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Dreadful en una oración (en ingles)

It is a dreadful life.
Ah! it is very dreadful.
It was a dreadful scene.
This was a dreadful house.
It was a dreadful thought.
It is a dreadful museum.
What dreadful dole is here!.

Oh! what a dreadful knot!.
She passed a dreadful night.
It is a dreadful business.
A dreadful battle was joined.
He truly was fucking dreadful.
It was all weird and dreadful.
This dreadful instant in time.
A dreadful, gaunt, livid face.
Gretta caught a dreadful cold.
At first the pain was dreadful.
And through the dreadful hours.
Dreadful life sailors have too.
A dreadful time, ser, dreadful.
And what I imagine is dreadful.
Either some dreadful thing is.
He said, This is a dreadful day.
The whole situation was dreadful.
It is too dreadful, too dreadful.
Then they were in a dreadful bind.
Grace about that dreadful morning.
And there he saw a dreadful sight.
This was becoming a dreadful mess.
Here in this dreadful camp?
It was a pretty dreadful book at.
A dreadful thing has happened to us.
It must have been dreadful for Dan.
A dreadful weapon, posted and found.
Their clamor stifled dreadful cries.
A sentinel: isle of dreadful thirst.
He says some really dreadful things.
He knew it with a dreadful certainty.
What a dreadful thing to have happen.
Killed! at this dreadful exclamation.

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