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    1. Males often wore a sling under it, but even so, there was no false bragging going on and hadn't been since way before Europe was civilized

    2. Like false praise, false threats are also not good

    3. · The false belief of men to have all the power to take advantage of women’s weaknesses is the root cause of them feeling oppressed and getting angry

    4. This Niyama encourages us to let go of our false sense of control and to connect to the Divine or that which gives us the sense of wholeness and sacredness

    5. ‘He’s convinced that Sadler’s alibi is founded on a false basis

    6. He sees whether the doctrine is true or false (Ephesians 4:11-14; Acts 15:22-31; 16:4-5)

    7. He is concerned about foes "without" and "within" (false teachers and schismatics)

    8. Covenant Breaker – His word was false; his promises were untrue

    9. Those leaders with a proud attitude have a false view of themselves and are deceived by

    10. Maybe because victory was false

    11. Judaic revelation is incomplete and Islam is a false religion in the sense that we are misguided in our separatism

    12. A single false move and those guns would carry out their terminal function without a moment of compassion

    13. congregation without elders who has a false teacher for a preacher is in greater danger, in the opinion of this writer, than a congregation with a faithful eldership in place

    14. A faithful eldership would soon detect and remove a false teacher

    15. False teachers need to be halted in their tracks

    16. And what is the false religious establishment at its core? Does it not have at its heart the very things that the principalities and powers promote? It is based solely off of self-preservation, self-promotion, and self-pleasure

    17. How many times have I heard that this is a message to the Jewish religion? How many times have I heard that Jesus cursing the religion of men? Jesus was cursing all religion! Anything that would purport to bring you close to God by hiding the fruit instead of letting it be open before all is a false religion

    18. Anything that would purport to give you peace with God through tradition or doing is a false religion

    19. This statement is made by Paul, who suffered lashes at the hands of the Jews 5 times, 3 times he was beaten with rods, once pelted with stones, shipwrecked 3 times, spent a day and a night in the open sea, had been constantly on the move, had been in danger from rivers, in danger from bandits, in danger from his fellow Jews, in danger from Gentiles, in danger in the city, in danger in the country, in danger in the sea, in danger from false believers, had gone without sleep, had known hunger and thirst – often going without food, and has been cold and naked

    20. Believest thou this? Do you truly believe that he who is in Christ is a new creation? Do you really have faith to believe that you were once dead in your trespasses and sins, but now have been made alive? How much of this is rhetoric and how much is reality? This is the main question that determines the true from the false

    21. While her grief was fake and she knew her accusations were false, her courage was still commendable

    22. When we read of Jesus’ words, “Beware of false prophets,” he adds that they are wolves in sheep’s clothing

    23. Any other opinion is a false Gospel

    24. They will not bring a false reality

    25. A false humility would never make these kinds of proclamations

    26. False humility will come with an appearance of being humble, but it is only self-effacing

    27. Our false humility and piety will lead us to taking the name of God in vein

    28. That first act of repentance is enough to cause them to then go and tear down all of the false idols that they have set up

    29. We replace those false judges mentioned in chapter 3 of this writing (the section on Psalm 82), which are the principalities and powers

    30. It gives a false sense of prestige

    31. We have to know the truth, are these state changes conducting information or just random noise like energy produces? Or was Thom doing just what he had done, generating a false universe and pretending it is real data? Or was he generating a false universe and believing it was real data? Without understanding how those signals actually originated, there was no way to tell

    32. profile (not misleading the community with false data or overly-hyped facts), taking precautions

    33. Attracting dates using false pretences can only lead

    34. Not the false heaven of that media showman you followed, but the real heaven our folks have been going to since time immemorial

    35. Her false bravado and self-confidence was a cleaver disguise to hide the fact that she was always, totally alone

    36. Your father misses you badly also, but he won’t say more than to spit on your false faith

    37. “If they can put an operative on my ship, they can certainly put a false routing tag in a mail message,” Kelvin pointed out

    38. 'It's probably a false alarm

    39. He doesn’t know that everything could be false

    40. are being true or false – whether we are acting with

    41. If the statement is false, you should feel their

    42. statement that is obviously false by using a name that

    43. statements that you already know to be true or false

    44. I demolish the thoughtfully false construction of they that would

    45. no here-after! I throw all that is false into the deepness of truth, which is

    46. The police have reported false abuse of their selves to give right to their power

    47. It is good to know a fake in false attire

    48. False pride is selfish

    49. The Scathers, to their horror, were met by a group much larger than expected; their Intel was false! The battle was bloody and fierce, but the outcome never in doubt

    50. If you do not then you are using a false and unintended

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    false untrue mistaken assumed fictitious fictive pretended put on sham off-key sour fake faux imitation simulated delusive faithlessly traitorously treacherously treasonably lying mendacious untruthful erroneous inaccurate improper specious incorrect wrong deceitful villainous disingenuous treasonable disloyal malicious faithless hypocritical deceptive deceiving fallacious misleading counterfeit artificial bogus forged phony spurious ersatz stand-in substitute supplementary