never comfortable

    19. She spent the next half hour winding through the numerous floors of the mansion, checking doors, and dodging servants and security guards

    20. Outrage filled every aspect of her core, but before she could turn to argue, a blur was dodging through the fighters

    21. Five minutes later found me standing on the roof, flushing water down the chimney as fast as I could, dodging the steam, soot and odd curses that puffed up out of the chimney-pot

    22. Dodging in and out of the clouds, waiting for the other training groups to be in just the exact position, then bouncing them

    23. “All right, then, Olger,” Sylvia said dodging response concerning his compensation

    24. ) (There is a ludicrous claim online that Clinton was pardoned for draft dodging

    25. He was up and running before the next breath, dodging barrels and unknown dark shapes

    26. He hit the rocky plain with a crushing jolt and drove over rocks, while dodging large boulders in a seemingly endless series of splintering, grinding leaps followed by shattering landings

    27. And that part of his mind was the part that was usually right about basic things, like keeping out of trouble, dodging bullets and gunfire

    28. Or it was there, with that huge grinning smile, but it kept dodging out of the way at the last moment

    29. The woman touches one Abnegation child on the shoulder and whispers something to him, and a few seconds later a small group of children run down the hallway, dodging Amity feet and yelling, “I touched you! You’re it!” “No, that was my sleeve!”

    30. sight, dodging the attack

    31. Thinking in his mind, he had to reroute a shortcut home while dodging parts of the city that had no streetlights and were in complete darkness

    32. Dodging the line of sight with great agility, Cloud

    33. *Indicator that we are dodging waiting: Impatience

    34. He starts dodging between the trees

    35. It continues to spin while dodging the cannon fire

    36. They circled erratically halfway around the mountain, dodging destructions and accelerating as they went, and drawing almost a quarter of the enemy’s force in their wake before they headed away from the mountain and north

    37. steps, dodging more falling pieces of lumber, and other

    38. Dodging and feinting, Tui's mantra was useless now

    39. They ran to the scene, dodging from tombstone to tombstone as if wary of rifle fire

    40. The foe-ruler laughed, dodging the swipe of the bent and sharpened iron at the shaft-end

    41. “Cristal!” Kerim and Harry were running towards her, dodging pieces of the falling wall and jumping over the ground-swelling waves

    42. across the road, once again dodging the baying traffic, over to

    43. You’re dodging the question

    44. You"re dodging the question

    45. He watched the scout running back, carefully dodging behind cover to hide his movement

    46. Aquana had to go all night dodging brothers who were trying to either get ass for the night or a date for tomorrow

    47. They flew through the skies dodging and jumping through invisible rings that appeared and then disappeared

    48. Samantha dove the vessel, ducking and dodging the hooded creature

    49. Faster and faster the hawk flapped its wings, dipping and dodging through the clouds

    50. He swooped down and tried to catch one of the children, but they were diving and dodging him

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