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Dreadful in a sentence

It is dreadful.
This is dreadful.
He felt dreadful.
A dreadful story.
Dreadful old case.
It is dreadful!.
This was dreadful.

Oh, how dreadful!.
Some dreadful mistake.
Then a dreadful thing.
How dreadful that was.
dreadful fear and panic.
It was a dreadful scene.
This was a dreadful house.
It is a dreadful museum.
It was absolutely dreadful.
It's a dreadful remembrance.
She passed a dreadful night.
A dreadful battle was joined.
that pierce that dreadful King.
It was all weird and dreadful.
This dreadful instant in time.
Gretta caught a dreadful cold.
He truly was fucking dreadful.

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