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Extinguish in a sentence

To extinguish it.
You're attempts to extinguish.
more than his tongue to extinguish.
Nothing can extinguish its force then.
At the smile which would not extinguish.
When you are done, extinguish the candles.
that will completely extinguish its last.

In the event of fire, extinguish flame by.
And when I extinguish you, I wil cover the.
race is the same species that try to extinguish it.
An outrage to Nature helps to extinguish his light.
with a small fire hose to extinguish four very large.
United we will extinguish the rebellion, Eiess said.
was about to extinguish the taper when his eye fell on a.
Aerith as she leaned over to extinguish the bedside candle,.
the ground, it was enough to extinguish the hungry flames but.
a few heat-drops to extinguish all the flames he had kindled!.
his problems, and extinguish the non-consuming fire of hatred and.
Therefore, Doubt has neither the power to extinguish or discredit an.
She then touched the air-vac and caused it to extinguish the cigarette.
extinguish hope in others and smother creative sparks before they catch.
She will pull it out at the roots, extinguish it and have order restored.
and it will go away is probably the best way to extinguish this behavior.
tartan was banned by the English in 1746, they were trying to extinguish.
providing male is now a moot point, but it is hard to extinguish 100,000.
I will extinguish the light in your eyes as I have extinguished those.
This is not unlike trying to extinguish a fire by dropping gasoline on it.
Crews that managed to escape frantically tried to extinguish their vessels.
And I personally felt her life force extinguish when the ship was destroyed.
The first wave of walkers were too busy moving, to extinguish them completely.
but, given the inevitable extinguishing.
free Tibetan press, there is instead a near extinguishing of.
The pins fell one by one, extinguishing the flame as they hit the ground.
As a boy growing up in the suffocating and extinguishing climate of poverty, I.
• In case of major burns, after extinguishing the fire, remove all smoldering clothes.
That should be perfect, Killian said, extinguishing the fire with a gesture of his hand.
The facchino follows the prince, the Transteverin the citizen, every one blowing, extinguishing, relighting.
It was a fiendish game, but she would take pleasure in fueling his passion then quickly extinguishing his fire.
Where am I? in time with the thunder extinguishing the cloud, he cried out from the screen while crying to it.
When K’Vruck kills, it is the ultimate death, extinguishing life so completely it’s forever erased from the karmic cycle.
But who can describe the thousand means of extinguishing the moccoletto?—the gigantic bellows, the monstrous extinguishers, the superhuman fans.
It was darker in the slum area and not only because the clouds had thickened, extinguishing what little sunshine had managed to seep through the smog.
Since any ratio spread is short more options than it is long, there will be a tendency to want to close the position prior to expiration, thereby extinguishing that risk.
When heroes engage prophets, martyrs, or messiahs, heroes win by adapting to, then smothering and finally extinguishing the field that is trying to emerge or withstand it.
Nerissa had Miklos and Eugenia run around extinguishing the fires with water from the buckets, while she and Homer pulled the oars so hard, steam rose up from their handles.
The Islamic argument behind a mutilated clitoris is simply to be part of the same religious matter and also to give women more morals by extinguishing her sexual desire and comfort.
Before they had time to rejoice, a huge wave of air sprang from Bellack’s hands extinguishing the flames around him and continuing up the hill side to blow the men from their feet.
Half an hour later just less than 100 people were being evacuated from the area and a further four vehicles were extinguishing the fire and preparing to make the area safe once more.
The goal of selling a calendar spread is to have all the time value come out of both options so that the longer-dated option can be repurchased very cheaply, thereby extinguishing that risk.
I heaved them up, deluged the bed and its occupant, flew back to my own room, brought my own water-jug, baptized the couch afresh, and, by God’s aid, succeeded in extinguishing the flames which were devouring it.
The result is: the fetus in the archduke’s wife’s belly, his wife and the archduke: all three died so quickly nobody could save them… Extinguishing three lives with two 22 calibre bullets, which is unheard of.
This transformation is not seed falling to the ground from burnt cones and blazed pines pyried to the sky hallucinating the hue to oceans not suspended ‘tween clouds – no quench of thirst, extinguishing of flames.
Then they had to protect themselves against the glow of a sort of underground forge, which the men were extinguishing, and at which Raoul recognized the demons whom Christine had seen at the time of her first captivity.
Chief among them: Even though I was rebounding more quickly, were my self-recriminations over my job performance a sign that I was somehow a JV meditator? Should mindfulness be more effective at extinguishing this kind of thing?.
He shuns the light, he fights against it, rages against it and dedicates his life to extinguishing it; yet in all this fury, beneath the grime of his iniquity, he himself becomes an albino – as white as snow, as white as starlight.
Buonarroti foresaw the establishment of that sublime worship, which, by blending the laws of the country with the precepts of the divinity, doubled, as it were, the force of the legislator, and armed him with the means of extinguishing.
With the creation of nu narratives, nu archetypes for nu ways of thinking, conceiving, and experiencing the reality we project and interpret, we can be conditioned to find happiness in extreme and senseless sacrifice, as well as life extinguishing indulgences of wastefulness.
The eye was extinguished,.
their candle was extinguished.
He quickly extinguished his.
gone, extinguished by her hair.
extinguished and they split up.
Their energy ribbons extinguished.
extinguished by a foul-smelling wind.
The fire, the light within extinguished.
The lamp was extinguished and left behind.
The brazier extinguished itself as I left.
extinguished responses (Meil and See 1997).
As I followed, the braziers extinguished.
All the lights were suddenly extinguished.
The watching eyes were suddenly extinguished.
When both meet in union both are extinguished.
Now one after another lights were extinguished.
extinguished and the stage became visible again.
I saw the staircase with its extinguished lamps.
Cruncher, extinguished the light, and went out.
Alarmed, he grasped it and extinguished the rune.
Jacob easily kept up but the candle extinguished.
Those ashes extinguished the fire in your heart.
His blue halo flickered but was not extinguished.
That could have been a fire recently extinguished.
Most torches lit and extinguished in one minute.
Into an eternal flame that can never be extinguished.
Fear extinguishes wonder.
This first way water extinguishes a fire is by cooling.
a deed of reconveyance to the trustor, which extinguishes the.
After they’ve been incinerated, the fire extinguishes itself.
The second way water extinguishes a fire is by smothering the fire.
In such cases, there is no love which holds fast; the sewer extinguishes it.
Falsehood and atheism extinguishes the wisdom until the end in polarized form.
The prince extinguishes the lamp and lies in bed, wide awake though exhausted and red-eyed.
But as he shuts the door, a gust extinguishes the candle's flame—and I am temporarily left alone in the darkness.
That in the phrases in question there is a strong moral association of ideas, suggesting a sinful condition, is not only acknowledged but strongly affirmed; but as little can it be doubted that the ultimate reference is to that death by sin which extinguishes the hope of.
With all individual human personal experiences vanishing to the gasses of the cosmic atmosphere in the universe, and the unique and individual human intellectual, cognitive and emotional existence of experience just ceasing to exist when the ‘physical’ body dies, and the universe finally extinguishes, its self to exist no longer.

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annihilate decimate eliminate eradicate extinguish quench