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    1. ‘Use it to endow the Entertainer Guild, you mean?’ he asked, considering the idea

    2. Lord’s boon to a virtuous woman to endow her with a revered and

    3. 16 And if a man entice a maid that is not betrothed, and lie with her, he shall surely endow her to be his wife

    4. surely endow her to be his wife

    5. He longed for the wisdom she was said to endow her children with, but such a gift had never been his

    6. can endow us with

    7. teach us anything, endow us with anything, they merely outline

    8. Mathematics seems to endow one with something

    9. I have asked you to tarry here in Jerusalem until I ascend to the Father, even until I send you the Spirit of Truth, who shall soon be poured out upon all flesh, and who shall endow you with power from on high

    10. Hillary!” Samantha had grown so powerful that she was now able to endow life,

    11. were of insufficient quantity to endow her with magical flight

    12. Oh, how the Cupid fellow thought it fit to endow women with an ear for flattery as if to help his own ilk worm their way into their arms

    13. All the “biomass” (which functions “subconsciously”) of the cells of any Form of Collective Intelligence (the frequency factor that is biologically expressed for all Formo-Types of LLUU-VVU-Forms by specific vibrations of the letters “N” and “LL”, — NUU-VVU, NUULL-VVU, LLUU-VVU, — which endow a Form with certain and very specific properties of multidimensionality) always belongs only to those Formo-systems of Worlds, the rotation Cycles of which include the creative dynamics of this Form (even in the form of a lifeless “body”)

    14. Therefore, at these inertial instants of your Life, you, in your biological Form, are present in our common Formo-systems of Worlds (as well as in the same type of Reality and Continuum), but, according to your individual psychological state, your Thoughts, Feelings and emotions, at a given moment, you unconsciously — through the initially planned activity of some Formo-Creators of your brain — and automatically become active participants of some particular qualitative dynamisms carried out in the individual OLLAKT-DRUOTMM-system of the Self-Consciousness of the NUU-VVU-Configurations which You sequentially focus at this time; and, in the energy-information Substance of the ODS, in parallel with the existence of your biological “personality”, there is also reproduction and reconstruction of all Formo-images you imagine, and ready SFUURMM-Forms (Thoughts, Feelings and emotions) which you use endow them with a particular meaning and properties which only you (but not someone else!) expect from them

    15. In addition, we endow such characters with our own psychisms, because when the child imagines that it communicates with a dwarf, it can picture only the dwarf it wishes to see, — with the same character traits, which the child wants to have

    16. The favourite of my soul, I will endow Him with my spirit,

    17. inserting the marrow that produces HIV resistant cells might endow the patient with a means to repel the infection

    18. He rose, not 'in the likeness of sinful flesh;’ not 'under the law,’ but in the character of the 'Lord from Heaven,’ 'our Lord and our God:’—not in the image of the 'son of Adam,’ but as the 'Son of the Highest;’ having delivered its from wrath by the death of His humanity, to endow us with immortality through the life of His divinity

    19. Endow me with their throbbings, Nature's also,

    20. It is true that my patrimony will go to endow charitable institutions, and my father will have deprived me of my lawful inheritance without any reason for doing so, but I shall have the satisfaction of knowing that I have acted like a man of sense and feeling

    21. But those who are done to death in sleep cannot know the manner of their quell unless their Creator endow their souls with that knowledge in the life to come

    22. Pellets of new bread with fennygreek and gumbenjamin swamped down by potions of green tea endow them during their brief existence with natural pincushions of quite colossal blubber

    23. While the children, scarcely awake, awe-stricken at her manner, their eyes growing larger and larger, remained in this position, she took the baby from her bed—a child's child—so immature as scarce to seem a sufficient personality to endow its producer with the maternal title

    24. But at least there weren’t news-wagons everywhere, sinking into the slushy lawn, klieging up the siding, waiting to endow with sinister significance images of its last remaining occupant checking his mail

    25. It is our view that very few outside investors ought to endow short-run market performance with an all-consuming importance

    26. They were named after Alfred Nobel, a Swedish manufacturer who made his money from inventing dynamite and left it after his death, in 1896, to endow the famous prizes for physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, and peace

    27. 1 million in 1999 to endow the Kenneth L

    28. Like the kiss of a saint, it would endow the flake with power; the picture would give it a character and a curious, compelling soul

    29. “Then I could endow you,” said Old Jingleballicks

    30. It is my most deliberate conviction that the constitution of the country gives no authority to Congress to incorporate a bank and endow the stockholders with chartered immunities; and even if its dissolution should produce ruin to the merchants, and, what is of equal importance, embarrassment to the government, they would not be paramount to the sacred obligation of supporting the constitution; though I am persuaded the dreadful evils which have been predicted from the annihilation of the bank will soon vanish, and that no material shock will be produced by that cause

    1. more concerned with what the person looks like and what the person has been endowed

    2. Let's see how planets and stars are formed, or more practically, form themselves: A solitary particle of dust, endowed with a little attraction, attracts another particle 41

    3. Lacking a son and heir, Mr Snickerty had seen fit to lavish all his attention and favour on his pet and, such favour being mostly dietary, the animal's bowed legs and sagging belly endowed it with more than a little resemblance to its owner

    4. being and you are endowed with the power to create

    5. In some of the richest and best endowed universities, the tutors content themselves with teaching a few unconnected shreds and parcels of this corrupted course ; and even these they commonly teach very negligently and superficially

    6. In general, the richest and best endowed universities have been slowest in adopting those improvements, and the most averse to permit any considerable change in the established plan of education

    7. The clergy of an established and well endowed religion frequently become men of learning and elegance, who possess all the virtues of gentlemen, or which can recommend them to the esteem of gentlemen; but they are apt gradually to lose the qualities, both good and bad, which gave them authority and influence with the inferior ranks of people, and which had perhaps been the original causes of the success and establishment of their religion

    8. In England, those arts have been long neglected by the well endowed clergy of the established church, and are at present chiefly cultivated by the dissenters and by the methodists

    9. He does not even despise the prejudices of people who are disposed to be so favourable to him, and never treats them with those contemptuous and arrogant airs, which we so often meet with in the proud dignitaries of opulent and well endowed churches

    10. After the church of Rome, that of England is by far the richest and best endowed church in Christendom

    11. The most opulent church in Christendom does not maintain better the uniformity of faith, the fervour of devotion, the spirit of order, regularity, and austere morals, in the great body of the people, than this very poorly endowed church of Scotland

    12. The greater part of the protestant churches of Switzerland, which, in general, are not better endowed than the church of Scotland, produce those effects in a still higher degree

    13. From a scientific perspective, if we compare the Bible to any other book in the world, based on the information provided above, we can without any doubt say that whoever created this book is endowed with abilities that no one on Earth possesses

    14. “She’s not heavily endowed with common sense or ambition, but she does have attributes

    15. People, I believe, unless endowed with uncommon perception; that is to say, inherently sensitive to the ideas, emotions or circumstances of ―like‖ individuals, should be properly conditioned by example

    16. It is a philosophy of form without feeling or (spiritual) substance; a philosophy that considers ―things‖ as they ―are‖ in a manner that rejects the notion of God in whose image Humankind was created; endowed with the capacity to freely love one another as God loves His (own) Creation; unconditionally

    17. Do not really understand the commander's dismay for the statutes seemed to me quite well endowed, and something to flash so to speak

    18. Therefore, God could not have proceeded from Nothingness but has always existed as an Eternal Being who endowed His creation with subsequent ―Being‖ in His (own) image, however unintelligible to Science

    19. It‘s ultimate effects what matter the most! A striking feature that characterizes both institutions lies in the conspicuous manner that both Slave and ―Unborn‖ were/are denied citizenship rights, equal protection under the law, and judicial redress of grievances, not to mention their Natural Rights endowed by God

    20. In any event, there are any number of vocational and/or general studies programs available to students who are neither endowed by nature nor temperament to pursue higher learning (that is not necessarily a bad thing inasmuch it fills a vital need))

    21. For example, photons of zero rest-mass have been observed in the process of giving virgin birth to twins endowed with solid rest-mass, and Feynman made time flow backwards in his diagrams

    22. in the higher spheres of Universe and are endowed with subtle bodies

    23. supreme God carrying out well-defined functions and endowed with

    24. “Sin then becomes an act and it has no existence apart from the act…[Therefore] that Man was endowed with original perfection, not tainted with original sin…Pelagianism was condemned by several Synods held between 412 and 418, when Pelagius was banished from Rome, and the condemnation was confirmed by the Council of Ephesus in 431

    25. At the same time Equator is the Temple - the people, if they managed to, leaved it being purified and endowed with Light

    26. · Why should one person be brought up in the lap of luxury, endowed with fine mental, moral and physical qualities, and another in absolute poverty, steeped in misery?

    27. If it remains doubtful that the animals have been endowed with some higher level of contemplative morality, it is quite possible that their human advocates have ceded their humanity

    28. It is a right that exists as a result of the exceptionalism of the human being, a right conceived in the American Declaration of Independence as having been endowed by our Creator

    29. At one end is the individual, endowed with inalienable rights, at the other end are clods of faceless putty in a uniform mass

    30. equally endowed with the capacity to grasp it

    31. There Thomas Jefferson boldly states that all men are created equal, and certifies that “they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

    32. He was endowed with a charming gracefulness of

    33. From a medieval style round tower of stone in the beginning, it was transformed, in the tides and currents of history, into a six-level citadel of defense, exceptionally fortified, endowed with six “garitas” (sentry boxes) at the outer angles of bastions along the city walls

    34. You’ve been endowed with immortality

    35. He is almost a giant, and he would not have to be particularly well endowed in proportion to the rest of him for it not to be the case for you

    36. You are only a bit more well endowed that average for a man of your overall dimensions

    37. It is not often that one person is endowed with the abilities to express himself in words and colors, to have a winning personality, and to have a great appreciation of the beauties of nature which so often are taken for granted

    38. He and a group of supporters endowed the Durland Memorial Fund in honor of the former treasurer of Cornell University

    39. Adam Meyerson, president of the Philanthropy Roundtable, stated in a June 13, 2000 memo, “Our members are deeply disturbed that so many of America’s large philanthropic foundations violate the most cherished values of the business leaders who endowed them

    40. I see a very old man, very tall, very large, endowed with great wisdom, wisdom where energy and sources of energy are concerned

    41. who was so endowed that she could have carried a large pizza on

    42. He wasn"t as well endowed as Warren, but he was more available, and that"s what she needed at the moment

    43. This work of art was endowed with eternal life, that

    44. This is because the whole as a system is endowed with intelligence, freedom and

    45. means that it is endowed with intelligence and thus it is capable of learning, with

    46. If a system is living, it is endowed with life, and, therefore, the concept of life cannot be referred only to biological life, because the whole of the universes cannot be

    47. were endowed with imagination

    48. and empathic communication with the mother, seems to be endowed with a new

    49. Those who are endowed

    50. that is, endowed with every perfection, every beauty, every wealth, every

    1. After a millennium of infection, its cells and its soul were utterly consumed by the dark power, endowing it with strength equal to the greatest of the Boulder Lords

    2. Endowing you with the ability

    3. “I am most proud of a property I had no hand in endowing

    4. 6 "Your Father in heaven, by endowing you with the power to choose between truth and error, created the potential negative of the positive way of light and life; but such errors of evil are really nonexistent until such a time as an intelligent creature wills their existence by mischoosing the way of life

    5. I also testify to the completion of the records of the superuniverse, by authorization of the Ancients of Days, having to do with the termination of all sin-rebellion in your universe and endowing you with full and unlimited authority to deal with any and all such possible upheavals in the future

    6. one for improving the visual appearance of that image and for endowing it with a

    7. But it must be pointed out that automatic writing is just a way of making channeling deliberate or special, of endowing it with an aura of mystery

    8. But who also may be considered to be the master architect, intentionally endowing the creation of human life with the construct of Spirit

    9. Their banter was fettered as soon as Sophia and Zarah came to them, endowing them a grin of curiosity because the guys were laughing out loud

    10. Ultimately, all phenomena exist in the context of the entire cosmos endowing them each with consequence (significance) throughout the whole of existence

    11. But grander far the unseen soul of me, comprehending, endowing all those, Lighting the light, the sky and stars, delving the earth, sailing

    12. I don't know whether the study of Shakespeare helped her to read character, or the natural instinct of a woman for what was honest, brave, and strong, but while endowing her imaginary heroes with every perfection under the sun, Jo was discovering a live hero, who interested her in spite of many human imperfections

    13. Hester had often fancied that Providence had a design of justice and retribution, in endowing the child with this marked propensity; but never, until now, had she bethought herself to ask, whether, linked with that design, there might not likewise be a purpose of mercy and beneficence

    14. He felt sure that if he did not come to a bargain with the farmer, Bambridge would; for the stress of circumstances, Fred felt, was sharpening his acuteness and endowing him with all the constructive power of suspicion

    15. We can thus understand why nature moves by graduated steps in endowing different animals of the same class with their several instincts

    16. Not only do the rich realize that the possession of wealth is in itself a fault, for which they strive to atone by donations to science and art, as formerly they redeemed their sins by endowing churches; but even the majority of the laboring class now understand that the existing order is false, and should be altered, if not abolished

    1. several such live traditions is the unique asset that endows India with

    2. While this sort of wealth is not identical with individually earned income when business dealings are conducted on a large scale, at the same time, such honestly accumulated wealth endows its possessor with a considerable equity as regards a voice in its subsequent distribution

    3. The new law of the spirit endows you with the liberty of self-mastery in place of the old law of the fear of self-bondage and the slavery of self-denial

    4. How can we restore a harmony in life without a husband foraging for the wife’s sake? The woman endows equal intelligence as she has been created equally to the intelligent man

    5. Precise Karm (Samyak Karm): is that which endows the state of Samadhi

    6. “ Desiree’, the union of male and female is what endows every world with the balance it needs in order to achieve wholeness and as such Kermes Twa married Aquealis, the God of Balance

    7. This nature endows all objects and all creatures with much more universal properties than you can imagine

    8. That is why in O-D-systems, in the course of time, they become the way they are imagined, acquiring the qualities with which our Imagination endows them

    9. UNSEELIE FLESH: Eating Unseelie flesh endows an average human with enormous strength, power, and sensory acuity; heightens sexual pleasure and stamina; and is highly addictive

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