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Dreadful in a sentence

1. It is a dreadful life.
2. It was a dreadful scene.
3. Ah! it is very dreadful.
4. This was a dreadful house.
5. It was a dreadful thought.
6. It is a dreadful museum.
7. She passed a dreadful night.

8. What dreadful dole is here!.
9. Oh! what a dreadful knot!.
10. A dreadful battle was joined.
11. It is a dreadful business.
12. He truly was fucking dreadful.
13. Gretta caught a dreadful cold.
14. A dreadful, gaunt, livid face.
15. It was all weird and dreadful.
16. This dreadful instant in time.
17. And what I imagine is dreadful.
18. A dreadful time, ser, dreadful.
19. At first the pain was dreadful.
20. Dreadful life sailors have too.
21. And through the dreadful hours.
22. Either some dreadful thing is.
23. The whole situation was dreadful.
24. Then they were in a dreadful bind.
25. He said, This is a dreadful day.
26. It is too dreadful, too dreadful.
27. Grace about that dreadful morning.
28. It was a pretty dreadful book at.
29. This was becoming a dreadful mess.
30. Here in this dreadful camp?
31. And there he saw a dreadful sight.
32. A dreadful thing has happened to us.
33. It must have been dreadful for Dan.
34. A sentinel: isle of dreadful thirst.
35. Their clamor stifled dreadful cries.
36. A dreadful weapon, posted and found.
37. He says some really dreadful things.
38. He knew it with a dreadful certainty.
39. Killed! at this dreadful exclamation.
40. What a dreadful thing to have happen.
41. It was all so mysterious and dreadful.
42. Caris was struck by a dreadful thought.
43. That dreadful day of June 2 had dawned.
44. It was dreadful to lie to one's father.
45. He thought it would be dreadful for me.
46. There was a dreadful moment of silence.
47. It is rather dreadful when they quarrel.
48. You look dreadful dear, she said.
49. A silent but dreadful explosion erupted.
50. The 1970 results were even more dreadful.
51. It was an imposed job and a dreadful one.
52. At this dreadful news the Sultan was so.
53. Now President David was extremely dreadful.
54. But the most dreadful ill-luck pursued me.
55. This was a dreadful kiss, and she felt it.
56. It is dreadful, and I quite understand you.
57. Yes; it is dreadful, said her husband.
58. If what we hear is true, it is dreadful.
59. He knew with dreadful certainty what it was.
60. But the air of dreadful expectancy remained.
61. To his ancestral throne with dreadful escort.
62. Now, isn't it a dreadful state of things?
63. What dreadful punishment would befall him?
64. What a dreadful man! Why has he done this?
65. To make her a wanton woman would be dreadful.
66. The character ascribed to Him; the dreadful.
67. This however, proved to be a dreadful mistake.
68. It wasn't half so dreadful as he had imagined.
69. Only not to see it, that dreadful it!.
70. He feels that his dreadful punishment is just.
71. And on dreadful occasions the site of suicides.
72. Dreadful if she were to cry, poor little thing.
73. That was the most terrible and dreadful shock.
74. Sekeem was with his dreadful cane on his hand.
75. I also thought about our dreadful wedding day.
76. Such was the dreadful end of my beloved sister.
77. And these things appeared to her very dreadful.
78. Her eyes grew very wide at this dreadful picture.
79. We haven’t done anything so perfectly dreadful.
80. William began to tell her of that dreadful night.
81. Oh, that is dreadful, dreadful! said Pierre.
82. Oh, he does dreadful things! she continued.
83. It was painful to think of and dreadful to watch.
84. Poor lady, she has had a most dreadful experience.
85. Dreadful to think of them all this time without me.
86. That dreadful animal man alone now ruled over him.
87. Balmiki, who was a dreadful dacoit, attained the.
88. Beyond the Morgai there was the dreadful plain of.
89. Who did this dreadful thing? Whose is the sin?
90. And though it's so dreadful, it's all for the best.
91. I caught a dreadful cold, but that I did not regard.
92. How this dreadful war interfered and destroyed her.
93. Dreadful thoughts made her believe she would never.
94. She was quite shocked on hearing the dreadful story.
95. The faintness of the voice was pitiable and dreadful.
96. Its name was Cirith Ungol, a name of dreadful rumour.
97. Maybe he knew that something dreadful had occurred.
98. Who she believed could help her out of this dreadful.
99. Anger and dreadful hot weather demands refregerations.
100. She looked dreadful, with the bottom jaw fallen back.

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