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    1. His dad laughed at him, but Micah was able to duck out of the way before he could ruffle up his hair

    2. She would have to duck in a twelve foot ceiling

    3. John looks like a duck that has been slapped on the head

    4. He was glad they were not showing each other their personifications, he was able to continue the mission and not just duck out, leaving Enrico to plant this motor alone

    5. At this point he wished his boat was a bit smaller so he could duck under the ropes like the kayaks and needleboats did

    6. bird is a duck

    7. “The duck will want a special feed

    8. balance of nutrients so the duck can feed her birthducks, when

    9. intentional or not against the wellbeing of the duck and her eggs

    10. stood looking at the duck

    11. “So where did the duck come from?” asked Catwhiskers

    12. But whilst the egg was being hatched the duck herself was

    13. Tell Joe and Fred to duck under the counter and crawl through to

    14. for the chase and the duck and weave

    15. Trying to keep out of the way of the crew, all rushing around doing totally incomprehensible things very efficiently while Drens directs operations, I duck under some ropes to stand by the rail taking in the scene on the shore

    16. (Loosely based on Andersen’s In The Duck Yard)

    17. So he introduced her to the ancient way of the Samurai and their disciplined way of life; she took to it like a duck to water

    18. conscious think to duck away, it just happened

    19. just about duck, forget try to catch it

    20. The blossom in the cherry tree, the rose, the baby duck

    21. The girls were no less spectacular and each successful deflection, dodge, duck, leap, handspring, or somersault gradually brought them nearer to each other in order to unite their force and neutralize the near invisible staff that Harry wielded like a master

    22. When Titania was in charge of the store counter, Hipolyta would duck across and into the clothing store then emerge a while later, always with that notebook in hand

    23. Dinner would be served around seven, so he had a bit of time before dressing for the event to duck down into the Gent's lavatory to freshen up a bit

    24. We’d lived in a couple of the attic rooms but, for me, it was heaven – my first experience of country living and I took to it like a duck to water

    25. They ranged over the roadway from one side to the other, the ladies executing with expert precision each posture, block, deflection, and duck

    26. A duck for ten o’clock

    27. important in the south for wintering water birds, including White-Headed Duck

    28. The scent of honey in particular caught his attention, sparking to life memories of gorging on Grimgy's specialty, duck saturated in a sweet honey glaze

    29. The skin of the duck glistened beneath the honey glaze

    30. perpetually greasy from the bites of duck fat she enjoyed

    31. He had to duck

    32. Now she waddled like a duck, as if it gave her pain to let her thighs brush past each other

    33. entrance high enough that even tall Philippos didn’t have to duck his head

    34. ” As a duck with its eyelids, so he with his nose Trims his belt and his buttons, and turns out his toes

    35. We pretty much learned to ignore this and just ducked for cover although if you were swimming you had to duck under the water as the shrapnel burst overhead

    36. Roaring, she threw her hands toward Alex, but was surprised when the power she threw ricocheted a few feet from her, forcing her to duck as it bounced back

    37. The five couples and seven children followed like a duck leading her chicks to water

    38. On the left was The Dog & Duck pub,

    39. don't duck down when a cop car comes the other

    40. These streams contained trout and other course fish and on the surface and in the reeds wild duck flourished

    41. Meanwhile some of our Officers borrowed shotguns and went duck hunting on the rivers they had some of our lads acting as beaters and retrievers gathering any ducks that had been shot

    42. “Have I done something wrong then Sir?” But no answer came from the RSM he just kept on steaming ahead tramping his way along the duck boards oblivious to everything else

    43. “Has anyone any clean dry socks before I end up with trench foot I’m beginning to resemble a bloody duck here?” Everybody laughed at him as Bert shouted

    44. If he lost one duck, and then lost another, he would have a paraducks lost

    45. months, and could become a sitting duck for United States

    46. If it quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and tends to leave duck droppings all over the place, chances are better than even that it"s a duck

    47. A strange duck, that one

    48. Among the other slumbering victors were Minty Pinter, Farmer Duck, and a surprise visitor, Dalbo Dall, who had turned up in the middle of the night

    49. ” Then came the killer question: “Why not just duck into the Casspir, which is armoured and is therefore safe

    50. We learned to duck quite quickly

    1. She ducked quickly out the door, her running footsteps danced down the path in haste, she was agile and in good condition

    2. The robots fired just as Vinnie ducked

    3. " He ducked outside the shop and left Travis to mull over what he had already revealed, what he had to gain or lose by telling more

    4. Here it comes; the wind –up, the pitch, sure enough a fastball, straight at Stewey’s head! Stewey ducked but forgot to drop his bat

    5. Instead they ducked between the rows of cargo that now covered almost the whole deck

    6. She came over and slid her arm around his waist, and ducked under his right arm so he could lean on her

    7. She ducked out and was back in a flash with his OJ

    8. " With that she ducked into the bathroom so Desa couldn't have the last word

    9. I ducked in the first floor

    10. He ducked his head to remove the camera from around his neck, but lost grip and the camera soared through the air and into the water about six feet out

    11. ” Kulai swung to his feet and ducked into the kitchen

    12. The cook’s shouts told him she ducked thru the kitchen, but he knew he had no chance of catching her after that

    13. The stranger ducked and the ball crashed into the wall

    14. Of those who recognised him, some ducked hastily behind

    15. While he glanced at the houseman, the tail had ducked out

    16. drunk and ducked at the same time

    17. And so it continued, when they reached that stretch of fence going or coming, they moved off the roadway and ducked back and forth beneath it until the end of it, then back to the roadway as if nothing had interrupted their progress whatsoever

    18. 'A lieutenant? What’s this all about?' Henri ducked

    19. Harry ducked back into the station and charged the porter with minding her valise until they should return for it on their way back to Clive House

    20. He ducked twice

    21. Richard knelt down and ducked his head in the water,

    22. Roman blocked and ducked, but his back was to the wall

    23. Emily ducked, pulling Whimly down with her as the deer charged toward them, then, an instant before crushing them, the creature leapt, its hooves clipping several curls from Emily's head

    24. "Poor Mother Mcready ‘and her now with a broken arm", she picked the arm up and threw it at the vanishing figure as it weaved and ducked across the immaculate lawn toward the gates

    25. I ducked into the hall laughing

    26. I ducked, but another soon followed and hit me square in the chest, where the demon had burned me

    27. At some point she reached across the table to slap Helez, but Helez ducked

    28. He laughed and ducked under her to get to her other side

    29. She flung the rock, but Tragus ducked it in the moonlight

    30. Caphates ducked back beneath the shields without hurling his spear

    31. Meanwhile, Senta ducked from one cabin to the next; she wasn't going to have a repeat of her first 'welcome' by Naud officers if she could help it

    32. Knowing how stubborn the redhead always had been and no doubt would be now, the Argonian silently acquiesced and ducked into an alley

    33. Isin ducked an imaginary blow

    34. ducked in and out of bushes and behind trees

    35. Gliding, so we can see if we can spot who ever ducked up to those rocks

    36. “We move off in ten minutes Sergeant Major let them have a last smoke before we go”, and with this he ducked into the Command Bunker

    37. They all ducked except for Mars, who was broadsided by the vehicle

    38. Sebastian ducked out of the car to look at Russell

    39. ” And he ducked his head in greeting

    40. We pretty much learned to ignore this and just ducked for cover although if you were swimming you had to duck under the water as the shrapnel burst overhead

    41. ?” His voice trailed away as he ducked his head in confusion

    42. We got to the Fusiliers trench and a Lieutenant told us to just stand easy and wait a minute and he ducked his head into a dugout shouting

    43. Jack ducked automatically as the cup whizzed past his ear, but he knew it wasn't meant for him

    44. Grant laughed as he ducked in beside her

    45. “Tell me when we’re there,” Jill said and ducked down

    46. Eric ducked as a piece of computer casing

    47. This allowed us to awe some of the new replacements when they ducked down and we would stand there nonchalant knowing very well the shells would land in the reserve trenches or far behind the lines

    48. It ducked with a disquieting ease

    49. One of the barkeeps at the other side of the room ducked too late and took a hollow point bullet to

    50. We ducked down as a large explosion and a plume of black smoke rose up into the air and a ‘Jack Johnson’ (trench mortar shell) landed on the part of the trench that they had just reached

    1. I swear he’s never forgiven you for giving him a ducking that time, Stephen

    2. ’ He replied formally, ducking as she aimed a friendly blow at his head

    3. ’ Berndt said smoothly, ducking instinctively as Joris aims a cuff at the back of his head

    4. ’ Deris said innocently, ducking as the second riding glove goes zooming over towards him

    5. ’ Deris said, ducking behind Adamant quickly just in case Berndt decides to throw something else

    6. Berndt heads straight for a wayhouse called ‘The Bright Stars’, ducking his head as he rides Adamant under the archway leading into the stable yard, the gg’s hooves clattering on the cobbles of the yard

    7. ’ I replied, ducking the issue

    8. ’ Alastair commented, instinctively ducking to avoid the beam placed just at head height half way up the stairs, ‘It’s lovely the way you’ve resisted the temptation to modernise it out of all recognition

    9. ducking into another one of the outbuildings and returning with

    10. together, other times ducking and weaving in and out, catching arms and flipping

    11. ” Then Kaitlyn announced, “But neither of us see the point of this 'Switch sides',” “Nor of the ducking about under the fence rails,” Chloe completed

    12. Nearing a small rectangular building of stone she paused, scanning the path behind her from beneath a pair of long black eyelashes before ducking within the building's crack riddled walls

    13. "It sure is," she said while ducking the few steps up to the door

    14. Dodging and ducking were skills she had long since acquired and finessed, owing in no small part to her petite size

    15. But, his sentry hens must have spotted me ducking behind the cherry tree, because they gave warning with a flurry of chatter

    16. From there, he clucked on in defeat, nursing his pride from behind the wire fence, ducking his head with respect, and granting me this glorious victory

    17. Slowly, the quartet wended its way back towards the top deck, hiding behind crates, ducking into small rooms, and moving quickly into the shadows and letting crew members dart by in their haste to prepare for the storm

    18. Ducking his six-six frame through the metal cabin hatch, McKee dogged it closed and headed down the short flight of stairs to the deck

    19. Dawn watched the helicopter hit the ground with wide-eyed horror, ducking as it exploded in a shower of flying metal

    20. Ducking back into the tunnel, he watched carefully from his hiding place as Grindel and Cherva entered the Great Chamber

    21. Ducking, to avoid hitting his head on the coombed ceiling he walked over to where an old PC tower sat on the floor beside a small desk

    22. Shaking his head, Payne moved through the undergrowth, ducking down when he heard voices approaching

    23. He squinted before quickly ducking his face back towards the bedroom wall away from the bright Rennie/CLEARWATER JOURNALS

    24. was ducking behind a door in one of the restaurants radioed for police backup;

    25. with terror, skidding to a halt and ducking as a throwing knife

    26. Ducking his head as he ran, Cloud

    27. Ducking their heads, Cloud and Aerith slipped through the

    28. ” he grumbled, ducking under the

    29. She hurried through the forest, jumping over exposed roots and ducking under low-hanging branches

    30. He maintained a very steady pace, necessitating frequent ducking to avoid low branches, and we only stopped in the evening, as it got dark

    31. “I’m sorry there isn’t anywhere nicer for you to sleep,” she said, ducking through the doorway of the long, dry shack

    32. ” Sean heads for his car, glances at me once more before ducking into the driver’s seat and driving off

    33. ducking at the moment to be concerned with whether

    34. into the air to help him leap over logs, his head ducking and

    35. gangway, ducking my head at all the appropriate places

    36. the hut, ducking under the cage in the doorway, and sat on the

    37. When he knew he was out of sight he sped up, carefully ducking to the side when he passed others in the main corridors

    38. Caroline was normally more apt at ducking out of trouble, back when she was at school she had been bullied constantly by the older girls, every day without fail they would steal her dinner money

    39. He waited here all night answering calls and making cryptic entries in a little notebook ducking out to pick up cash or check clients for the girls

    40. circles around the garden, with the duck quaking and ducking as I wildly swung the broom

    41. Bryony squealed a warning, but the Captain had already reacted, ducking low so that the curved blade swished harmlessly over his shoulders

    42. “Yeah, you so big and bad but yet you ducking and hiding in the house,” Sonja said looking at Raekwon

    43. Samantha dove the vessel, ducking and dodging the hooded creature

    44. Galluk spears it yet again, easily ducking behind the trees

    45. Ducking under an unappetising banner of wet underwear, they dusted off the elegant, excruciatingly uncomfortable wrought-aluminium chairs and sat, clinging to their coffee mugs for support

    46. "That's how I say I loved it too," I whispered, ducking my head, and hiding in his solid, massive chest

    47. By this time the sun was starting to make its appearance, so Rory returned to the Land Rover, not noticing a panic-stricken head ducking out of sight beneath a loose tarpaulin in the back of the vehicle

    48. The king took Ascalante's point in his left arm, and the outlaw barely saved his life by ducking and springing backward from the swinging ax

    49. That's it! Sorry, young fellow!" cried the older man, ducking suddenly as bullets danced across the roof of the forward cabin

    50. “I could ask you the same thing,” he said ducking his head

    1. The cockpit door burst open and the pilot sticks his head out, shouts something in Arabic to Khalid, ducks back inside

    2. We stand watching a small group of ducks as they dabble in the water amongst the water lilies dotting the surface

    3. We're sitting ducks off Narrulla's nose like this

    4. Half a dozen ducks splashed in the shallows near a small wharf that apparently served the glasshouses nearby … there was a boy sitting on the wharf fishing … he waved as they passed


    6. At peace for the first time in days, she sat watching the land slowly passing by; ducks dabbled in and out of the reed beds bordering the river and here and there she spotted the long legged herons, poised like statues peering at the water intently as though hypnotising their prey

    7. Catwhiskers and Cosmicblasto looked at the family of ducks

    8. were pleased to have had the opportunity to see the ducks

    9. Trails of giant ants, cockroaches and fright-filled cats, ducks and chickens and a cockerel, all sharing the heat there with a new-born kitten, lying dead in that graveyard of dead houses

    10. Jake takes a half-hearted swipe at Katie but she ducks in time, they both laugh

    11. 'No one forgets the two ducks in the state selection trials either,' Ish said and

    12. Mother of Zeus where's that damned launch?' Alexis gripped my wrist, 'We're sitting ducks

    13. There are lots of families out feeding the ducks and even a few sailing boats on the water

    14. She flicks suds back at him, chuckling as he ducks to avoid the bubbles

    15. Alex ducks back into the car and puts Billy's keys on the top of the dashboard

    16. Ducks and herons populated the shallows by

    17. Birdlife flourishes here: herons, ducks,

    18. "Since that's the case, why don't you cook us up a couple of ducks and have them sent to the elf's table

    19. I, as one of the ducks, can tell you for sure

    20. “Are we clear about this? We may be invisible, but a stray plasma blast at the wrong moment will still cause as much damage as if we were sitting ducks

    21. He looked across glaring at Elijah but this was like water off a ducks back and all Elijah did was glare back at him

    22. Children played and yelped on the grass or threw crumbs of bread for the ducks

    23. Meanwhile some of our Officers borrowed shotguns and went duck hunting on the rivers they had some of our lads acting as beaters and retrievers gathering any ducks that had been shot

    24. I say let the Officers collect their own bloody ducks because we won’t get to share any the will be for the Officers diner table only

    25. This threw everyone on all Yankee whalers into turmoil, as they were sitting ducks with no way to

    26. They looked at pigs, sheep, ducks, and geese including lambs and ducklings, but meat or blood was not what Wil was after

    27. She seemed oblivious to his presence, only eventually noticing ducks gathering round, hoping for treats

    28. The ducks got what they desired

    29. She had on a white polo shirt with green trim on the collar, white ducks, and tennis shoes

    30. The MC continued, “… It’s going to be a straight up funk fest, the funky festival is onnn! Rappers, housers, disco ducks, do it to it,” MC Shadows said in a slow, deep and crystal clear MC voice, as he pointed his finger at each and every person in the crowd

    31. Al tries a punch, and Will ducks, the back of his neck shining with sweat

    32. The ducks were waddling

    33. They used that strange-looking pack animal for meat as well as a small fat ratlike creature, deer, lizards, ducks, and other birds and seals, but mostly they ate fish and shellfish

    34. Out in the open, they were sitting ducks

    35. “Sergeant, we are sitting ducks here while he waits for help

    36. You have to get as many of your ducks in order as you can

    37. ducks couldn’t line up better than the Mouses could

    38. "But we're still sitting ducks

    39. When you think about ducks, what do they look

    40. There are many farmers missing chickens and ducks

    41. What are the related associations? It could be Ducks Unlimited for the Conservation of

    42. picture of him hunting ducks

    43. don’t think the ducks are important

    44. even a smal lake with ducks and swans

    45. flowing water, green lily pads floating on top, and ducks swimming

    46. Summer Sunday evening at the pond, feeding the ducks, the ones that aren’t chasing each other around, that is

    47. You and Amy quickly pass them by and go toss some moldy breadcrumbs to the stupid lazy ducks and greedy grabby geese

    48. There were silver ponds for the ducks and their chicks, and flowers that replanted themselves in different shapes and colors

    49. He leaps straight for the creature’s throat, but it ducks aside and pushes him down, and runs, waiving its tail and shaking its hairy butt at Galluk, insulting him with every step it takes

    50. window where the swans and ducks were asleep

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