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    1. That is, until the rifle began to drip

    2. Use a drip system whenever possible

    3. the truth, and with that admission the last of his strength began to drip away

    4. A drip of cold sweat slithered down his back

    5. She got up from him and made sure she didn't drip on the tarp covering the cargo

    6. drip away before the hourglass was turned, just for space,

    7. Heavy vowels and consonants drip in the high heat,

    8. from the cold drip of reality

    9. slumped against a drip damp wall of cold red brick,

    10. Ultimately, facing the reality of time’s drip southwards, and the sharp scythe wielded by the grim reaper of domesticated animals, the couple found solace in their passionate love for one another

    11. the reality of time’s drip southwards, and the sharp scythe wielded

    12. The medic finds a vein and despite the distraction of rapid motion caused by hanging drip lines he is deft and assured as he inserts a catheter into her forearm, hooks up a bag of saline and begins to administer four hundred micrograms of naloxone through the intravenous connection that is keeping Bex in touch with the physical world around her

    13. Andy thought, his eyes fixed on a brown drip gathering on Chas’s left ear

    14. Andy said nothing, staring at the new drip now forming on Chas’s ear

    15. Saliva and bile drip from his chin

    16. 18“In that day the mountains will drip new wine, and the hills will flow with

    17. You aren't worth the drip of a 'Bit wallower's disease

    18. I could hear Max’s brains drip out an

    19. "Master Ki," the blue eyed Death Guard said, speaking with a soft, gentle voice that seemed to drip with honey

    20. As he watched the melting ice drip from the eaves

    21. By the time the last vardo was in and the gates closed, Axel had already been placed in the infirmary and a drip was set up supplying him intravenously with Amoxicillin, glucose and pain killers

    22. ease Chloe’s delirium as I’d done for half a month since hauling her onto this raft? Would I shade her with my own blistered back? Would I drip most of our precious stock of water onto Chloe’s lips? Or would Eris prevail, convincing me to throw myself into the flat and empty sea

    23. It had incisors that could drip saliva in quarts

    24. Only the shattered Elif, the unconscious soldier and the sticky drip of blood kept his vigil with despair

    25. Making sure that the line and drip were set right, he knelt on the floor next to Aspen

    26. The police had been drip fed with information from Ray ever since he came up with this master plan, of which Nathan was completely unaware

    27. He’d become familiar with every one of them over the years; the ticking of the hot water pipes as they expanded and contracted, the hum of the fridge in the kitchen, the drip of the bath tap, each one now loud in his ears

    28. Not just with the shop - starting a new business as foreigners in Cuba hadn’t been easy - but with the way she’d handled the release of her research to the media, drip feeding it to WikiLeaks a bit at a time

    29. Spoon over top section of each apple, allowing to drip down sides


    31. "Careful, you'll have that drip over," a soft voice said

    32. I followed the drip line back to a stand next to the head of the bed

    33. Looking over at Frank, she saw that he was still laying in the same position as she’d last seen him - shoulder and hand bandaged, a line snaking from his forearm to a drip stand

    34. The front of the ivory linen jacket she had lent her was torn and stained by trails of it, and more matted her hair against the left side of her head while a steady drip fell from her elbow

    35. This drug was given by an IV drip that took two and a half hours to complete

    36. Some water would even drip on us as they passed

    37. He leaned his right shoulder against the wheelhouse and watched perspiration drip from his nose, as his cousin manipulated controls, lifting the illicit cargo from the hold

    38. He stood suddenly back and I felt my brains drip out along my cheek

    39. During the afternoon I read the book I’d brought, enjoying the unexpected rest, mercifully out of reach of my responsibilities while the intravenous drip delivered emergency medication into my arm

    40. retain knowledge, because the lips of the strange woman drip like the honey and her mouth is smoother than oil, but her latter end is

    41. “I’m going to sedate her and put her on a drip

    42. Suddenly the paper became damp and began to drip water

    43. All the blood of his victims blended to drip into his veins that defined themselves near his eyes, combining with the blackness as they formed their familiar pattern down his face, one that had been etched into his skin indefinitely the way wrinkles do for mortals from having to continually turn since the beginning of time

    44. Hence, she nearly died of dehydration before I forced the real hospital in Norwich, Backus, to admit her and hook up an IV drip

    45. watch it slowly drip away

    46. What is that drip?? Can’t it be stopped?

    47. Nobody had time to listen to him and in no time he was strapped to a stretcher with a glucose drip in his arm, the medics telling him to relax as his wife was being taken care of

    48. surprised that it still seemed to be waterproof (except for a drip

    49. She gasped in relief as the dead beast slid from his blade and then felt repulsed, she rapidly scrambled from under the beast as its blood begun to drip over her face

    50. “jump start”, apparently, because while it took another three hours for the drip to kick in it did

    1. Thick, warm saliva dripped off of her teeth and

    2. Blood dripped from my bruised nose onto Robbie’s face as I aimed my own fist at his now exposed jaw

    3. drinking water that dripped from the chamber ceiling when it rained

    4. It all dripped with moss and fungi and was choked with hair-vine

    5. • When the smoking is done wrap the foil with the ashes and any of the juices that have dripped

    6. eaves dripped rust from the corroded iron guttering that hung to the

    7. She tried to stay awake but as the seconds dripped away

    8. trickle of cold sweat dripped down the centre of his

    9. Blood dripped freely

    10. Monica rose up her head, tears in her eyes, as red liquid dripped from her fore brow; she couldn’t tell if it was her own blood or Abel Berry juice, but she no longer cared

    11. “You were on the same path,” Delos dripped with sarcasm

    12. mostly the mundane creatures of the night that dripped blood from their fangs

    13. Even though tears streamed down his face and snot dripped into his mouth,

    14. Blood dripped from his hand and the crimson stain already made its way up

    15. The shower dripped

    16. You'd open the top drop when these little plastic ink thingies in the cartridge screwing shot and then it would puncture hole in the bottom of the cartridge and dripped paint into the 10 point so you could write

    17. Flames dripped from his fingers, etching a trail through the stone floor as they burned their way to his fallen orchid blade

    18. Once the chamber had been stuffed with treasures, now the room housed rows of straw-filled mattresses caked with human feces and blood, several of which yet dripped with the red liquid having been freshly spilt

    19. I dripped some water into her mouth

    20. He stared back and forth between the gore that dripped from it and the sprawled form of Aristides

    21. Blood coated her dagger and dripped, dotting the white ground

    22. The next morning, she was so hot, sweat dripped off her brow

    23. Saliva dripped from its hefty, powerful jaws

    24. ’ Alistair’s voice dripped with venom

    25. Tears streamed down his cheeks and snot dripped from his nose

    26. Oily sweat dripped from his sneering face

    27. The water dripped through the coffee beans and a large batch of dark coffee was ready

    28. He carefully faced away from the spray of the shower as he washed, moving gingerly, hissing every time the hot water dripped into his wound

    29. They were healed shut now, but the blood that had dripped out of them had dried over the healed cuts

    30. My heart was so full, I could barely breathe as tears dripped from my eyes

    31. Sweat dripped over my cheeks as I tried to wipe it away

    32. The rain had almost stopped, but dripped from every tree and bush

    33. The back of the gown dripped with white sparkling diamonds, each one catching a special color of the rainbow as she walked

    34. White juices dripped

    35. Khan’s image was distorted as salty teardrops dripped onto the photograph

    36. Sweat dripped from his forehead into his wide eyes and stung, but still he continued to search

    37. Two seats along, the man whose blood still dripped from McKee’s face collapsed across the row in front of him, hands fluttering at his neck, trying to staunch the blood gushing from a torn artery

    38. Blood dripped onto the floor

    39. "Grindel," Skelda's voice dripped with the honeyed tones of reason, "I believe I've warned you before about questioning my judgement?"

    40. Galeron’s steady voice dripped into her awareness

    41. My sneakers squelched with every step, oozing little bubbles of water and my jacket dripped water onto the carpet, leaving a trail behind me as Vera manoeuvred me into a bathroom and told me to wait there

    42. The tears poured down my face, wetting the counter as they dripped off my chin

    43. Deep cuts, the length of both cheeks, exposed slices of flesh flowing freely with blood that quickly reached her chin and dripped onto the street

    44. An hour later Elohat was deep in the complexities of the ventilation system, climbing a ladder to the Second Level, when something dripped onto his head

    45. A small trickle of blood dripped down from the small indent

    46. It felt like his last few words dripped of thick, clotted blood

    47. It was as if hot sticky tar dripped from each word he uttered when he spoke again, answering his own rhetorical question:

    48. He was moaning as my blood dripped down my cheek and mixed with my saliva on his cock

    49. collected food in river water and hang it so the water dripped out and

    50. He wiped his face in his sleeve, sweat, spit, and slime dripped from his chin, and he hissed for air

    1. He just kept smiling and watching TV and dripping milk on his chin

    2. morning when she’d brought the bins in and it was still sitting, dripping puddles onto

    3. Now satiated, dripping sweat and smeared with Cretan soil,

    4. He addresses John from a prepared text the employee handed to him, his voice dripping with venom

    5. The darkness was viscous, dripping slowly onto flakes of straw that lay rotting on

    6. His eyes found the culprit and she was every bit as unpleasant as he had feared; cavernous dripping allergy prone nose, mounds of shapeless, colorless, big New England hair, and a body so laden with fat that only the bare outline of a human form could be seen beneath

    7. My hair was dank and dripping

    8. Right below him on the desolate plain was an endless field of dogs, mainly dobies, stiffs and weilers; too thin, a little bloody, with dripping mouths and crusty yellow teeth

    9. Now satiated, dripping sweat and smeared with Cretan soil, they lay side by side staring at the rising field of stars that glistened above the olive trees

    10. He could barely see through the streams of water running across his horn-rimmed, circular, bottle glasses, and to look at him dripping and sodden in brown tweed and corduroy waistcoat, as thin as a rake and far too short to be a policeman, you would think him incapable of exerting the slightest force upon fresh air

    11. The smell of him; taught and unfettered, canine and warm, dripping with libido

    12. She saw there not the girl, but the she-wolf, the alpha female, in her prime, maned and dripping blood from the kill, suckling at pups, standing at the edge of the world baying for the return of her great lunar matriarch

    13. The darkness was viscous, dripping slowly onto flakes of straw that lay rotting on the puddled floor

    14. heavy with dripping seed heads,

    15. He was eating his corn, fingers dripping with butter when she reached under the table and gave him a loving squeeze

    16. It was vicious looking with ragged teeth and an ugly face still dripping with the pastel-green gore of the leese

    17. a range burns the first coal of winter and a dripping coat is draped

    18. I’m still grinning as I traipse my dripping way back to the cabin, reeling and grabbing onto the walls as the deck swings with the movement of the sea beneath it

    19. When he stood she looked up at him and replied in a voice dripping with expectations, “I am honored to meet the First of Lord Tarak

    20. The young lady, who was famous, as is every “glamourista”, for the skimpiness of her skirts and the translucency of her pure silk blouses, stood there dripping from head to toe

    21. The young man slammed the door shut and wrapped the young woman and her dripping designer clothes in a towelling bathrobe that his mother hurriedly threw at him

    22. At the end of a sullen afternoon of black clouds and driving rain, Ken stood by the back door dripping from head to toe and he turned to his wife and said, “You know, I don’t think I can keep this garden going anymore, not like I used to”

    23. Her back still to him and in a voice now dripping with contempt Naria angrily ordered,

    24. The words came dripping out of his mouth with such venom that Matai turned quickly and stared at his Lord, (in disgust)

    25. blouses, stood there dripping from head to toe

    26. She feels as though her body is separating into its constituent parts and dripping away

    27. dripping from nose and chin

    28. The sound of dripping water was a constant irritant

    29. White Feathers actually had snot dripping from his nose he was so beside himself at the sight

    30. Roman stood with eyes shut and punch dripping down his face, soaking

    31. are outlawed in France,’ said Sandini, his voice dripping

    32. Davie is aware of time, aware of the slow dripping down of fragile existence, aware of the need to make himself scarce, but he is fascinated by this montage, by this still life

    33. The floor is wet and there are two tea towels, sodden and dripping, hanging over the rail on the kitchen range

    34. dripping from the meat and hissing as it hit the fire, and

    35. Draped over his shoulder was a rag, dripping with grease

    36. was the steady dripping of water as it oozed down the

    37. Dripping -- mostly from the water he was standing in -- Alec made his way toward the class

    38. "Aaaaaa," he sucked in the air as he arose, his hair and beard dripping wet, spilling water all around him

    39. Dripping with blood and sweat, Gunt filled the crack in the trunk while bent and battered armored figures laid scattered about his feet, the bodies slow to regenerate and renew their attacks considering they had been reduced to mush

    40. The mouse opened its mouth, wider, then wider and two huge fangs dripping in slime buried themselves in the giants hand

    41. Dripping with blood -- both black and red -- and covered from head to toe in gashes, Gunt grinned down at her as he pounded another demon into the ground with the flat end of his pick

    42. Snags was dripping with water even though Sam Staunton had tied his old yellow raincoat about Snags chest

    43. He had tried to reach out to the tree, laid his palm on the dripping wall

    44. The sound of his voice deadened as it hit the dripping walls

    45. Her tongue fully protruded from her mouth, and was dripping with blood, having recently been licking around the inside of the man’s throat

    46. Over one another, snapping their chops—one with White spots around its eyes seemed an especially Close pal—another had blood dripping from its

    47. Nerissa lay within the murky shed so long, she began to imagine the dripping of a water

    48. Dripping in the sugary beverage, she holds opens

    49. paper, dripping of colored water, causing all of the

    50. Before the first one’s dripping jaws reached Nerissa, before he could grind her into pulp and swallow her to mix with Mother’s gore, she jumped down a gaping shaft that opened on the beach

    1. of happy travellers, the heat drips

    2. that drips sunlight on the morning air,

    3. Drips from the roof spatter nearby, making me jump

    4. The nurse agreed and took off the drips and monitor cords attached to

    5. Sweat drips off his forehead onto Leona's exposed chest

    6. It becomes mechanical, one of drips, saline solutions and sterility

    7. Mucous drips from his nose where he has been crying, and it joins the mud on the back of his hand

    8. Water drips from the exhaust pipe

    9. Most of the tubes, drains and drips had been taken out before she had left the High Dependency Unit

    10. drips and receptacles she was connected to

    11. Lift out of syrup, turning to allow drips to adhere to apple

    12. Besides vitamins and glucose drips were not what I needed now, blood was, and with so many bare necks in view, all I could hone in were delicate, easily accessible veins screaming at me to release the fluids incarcerated within them

    13. Darker-colored red blood drips from the wound of the rhino laying flat on its stomach

    14. Saliva drips from his mouth and he wipes it with his right hand

    15. away some drips with the back of his hand

    16. The rain has turned to a drizzle, and water drips from Zachary’s hair

    17. drips of water coming off the pipe hit the bottom of the thermos

    18. It's damn near impossible to get rid of it when it drips in your eyes from under a helmet

    19. collect the sorrow which drips from your heart

    20. It is an undrinkable well of red-tainted water that constantly drips from holes within the porous rocks high above the pools

    21. Runs and drips from previous finishes loomed large, and wherever paint approached wallpaper or carpet it was rough and contaminated with debris

    22. Half dressed, you hear the shower peter down to drips

    23. Drips of black run down from the gashes in your flesh and into the endless sea, you bleed staining the surface

    24. The sun’s heat doesn’t sink in like it used to, your bones remain cool in the brightness, no sweat drips down your brow, shadows dance fast beneath the sun’s glow, hair whips wild in the draft

    25. all sorts of tubes and drips and the respirator

    26. Underneath the operating table I do see a few specks that look like drips of blood

    27. It drips everywhere and stains the carpet

    28. Looking around she saw two beds with IV drips and computers to the sides

    29. Oozing drips puddled beneath its frame as the creature paused to sniff the air

    30. Carla set about gathering the surgical instruments, different suture types and saline drips etc

    31. in my mind—as it rolls off my forehead and, in slow motion, drips to

    32. A little sweat drips from the mechanic’s hat out of nervousness and the water winds around dark driving glasses

    33. Blood drips as the casing swipes through it

    34. A glob drips down the side of her mouth and she hastily wipes it away, embarrassed, and resorts to giving a quick thumbs up

    35. Looking downward a few moments later, he verified there weren't any loose drips and zipped up his orange jumpsuit

    36. ’ Contempt drips from every single word he says to me

    37. Slow drips of water fell from the cracks overhead as a

    38. Wipes the bottom part of the bottle to avoid drips

    39. The fluid dribbles down his throat and drips off his chin onto his dingy, sleeveless shirt

    40. the pie and be sure that the glaze drips into the slits

    41. "Imagine that we have a tin can full of water but with a small hole in its bottom such that the water drips out one drop in forty seconds

    42. Saliva drips from its lips and its teeth gnashes through its gnarled flesh

    43. He shook the last drips off and zipped his pants up, tucking his

    44. Larc came to stand so close to her that a couple of drips fell onto her

    45. honey, honey that drips, wine that tastes sweet

    46. The rain taps at the thatched roof and drips off into the mud

    47. Drips came from everywhere

    48. One of the Med-jacks was there, the shorter one—Thomas couldn’t remember his name—dropping water into the comatose girl’s mouth a few drips at a time

    49. The house creaks, drips, groans

    50. The hem of her dress drips; her shoes squelch out water; to both sides rise sheer walls

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    Synonyms for "drip"

    drip drip mold drip mould dripping dribble trickle drop escape ooze drool flow come out transpire

    "drip" definitions

    flowing in drops; the formation and falling of drops of liquid

    the sound of a liquid falling drop by drop

    (architecture) a projection from a cornice or sill designed to protect the area below from rainwater (as over a window or doorway)

    fall in drops

    let or cause to fall in drops