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Eject en una oración (en ingles)

1. There is no way to eject the.
2. Or… it learns to eject that pain.
3. Not all Lifeships are able to eject.
4. I’m here to eject the warp core.
5. Our job is to eject their warp core.
6. There was no case to eject after firing.
7. He’s been in the first Lifeship to eject.
8. But he isn’t going to have time to eject.
9. He walked over to the stereo and hit the EJECT button.
10. Ruth noticed it also and went over and hit the EJECT button.
11. It may seek to fill a painful void, or eject a painful excess.
12. DVD holder and then pressed the Eject button again sending the.
13. The Ruth being just smiled at him and pressed the EJECT button.
14. So, what am I going to do? I’m going to eject their warp core.
15. Good, because all I know is the Captain says eject their warp core.
16. The crowd roared its approval, and moved to eject the luckless Flitter.
17. The doorman was sent to eject her from the box or ask for her passport.
19. We will eject him and disintegrate him with the cannon, replied Morgan.
20. Why didn’t he eject? Could someone have disabled the ejection mechanisms, too?
21. Such status may reach an extent that causes the slaughtered male animal to eject sperm.
22. I tried to stop the fishing trip altogether, but the men just opted to eject me instead.
23. Anti matter stream is contained within the core, you can eject it at your discretion.
24. After some wrangling, Marilyn made a decision to eject him from the company on April 11.
25. The moment you hit the deck, you’ll have exactly three minutes to eject their warp core.
26. A and C: Ass and collar—a bouncer’s move, used to grab hold of and then eject a patron.
27. The side-load G-forces were so heavy the pilot would never be able to grab the handles and eject.
28. If something went wrong and they had to eject, then they would at least have those written notes left to study.
29. I eject the magazine, even though I haven't even come close to emptying it, and slam the new one into the rifle.
30. Simon and Nathan are waiting for me to eject one of the missiles so they can carry it around to the boom arm.
31. The job of the Virgo is to eject all impurities and keep only that which the body and mind can use and assimilate.
32. Hit hard by the big cannon shells, the Soviet plane exploded in a fireball, leaving no chance to its pilot to eject.
33. Drew fired the first time, and then thought he had ejected the empty cartridge; the empty shell casing did not eject.
34. His secret could eject him promptly from the Church—they really frowned on their priests taking part in pagan rituals.
35. I was tempted many times to tell the computer to eject me, so that I could come back to the dome and see my friends again.
36. With the ground closing in and his aircraft impossible to control, Kozhedub had no choice but to eject out of his doomed MIG-17.
37. This time, the pilot had no chance to eject, as the fighter-bomber disintegrated into a big fireball, raining flaming debris all over.
38. But from this also she presently recovered; and remembering her determination to eject all prejudices merely remarked to herself, 'Well, well.
39. But… the songs he felt he needed to get out: was only his innocent naked infant aura: trying to eject the filthy undead foulness from his soul.
40. The squid’s long ribbon like tongue covered with hook like rasping teeth, tried frantically to eject the cylinders, but Max forced them in place.
41. Ingrid took a minute to help Marilyn strap in on her seat and to explain to her what to do in case she had to eject, then went to sit in her own seat.
42. She was also way too low to eject but she detested the idea of being possibly captured by the Soviets, especially after causing such mayhem in their lines.
43. Slowly, Wyatt reached his hand up towards the cash register, crinkling his nose as he pushed the eject button, causing the cash draw to ‘ding’ as it popped open.
44. Roebuck has been commanded by his God, he said, to eject the free American labor from the coal regions and to substitute importations of coolie Huns and Bohemians.
45. Suddenly finding himself with both engines out and with his F-15 dropping towards the nearby surface of the sea, the Israeli pilot decided to eject out of his doomed plane.
46. It is certain, from the observations of Huber, that the aphides show no dislike to the ants: if the latter be not present they are at last compelled to eject their excretion.
47. One C-10 was following the bombers and fighter-bombers of the raid, ready to land vertically if need be to pluck out any pilot that would have been forced to eject over Beijing.
48. We also know just how far the hot, liquid fat or oil can eject from the sausage when the skin is pricked and we also know what happens to a piece of meat when left unattended on a fire.
49. Make sure you understand the instructions, for some flares eject a white-hot ball of magnesium that will burn a hole in anything it hits—your chest or dinghy—if they are misdirected.
50. The symptom of addiction is merely each person's way of finding a way to relieve that pain: numb it, counterbalance it, eject it, project it, reflect it, escape it, not feel it, not face it.
51. I was just biting into a slab of the cardboard pizza Id bought in a moment of insanity that morning, when the Porsche skidded to a halt long enough to eject Frances before rocketing off again.
52. Behind the A-3Ns of the RED DEVILS, a lone Ball YC-10A THUNDERBIRD followed, flying just over the waves of the ocean, its crew ready to pluck out of trouble any pilot that would have to eject over China.
53. Seeing that singularly tough opponent eject and the other MIG-17s break away and flee, probably for lack of fuel, Ingrid turned her YF-83A towards her airbase at once, mortally worried about her ground personnel.
54. To unload one you needed to load and then eject all the shells (shotgun bullets are called shells) one by one and then make very sure that it was indeed unloaded before pulling the trigger to relax the firing pin.
55. He heard again the thud of impact, as he saw in his mind’s eye the body flying through the air and the ghostly hand materializing to press the EJECT button, sending the cassette tape spinning away from the accident towards him.
56. It was normal for Roman soldiers to tie the legs of a woman together giving birth and throw her into the river so she drowned to death at the same time she died in childbirth from not being able to eject the fetus that was dying inside her in agony.
57. Morrison, who was wearing leather gloves, didn’t try to take the pistols out of the frozen hands of the HSF agents, since he could well break away one or more of their fingers, instead ejecting their magazines and pulling their slides to eject the chambered rounds.
58. By a bitter irony, Gertrude didn’t have to worry anymore about the insubordination of her deputy: Tisdale had been shot down by antiaircraft guns while attacking with three other F-83s one of the airfields around Kharkov, with his plane exploding on the ground before he or his radar officer could eject.
59. Again inhaling through the right nostril, eject through the left, according to capacity; practicing this three or five times at intervals of four hours of the day, before dawn, during midday, in the evening, and at midnight, in fifteen days or a month purity of the nerves is attained; then begins Pranayama.
1. Before ejecting the DVD, he selected one.
2. Speaks hoarsely, ejecting the words abruptly.
3. Ejecting all their evil inside them into you.
4. The shake from ejecting the satellite was quite minimal after all.
5. Visions of a ghostly hand ejecting a tape from a wildly spinning boom box rose into his mind.
6. They rode the crippled ship down as long as they could before ejecting their escape capsules.
7. I have one British pilot ejecting from a LIGHTNING fighter approximately six miles west of Nazareth.
8. Then the chilling sounds: k-ping, k-ping, k-ping… the ejecting shells from the rifle jangling to the floor.
9. Oh, he was just doing what comes natural, the man said before turning away from the woman and ejecting a ball of phlegm.
10. To give him courage the husband of the lady followed, and he entered the box just as the colored man was ejecting his wife!.
11. In fact, a town meeting was called to order on that Saturday afternoon expressly to discuss the problem of ejecting the trolls.
12. Ejecting the magazine from the pistol, she cleared the breach of the round and pocketed it; then handed the gun back for the man to carry.
13. In the same motion he power-leaped in the opposite direction while hurling Vance’s escape pod in front of him, a bare second before ejecting his own.
14. A murmur of approval arose from all and some were for ejecting the low soaker without more ado, a design which would have been effected nor would he have received more.
15. Consequently, the targeted spirit will shun them and draw far from them, having been filled with vices to such an extent that ejecting them from their spirit is inevitable.
16. Ejecting only seconds before the impact of his plane with the building, the young Marine Corps pilot felt relief when his parachute opened and started to slow down his fall.
17. Thirdly, that the young cuckoo, soon after birth, has the instinct, the strength and a properly shaped back for ejecting its foster-brothers, which then perish from cold and hunger.
18. But he has now received a trustworthy account of a young cuckoo which was actually seen, while still blind and not able even to hold up its own head, in the act of ejecting its foster-brothers.
19. The German pilot then didn’t lose time before ejecting out of his doomed plane, but Ingrid was already out of the way, not giving a chance to the surviving two Me 262s to line up their sights on her.
20. The wheels of the cab, after the interval necessary for ejecting him, turned round again on the drive, crunching much less, and went away, and presently there was his well-known deliberate, heavy tread coming up the uncarpeted staircase.
21. Morrison, who was wearing leather gloves, didn’t try to take the pistols out of the frozen hands of the HSF agents, since he could well break away one or more of their fingers, instead ejecting their magazines and pulling their slides to eject the chambered rounds.
22. His newly purchased (with proceeds from the Montville Constable Salmon insurance settlement) Jeep Wrangler had a high center of gravity and rolled at least three times, apparently ejecting Mike on the initial impact because he was left helplessly dangling between the upper and middle wire strands of the guard rail.
23. Finally, it may not be a logical deduction, but to my imagination it is far more satisfactory to look at such instincts as the young cuckoo ejecting its foster-brothers, ants making slaves, the larvae of ichneumonidae feeding within the live bodies of caterpillars, not as specially endowed or created instincts, but as small consequences of one general law leading to the advancement of all organic beings—namely, multiply, vary, let the strongest live and the weakest die.
1. This was the ejected Andreyev.
2. Esther had already ejected his.
3. Big Brother where he is ejected by.
4. When Vinny was finished he ejected.
5. Wearing suits made of ejected carbon.
6. The cloth will be ejected smouldering.
7. The bills ejected quickly but smoothly.
8. Troublemakers will be ejected into space.
9. The back-seater is ejected from Toomb's F-4.
10. Says it can’t be ejected, Tammas said.
11. They must have been ejected out of their land.
12. It ejected between 15 and 30 million tonnes (16.
13. I ejected the DVD, placed it into its case, and then.
14. The girl stared back in stunned silence and was ejected.
15. All the bags of dust were ejected through the airlock.
16. Josh pressed a knot in the wood and a small dish ejected.
17. Two figures, a man and a woman, have been ejected as a.
18. That gun had ejected its shells out the top side of the.
19. First the tape and then the disc ejected from the computer.
20. The bubble popped and Harmony was ejected into total darkness.
21. The first chrysalis popped and ejected its contents into the air.
22. Once, one of the enemy bombers was shot down, and the pilot ejected.
23. He can’t comprehend why the pilot ejected even though he missed it.
24. Maybe if they were ejected, I’d be saved from finding out if these.
25. Maybe that person had been ejected out the front of the car, over the.
26. The aerodynamic caps will have automatically ejected, Vogel said.
27. One Administration was ejected from power, and another took its place.
28. Pick jumped out of his seat like he’d been ejected out of an airplane.
29. A woman ejected a scream and a couple of men lifted up their voices as.
30. Killing him? It felt like he’d been ejected into the cold of space.
31. She just had to time it right, and… she ejected and the seat rocket’s.
32. It ejected a live shell into the street, so we all knew then the gun was ready.
33. I shall keep the ejected cartridge case - the size of a frankfurter - as a souvenir.
34. Without thinking, he ejected the tape and automatically placed it into his shirt pocket.
35. The submarine shuddered as compressed air ejected the torpedoes in the four forward tubes.
36. The Benelli is a left-handed gun, which means that the cartridge case is ejected on the left side.
37. Remaining bodily fluids in the organs starts to cook and crackle and is ejected in all directions.
38. Once the sperm is ejected by the penis: it exists in a state of weightlessness in a liquid medium.
39. The crew grabbed the vehicle, steadying it as he hit the button and ejected the first battery pack.
40. It was only after a painful and prolonged scene that she was ejected by the butler and the footman.
41. It has been launched out of Cynd's influence entirely, and ejected in this direction at high speed.
42. A senior navigator had been ejected from his cabin to make room for Simla and though a bed had been.
43. Thus the party arrived at the hotel; whence, presently, the gang of rascals was ejected neck and crop.
44. Another service is where grandma’s ashes are put in a tiny container which is ejected into outer space.
45. Henderson screams as she is spattered with the blood ejected in trajectory from his dismembered remains.
46. Melanie knew this man was a murderer and a woman murderer at that and she hadn’t ejected him from her house.
47. In a panic, it released Max and ejected the cylinders, but not the frozen tip; the gas still poured into its body.
48. Drew fired the first time, and then thought he had ejected the empty cartridge; the empty shell casing did not eject.
49. However, on this occasion, I was anxious to keep my ID in view in case I was ejected for not being glamorous enough.
50. Across the width of the bar, he was smiling and gesturing to a stool from which he had just ejected an admiring underling.
51. There was the soft pop of a cork being ejected from the bottle, the older man calling out, Khezzy, come and see what we have here.
52. In his mind he saw a woman that had been suddenly ejected from paradise and the closer they got to her the stronger that image became.
53. Conklin ejected the disk from the DVD drawer and slipped in the second disk, which had been shot by a camera at the aquarium’s entrance.
54. Quickly ushered down the main staircase and along a corridor filled with gawking tourists, I was unceremoniously ejected from the building.
55. When the same grain is ground in a high-speed steel roller mill, it is unable to grind the germ and the bran properly and thus it is ejected.
56. In the event of a mutiny or some sort of malfunction of the ship, my room ejected as an escape pod and landed on the nearest habitable planet.
57. The destroyers quickly exhausted the rest of their missiles in both forward and rear tubes on the small ships that had ejected from the big one.
58. Without saying a word, the alien pressed a sequence of buttons, the door slammed shut and the pod ejected into the air away from the mother ship.
59. There, he ejected the black cassette tape, sat it on the dressing table and carried on with transferring his new CD’s to blank cassette tapes.
60. After walking easily back to the carpet in front of Ishbel, he again sat with his legs apart and demonstrated how easily the charger could be ejected.
61. That was a condition forced on him by her clan who told him that if she were to be ejected in favour of any other woman, he would have his throat cut.
62. Stan then got up from his seat and ran down to the pilot’s station, where he politely but forcibly ejected the pilot from his seat and took his place.
63. Holy Moses! Paul howled as he ejected the empty shell’s casing from the rifle’s barrel as fast as his fingers could manipulate the gun’s bolt.
64. On the occasions when Barrad paid the ultimate price, his body would fail to decompose, awaiting its return to life once again after being ejected from the Temple.
65. Her form resembled that of a spiny sea urchin and when disturbed, she extended her spines, which ejected a noxious, slimy substance that usually discouraged contact.
66. God the Almighty says: ((Let humanity reflect on what it is created from! It is created from an ejected fluid, And is issued from the backbone among dust (tiny particles).
67. He again yelled for them to catch their dog and he picked up the puppy and like a weight thrower, balanced the pup in his hands and ejected the pup over the circle of flames.
68. Whatever is ejected, which includes some of the most nutritious parts of the grain, is then given to cattle in feedlots instead of the green grasses they are supposed to eat.
69. He had not yet worked out how he did it and was ejected when he had tried to enter his mind for a sneak peek, although this was probably just another one of his many illusions.
70. Unfortunately, I hadn’t bothered to lace them up very well before the battle, and there was a space between my pants and the boot where the brass happened to fall after it ejected.
71. It was unbearably hot and smelly and noisy and after three days I was healthy enough to be ejected into a mass of keening, mud plastered women tearing out their hair to mourn a death.
72. Should he stroll guilelessly into the Exchange he proposes to benefit, he is set upon, mobbed, hustled, mussed and finally ejected from the door with a battered hat and torn coat collar.
73. In answer to every question put to him by the president, the prosecutor, or the advocate, the policeman (one of the witnesses) in variably ejected the words: just so, or Can’t tell.
74. He was a decent shot with a pistol, but one-handed while dangling made it hard to steady his aim, and as brass jacket after brass jacket ejected, falling out of sight, he couldn't hit his mark.
75. Unfortunately, I hadn’t bothered to lace them up very well before the battle, and there was a space between my pants and the boot where the brass happened to fall after it ejected.
76. Dark turned to go pat, conjure, calm his dust-crone friend, but cracked to a halt at the crack of the rifle being reopened, the bullet ejected by Will's father, to assure the audience it was there.
77. I wore a transparent black nylon backless pouch that attracted a fair bit of attention, so I imagined I was going to be ejected when a life-guard approached while I was waiting for the diving board.
78. These cars, motors, buses, trucks and scooters, all these vehicles ejected harmful gases like carbon monoxide, carbon flurochloride and many other toxic gases, which are very dangerous for our health.
79. Yet its effect meant that the temple was the perfect Su-Katii training ground as, after a trainee’s death, life on the outside would resume at exactly the moment the trainee’s heart and body were ejected.
80. In such a manner, the captain led the small band of Hebrews within the larger ring of soldiers, toward a long, low, mud-brick building that formed an ell with the one from which Moshe had so recently been ejected.
81. The American corporations, which had owned the plantations prior to Castro’s revolution, taking astronomical profits to the United States while paying the workers slaves wages, were gone, ejected from the country.
82. He waited a few minutes, in order to let enough time for the girl raped by Beria to escape, then passed his right arm outside and fired one bullet skyward, careful to catch the ejected brass casing, which he pocketed.
83. Maybe that person had been ejected out the front of the car, over the top of the red, mangled-up hood of what turned out to be a ’93 Honda Accord with individualized license plates that ironically read, LTL-NUSNS.
84. The House, after hearing a memorial from Joseph Wheaton, stating his services, and praying a reinstatement in the office of Sergeant-at-Arms, from which he had been ejected, proceeded to the choice of a Sergeant-at-Arms.
85. In the case of the European cuckoo, the offspring of the foster-parents are commonly ejected from the nest within three days after the cuckoo is hatched; and as the latter at this age is in a most helpless condition, Mr.
86. Once the rotten secularly corrupt church that had became a festering venal pile of fattened corruption was rightly disowned and ejected by northern Europeans who wanted to live a more pure more chaste more moral and ethical life.
87. When Paul arrived back with the bottle Jack was amazed to see her matching Doc, drink for drink! When they were eventually ejected from the pub, way past closing, Doc had insisted they all come back to the flat and continue the party.
88. But his intention was clearly to make an example of me, and for my disobedience I was sentenced to be ejected from the order, humiliatingly whipped, then made to serve two years as a blacksmith’s apprentice to relearn my skill of patience.
89. For He who created the heaven and what it contains and built you, man, from an ejected fluid that comes out from between loins and dust: it is not hard to rebuild your body even after you will pass away and turn into dust, nay it will be easier.
90. At high noon on October the 3rd, JW called me and told me that Michael had died in a tragic auto accident about one hour earlier--his truck rolled over on a curve and he was ejected from the vehicle and crushed when the truck came to rest on top of him.
91. That is, from that insignificant fluid you were created! From that fluid the Almighty made all these systems and organs! Blood, veins, muscles and bones with various forms, eye and ear, and all other senses: all of that are created from an ejected fluid!.
92. The court usher took the document she held out to the President, and she, dropping into her chair, hiding her face in her hands, began convulsively and noiselessly sobbing, shaking all over, and stifling every sound for fear she should be ejected from the court.
93. And rightly so, the sun emperor waits on your ejected sky, to jumbo-pack your campaign with clever head-ammo: In the cinema house well at the end of noon, a magick movie plays, on the big screen of the moon: A circle twists a Hades mandala, in the sorcery of beguile.
94. You were created from this insignificant fluid! The Almighty made all of these systems and organs from that fluid! Blood, veins, muscles and bones of various forms, the eyes and the ears, and all the other sensory organs: all these were created from an ejected fluid!.
95. The most interesting part is that occupied by the boiling fountains, in many respects similar to the Geysers of Iceland, excepting that the water is not ejected to any considerable height; but the incrustations, the sinter, and sulphur, are every way equal to any specimens which Dr.
96. The reason these toxic residues are poisonous is simple: they accumulate inside us because our bodies cannot metabolize them, or break them up into harmless, elemental organic substances, which can be used and recycled again in the ecosystem, or processed and ejected out of our bodies.
97. There was, in fact, a very large wall of worry building, and O’Neil, having seen the market rally sharply in January 1991 when allied forces launched the attack that ejected invading Iraqi military forces from Kuwait in the Persian Gulf War, saw a similar potentiality evolving as U.
98. Oh, how they would laugh! Twelve of the Another thought that stung them to impotent wrath was the knowledge that the town’s most prominent citizens revealed as habitual frequenters of Belle Watling’s sporting house! Two of them killed in a fight over a cheap little girl, others ejected from admit they were there when everyone knew they were there! the place as too drunk to be tolerated even by Belle and some under arrest, refusing to Atlanta was right in fearing that the Yankees would laugh.
99. He wore the blue bag in the manner of my great-coat, and was strutting along the pavement towards me on the opposite side of the street, attended by a company of delighted young friends to whom he from time to time exclaimed, with a wave of his hand, "Don't know yah!" Words cannot state the amount of aggravation and injury wreaked upon me by Trabb's boy, when passing abreast of me, he pulled up his shirt-collar, twined his side-hair, stuck an arm akimbo, and smirked extravagantly by, wriggling his elbows and body, and drawling to his attendants, "Don't know yah, don't know yah, 'pon my soul don't know yah!" The disgrace attendant on his immediately afterwards taking to crowing and pursuing me across the bridge with crows, as from an exceedingly dejected fowl who had known me when I was a blacksmith, culminated the disgrace with which I left the town, and was, so to speak, ejected by it into the open country.
100. I was ejected from the community,.
1. The third bullet ejects.
2. The mag hisses and the cartridge ejects.
3. Xzavier releases the safety and ejects the magazine.
4. The flare then ejects clouds of electrons, ions and atoms.
5. He picks up the gun, ejects the magazine, catches it in his hand.
6. Jay ejects his Cyril blade from the flat scabbard built into his thigh armor.
7. The physical-etheric nucleus of the (higher frequency) etheric double ejects.
8. The stealth bomber pilot ejects from his aircraft and parachutes towards the ocean.
9. Once the sperm comes near enough to the huge female egg: it rids itself of its last propulsion-protection and ejects from it a tiny capsule: which is the actual seed-sperm… that contains the life-force which will impregnate the female planet-egg.
10. Once the sperm comes near enough to the huge female egg: it rids itself of its last propulsion-protection and ejects from it a tiny capsule: which is the actual seed-sperm… which contains the life-force which will impregnate the female planetary-egg.
11. Checking his Robot Revolver, Xzavier ejects the magazine,.

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