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    1. Somehow he managed to evade all the welcome and noise and bustle and sneak her into the house and along the shadowy, silent hallways to her bed chamber

    2. The great distance, too, from the mother country, would enable the colonists to evade more or less, by smuggling, the monopoly which the company enjoyed against them

    3. In order to put Great Britain upon a footing of equality with her own colonies, which the law has hitherto supposed to be subject and subordinate, it seems necessary, upon the scheme of taxing them by parliamentary requisition, that parliament should have some means of rendering its requisitions immediately effectual, in case the colony assemblies should attempt to evade or reject them; and what those means are, it is not very easy to conceive, and it has not yet been explained

    4. She wondered how anyone could evade a scan-check on entering the country

    5. who could say what would happen? Could we evade Herod and get out of the country before discovery? I hoped and prayed the young couple we met earlier managed to escape

    6. Thirdly, by the forfeitures and other penalties which those unfortunate individuals incur, who attempt unsuccessfully to evade the tax, it may frequently ruin them, and thereby put an end to the benefit which the community might have received from the employment of their capitals

    7. If the tax, indeed, was very high, the greater part of people would endeavour to evade it as much as they could, by contenting themselves with smaller houses, and by turning the greater part of their expense into some other channel

    8. The farmers of the public revenue never find the laws too severe, which punish any attempt to evade the payment of a tax

    9. If he made it through the surface impact, he’d evade them

    10. Its trajectory erratic, clearly designed to evade their most advanced targeting system

    11. In his spare hours, he sat and meditated on how to deal with these problems though the solution continued to evade him

    12. Teron continued to evade him despite those attempts; he could sense the Power, and he could almost see it in the darkness, but that light always slipped from his grasp each time he reached out for it

    13. Reese’s eyes flashed with concern, and Galeron spun at him, drawing his sword across Reese’s arm, leaving a red stripe as Reese did not quite evade the move

    14. “What is it? What’s the matter,” Betts said, hanging on to the side of the boat as Conal set it into a series of turns designed to evade the oncoming helicopter

    15. Sometimes the best way to evade an enemy is to out-climb him, yet the men lacked confidence in their engines…bad news

    16. not paying any attention to evade the cab that secretly followed in pursuit

    17. through the grilled floor as Reno used all his techniques to evade

    18. I pushed and shoved the passers-by’s, the onlookers frantically in an attempt to touch him, my arms outstretched in front of my body, grasping, clinging onto his coat that seemed so close yet always managed to evade my fingers

    19. She was too curious to let him evade the question

    20. Likewise, economic growth can often be destructive and divisive, especially where private interests evade their social and ecological responsibility

    21. evade the eventual the argument it caused

    22. The smugglers try to evade federal officials because the punishments for migrant smuggling and trying to escape arrest are not as severe as is the case for drug smugglers

    23. one, because having others around us is the easiest way to evade

    24. Mellon knew that as long as taxes were high, investors would find some way to evade them

    25. Titus managed to evade the shield bash that followed, with a deft sideways roll retrieving Tress’s fallen sabre as he did so

    26. advantage of the Attaché’s considerate half-hearted attempts to grab me, I managed to evade

    27. find a way to evade the question

    28. couldn’t evade another attack

    29. The Sentinel’s dappled mare was trained to evade such an attack

    30. That he could punishment evade?

    31. They fought with a blind wild- beast ferocity, too intent on dealing death to evade it

    32. The Master did not evade the question; he merely employed the wisdom of making a double reply

    33. Modern men and women of intelligence evade the religion of Jesus because of their fears of what it will do to them -- and with them

    34. They evade us with ease

    35. caped traffic on the coastal highway, but quickly learned how to evade the clumsy

    36. which he was now almost too weak to evade

    37. I just hoped that they didn"t know it was me inside the elevator and that I deliberately pressed the close button to evade them

    38. But under the circumstances, I couldn"t evade my rejection

    39. I"ll try to correct and evade the mistakes that I"d done in the past

    40. The only way to evade this catastrophe is to

    41. You can evade the law

    42. I was able to evade my pursuers

    43. I managed to evade them

    44. sure to evade the other residents

    45. that fact wasn’t going to help him evade my conversation about

    46. option that would help me evade capture

    47. on it if he tried to evade her questions

    48. Ultimately, he could not evade them

    49. Firing radar decoys and maneuvering violently their aircraft helped them evade six of the incoming missiles, but the other eighteen AIM-120D found their marks, obliterating both the four FLANKER fighters and the KJ-2000 surveillance aircraft

    50. Whenever he was confronted with a decision which he did not like taking but could not ultimately evade, Hitler would procrastinate as long as he possibly could

    1. He had evaded the

    2. the law being evaded in several different ways

    3. ” Senta evaded her grasp and was behind them holding the door closed quicker than they could see

    4. This law, however, though we read of its having been executed upon one or two occasions, was either neglected or evaded, and the inequality of fortunes went on continually increasing

    5. Somehow the Elusivers had evaded detection in every visit, and he guessed this time would be no exception

    6. 4 – intelligence specialist said: ‘they have so far evaded detection, which means they’re either underground or deep underwater

    7. The transmission should have evaded the disruption web, although it could still be detected

    8. Dean‘s thoughtless remarks about a ―pathetic old man‖ recalls the relentless efforts of dedicated Nazi Hunters who spent the greater part of their (adult) lives tracking down and bringing to justice ―former‖ war criminals who evaded criminal prosecution after the war and lived to a ―respectable,‖ ripe old age

    9. They had to come up with something, which evaded his intuition and perspicacity

    10. evaded her eyes in the mirror

    11. lounge, warming the room as it evaded the evening chill

    12. And this turns out to be unnecessary after all, he mused as sleep evaded his efforts

    13. words evaded me; which was that, before I had a chance to ask

    14. Her aim was true but this served no purpose other than to delay his work, as with impressive dexterity he evaded or deflected every arrow

    15. The second guard struck the floor with his longsword as Titus evaded the wild overhead blow and the man’s second swing was swiftly met and Titus returned with two stabs to his side and ribs

    16. He always evaded the subject of the One God of the slaves

    17. He had completely evaded sharing

    18. “Setne has evaded capture for eons,” Dad said

    19. The agile Gaeans evaded the falling rock deftly

    20. Jalhi’s wyverns easily evaded the assailing blows and roasted two of the dragon-trolls with hot balls of fire

    21. They parried and evaded the swinging claws of the wolf creatures

    22. The maverick mages evaded their attack

    23. Drumtone and Oxholm evaded the teeth of the beholders

    24. They were agile fighters and evaded the many attacks with ease

    25. Claude evaded the hammers and axes of the hostile anthromorphs and used his heightened speed to bring two of them down

    26. She only saw that he evaded that deadly grasp, and his sword, flashing like a jet of white lightning, sheared through one of those massive arms between shoulder and elbow

    27. He tossed and turned on his bed but sleep evaded him

    28. One of them was down, disemboweled, before he could strike, and wheeling cat-like, Conan evaded the stroke of the other's cudgel and lashed in a whistling counter-cut

    29. Beck was on the ‘Most wanted list’ for a short time but downgraded after the Nuremberg Trials because he evaded capture

    30. She knows there is a drug trade growing in and around her junior secondary school, and that it was a trap to be evaded

    31. he evaded the enemy for three days and nights in the

    32. Any town that was devoid of life or appeared unusual would have to be evaded

    33. “Yes, but I must say that we evaded two close calls, one

    34. He evaded each blow, and on the third he pulled the knife off his waist and deflected the attack

    35. was lucky to have barely evaded his bite

    36. Gerry lunged at her but this time she evaded him, prancing out into the middle of the road, where she began a manic dance of rage

    37. “… and although he evaded authorities at the airport Terminal, a spokesman for the Metropolitan police has stated that they are confident Mr

    38. Teal exploded with rage when he heard how the pair had evaded capture

    39. Gupta made a phone call as he hurried along, having evaded the police

    40. There was also his fear to transfer troops from secondary fronts in favour of the spot where the main decision would fall; the principle reason why Hitler evaded these risks in the military field was the fear, common to all dictators, that his prestige would be shaken by any perceived setbacks

    41. ' Despite the fact that the two had evaded him by stealing the Truck which he himself had stolen earlier in the evening, Saddlebrook was quite pleased with himself for actually finding them in the first place, and he had no doubt that he would do so again

    42. So far, Grobut had evaded him, but if the Admiral managed to apprehend him and secure the Eryx, he was destined for glory and greatness

    43. A flash of amusement in his eyes, he evaded the question

    44. Then we spoke with an elderly Monaciello from Italy who claimed to be related to a Saci, one of the few who had evaded the cartel

    45. He evaded her easily, and sliced his sword across her back as she passed him by

    46. After several such turns, it seemed that they had evaded their pursuers

    47. powerful sweeps of his wings, he easily evaded the thunderous beast's attacks

    48. How had he been outsmarted? He’d stayed up and still the subject evaded him

    49. his parents were against him and having no confidence in his teachers, he evaded awkward

    50. She froze for a moment but shook off the chill that ran down her spine and evaded his question “Why do you care?”

    1. The neurological investigations into the cellular seat that must support that construct still evades certain definition

    2. He evades my eyes as I try to identify his emotions, but when he looks up, the expression on his face is somewhere between sadness and wistful

    3. Empiricism evades ontological uncertainty in that it makes no claims on the existence of objects, but rather, empirical claims are always claims that one has evaluated a space as occupied and not that one has identified a particular object as existent

    4. I was stealthy and cunning like a rat that skillfully evades detection

    5. Of course there is some truth in this, but it evades the other truth namely that which the philosophers call “immediate perception

    6. The elusive death cap still evades me, but the edible ones spring up everywhere

    7. That ever and ever evades

    1. method of evading the effects of the barrier, some way in which

    2. countries, they have several very safe and easy methods of evading the law

    3. Many people must borrow, and nobody will lend without such a consideration for the use of their money as is suitable, not only to what can be made by the use of it, but to the difficulty and danger of evading the law

    4. The colony assemblies, if they were not very favourably disposed (and unless more skilfully managed than they ever have been hitherto, they are not very likely to be so), might still find many pretences for evading or rejecting the most reasonable requisitions of parliament

    5. Thirdly, the hope of evading such taxes by smuggling, gives frequent occasion to forfeitures and other penalties, which entirely ruin the smuggler ; a person who, though no doubt highly blameable for violating the laws of his country, is frequently incapable of violating those of natural justice, and would have been, in every respect

    6. Eight days earlier events on land put into action his own emergency procedure, which wasn’t so much a plan as a method of evading capture

    7. There were two ways of evading sacrifice after a person had been selected for execution

    8. expanding in proportion to (spiritual) phenomena that becomes (increasingly) receptive to (intuitive) logic and reason, a refined (spiritual) awareness that neither compromises nor inhibits the One constant at once approachable however ―inaccessible‖ to the mind, a (seemingly) moving target within (the) reach of a receptive imagination however evading the limited scope of rational thought, whose mysteries eventually become apparent through a strengthening of Faith and Divine Trust, alone…

    9. She glanced at Tony as he drove furiously through the town, competently evading the other traffic and pedestrians with equal ease

    10. evading a persistent fairy Prince, who popped up when least wanted

    11. Johnson prided himself on being a responsible person and he saw that giving Mia away was evading his responsibility

    12. just evading another blow, but she was half-blinded by the dirt in her eyes

    13. I felt he was evading my question there

    14. “Actually, I am not evading your questions

    15. AJ had seen it all before but he still got off on the excitement of evading the law whatever crimes he got up to

    16. question whether the morality of Martin's evading Canadian income taxes

    17. Despite evading responsibility’s being only a misdemeanor for which a summons “served” by mail was appropriate, a trooper, recognizing Mike’s name, as a “local bad guy”, took it upon himself to drive to the condo where he broke through a locked door when no one answered his knock and shout, and found Mike in deep sleep in the bedroom

    18. The Evading Responsibility Summons was left on the dining room table

    19. Whatever support we hope to find is insecure and leaves us; and if we pursue it, it eludes our grasp, and continuously glides away from us, forever evading us; nothing waits for us

    20. As he explained while it floated in the air above them, it was heavily spelled, and could be sailed by one person at the tiller while it tacked and adjusted for the wind automatically, or it would even navigate itself to any port in the world on command, evading storms, rocks and other obstacles

    21. Evading custody was one thing but to also steal a first-rate dreadnought in the process was unheard of

    22. In a new display of intelligence, the beast had grabbed a large branch and was swinging it wildly at the evading warrior, the extremities of the branch flaying him in a succession of near misses

    23. Titus, rubbed his equally full stomach, then half-limped, half-waddled over to his horse and pulled free the naked blade of the magic sabre and began a speech, evading eye contact with Athene as he did so

    24. ‘We still have a lot to do,’ I said, more focussed on a stray leaf that kept evading my

    25. room evading the Anubis statue, the golden cabinet he was carrying

    26. There is environmental degradation, pollution, and multi-national corporations evading taxes, paying their executives millions of dollars for doing their dirty job, and making huge profits

    27. leaped with inhuman agility and speed, striking at the serpent and evading

    28. The large Nozroth Hunter fired his stun bolt at Marlin, but the agile mertroll spun quickly in the water, evading the electric missile

    29. I seem to keep evading

    30. They’re evading the scanners of the IFG

    31. Polar bears and grizzly bears have been seen evading traps

    32. was talented in evading the bull’s horns

    33. game, and have better evading skills when it comes to humans

    34. What’s the deal? Are you evading the law?” I asked

    35. Joey fired all the honoibursts he could, but in a wide space like this the gufders were easily evading the attacks

    36. The driver was evading the law

    37. had to live a tough life, evading the authorities and knowing

    38. “Right, forget the priest for now, he is taking up precious time that we can ill afford, back to the planning, the plan to travel through enemy country at night and rest during the day is a sound tactic, but I must insist that you also leave Toltec land by night in case the Mixtec are patrolling the border country, once on enemy land you will be descending from the plateau to the coastal plain with its tropical forests, you must avoid the farms and any signs of habitation, if you come across any sign of the Mixtec you must take a wide detour, rejoining the route we have agreed will afford you the best chance of evading the Mixtec, at all costs you must avoid any confrontation whatever

    39. will, evading the authorities, hosting companies and Google before they can

    40. “I’m going to the hospital shortly to check on him,” Wickland said, evading a response in the affirmative to Higgins’s demand

    41. With the nearby Asteroid Belt and the numerous satellites of Jupiter available for hiding, pirates had more than a fair chance of evading the relentless searches from the Imperium Navy

    42. He stopped in his tracks, still evading her gaze

    43. Evading You, wasted their time and gave us more harassment video to upload against the case that was incessant monitoring

    44. Yet do not mistake these deliveries as tax evading charitable gifts, but rather as your corporately reimbursed experiments on barely alive human beings with untested GMOs and GEOs

    45. Quietly observing the way she was evading him, Joel found himself growing more and more curious about the conversation she’d had with her mother

    46. You must understand that there is only one Supreme Principle, evading all comprehension of its essential nature

    47. "Dorgan will be here," he answered, evading Carton's question as to what he had discovered

    48. He found the key in the exhaust where they had left it and zoomed off smooth as silk, still admiring his ingenuity at evading the ever-tightening web

    49. “You are so right, it has all been luck, calling at the right places, evading these Sons of Galilee; mind you, I’m probably not clear of them yet

    50. People in who start corporations learn how to make money by evading taxes

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