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Drip en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The tunnels drip and stop.
  2. Let’s get a drip in here.
  3. I put her on an atropine drip.
  4. It starts to drip down his shirt.
  5. Then you wouldn’t have the drip.
  6. Let the duck drip dry for 12 hours.
  7. Tears began to drip down her cheeks.
  8. Saliva and bile drip from his chin.
  9. I even sacrificed a drip of brandy.
  10. Use a drip system whenever possible.
  11. The open drip gave her an overdose of.
  12. That is, until the rifle began to drip.
  13. The drip eases you into another slumber.
  14. I could hear Max’s brains drip out an.
  15. The IV drip was adjusted and I drifted off.
  16. He was on a morphine drip and oxygen mask.
  17. A small amount of blood had begun to drip.
  18. They let him have his own morphine drip.
  19. Drops of saltwater drip off his blond hair.
  20. What is that drip?? Can’t it be stopped?
  22. Tears began to well and drip down her cheeks.
  23. A drip of cold sweat slithered down his back.
  24. To her left was only the computer and IV drip.
  25. I in turn, removed the IV drip and untied my.
  26. Some water would even drip on us as they passed.
  27. My blood was the last to drip into the stone bowl.
  28. To the point where drool from their mouths drip!.
  29. It had incisors that could drip saliva in quarts.
  30. As he watched the melting ice drip from the eaves.
  31. Well, that and a steady drip of spirituous ethers.
  32. I’m going to sedate her and put her on a drip.
  33. Then they are lifted up to drip and dry above the tub.
  34. I was on a stretcher, with a saline drip in my arm.
  35. You can get a full drip irrigation system via a T-tape.
  36. Separate yolks from whites, being careful not to drip.
  37. You aren't worth the drip of a 'Bit wallower's disease.
  38. Suddenly the paper became damp and began to drip water.
  39. As if he’s the one stuck in bed, with the morphine drip.
  40. The fat red soil and the steady drip, drip of the heavens.
  41. I have seen in the rain pools that drip down into the cave.
  42. Darlene placed the IV tube and its drip control in her hand.
  43. Allow the poison to drip out so you can get on with your life.
  44. Bo’s sharp ears picked up sounds other than the drip, drip of.
  45. Spoon over top section of each apple, allowing to drip down sides.
  46. I’ll put her on a slow atropine drip, to counter the vepramil.
  47. Valuable fat is lost unless a drip tray is placed beneath the spit.
  48. He took them, held them up in the air letting them drip on the bar.
  49. Let the juice drip into the bowl and place segments in another bowl.
  50. He stood suddenly back and I felt my brains drip out along my cheek.
  51. D’d former drip under pressure (expert to you higher types).
  52. His face was white and perspiration began to drip from his forehead.
  53. The main culprit in an allergy-induced sore throat is postnasal drip.
  54. I followed the drip line back to a stand next to the head of the bed.
  55. After a quick shower and shave, Matt fumbled with the drip coffeemaker.
  56. Jake could feel the sweat underneath his armpits drip inside his shirt.
  57. There was a moon, of course, and the paddle blades went drip, drip.
  58. Andy said nothing, staring at the new drip now forming on Chas’s ear.
  59. There was no sound save that of the water—splash, splash, drip, drip.
  60. It was a single drip of water upon the bridge of his nose that woke him.
  61. Luke has moved to the Keurig and is watching the coffee drip into a mug.
  62. His mother hung the full bag on a nail where it could drip into the sink.
  63. Gathering up the IV drip supplies as well, he headed back to the bedroom.
  64. She couldn’t swallow properly, so she let the drool drip down her chin.
  65. It had started to melt and drip down the sides of the cone onto her hand.
  66. If he cut off the IV drip without waking her, he could possibly kill her.
  67. The teeth in his mouth began to grow causing blood to drip from his gums.
  68. My hand was twisted in a drip, a bottle of glucose hung on top of my head.
  69. Andy thought, his eyes fixed on a brown drip gathering on Chas’s left ear.
  70. Carl walked over to a drip trol ey that had been supplying Carl with a clear.
  71. This drug was given by an IV drip that took two and a half hours to complete.
  72. I was wheeled into a glass-walled isolation unit and a nurse put me on a drip.
  73. Of course it is unlikely to happen like that as most people will drip funds in.
  74. Like most invertebrates, you will want to use a slow drip acclimation and keep.
  75. For hours I felt her blood drip down onto me, but there was nothing I could do.
  76. She got up from him and made sure she didn't drip on the tarp covering the cargo.
  77. I didn’t realize I was crying until my chest began to heave and my nose to drip.
  78. Install a hook above the kitchen sink where just-watered hanging plants can drip.
  79. They took all the tubes out but the morphine drip, the one that controls the pain.
  80. Sweat trickled down his face to drip from his nose and speed down his flushed neck.
  81. With a solemn triumphal march there mingled a song, the drip from the trees, and the.
  82. TIP! Sore throats can be caused by post nasal drip, which is a common allergy symptoms.
  83. Making sure that the line and drip were set right, he knelt on the floor next to Aspen.
  84. With shaking hands she hooked him up to a drip, and placed an oxygen mask over his face.
  85. When a human child reaches adulthood: that tiny drip of kindness we call love is cut off.
  86. There was no sound save the drip of the ice pan under the icebox in the moonlit kitchen.
  87. Cats drip over the fences and slither like syrup over the ground to look for fish heads.
  88. Frowning, Sam leaned over his unconscious body and began to drip his blood on each wound.
  89. She held her head back as blood started to drip down her throat, as she tried to stop the.
  90. Your long fingers hold high as you watch the scales on your arms drip down into the waves.
  91. It seemed that between the sleeping and the morphine drip there was not much time to talk.
  92. He opened the door and saw Laura still asleep on the far bed, still hooked up to the IV drip.
  93. And he was unchaining his bike, his head throbbing, a drip of blood falling on the handlebar.
  94. One of her arms stuck out at an unnatural angle and an IV drip was attached to the other arm.
  95. Also, use drip loops on all of the cords or hang the power strip on the wall, thereby causing.
  96. He applied the Crazy Glue to the seams of the trap door, letting the glue drip into the cracks.
  97. The Bicolor Blenny is considered hardy but you still need to do a drip acclimation of about an.
  98. Disease wise they are considered quite hardy but do a slow drip acclimation over an hour or so.
  99. The open web link to Philippe showed Paul in a hospital bed, connected to fluid drip and monitor.
  100. After he’d finished hanging the drip, he called Sir Richard and asked him to stop by his office.
  1. It was dripping with blood.
  2. My hair was dank and dripping.
  3. That, and gotten dripping drunk.
  4. Dripping with slime, and teeth.
  5. Red hair with red foam dripping.
  6. Monsters with dripping jaws agape.
  7. My heart's broke eating dripping.
  8. Then he stood up, all dripping wet.
  9. It was still dripping green juice.
  10. Blood was dripping down Kyle's arm.
  11. A screaming Baby dripping in blood.
  12. He saw water dripping all over her.
  13. His skin was dripping off his arms.
  14. Tears were dripping from more than.
  15. The four of them were dripping water.
  16. The water was dripping from his hair.
  17. The open end is still dripping blood.
  18. An hour later she was dripping in sweat.
  19. Blood was dripping between his fingers.
  20. The ice stopped dripping from the ceiling.
  21. Sweat is dripping from Henry’s forehead.
  22. I felt that he had, dripping down my legs.
  23. Moisture, dripping out at the corners of.
  24. He dies with tears dripping onto his chest.
  25. He quietly said in a voice dripping with.
  26. He was dripping with sweat by the time Mr.
  27. They men, dripping blood into the red dust.
  28. Tears were dripping off the end of my nose.
  29. He thinks of honey dripping from a spoon.
  30. They emerged dripping on the Widow’s side.
  31. He was still nude and dripping on the floor.
  32. The saliva that was dripping from my mouth.
  33. The large rock was dripping with fresh blood.
  34. There was a sound of water dripping somewhere.
  35. The entire, huge room was dripping with great.
  36. By now the tears were dripping down to my chin.
  37. He was pale, though dripping with perspiration.
  38. Blood was dripping from the walls, and she was.
  39. She stopped, dripping jade paint onto the carpet.
  40. Her face, blood dripping from it in waterfalls.
  41. Blood is dripping down his hand onto his forearm.
  42. I was left alone in the dripping wet throne room.
  43. There was mockery and evil dripping from his voice.
  44. He removed his hand to see it dripping with blood.
  45. She had blood on her right arm that was dripping.
  46. Dripping in the sugary beverage, she holds opens.
  47. Ma stopped and stood still in the dripping thicket.
  48. Later he appears again, clenching a dripping sock.
  49. Billy’s face and arms and chest were dripping red.
  50. Nadelek wiped his dripping nose and gathered enough.
  51. The sound of dripping water was a constant irritant.
  52. France who was doing his best to cover his dripping.
  53. She saw dark red blood dripping between his fingers.
  54. The grinning Toby was dripping wet with perspiration.
  55. She felt as the blood started dripping down her arms.
  56. Danny and Ben noted the book which was dripping blood.
  57. His face, this time, was dripping with perspirations.
  58. After awhile she emerged from the water dripping wet.
  59. I rub it off with a quick huff, but it keeps dripping.
  60. Watt nodded and wiped his dripping nose on his sleeve.
  61. They were soaking, dripping wet and the air was cool.
  62. He padded inside, dripping puddles all over the floor.
  63. Jael had blood dripping from his mouth yet he laughed.
  64. She could feel blood dripping down her forehead, but.
  65. Her frock was dripping with brown water, clinging to.
  66. The dripping rain grew into a rainstorm in mere moments.
  67. As he stood dripping water on the floor in the middle.
  68. Dripping wet, Rendall climbed up the wall to meet with.
  69. Visibility was minimal and the sound of dripping water.
  70. Draped over his shoulder was a rag, dripping with grease.
  71. They ate bread, cheese and figs dripping with sweetness.
  72. There stood Sidor dripping with honey from head to foot.
  73. Sweat was dripping from his forehead at an alarming rate.
  74. Roger took out his phone, the sweat dripping off his face.
  75. Dialydd Mab paused under the leaves of the dripping trees.
  76. When the scraping was joined by dripping, he looked down.
  77. I was panting hard with the sweat dripping out of my body.
  78. Cyprian turned to Jaycee with sweat dripping off his face.
  79. The falcon returned to Meg’s shoulder, his beak dripping.
  80. Sophie's uterus wall was dripping from all the excitement.
  81. The rain rained on the ivy with a drawn-out dull dripping.
  82. Neil is standing in the chamber with blood dripping down.
  83. I said with a voice dripping with passion, My darling.
  84. But here's the end of the rotten line—all dripping, too.
  85. Blood was dripping from Brian's mouth, and his speech was.
  86. Mike, still dripping cum from his penis, smeared it on the.
  87. The blood that was dripping from the cross saved that thief.
  88. Mark looked down at the water that was dripping off of her.
  89. The sweat is dripping down ruining your fabulous makeup job.
  90. She had blood dripping from her forehead and she was crying.
  91. The ceiling was studded with white spikes of dripping stone.
  92. He walked over to the bed with water dripping from his lips.
  93. One rushed toward the plateau, froth dripping from his beard.
  94. Peter was filled with emotions; he was also dripping in sweat.
  95. The sound of his voice deadened as it hit the dripping walls.
  96. The statue pulls out the sword that is dripping wet with blood.
  97. Dark yellow bile began dripping from the corners of his mouth.
  98. I pulled my towel around me, my hair dripping onto the carpet.
  99. All she could hear was the dripping of water against the wall.
  100. A creeping fear, his spine suddenly dripping, some primal thing.
  1. Oil dripped down his chin.
  2. Of her hair as it dripped.
  3. Tears dripped off my nose.
  4. It also dripped from her.
  5. His hat dripped with water.
  6. Blood dripped down his fist.
  7. Blood dripped from both cabs.
  8. Blood dripped onto the floor.
  9. For tears dripped off his chin.
  10. It was dark and water dripped.
  11. The tears dripped off her chin.
  12. At every step he dripped blood.
  13. Sarcasm dripped from her next words.
  14. Disdain dripped out of every word.
  15. Sweat dripped from Jack’s forehead.
  16. The blade next to his eyes dripped.
  17. Both their faces dripped with tears.
  18. The rain dripped from Pickard's ears.
  19. I dripped some water into her mouth.
  20. Melted chocolate dripped from both.
  21. Sweat dripped from all over his body.
  22. A single tear dripped down her cheek.
  23. Molten plastic dripped down the wall.
  24. His black coat dripped torn streamers.
  25. She dripped a little honey into the cup.
  26. What blood dripped off, he willed away.
  27. Saliva and juices dripped down her chin.
  28. Hot wetness dripped between her fingers.
  29. Sweat dripped from his brow to her chest.
  30. Each line dripped with anger and sarcasm.
  31. Blood dripped lazily down his left cheek.
  32. Oily sweat dripped from his sneering face.
  33. It dripped, forming a puddle on the floor.
  34. The saliva dripped from the bald man's mouth.
  35. S’us dripped the blood over Podge’s face.
  36. Saliva dripped from its hefty, powerful jaws.
  37. Not a speck of blood dripped onto the carpet.
  38. Thick, red blood dripped onto the white snow.
  39. Spittle dripped from the corner of his mouth.
  40. Water dripped from the brim of his hat as he.
  41. Thick, warm saliva dripped off of her teeth and.
  42. Then his voice carried into a song that dripped.
  43. Water dripped down from the thatched eaves above.
  44. She dripped with sweat as she cleaned the stall.
  45. There was a persistent tapping as water dripped.
  46. Be patient and wait until it has all dripped off.
  47. It dripped off the sheets and pooled on the floor.
  48. He swore as the blood dripped on to the green grass.
  49. Galeron’s steady voice dripped into her awareness.
  50. His eyes were glazed over and his lips dripped red.
  51. Sweat dripped from his lank hair to scald her back.
  52. The blood had dripped on to her blue jeans and shirt.
  53. His eyes watered and his nose dripped endlessly but.
  54. Tears dripped down into the urine on Chuck’s cheeks.
  55. The cool water felt good as it dripped down his face.
  56. It had dripped down from his shoulder to bloody his.
  57. Sweat dripped down his jet black hair and olive skin.
  58. Sweat dripped down his eyelid and Davis wiped it away.
  59. Venom dripped from the fangs of the snake in my belly.
  60. He watched his hands as blood dripped down his elbows.
  61. Water dripped in the sink suddenly, drop by slow drop.
  62. The water dripped and dripped, and Mudge shivered again.
  63. Sweat dripped over my cheeks as I tried to wipe it away.
  64. Water dripped on the boy, drenching him from head to toe.
  65. The water dripped to the lecture platform and Mudge was.
  66. Not even a single drop of water dripped out from its lot.
  67. Sweat dripped onto the concrete slab and insects buzzed.
  68. His fangs dripped red and he expressed self-satisfaction.
  69. Drops were dripped into his eyes, which made them sting.
  70. Zavier’s hair was soaked as the liquid dripped over him.
  71. She tried to stay awake but as the seconds dripped away.
  72. Gary screamed in pain and blood dripped onto his shoulder.
  73. You were on the same path, Delos dripped with sarcasm.
  74. Haven’s nose dripped quickly, her face stained with tears.
  75. A small trickle of blood dripped down from the small indent.
  76. The sweat dripped from my face onto the pale dirt like tears.
  77. Pus dripped from flesh wounds and slowly pooled on the floor.
  78. The next morning, she was so hot, sweat dripped off her brow.
  79. Clear liquid flowed from it and dripped on to the shiny floor.
  80. Sweat dripped from his back and fell away into the void below.
  81. Purple sand slowly dripped down as it counted out the seconds.
  82. Blood coated her dagger and dripped, dotting the white ground.
  83. Tears streamed down his cheeks and snot dripped from his nose.
  84. Mud dripped from the windowsill, and stained his white curtains.
  85. It felt like his last few words dripped of thick, clotted blood.
  86. Lindsay, the bastards dripped a little beef blood on the buckle.
  87. She looked down at the water, and a tear dripped down her cheek.
  88. Blood and filaments of the wing dripped from the oracle’s hands.
  89. A solitary trickle of blood dripped from his slightly open mouth.
  90. It all dripped with moss and fungi and was choked with hair-vine.
  91. The rain had almost stopped, but dripped from every tree and bush.
  92. Fat dripped and hissed in the flames and the aroma of the roast-.
  93. In the distance, how far away he couldn't tell, something dripped.
  94. The nose was crushed, and a trickle of blood dripped from his chin.
  95. Tears dripped off his chin, the last tears he would cry as a human.
  96. Her hands dripped the colors now streaked on the body of my husband.
  97. Blood dripped from her nose, but she didn’t give up her position.
  98. Tears slid from the corners of her eyes and dripped down to her ears.
  99. Blood pooled at her fingertips then dripped on the ground beside her.
  100. They could see how the blood they dripped in the war started to move.
  1. Drips came from everywhere.
  2. The house creaks, drips, groans.
  3. Water drips from the exhaust pipe.
  4. It drips everywhere and stains the carpet.
  5. Blood drips as the casing swipes through it.
  6. Wipes the bottom part of the bottle to avoid drips.
  7. Drips from the roof spatter nearby, making me jump.
  8. Half dressed, you hear the shower peter down to drips.
  9. Sweat drips off his forehead onto Leona's exposed chest.
  10. Slow drips of water fell from the cracks overhead as a.
  11. Blood drips down his neck and she tries not to look at it.
  12. The rain taps at the thatched roof and drips off into the mud.
  13. Lift out of syrup, turning to allow drips to adhere to apple.
  14. Saliva drips from his mouth and he wipes it with his right hand.
  15. He shook the last drips off and zipped his pants up, tucking his.
  16. It becomes mechanical, one of drips, saline solutions and sterility.
  17. Drips in igloos can be stopped by placing a piece of snow on the source.
  18. The nurse agreed and took off the drips and monitor cords attached to.
  19. The rain has turned to a drizzle, and water drips from Zachary’s hair.
  20. Larc came to stand so close to her that a couple of drips fell onto her.
  21. Looking around she saw two beds with IV drips and computers to the sides.
  22. Saliva drips from its lips and its teeth gnashes through its gnarled flesh.
  23. Now the banner was dingy, the silk stained brown with drips from the leaky roof.
  24. Oozing drips puddled beneath its frame as the creature paused to sniff the air.
  25. Underneath the operating table I do see a few specks that look like drips of blood.
  26. Darker-colored red blood drips from the wound of the rhino laying flat on its stomach.
  27. The hem of her dress drips; her shoes squelch out water; to both sides rise sheer walls.
  28. It's damn near impossible to get rid of it when it drips in your eyes from under a helmet.
  29. The fluid dribbles down his throat and drips off his chin onto his dingy, sleeveless shirt.
  30. Carla set about gathering the surgical instruments, different suture types and saline drips etc.
  31. Mucous drips from his nose where he has been crying, and it joins the mud on the back of his hand.
  32. Most of the tubes, drains and drips had been taken out before she had left the High Dependency Unit.
  33. Drips of black run down from the gashes in your flesh and into the endless sea, you bleed staining the surface.
  34. Looking downward a few moments later, he verified there weren't any loose drips and zipped up his orange jumpsuit.
  35. A little sweat drips from the mechanic’s hat out of nervousness and the water winds around dark driving glasses.
  36. A glob drips down the side of her mouth and she hastily wipes it away, embarrassed, and resorts to giving a quick thumbs up.
  37. It is an undrinkable well of red-tainted water that constantly drips from holes within the porous rocks high above the pools.
  38. They check vital signs and change glucose drips and bag patients whose respirators went haywire when the power came back on.
  39. The Curators mete out knowledge and progress in drips and drops, and see their duty to the people as that of a parent to an infant.
  40. Imagine that we have a tin can full of water but with a small hole in its bottom such that the water drips out one drop in forty seconds.
  41. Runs and drips from previous finishes loomed large, and wherever paint approached wallpaper or carpet it was rough and contaminated with debris.
  42. One of the Med-jacks was there, the shorter one—Thomas couldn’t remember his name—dropping water into the comatose girl’s mouth a few drips at a time.
  43. The spread gives you negative gamma as the calls you shorted have a higher gamma than the calls you own as well as positive time decay as the shorter option drips value faster.
  44. And these, by contrast, were minimalist nullities—entirely white, albeit with surface disruptions that came clearer as you approached, alabaster drips and milky salients of brush.
  45. Finally, after much Dancing and Fondling, she takes Horatio’s Hand, leads him to kneel betwixt her open Thighs, and offers him the Honey that verily drips in that most purple Place.
  46. The sun’s heat doesn’t sink in like it used to, your bones remain cool in the brightness, no sweat drips down your brow, shadows dance fast beneath the sun’s glow, hair whips wild in the draft.
  47. Besides vitamins and glucose drips were not what I needed now, blood was, and with so many bare necks in view, all I could hone in were delicate, easily accessible veins screaming at me to release the fluids incarcerated within them.

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