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Grisly en una oración (en ingles)

It was a grisly sight.
The sky was grisly, mystical, & eerie.
And then, in this grim grisly skeleton.
No…, It was too grisly to believe.
The grisly pendulum swayed over his head.
Forbidden for anyone to own the grisly volumes.
Looking at the grisly images made Danny nauseous.

They obeyed the grisly piping of the eery music.
The actual grisly work of butchery is done elsewhere.
The earl had a grisly head injury that might be fatal.
Koke could well imagine what their grisly fates had been.
This may sound grisly: but it is an anthropological fact.
I’m told that the troubles in Turfmoor were quite grisly.
The guard opened the door behind him to reveal a grisly scene.
She hesitated before, the leg, transfi xed by the grisly sight.
One more to swell the grim and grisly ranks of the Undead!….
The point of this grisly story is that Kenny could have blamed.
Only a dancer of Zamboula could have lived in that grisly square.
She made a few grisly discoveries of rotted corpses, but that was it.
He was dealing with a multiple down there, a baffling and grisly one.
This is still grisly, Bane said, with no idea what this all meant.
What grisly abomination Xaltotun plotted lay in the unpredictable future.
It was a grisly scene of hell reserved for only the bloodiest of battles.
But this was a grisly job which would involve destroying all the foetuses.
Molinari gave me time to go over the crime scene, which was definitely grisly.
The sight was grisly and shocking, made for the cover of the National Enquirer.
His primitive imagination peopled the subterranean darkness with grisly shapes.
Savouring their power and the dread generated, he was flooded by grisly insights.
He lived in the world, as the last of the Grisly Bears lived in settled Missouri.
Similar grisly discoveries have been found in warehouses elsewhere in the north of.
An experienced glance told him that the grisly find had only recently been relocated.
She saw nothing, but she sensed an unseen peril, more grisly than she could understand.
Flynn turned away from the grisly sight and back to steering the Polly forward out to sea.
Down the corridor he heard the great serpent crawling, sluggish from its recent grisly meal.
Having just witnessed the grisly event, she wondered how he could appear so strangely chipper.
IT LOOKED LIKE A particularly grisly suicide, except that the spray paint can was nowhere around.
Some ran from their chairs to stand in the center of the cellar until the grisly items had passed.
The only evidence of what went on appears to be a videotape found at the scene of this grisly event.
I could only imagine the grisly scene that he had come across, but it didn’t explain his reaction.
Come on, Bear, where’s the grisly Bear from the old days? We’ll be over that fence quick smart.

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