Oraciones con la palabra "execrable"

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Execrable en una oración (en ingles)

  1. You have such execrable taste, my pet.
  2. He stood at the desk, labouring in his execrable handwriting.
  3. But the cooking deteriorated, and became execrable; the wine, which had always been bad, became fearfully bad.
  4. The boy's handwriting was execrable, so that William, who did all things well, got into a fever of impatience.
  5. He overheard the princess one day cursing her daughter in execrable German for having acknowledged his bow a short time before.

  6. Your Minister may perhaps be good as a Minister, but as a general he is not merely bad but execrable, yet to him is entrusted the fate of our whole country.
  7. His entire native land cursed the execrable name of Lazarus, the man miraculously brought to life, and the people scattered at the mere report of his horrible approach.
  8. But "where, and what was this execrable shape—if shape it may be called, which shape has none?" We all know that the non-intercourse was not the product of any prospective intelligence.
  9. Whosoever could consider their lot execrable after being graced by such an august vision? Rather, Antarloka rejoiced as one and Lila tossed elysian flowers about gaily while the confluence exulted:.
  10. The spectators, too, it seemed, who were not in any way interested in the matter, for the most part looked with sympathy, rather than with disapproval, upon the men who were getting ready for this execrable deed.
  11. At the lowest point is an ancient tannery where, in execrable stench, near naked, slim, brown young men up to their thighs in round stone vats full of steaming coloured dyes, knead with their feet the beautiful, soft Moroccan leather.
  12. Me Mother was a prim Popish Heiress, me Father an agin’ Restoration Rake who would ne’er confess that the Age o’ the Wits had pass’d, an’ who sought to make our decayin’ Family Seat in Oxfordshire—a ruin’d Gothick Pile known as Wilderknoll—into a little Replica o’ the Court o’ Charles II, with ancient decayin’ Courtiers scribblin’ their execrable Verses an’ agin’ Belles playin’ nauseously at bein’ irresistible young Mistresses.
  13. A man of our time, whether he professes the divinity of Christ or not, cannot help but know that to take part, whether as a king, a minister, a governor, or a rural officer, in the sale of a poor family's last cow for taxes, with which to pay for cannon or the salaries and pensions of luxuriating, idle, and harmful officials; or to have a share in putting the provider of a family into prison, because we ourselves have corrupted him, and let his family go a-begging; or to take part in the plunders and murders of war; or to help substitute savage and idolatrous superstitions for Christ's law; or to detain a trespassing cow of a man who has no land of his own; or to deduct a sum from the wages of a factory hand for an article which he accidentally ruined; or to extort a double price from a poor fellow, only because he is in need,—a man of our time cannot help but know that all these things are disgraceful and execrable, and that they should not be done.

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