Oraciones con la palabra "miserable"

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Miserable en una oración (en ingles)

  1. It was a miserable job.
  2. It was so miserable there.
  3. For he was very miserable.
  4. It all sounds so miserable.
  5. It was cold miserable work.

  6. It had been a miserable week.
  7. It was a most miserable walk.
  8. But he felt too miserable.
  9. It was miserable, if orderly.
  10. And those that were miserable.
  11. He had a miserable night, too.
  12. Shut UP, you miserable old bag.
  13. It was a miserable, rainy morning.
  14. Newton sat in miserable sympathy.
  15. This makes smokers life miserable.

  16. Hester, I am most miserable!.
  17. She looked so cold--so miserable.
  18. She had not time to be miserable.
  19. And he was miserable, alone, lost.
  20. And used all of her miserable art.
  21. I wasn’t happy, I was miserable.
  22. That will only make you miserable.
  23. Monday started rainy and miserable.
  24. And he to me: This miserable mode.
  25. We had a miserable couple of years.

  26. He was miserable at being left out.
  27. Janelle felt too miserable to argue.
  28. She was dissatisfied and miserable.
  29. So we are more miserable than they.
  30. Marya was more miserable than anyone.
  31. Miserable is the path they followed.
  32. All I know is that it was miserable.
  33. She was really drained and miserable.
  34. He wrote to me that he was miserable.
  35. He is still miserable of her absence.
  36. She felt deserted and very miserable.
  37. It's miserable to be out, and yet I.
  38. The days that followed were miserable.
  39. I am malicious because I am miserable.
  40. Doesn't mean you have to be miserable.
  41. Miserable insaniacs yearn for it, too.
  42. If you don’t, you’ll be miserable.
  43. Even so we had a miserable time of it.
  44. The miserable servants with the very.
  45. The drive home was long and miserable.
  46. Natty ended with a miserable glissando.
  47. We drove to Duluth in miserable silence.
  48. You have made her life miserable, and.
  49. And much less miserable than I expected.
  50. A man is as miserable as he thinks he is.
  51. Of course, holidays had been miserable.
  52. Theyd just think it was a miserable dog.
  53. A siege would be a miserable anti-climax.
  54. I felt miserable, for I had thought she.
  55. Miserable is the place he placed them in.
  56. Thank God for my wife’s miserable cat!.
  57. He was miserable and alone, she said.
  58. Sleep finally came, but in miserable fits.
  59. They are just as miserable, but their.
  60. All sinners would be miserable in heaven.
  61. Dora was frankly and manifestly miserable.
  62. Miserable is the residence of the arrogant.
  63. The more I read, the more miserable I felt.
  64. I turned away miserable, bitter with myself.
  65. Miserable was the rain of those forewarned.
  66. Zora wiped at more tears feeling miserable.
  67. But the most miserable will flee from it.
  68. This miserable woman has insulted a citizen.
  69. Most of churchianity is bound and miserable.
  70. In fact he said she was a miserable fucker.
  71. He was miserable when he cut his first teeth.
  72. These persons have to live a miserable life.
  73. For once in his miserable life, everything.
  74. Saving your miserable life was not part.
  75. He will marry her, and be poor and miserable.
  76. More miserable than he was as a soldier, and.
  77. Very miserable of course, but he's all right.
  78. You are poor; a miserable old age awaits you.
  79. No matter how miserable and unhappy they are.
  80. You looked so miserable, I couldn't stand it.
  81. The misery of a young man is never miserable.
  82. A man came to me dejected, miserable and poor.
  83. This is a portrait of me at my most miserable.
  84. He looked cold and miserable and bad tempered.
  85. Yes, sir, this was one miserable effort of Mr.
  86. She had him in her arms, and he was miserable.
  87. Reason demands that Sisyphus must be miserable.
  88. Some will be miserable, and some will be happy.
  89. But no, sir, our miserable offering is spurned.
  90. All these miserable prisoners are his children.
  91. She’d had a miserable life by the sounds of.
  92. Luke appeared to be very miserable and seasick.
  93. What a miserable bunch of thieves and no-goods.
  94. What could make me more miserable than a kick.
  95. That could make our lives miserable, Sledge said.
  96. As a result, she was miserable much of the time.
  97. The traders were wet and miserable on the sixth.
  98. Their place is the Fire; a miserable destination.
  99. How miserable ways their children are living…?
  100. Yet when she died! Nay, then I was not miserable.

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