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Dribble en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Then, I saw a tear dribble.
  2. It came out in a weak dribble.
  3. It would dribble in, eventually.
  4. The rest of his speech was pure dribble in.
  5. You can’t dribble at all with your left hand.

  6. This knowledge should generate significant dribble.
  7. There was a tiny dribble of blood at his right nostril.
  8. Rain began to dribble on his head, but he didn’t mind.
  9. I was tired of the mindless dribble that kept applying.
  10. Marcus was by his bench, laughing at Lloyd trying to dribble the ball.
  11. Dribble 3 tablespoons of the chocolate syrup and 2 tablespoons of the.
  12. Mid morning traffic had eased to a dribble on the north bound lane of the motorway.
  13. Dribble 2 tablespoons of olive oil over the pizza and bake it on the lowest shelf.
  14. She looked back at Chas – a dribble of blood was running out of his nose down his face.
  15. Instruct the patient to dribble the ball around the obstacles in a figure-of-eight pattern.

  16. Doug’s eyes were wide, and a dribble of blood found its way out of the corner of his mouth.
  17. There was a large wine glass on the dining room table with a dribble of white wine left in it.
  18. Just a dribble, Bernie, I said, and he made a check of the time, the speed, and the altitude.
  19. He watched the water dribble into the top of the filter and drip out underneath a dark brown colour.
  20. What? Me teach weird kids who dribble and can't think? I'd always pictured myself in glamour roles.
  21. Dribble 2 tablespoons of olive oil over the pizza and bake it on the lowest shelf or the floor of the oven.
  22. Before his time there had been a constant dribble of pastor all over it, making it never a moment safe from intrusion.
  23. She couldn’t dribble and her jump shot was nothing to make diary entries about, except perhaps for the sake of humor.
  24. His week was spent, till around seven each night, stuck interminably to the dribble of incoming queries on the Problem Desk.
  25. It wasn’t going well; bits of banana would dribble out from the corner of his painful mouth onto the towel they had carefully laid out for him.

  26. His big hands found her breasts, squeezed them painfully with all is strength, mauled her nipples with his fingernails until blood started to dribble to the floor.
  27. Although the warm water had turned invisible the moment I cupped it, I’d felt its wetness, been able to dribble it from my hand and watch it become visible again.
  28. Fischer, although she usually tipped twenty-five percent, she tipped seventy-five because the waiter was kind enough to wipe a dribble of crème brûlée off dead Oscar’s chin.
  29. Without a hockey puck, without uniforms, without hockey sticks, without skates, without having to spend years learning how to dribble the puck and learn how to skate, without even a goalie to guard the net.
  30. He didn’t entertain the rumors of this Captain because his experience was that everything, even if partly truthful, was either taken completely out of context, or so over exaggerated that it was meaningless dribble.
  31. If you were to speed up the process or watch his face on a time-lapse camera the bruises would shift and change like continental drift, almost like someone was pouring a thick purple liquid under the first layer of his skin, each gooey dribble taking the path of least resistance, spreading out tendrils of colour like roots.
  32. To thole the winter's sleety dribble,.
  1. Tears start dribbling out of my eyes.
  2. The blood was dribbling down my face.
  3. And you keep dribbling, Hal said.
  4. Amigo had tears dribbling down his cheeks.
  5. Aadil was dribbling a bal near to the net.
  6. And what was more, she’d started dribbling.
  7. Karan started the game with dribbling the bal.
  8. The thought of a dribbling hunchback was not.
  9. Not to mention, the tears that were dribbling.
  10. Coffee was dribbling down the side of his mouth.
  11. I looked up at him, tears dribbling down my face.
  12. Walk around the obstacles without dribbling a ball.
  13. She felt it dribbling down her legs more than up her ass.
  14. Haki, shocked, felt cool liquid dribbling down his left arm.
  15. I could tell because beads of fear sweat were dribbling down his face.
  16. The trial entailed dribbling the ball a couple of times up the side of.
  17. Dar looked at the four puncture wounds and the blood dribbling from them.
  18. When he finally reached in there she was dribbling a ball down the field.
  19. It lurched to a halt in front of him, panting and dribbling on the carpet.
  20. He was dribbling a soccer ball with his brother on the front lawn of their house.
  21. Presently they started, Harman in the lead, dribbling a little petrol from a loosened.
  22. The Son of Elvis was totally wrecked and just staring at the stars, dribbling from his mouth.
  23. Dribbling out a sad intermittent trickle and groaning as though the process causes him torment.
  24. I could swear I saw a glass of water on the stool, droplets of condensation dribbling down its sides.
  25. You had only to mention the word "cacao" to an Oompa-Loompa and he would start dribbling at the mouth.
  26. He stood -- his skull broken, globs of brains dribbling down his face -- and he sang a now-famous poem:.
  27. The tea dribbling down the wall, Doc's scrunched up face, the debris of broken stereo, he couldn't contain himself.
  28. Then she tilted his head forward and spent a while dribbling water into his mouth and ensuring that he swallowed it.
  29. We kissed for a while and I felt my head spinning and my saliva dribbling from my mouth into hers and hers into mine.
  30. The animalistic utterances, which were accompanied with dribbling spittle, greatly heightened the farmer's apprehension.
  31. I was bent over the tub, water dribbling out of the attachable nozzle—no showers in Over There That Way—but I paused.
  32. There now, what is it? She attempted to tickle me under the chin while dribbling revolting baby noises through lipstick-smudged lips.
  33. He started to mewl incoherently, blood and saliva dribbling down his chin; he tried to voice incomprehensible words sputtered in blood.
  34. Marco watched her expression with astonishment and then averted his eyes to her feet where he saw a clear liquid dribbling down her legs.
  35. They rode right up to Town Hall, Petit Pigeon said, dribbling bits of fruit from his mouth—Rob was tired of trying to think of a child as it.
  36. I knelt and scraped some celms into my skirt, dribbling the silver between my knees, and noticed that a group of folk next to me had become very still.
  37. Two years waiting in the doctor’s office, but a total of three hours watching Debby at breakfast laughing until milk started dribbling down her chin.
  38. The various ambassadors started dribbling in and were led to their places as well as the representative of the Egyptian president and the Governor of Alexandria.
  39. I developed insane urges to itch and scratch, my skin burning and inflamed My nose ran in the closely confined heat, dribbling mucous across the tape over my mouth and onto my newly shaven chin.
  40. The woman answered fast, almost dribbling in her fear; we recognised the name Octha…then the name Aelle…she babbled some more then fell into sobs, collapsing to the ground, sobbing with her head down.
  41. With the year's bills coming in from his tradesmen, with Dover's threatening hold on his furniture, and with nothing to depend on but slow dribbling payments from patients who must not be offended—for the handsome fees he had had from.
  42. The lass on my knee was dribbling into my ear so I prised her off and approached a woman in calf-length boots, miniskirt, torn blouse, wild black hair and long, Buddha-like earlobes, dragged down by solid brass elephants suspended on chains.
  43. Cissy wiped his little mouth with the dribbling bib and wanted him to sit up properly and say pa pa pa but when she undid the strap she cried out, holy saint Denis, that he was possing wet and to double the half blanket the other way under him.
  44. No amount of patient pointing out our destination could illicit anything other than Johhny Weirdpants trying to climb onto my seat, while dribbling onto Mark's while violent head shaking and gabbling in what we took to be some kind of pidgin Hungarian.
  45. A wizened old man was hunched over an over-sized book, while around him an assortment of various books, scrolls and maps lay strewn around at random; candles had been lit and left in precarious positions with or without holders, hot wax dribbling profusely.
  46. Trumbull was to have the gold-headed cane and fifty pounds; the other second cousins and the cousins present were each to have the like handsome sum, which, as the saturnine cousin observed, was a sort of legacy that left a man nowhere; and there was much more of such offensive dribbling in favor of persons not present—problematical, and, it was to be feared, low connections.
  47. Exposure to clear thinking, to new ideas and to possible solutions should be our duty and privilege, not something to consider an annoyance! I would bet any money you are a curfew breaking Creationist! You dribbling ninny! Your license to breathe should be revoked without further hesitation! They should sterilize you with rusty garden implements before you have the chance to share your genes! Is there a pull string in your back that gets you to say such unconsecrated drivel? You should be flogged with dead horse cocks in front of a laundry! You should be gagged with cow patties and pissed on by yaks! What is this world coming to?
  48. Plastic, arching and holding his dribbling thing, had been joined by another,.
  1. He dribbled tears.
  2. Water immediately dribbled.
  3. He dribbled tears in the sand.
  4. A trickle of water dribbled out.
  5. Blood dribbled from Ball’s mouth.
  6. Blood still dribbled down his hand.
  7. Again, water is dribbled into my mouth.
  8. She just dribbled the question into emptiness.
  9. Bile and pink blood dribbled out of his mouth.
  10. He dribbled white into the palm of his other hand.
  11. A scrap of aluminum dribbled out of Grover’s mouth.
  12. Her eyelids drooped and spit dribbled down her cheek.
  13. She tilted the phial, and the red fluid dribbled to the.
  14. A tear dribbled on his chin and fell to his shirt collar.
  15. George did as he was told, and she dribbled out two drops.
  16. A few drops of the creamy white liquid dribbled around the.
  17. Semen dribbled into her windpipe before she could pull away.
  18. But it just dribbled all over her face and she didn’t move.
  19. The snot/spit stuck to Johnson for a second and then dribbled.
  20. Tears ran from her eyes and salty snot dribbled into her mouth.
  21. Sweat dribbled from it like a leaky faucet onto the top of his shoe.
  22. Her other hand closed ever my lips, as her tears dribbled onto them.
  23. His agate had dribbled down the bank and into the murky water by the edge.
  24. Someone placed a spout in my mouth between breaths and dribbled in hot liquid.
  25. As He moved, the crossbar rubbed open wounds and blood dribbled down His back.
  26. Thomas moaned, screwing up his eyes and grimacing as the water dribbled into his mouth.
  27. Spittle dribbled over his shrunken lips and down his chin as he screamed hollowly at me.
  28. I lifted my head from the pool and water dribbled onto her shoulder as she kneeled near me.
  29. Snot dribbled onto his cock as he pulled out, and was rammed into her mouth as he went in.
  30. He licked his lips and she dribbled more water into his mouth, which he was able to swallow.
  31. The sphincter of her bladder failed her and urine dribbled down her legs to puddle on the floor.
  32. He took a few steps backward and stared down at his wet shirt, where he’d dribbled all over it.
  33. He tastes dry peat and there is a damp patch on his pillow where he has dribbled during the night.
  34. The glass smashed and black ink sprayed over the bookshelf and dribbled and pooled onto the floor.
  35. That one would be dribbled out to the global media according to the timetable of the powers that be.
  36. He dribbled and dribbled, trying to remember his brother’s weaknesses, and to guess which of them remained.
  37. When the toadstool was reduced to a liquid within his mouth he dribbled two small drops onto the bloodied leaf.
  38. Juice dribbled down the childrens chins, and they laughed and wiped their faces with fat, sticky little fingers.
  39. A thin stream of saliva dribbled from his mouth, and as the guards dragged him past Raven, his eyes rolled back into his head.
  40. At each recruit's stab, the bladder in the doll burst and the pig-blood sprayed out and ran down the oak spear-shafts and dribbled to the snow.
  41. The burning liquid hit the back of her throat, fumes filling her head as she swallowed, feeling the spirit as it dribbled down into her stomach.
  42. She prepared the plant and the fungus they'd gathered, laboriously chewing them into a sticky paste, which she carefully dribbled into Brock's mouth.
  43. His breathing was coming in sharp, short bursts and spittle had dribbled from one corner of his mouth and was sliding in a single large drop down the side of his chin.
  44. He paused here and picking up a corn cake dribbled honey over it; with hardly a pause he drank a mug of brew, wiped his beard on his sleeve and continued with his story.
  45. Our position beneath the shelter of the skiff was utterly devoid of comfort; it was narrow and damp, tiny cold drops of rain dribbled through the damaged bottom; gusts of wind penetrated it.
  46. The bacon went into jesses mouth and he dribbled fat juices, They were still eating when the landlady came back into their room with a plate full of thick crusty warm bread covered with a thick creamy butter and a jug of water to wash it all down with.
  47. What else could explain the powerful tugging she felt when he raised his cup to his lips and some of the red juice dribbled down his cheek? What else could explain her sudden, consuming desire to grab hold of the body of a man she hardly knew? She couldn’t control herself.
  48. Hadn't his grandparents ended their lives in the cramped Rafferty home? Many a time as a teenager, he had spoon-fed his grandmother her meals, wiping the dribbled food and saliva with a cloth; many a time, too, he'd comforted her when she'd wet her bed and cried befuddled tears from an indistinct feeling of shame.
  49. Rule 1145 of the bankruptcy code at that time prevented persons getting 5 percent or more of the common stock to be outstanding from selling those shares in public markets unless they were held, fully paid, for one year, after which common shares could be dribbled out weekly at the greater of 15 percent of the daily volume or 1 percent of the outstanding issue.
  1. It dribbles and nourishes the.
  2. One of the boys runs and dribbles the ball.
  3. Two dribbles of spit slid down the principal’s cheek.
  4. Now he just has mercy on me as he dribbles the ball between my legs.
  5. Tears glistened in his eyes; dribbles of snot oozed from his nostrils.
  6. The fluid dribbles down his throat and drips off his chin onto his dingy, sleeveless shirt.
  7. Mitch angrily takes the basketball and dribbles it as he and the other boys start to run towards the basket.
  8. Mike catches the ball then runs and dribbles the ball to the basket as the other boys hurry after him, Over here Mike! Mike throws the ball to the basket.
  9. There was something fascinating about watching these creatures eat, something sordidly gratifying about the way that little dribbles of sauce might run down their chins.
  10. She was still all scratched up from landing in the brush, some of the wounds should have been treated with more than a few dribbles of water and the corner of a tee shirt.
  11. But, to return from this digression; saving and excepting the remarks of Mr Dribbles and Mr Dippings, and neither of them could be considered as made in a sincere frame of mind, I had no foretaste of any opposition.
  12. A large whale's case generally yields about five hundred gallons of sperm, though from unavoidable circumstances, considerable of it is spilled, leaks, and dribbles away, or is otherwise irrevocably lost in the ticklish business of securing what you can.
  13. To be sure Mr Dribbles, who at that time kept the head inns, and was in the council, said, with a wink, that it might be found an inconvenience to sober folk that happened, on an occasion now and then, to be an hour later than usual among their friends, either at his house or any other, to be shown by the lamps to the profane populace as they were making the best of their way home; and Mr Dippings, the candlemaker, with less public spirit than might have been expected from one who made such a penny by the illuminations on news of victory, was of opinion that lamps would only encourage the commonality to keep late hours; and that the gentry were in no need of any thing of the sort, having their own handsome glass lanterns, with two candles in them, garnished and adorned with clippit paper; an equipage which he prophesied would soon wear out of fashion when lamps were once introduced, and the which prediction I have lived to see verified; for certainly, now-adays, except when some elderly widow lady, or maiden gentlewoman, wanting the help and protection of man, happens to be out at her tea and supper, a tight and snod serving lassie, with a three-cornered glass lantern, is never seen on the causey.
  14. The investor puts a few more dribbles of money in,.

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