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Faulty en una oración (en ingles)

1. This view is quite faulty.
2. This opinion is quite faulty.
3. The faulty training led us to.
4. Most of the time, it's faulty wiring.
5. The rocks are faulty, he said quietly.
6. In their case it is just faulty memory.
7. Stop leaping to faulty conclusions, Mac.

8. They were not a product of faulty brain wiring.
9. Was it caused by faulty electrical wiring?’.
10. Because God is a faulty analogy for the Mechanic.
11. Some of Swann's preconceptions now proved faulty.
12. You don’t want to buy a house with a faulty pool.
13. Foster would continue to receive faulty information.
14. Your hiding-place, my dear Watson, was very faulty.
15. Cinder greatly appreciated the comfort, however faulty.
16. It turned out it were a faulty batch of ceramic discs.
17. Max asked Bill to check what devices were still faulty.
18. Cystic fibrosis can be blamed entirely on one faulty gene.
19. We need doubt to prove true at a faulty choice of religions.
20. But he read somewhere that such laws of average were faulty.
21. Sometimes with a one year old car a calliper could be faulty.
22. By showing them that even the stars are human, faulty and.
23. Faulty transmission batteries plagued the Howland Island site.
24. Another faulty view is that our memories are based on fun times.
25. This is a very useful circuit which can be used to test faulty.
26. The many faulty assertions about the meaning of certain parts of.
27. He unwittingly touched a faulty electric fan and was electrocuted.
28. Either the light is faulty or the landing gear has failed to deploy.
29. Evidence that many diseases could be caused by faulty diet has been.
30. Marjie had been having frequent headaches caused by a faulty implant.
31. In this scenario the problem was a faulty garage door opener and the.
32. He called my love faulty and said I needed to learn what true love was.
33. Sonar was useless, the bubbles and faulty transponders had seen to that.
34. Sometimes decisions have to be made with incomplete or faulty information.
35. She said his eyes had lenses like his seeing glasses but they were faulty.
36. The gambler’s fallacy stems from faulty intuition about random processes.
37. Once again, however, their metaphor is wrong because it's based on a faulty.
38. These late-stage base patterns are often faulty, appearing wider and looser.
39. It is easy to locate and isolate a faulty function for further investigations.
40. Pocket pivots within such faulty patterns are therefore more prone to failure.
41. If it is counter-productive, the process holds faulty notions up to the light.
42. The Christian religion has simply the honor of being less faulty than the rest.
43. I consulted with Gary and Richard, who figured out the cause, was a faulty gene.
44. She had large, nervous eyes, and moved in a jerky motion, as if she had a faulty.
45. By Saturday 13th March (two weeks away) I will have repaired the faulty catch.
46. Each faulty propensity in leading him to evil, had led him likewise to punishment.
47. All he had to do was keep the current cells healthy, and replace the faulty genes.
48. A faulty chart, based on the best information of the day, misplaced Howland Island.
49. Callas made the faulty step to give a concert for the occupation army, the board of.
50. If he did, then it was tantamount to an admission that his decision had been faulty.
51. For a moment, it looked as if Baseball Cap would try to correct Tim’s faulty French.
52. Most of these base structures will be faulty, with price fluctuations appearing much.
53. That line of thought was faulty in so many ways, Cami couldn’t begin to list them all.
54. Naturally, Mrs Parissis can't understand it is not my fault that my computer is faulty.
55. Because Home Depot’s base was faulty, by late April 1999 it was starting to roll over.
56. They are totally unconcerned with the facts and cling tenaciously to their faulty ideology.
57. The plane crashes with many lives lost, for what was later discovered to be a faulty $12 bulb.
58. If there is a crack on the third floor, the cause can usually be traced to a faulty foundation.
59. It was blamed on faulty pressure valves, and of course, the explosion destroyed the evidence.
60. Damn thing must be faulty, he muttered to himself as he crossed the room to switch it off.
61. When I unpeeled the image it revealed that the emulsion was faulty and had not captured his head.
62. How I wished then, that I could blame what I saw on faulty lenses! No such relief was afforded me.
63. We wonder how long this will last, perhaps forever as these were the trysts of the faulty Villagers.
64. You forget that the program that Spock utilized to make his assessment was faulty, Tammas said.
65. To reiterate, you are a soul trapped in the physical dimensions of this universe by your own faulty.
66. He tilted open the piano top and leaned down to loosen the small key that held taut the faulty string.
67. And at night, he sounded like a sawmill with a faulty waterwheel that stopped and started unpredictably.
68. There is an operation to repair the faulty valve, but I wouldn’t recommend it under the circumstances.
69. It includes not only lack of orders, lack of cash coming in but also faulty workmanship in manufacturing.
70. A faulty fuel ejection intake system may have facilitated the rapid flooding and sinking of the aircraft.
71. Your task, then, is to separate intelligent, highly informed institutional buying from poor, faulty buying.
72. But this faulty logic is the underpinning of what most financial professionals use as their true north.
73. But Ray also requires that you have the willingness to question or even attack anything you consider faulty.
74. We all know our car’s idiosyncrasies; creaks, groans and bangs, and he felt that his was in some way faulty.
75. Many of the accused were arrested based on faulty information, personal grudges, or the desire to fill quotas.
76. War Department sends out an alert but uses a commercial telegraph because radio contact with Hawaii is faulty.
77. He intended killing Conan before the Cimmerian could wrench his ax from the floor, but his judgment was faulty.
78. Avoid the faulty thinking which says that you should list your item in a category where there isn’t much action.
79. This in turn built a large number of false threats in his survival system and a large amount of faulty behaviors.
80. A faulty religion that is based on man’s ability is taken to death so that in resurrection it might be glorious.
81. Death-craving daredevils who invent faulty time-travel machines usually wind up the victim of a nuclear explosion.
82. Years after we have trusted in Christ, we can suffer the consequences of a faulty foundation laid at the beginning.
83. The maps of the court show well the countries of south, east and west, but in the north they are vague and faulty.
84. These bring life and a shape to your face, emphasizing bone structure and playing down faulty or irregular features.
85. This is a very useful circuit which can be used to test faulty appliances, it can detect continuity of any appliance.
86. The only way to correct a faulty part, from this mechanical perspective, is to intervene with a forceful intervention.
87. When the 14 year old cannot let go of the game control and goes over it, over and over again, it is a faulty common sense.
88. As with Christmas lights, finding a single faulty connection in a large bus network can be troublesome and time consuming.
89. He couldn’t answer that, but said, This is about letting the captain go flying off because of Thom’s faulty readings.
90. The presence of Candida Albicans (a fungus which causes ulcers in mouth), Carbon Monoxide poisoning caused by faulty gas 31.
91. It was one of those long, hot summer days so often dreamed about and so rarely found except in the faulty memories of the old.
92. The drivers of your anxiety are limiting beliefs, faulty boundaries, and negative emotions that reside in your unconscious mind.
93. Lastly, such attempts at stereotyping common attitudes merely serve to advance faulty notions of vulnerability and incompetence.
94. I set almost every song in a different time and location, some of the characters seeking a moral bearing with a faulty compass.
95. This type of error was typically caused by noise on the cable resulting from faulty hardware or some other environmental influence.
96. It must have been a faulty maneuver because this underwater tunnel was obstructed by such blocks and didn't make for easy navigating.
97. This devastating outcome for the shareholders indicates what can happen when much brain power and energy are applied to a faulty premise.
98. Such behaviour as this, so exactly the reverse of her own, appeared no more meritorious to Marianne, than her own had seemed faulty to her.
99. The thing about Snaps is they are fun to mess around with but should never be brought in during a battle because sometimes they are faulty.
100. The room was gloomy, lit up only by the consoles hooked to the bed, and some flickering overhead light that was probably faulty on purpose.

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