Oraciones con la palabra "miserable"

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Miserable en una oración (en ingles)

It was a miserable job.
For he was very miserable.
It was so miserable there.
It all sounds so miserable.
It had been a miserable week.
It was cold miserable work.
It was miserable, if orderly.

It was a most miserable walk.
But he felt too miserable.
He had a miserable night, too.
And those that were miserable.
This makes smokers life miserable.
She had not time to be miserable.
She looked so cold--so miserable.
Shut UP, you miserable old bag.
Hester, I am most miserable!.
It was a miserable, rainy morning.
Newton sat in miserable sympathy.
Monday started rainy and miserable.
We had a miserable couple of years.
That will only make you miserable.
And he was miserable, alone, lost.
And he to me: This miserable mode.
And used all of her miserable art.
I wasn’t happy, I was miserable.
She was dissatisfied and miserable.
So we are more miserable than they.
He was miserable at being left out.
Janelle felt too miserable to argue.
Marya was more miserable than anyone.
All I know is that it was miserable.
Miserable is the path they followed.
It's miserable to be out, and yet I.
He is still miserable of her absence.
She felt deserted and very miserable.
He wrote to me that he was miserable.
She was really drained and miserable.
The miserable servants with the very.
The days that followed were miserable.
I am malicious because I am miserable.

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