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Extinguish en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Nothing can extinguish its force then.
  2. At the smile which would not extinguish.
  3. When you are done, extinguish the candles.
  4. In the event of fire, extinguish flame by.
  5. And when I extinguish you, I wil cover the.

  6. An outrage to Nature helps to extinguish his light.
  7. United we will extinguish the rebellion, Eiess said.
  8. Therefore, Doubt has neither the power to extinguish or discredit an.
  9. She then touched the air-vac and caused it to extinguish the cigarette.
  10. In that hour I should die and at once satisfy and extinguish his malice.
  11. I will extinguish the light in your eyes as I have extinguished those.
  12. She will pull it out at the roots, extinguish it and have order restored.
  13. This is not unlike trying to extinguish a fire by dropping gasoline on it.
  14. Crews that managed to escape frantically tried to extinguish their vessels.
  15. And I personally felt her life force extinguish when the ship was destroyed.

  16. The first wave of walkers were too busy moving, to extinguish them completely.
  17. I’m sure it’s safe, and if I’m wrong I can extinguish it before it spreads.
  18. Don't use water on the electrical equipment, to extinguish the fire, switch OFF.
  19. The hole in the floor is from the fire and subsequent water used to extinguish it.
  20. A flicker of a smile had crossed Mitch’s face before he was able to extinguish it.
  21. And when I extinguish you, I will cover the heavens, and darken their stars; I will.
  22. The water around him threatened to extinguish that flame, wave by wave, touch by touch.
  23. She remembered when she had seen him last, seen the light of his eyes extinguish in death.
  24. Not again, he moaned as he frantically banged his hair trying to extinguish the flames.
  25. David was determined to extinguish the flame of hope placed in my heart by the two brothers.

  26. Just as I couldn't hope to extinguish the sun, these skeptics could not hope to confound God.
  27. It would be well to extinguish the fire, and have a watch—listen! you hear the noise I mean!.
  28. It burnt hotter than almost any other known substance, and was extremely difficult to extinguish.
  29. In France, there is no wrath, not even of a public character, which six months will not extinguish.
  30. They would not however be able to survive very long, unless someone came quickly to extinguish this fire.
  31. The nine stared dumbfounded at Indio as he desperately whacked his forehead, trying to extinguish the flames.
  32. Defiant had … and she’d burned to the waterline, despite her crew’s heroic efforts to extinguish her fires.
  33. Again and again they fought to extinguish the flame that kept igniting and finally stopped only when the baby started crying.
  34. Next to the fire the man is attempting to extinguish, there appears to be a body, charred and unrecognizable – a body of ash.
  35. After hours of battling the flames, they were able to extinguish the threat, and it left the house in a pile of charred rubble.
  36. It was wrong to hope in what was of the nature of strategy, she said to herself: yet that sort of hope she could not extinguish.
  37. Tress acted quickly, dragging a nearby drape from the wall and smothering him in its folds to extinguish the last of the flames.
  38. Swifts, flushed from chimneys, catch fire and swoop like blown sparks out over the ramparts and extinguish themselves in the sea.
  39. That night a memorable event occurred, due, no doubt, to the imprudence of some servant who had neglected to extinguish the lights.
  40. After sitting and thinking about the sores that will inflict your enemy and the pain he will suffer you may then extinguish the candle.
  41. He would have his vengeance on the being that threatened to extinguish his life, and prove that he was not one to be so easily defeated.
  42. At once, and to extinguish the fire, a fat enchantress who was dressing a blue tunic similar to a circus tent, used her sharp-pointed wand.
  43. More than protection from those elements, prayers in foxholes are to extinguish those undesirable influences, to restore civil relationships.
  44. The evil blazes up like a fire; and they will not extinguish it, either by restricting a man's use of his own property, or by another remedy:.
  45. After sitting and thinking about the sores that this will inflict thine enemy and the pain he will suffer, thou mayest then extinguish the candle.
  46. Franz replied that he had left him at the moment they were about to extinguish the moccoli, and that he had lost sight of him in the Via Macello.
  47. He stares out the window and watches as the lights of the city slowly extinguish one by one, and he wonders what he's going to do if she hates him.
  48. Little did I then expect the calamity that was in a few moments to overwhelm me and extinguish in horror and despair all fear of ignominy or death.
  49. Unfortunately, she knew from experience that a fuel fire like this one could burn for quite a while, apart from being very difficult to extinguish.
  50. Why does such a thing even exist? That a volkaane would want to extinguish his fire would have been incomprehensible to him before he met Leesa.
  51. They were visited by a burning bush in the desert that did not extinguish itself; a cultural token of the volcanoes of Africa where they had come from.
  52. And when I extinguish you, I will cover the heavens, and darken their stars; I will cover the sun with a cloud, and the moon shall not give its light.
  53. She poured sincerity into every word she spoke and her eyes sparkled with an energy that even the black hole of the ‘hood around us couldn’t extinguish.
  54. By the time he could feel soft sand underfoot, the big red sun had dipped into the ocean, beginning to extinguish itself and bathing him in soft warm light.
  55. The wet swab meant to extinguish still simmering embers was shoved down the cannon barrels with a hot hiss of sound as water came into contact with hot metal.
  56. She used it to help extinguish the forest of the People of Life, much of which had been set alight by a massed incendiary attack by most of the dwarven wizards.
  57. Tuvalin�s squadron had been making good use of them, and had hit a few of the enemy ships, forcing them to retreat temporarily to try to extinguish the flames.
  58. But we can hardly condemn too strongly a system which, instead of fostering the scattered seeds or sparks of genius and character, tends to smother and extinguish them.
  59. This man stood against the Messenger (PBUH) and set to opposing him, thinking that he could repel what was right, or that he would be able to extinguish the Light of God.
  60. It is the hour, I suppose, when the life of the spirit is at its lowest ebb, and one should be careful not to extinguish it altogether under the weight of a gigantic menu.
  61. That's not quite it; but tell me, ought Nicolas to have laughed at her and have treated her as the other clerks, in order to extinguish the delusion in this unhappy organism.
  62. Everyone learned how to extinguish fires, escape smoke-filled compartments, open and close water-tight doors, operate the oxygen breathing apparatus, and move and store fire hoses.
  63. Though the firefighters had managed to extinguish most of the burning fuel with their special foam sprays that resembled silly string, fumes continued to leak from several of the ruptured tanks.
  64. The pyrine oil projectiles might not have had the same punch as the Kierdan weaponry, but the fire it produced was extremely difficult to extinguish, as water would only serve to spread the flames.
  65. If the fire is still small, attempt to extinguish by covering with a blanket or thick curtain (to deprive the flames of oxygen), or using sand, water or fire extinguisher as available and appropriate.
  66. She was a quivering atom of sentiency driven through a black, roaring, icy void by a thundering wind that threatened to extinguish her feeble flicker of animate life like a candle blown out in a storm.
  67. Soon, oh, very soon, will death extinguish these throbbings and relieve me from the mighty weight of anguish that bears me to the dust; and, in executing the award of justice, I shall also sink to rest.
  68. Let it be a dream, so be it, but that real life of which you make so much I had meant to extinguish by suicide, and my dream, my dream—oh, it revealed to me a different life, renewed, grand and full of power!.
  69. Their fear of Hell essentially being a place where one would burn forever in the flames of a fire that would never extinguish with a spirit called Satan, rather than fearing alone, a spiritual being, called Satan.
  70. Attempts were formerly made to extinguish the fire, by turning water into this hole; and, after every attempt, there was a temporary disappearance of the smoke for several weeks; but never longer than three months.
  71. But beside this product, he created for them troubles a hundred fold more than their enjoyment with his produce, other than the weapons of entire destruction he made which almost can extinguish him and most of the humankind.
  72. This validation act for the individuals makes to extinguish the Virtual Coin “Utilizational” that belongs to the individuals and it makes to originate the working capital in Virtual Coin “Real” of the offerer corporations.
  73. It is, therefore, held to be infinitely incredible that God will inflict eternal misery upon any creature, and equally incredible that the Father of all will, with His own hand, slay any of His sons, or extinguish their existence.
  74. Moreover, to attempt to make her mistake clear to her just now was to place her in an embarrassing predicament; for whoever was to have met her had failed to appear, and already the station master had began to extinguish the lights.
  75. A huge rain began to fall on the forest, as wished for by the Love Spirits, but the fire was so extensive, and the flames so large, that it took several hours to completely extinguish the fire, leaving the whole nearby forest scorched.
  76. Though her mission was cemented in her mind by the very will of the Elder Gods, neither their powers nor their punishments could extinguish the hope in her heart and the thoughts it spoke, dimly in her mind, 'I will not watch another world die.
  77. Accordingly every one helped to extinguish the candles, until the room was in total darkness save for a spot where the white shirts and hands of the three students supporting the sugarloaf on their crossed swords were lit up by the lurid flames from the bowl.
  78. Our duty was to keep her capital intact and hand it over to her when she was thirty- five, and I began to worry sometimes about the chances of a slump or some unknown disaster in Australia which would extinguish the thirty per cent of her inheritance that we had let her have.
  79. To have enforced payment of a small debt within the lands of a great proprietor, where all the inhabitants were armed, and accustomed to stand by one another, would have cost the king, had he attempted it by his own authority, almost the same effort as to extinguish a civil war.
  80. Without Science now turned into a worldwide religious belief system> human societies would never have invented the horrors of modern industrialized warfare, never mind the unused, waiting-to-be-exploded nuclear holocaust which awaits this planet, and will extinguish all Life on Earth.
  81. The important is to understand that any credit entry or debit entry in the Current Account Personal it makes to originate or to extinguish the Virtual Coin that only acts in the new Coordenational Structure under exclusive administration of Bank3Sector anywhere in the planet, without political manipulation.
  82. The moccoli, or moccoletti, are candles which vary in size from the pascal taper to the rushlight, and which give to each actor in the great final scene of the Carnival two very serious problems to grapple with,—first, how to keep his own moccoletto alight; and secondly, how to extinguish the moccoletti of others.
  83. So much the worse for you!" he said mentally, like a man who, after vainly attempting to extinguish a fire, should fly in a rage with his vain efforts and say, "Oh, very well then! you shall burn for this!" This man, so subtle and astute in official life, did not realize all the senselessness of such an attitude to his wife.
  84. Subjection to the influence of but one of the two parents during early life, under circumstances favorable to the development of that type, will perhaps seem almost to extinguish the influence of the other hidden nature; yet it mingles with the inmost life of the body and soul, and might be easily educated under a favorable regimen.
  85. Under the ascendency then acquired over them, they had been pent up by subsequent treaties into nooks straitened in their quarters by a blind cupidity, seeking to extinguish their title to immense wildernesses, for which (possessing, as we do already, more land than we can sell or use) we shall not have occasion, for half a century to come.
  86. Till that day Alec had loved Maharaj for his great strength and docility, his wisdom, and his endearing ways with children, but when he saw him in anger extinguish the life of a man as easily as one could pulp a gooseberry in the fingers, the elephant changed at once in his eyes, and Alec saw in him nothing but the grim executioner of the Moguls, and stamping out lives his daily task.
  87. What if the brain is diseased or the illness itself? What if Eartheart uses the GlobalMind to eradicate us like we use a computer's software to wipe its hardware? To use us to eliminate ourselves, to use the mind to extinguish the brain, to use the collapse of the immune system to kill the disease, this is Earth using AIDS, this is Earth treating us as AIDS, this is Earth living in the eco-threat of AIDS.
  88. Is it nothing to the British nation; is it nothing to the pride of her Monarch, to have the last of the immense North American possessions held by him in the commencement of his reign wrested from his dominion? Is it nothing to us to extinguish the torch that lights up savage warfare? Is it nothing to acquire the entire fur trade connected with that country, and to destroy the temptation and the opportunity of violating your revenue and other laws?
  89. And even had he not been hindered by anything on the way, his intention could not now have been carried out, for Napoleon had passed the Arbat more than four hours previously on his way from the Dorogomilov suburb to the Kremlin, and was now sitting in a very gloomy frame of mind in a royal study in the Kremlin, giving detailed and exact orders as to measures to be taken immediately to extinguish the fire, to prevent looting, and to reassure the inhabitants.
  90. And even had he not been hindered by anything on the way, his intention could not now have been carried out, for Napoleon had passed the Arbát more than four hours previously on his way from the Dorogomílov suburb to the Krémlin, and was now sitting in a very gloomy frame of mind in a royal study in the Krémlin, giving detailed and exact orders as to measures to be taken immediately to extinguish the fire, to prevent looting, and to reassure the inhabitants.
  91. Because of their setting aside the essence of true life, which consists in the recognition and practice of the truth, and directing their efforts toward the improvement of the external conditions of life, men of the pagan life-conception may be likened to passengers on a steamer, who should, in their anxiety to reach their destination, extinguish the engine-fires, and instead of making use of steam and screw, try during a storm to row with oars which cannot reach the water.
  92. Then his touches were so exquisitely wanton, so luxuriously diffused and penetrative at times, that he had made me perfectly rage with titillating fires, when, after all, and much ado, he had gained a short-lived erection, he would perhaps melt it away in a washy sweat, or a premature abortive effusion, that provokingly mocked my eager desires: or, if carried home, how faultered and unnervous the execution! how insufficient the sprinkle of a few heat-drops to extinguish all the flames he had kindled!.
  93. I likewise hope that his powerful submersible has defeated the sea inside its most dreadful whirlpool, that the Nautilushas survived where so many ships have perished! If this is the case and Captain Nemo still inhabits the ocean—his adopted country—may the hate be appeased in that fierce heart! May the contemplation of so many wonders extinguish the spirit of vengeance in him! May the executioner pass away, and the scientist continue his peaceful exploration of the seas! If his destiny is strange, it's also sublime.
  94. With the unimpaired credit of the Government invigorated by a faithful observance of public engagements, and a rapid extinction of the debt of the land, with the boundless territories in the west presenting a safe pledge for reimbursement of loans to any extent, is it not astonishing that despondency itself should disparage the resources of this country? You have, sir, I am credibly informed, in the city and vicinity of New Orleans alone, public property sufficient to extinguish the celebrated deficit in the Secretary's report.
  95. If in each college, the tutor or teacher, who was to instruct each student in all arts and sciences, should not be voluntarily chosen by the student, but appointed by the head of the college ; and if, in case of neglect, inability, or bad usage, the student should not be allowed to change him for another, without leave first asked and obtained ; such a regulation would not only tend very much to extinguish all emulation among the different tutors of the same college, but to diminish very much, in all of them, the necessity of diligence and of attention to their respective pupils.
  97. Aerith as she leaned over to extinguish the bedside candle,.
  1. The pins fell one by one, extinguishing the flame as they hit the ground.
  2. As a boy growing up in the suffocating and extinguishing climate of poverty, I.
  3. That divinity is like the day, like the sun, and shines without extinguishing other lights.
  4. That should be perfect, Killian said, extinguishing the fire with a gesture of his hand.
  5. The facchino follows the prince, the Transteverin the citizen, every one blowing, extinguishing, relighting.
  6. It was a fiendish game, but she would take pleasure in fueling his passion then quickly extinguishing his fire.
  7. Where am I? in time with the thunder extinguishing the cloud, he cried out from the screen while crying to it.
  8. When K’Vruck kills, it is the ultimate death, extinguishing life so completely it’s forever erased from the karmic cycle.
  9. For the last time I repeat it, he said, in a sad voice, seating himself and rising again; lighting and then extinguishing his cigarette.
  10. But who can describe the thousand means of extinguishing the moccoletto?—the gigantic bellows, the monstrous extinguishers, the superhuman fans.
  11. It was darker in the slum area and not only because the clouds had thickened, extinguishing what little sunshine had managed to seep through the smog.
  12. Since any ratio spread is short more options than it is long, there will be a tendency to want to close the position prior to expiration, thereby extinguishing that risk.
  13. And all that we can do—is to help each other on the road to carry this light; but we hold back, pushing each other down, extinguishing our light and that of the others.
  14. When heroes engage prophets, martyrs, or messiahs, heroes win by adapting to, then smothering and finally extinguishing the field that is trying to emerge or withstand it.
  15. Nerissa had Miklos and Eugenia run around extinguishing the fires with water from the buckets, while she and Homer pulled the oars so hard, steam rose up from their handles.
  16. The Islamic argument behind a mutilated clitoris is simply to be part of the same religious matter and also to give women more morals by extinguishing her sexual desire and comfort.
  17. Half an hour later just less than 100 people were being evacuated from the area and a further four vehicles were extinguishing the fire and preparing to make the area safe once more.
  18. Before they had time to rejoice, a huge wave of air sprang from Bellack’s hands extinguishing the flames around him and continuing up the hill side to blow the men from their feet.
  19. The goal of selling a calendar spread is to have all the time value come out of both options so that the longer-dated option can be repurchased very cheaply, thereby extinguishing that risk.
  20. I heaved them up, deluged the bed and its occupant, flew back to my own room, brought my own water-jug, baptized the couch afresh, and, by God’s aid, succeeded in extinguishing the flames which were devouring it.
  21. The result is: the fetus in the archduke’s wife’s belly, his wife and the archduke: all three died so quickly nobody could save them… Extinguishing three lives with two 22 calibre bullets, which is unheard of.
  22. This transformation is not seed falling to the ground from burnt cones and blazed pines pyried to the sky hallucinating the hue to oceans not suspended ‘tween clouds – no quench of thirst, extinguishing of flames.
  23. Then they had to protect themselves against the glow of a sort of underground forge, which the men were extinguishing, and at which Raoul recognized the demons whom Christine had seen at the time of her first captivity.
  24. Chief among them: Even though I was rebounding more quickly, were my self-recriminations over my job performance a sign that I was somehow a JV meditator? Should mindfulness be more effective at extinguishing this kind of thing?
  25. He shuns the light, he fights against it, rages against it and dedicates his life to extinguishing it; yet in all this fury, beneath the grime of his iniquity, he himself becomes an albino – as white as snow, as white as starlight.
  26. Buonarroti foresaw the establishment of that sublime worship, which, by blending the laws of the country with the precepts of the divinity, doubled, as it were, the force of the legislator, and armed him with the means of extinguishing.
  27. With the creation of nu narratives, nu archetypes for nu ways of thinking, conceiving, and experiencing the reality we project and interpret, we can be conditioned to find happiness in extreme and senseless sacrifice, as well as life extinguishing indulgences of wastefulness.
  28. The candles flickered as if a breeze were gently stroking their flames with the wicked intention of extinguishing their life light, and the room that had been quite stuffy and humid suddenly seemed cooler and more comfortable as if the temperature had dropped quickly by ten or twenty degrees.
  29. Clearly, Public Service was easily reorganizable, whether EBIT was $100 million, $200 million, or something in between, because a company can easily reorganize on the basis of existing earnings without extinguishing any security holders’ ownership (existing holders of common stock would have had their percentage ownership reduced from 100 percent to around 2 to 5 percent of the reorganized entity).
  30. The history of civilization has been the growing imbalance of this relatively recent, new form of human existence slowly extinguishing a much older one through the dynamic of accumulation… Settled civilizations expanded, occupied, and took over all the major habitable landmasses of the earth; thus extinguishing nearly all nomadic existence: and thereby creating a more imbalanced condition of human existence and sedentary life styles.
  31. So, I ask you again, what is more pornographic, your thirteen year old Cuntry Club daughter texting her breasts to her gender ambiguous gym coach, or the child labor of missing limbs and lost lives in every product, the villages and nations ruined to a migration of extinction by the land grabs, research labs, and corporate conquests extinguishing all that stands between it and profit, the occupation of your boredom, and the preoccupation of your meritorious privilege? You tell me which is more pornographic? EvEx concluded and hir images faded.
  1. It will be extinguished in the mind.
  2. The fire, the light within extinguished.
  3. All the lights were suddenly extinguished.
  4. The brazier extinguished itself as I left.
  5. The lights had been extinguished long ago.
  6. As I followed, the braziers extinguished.
  8. The lamp was extinguished and left behind.
  9. The watching eyes were suddenly extinguished.
  10. When both meet in union both are extinguished.
  11. Now one after another lights were extinguished.
  12. Cruncher, extinguished the light, and went out.
  13. I saw the staircase with its extinguished lamps.
  14. Alarmed, he grasped it and extinguished the rune.
  15. Those ashes extinguished the fire in your heart.
  16. Jacob easily kept up but the candle extinguished.
  17. His blue halo flickered but was not extinguished.
  18. That could have been a fire recently extinguished.
  19. Most torches lit and extinguished in one minute.
  20. Into an eternal flame that can never be extinguished.
  21. The power of Britain must be extinguished in America.
  22. Knocked out cold, the god’s power was extinguished.
  23. Then, silently – cautiously – he extinguished the.
  24. A fire in the servants' quarters had been extinguished.
  25. Suddenly his vision spell was extinguished like a flame.
  26. Their lunch completed, and cigarettes extinguished, the.
  27. Does the extinguished candle care about the darkness?
  28. Iratus extinguished his sabers and placed them on his belt.
  29. This behavior can then be extinguished with repeated drug-.
  30. With one motion he extinguished the lamp and drew his sword.
  31. Rhal extinguished his saber and punched the Sith Lord in the.
  32. She peers around the corner; all the candles are extinguished.
  33. Young lives extinguished before they had even learned to live.
  34. My brother believed his chance for wonder had been extinguished.
  35. Most blow torches extinguished with the tongue in one minute.
  36. The light was extinguished, sometimes the inhabitant was killed.
  37. The lights are extinguished, and the medicine man prays out loud.
  39. Suddenly, Travis dived across the room and extinguished the lights.
  40. The candles flickered erratically, threatening to be extinguished.
  41. It was his torch, the flame extinguished, but the end a glowing coal.
  42. She grabbed the handle and extinguished her little will-o’-the-wisp.
  43. Osgrey of the chequy lion? I thought House Osgrey was extinguished.
  44. The wind extinguished the candles and plunged the house into darkness.
  45. She extinguished her firebal , which was lucky, as it was starting to.
  46. The day says not to the torch: 'Be extinguished; you interfere with me.
  47. He clenched his jaw and then closed his fist and extinguished the ring.
  48. He reclined on his couch in the sitting-room, and extinguished the light.
  49. His passion for Amaranta had been extinguished without leaving any scars.
  50. I will extinguish the light in your eyes as I have extinguished those.
  51. Nick followed them cautiously as they extinguished themselves in the air.
  52. Our time away from each other hadn't extinguished the embers that glowed.
  53. Some fires had been extinguished, but others were just beginning to smolder.
  54. Look at how badly they are drawn: in haste before the light is extinguished.
  55. It seemed as though one immense blast of the wind had extinguished every one.
  56. For a second, he thought of his sister, Siobhán, but extinguished the memory.
  57. The spark that remained in her charge had been utterly extinguished in Jane.
  58. The Professor's pipe had become extinguished and he slowly examined it before.
  59. And the man was down, an arrow in his groin, his torch in the grass, extinguished.
  60. In thirty seconds the fire was extinguished and Russell stepped forward unscathed.
  61. She lowered a bucket on a rope, hauled up water, and extinguished these two arrows.
  62. He launched a furious glance on the sly at Marius, which was instantly extinguished.
  63. So the last plates were cleared, the last wine tasted, the last candles extinguished.
  64. When the important work was done, he extinguished the plasma and allowed the air to.
  65. I returned to her apartment, extinguished my candle, and seated myself in the window.
  66. Shaking my head sadly, I reflected on the wasted life that lay extinguished before me.
  67. This is, happily, a forgetful and unprejudiced public, and hope is rarely extinguished.
  68. The torchlight took up where the green light had been extinguished, lighting the cavern.
  69. He held an extinguished cigar in his hand and the aroma of cigar smoke floated near him.
  70. He remembered the Melaleuca grove and was motivated to get up and extinguished the fire.
  71. He extinguished the torch and lit lamps all around the room, filling it with warm light.
  72. They seemed almost extinguished at intervals, then lighted up again and shone like stars.
  73. Then she extinguished the lamp and all within the cabin was wrapped in Cimmerian darkness.
  74. They extinguished their glows, because ahead was a barred gate, and cloudy, dying daylight.
  75. They also saw the birth and death of fire as it sparked to life and when it was extinguished.
  76. The torch, which had been replaced in its cavity in the pavement, had just been extinguished.
  77. I'm starving! And her teeth chattered as she shrunk closer to the almost extinguished embers.
  78. His eyes, in which the fire of life had seemed extinguished, now flashed with brilliant light.
  79. Here in this very hall, he thought, the Hollywood’s main power source had been extinguished.
  80. But the fireflies, as if extinguished by his somber thoughts, had softly turned themselves off.
  81. There was the sound of a mouthpiece being covered, of life at the other end being extinguished.
  82. Suddenly, the huge blue and white flames flickered on and off before finally being extinguished.
  83. There were no explosions; either they’d been round shot or their fuses had been extinguished.
  84. Finally, as the first light of morning broke across the horizon, the last fire was extinguished.
  85. While many believe life is not extinguished at death, fewer have thought about life before life.
  86. I’m starving!’ And her teeth chattered as she shrank closer to the almost extinguished embers.
  87. The power of the projectile could not be estimated and instantly, the green fire was extinguished.
  88. Finally, with a flick of his wrist, a blue flame burst forth from the bowl and extinguished itself.
  89. After long repetition he chanted the sacred syllable aloud and altogether extinguished these pyres.
  90. He would meet his end and all that he had accomplished and failed at would be extinguished in a second.
  92. He eyed the door, trying to imagine what his brother was thinking when the lights had been extinguished.
  93. The faint but undeniable charge pulsing through her body extinguished the headache, as water on a flame.
  94. At the moment when he opened the door, such a gust of wind came in that the lamp was nearly extinguished.
  95. It’s hard to change what you’ve learned as true, like a habit formed that refuses to be extinguished.
  96. All the candles were extinguished at once, though he did not know how; for Akivasha had not touched them.
  97. Detecting the gleam of Governor Bellingham's lamp, the old lady quickly extinguished her own, and vanished.
  98. The caged eagle, whose gold-ringed eyes cruelty has extinguished, might look as looked that sightless Samson.
  99. I had left a light burning, but it was now out, and I felt an instant certainty that Flora had extinguished it.
  100. The room was in darkness, but a hot smell of oil told me that the lamp had only that instant been extinguished.
  1. Fear extinguishes wonder.
  2. This first way water extinguishes a fire is by cooling.
  3. After they’ve been incinerated, the fire extinguishes itself.
  4. The second way water extinguishes a fire is by smothering the fire.
  5. In such cases, there is no love which holds fast; the sewer extinguishes it.
  6. Falsehood and atheism extinguishes the wisdom until the end in polarized form.
  7. The prince extinguishes the lamp and lies in bed, wide awake though exhausted and red-eyed.
  8. But as he shuts the door, a gust extinguishes the candle's flame—and I am temporarily left alone in the darkness.
  9. That in the phrases in question there is a strong moral association of ideas, suggesting a sinful condition, is not only acknowledged but strongly affirmed; but as little can it be doubted that the ultimate reference is to that death by sin which extinguishes the hope of.
  10. He makes the girl die on the stage; and, still further to increase the physiological effect on the spectators, he extinguishes the lights in the theater, leaving the audience in the dark, and to the sound of dismal music he shows how the girl is pursued and beaten by her drunken father.
  11. With all individual human personal experiences vanishing to the gasses of the cosmic atmosphere in the universe, and the unique and individual human intellectual, cognitive and emotional existence of experience just ceasing to exist when the ‘physical’ body dies, and the universe finally extinguishes, its self to exist no longer.

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