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    1. Naturally, Mrs Parissis can't understand it is not my fault that my computer is faulty

    2. A faulty religion that is based on man’s ability is taken to death so that in resurrection it might be glorious

    3. He couldn’t answer that, but said, “This is about letting the captain go flying off because of Thom’s faulty readings

    4. Several writers, therefore, being misled by this faulty transcription, very naturally conclude that the middle price, or six shillings the quarter, equal to about eighteen shillings of our present money, was the ordinary or average price of wheat at that time

    5. They are victims of a faulty construction or a malfunction of their brain and therefore should not be held morally responsible for their behavior

    6. Most of the time, it's faulty wiring

    7. Perhaps the world changed from what it was when you last looked at it; perhaps memory is faulty; perhaps you remember the world from another time or place

    8. a promise that a product will be repaired or replaced etc if faulty - also v

    9. But if the genius of such a government, even as to what concerns its direction in Earope, is in this manner essentially, and perhaps incurably faulty, that of its administration in India is still more so

    10. But the healthful state of the human body, it would seem, contains in itself some unknown principle of preservation, capable either of preventing or of correcting, in many respects, the bad effects even of a very faulty regimen

    11. His eyes scanned in their usual predatory way, searching out that faulty human component in the machine that stops it from running smoothly

    12. She had large, nervous eyes, and moved in a jerky motion, as if she had a faulty

    13. ) Adopting conspicuously faulty and (otherwise) self-serving reasoning conveniently side-steps a very important fact; that we all exist in a less than perfect world subject to changing fortunes and other unexpected events that routinely challenge our mettle; and that Nature, however, has its own inestimable manner of compensating each of us with an innate capacity to endure hardships and rise above our present condition however unfavorable or improbable our prospects for a ―better‖ life may appear and that an individual‘s threshold for suffering and privation oftentimes vary in proportion to that individual‘s (mental) endurance and acquired habits in spite of that individual‘s accustomed environment and in any event, such (gratuitous) impressions are problematical at best and should not serve as a litmus test in determining who should or should not be permitted to live or given an equal opportunity to exercise free choice(s) pre-empted by selfish motives indifferent to such rights; motives whose arbitrary designs are (otherwise) impervious to the apparent limits or consequences of questionable solutions whose (hardened) indifference to Life must inevitably diminish the (inherent) value a society confers upon its citizens regardless of their station in life

    14. Lastly, such attempts at stereotyping common attitudes merely serve to advance faulty notions of vulnerability and incompetence

    15. An individual may be aware of having achieved some contingent level of (material) competence in whatever manner, although an awareness of such competence oftentimes implies a presumption of knowledge based on reasonable evidence or what is otherwise assumed to be conditional knowledge because of the (existing) possibility of (potential) misunderstanding(s) or other faulty premise(s) that would otherwise call its absolute certainty into question

    16. The former is oftentimes based on faulty (intellectual) assumptions or premises or an inability to think (critically); the latter, on deficient reasoning

    17. Empirical studies based on observation or evidence observed by the senses, however, are not, in themselves, immune to faulty impressions whenever the senses (―mind‖) are either inadequately formed, corrupted, diseased or subject to pre-conceived designs that otherwise interfere with the observer‘s ability to render impartial or reasonable judgments

    18. Today‘s youth have been subsequently commissioned with the unenviable task of having to navigate through troubled waters on a rudderless boat without a compass only to criticize them for faulty seamanship for having failed to negotiate the prescribed course

    19. Many of the accused were arrested based on faulty information, personal grudges, or the desire to fill quotas

    20. decks, frantically trying to isolate the faulty wiring, grappling with the big red fire extinguisher

    21. This is a very useful circuit which can be used to test faulty

    22. This is a very useful circuit which can be used to test faulty appliances, it can detect continuity of any appliance

    23. They took advantage of the warmth of the fire, watching an hour long special of Faulty Towers with John Cleese, just as politically incorrect these days and just as funny as when they had first seen it many years before

    24. Therefore, if we can show to the mind where the deficiencies are and when the mistakes were made, the mind will correct and rebuild all of the faulty behaviors automatically

    25. This helps the clients’ mind to reprocess experiences by rewriting the initial faulty behaviors and bypassing all the mistakes of the original parenting, thereby fulfilling the period of codependency, clearing the obsolete instincts, and building a robust behavioral system

    26. This in turn built a large number of false threats in his survival system and a large amount of faulty behaviors

    27. After we achieve that, we will need to clean up the list of triggers in your survival system, rebuild the first part of your behavioral system, and then clear all the faulty behavioral by-products of the overextended codependency

    28. who is faulty, in that the king does not fetch home again his banished

    29. When the 14 year old cannot let go of the game control and goes over it, over and over again, it is a faulty common sense

    30. When it is President Obama and he prejudges police officers and a governmental employee, Shackly, (who his system fired) it is faulty common sense

    31. Cinder greatly appreciated the comfort, however faulty

    32. Five years after the incident, Marsh's lawyers reported that both Marsh and his father suffered from Mercury poisoning, apparently due to a faulty filter system at the crematorium

    33. It is easy to locate and isolate a faulty function for further investigations

    34. They were leeching on those who had built empires because of a faulty lapse in judgment that left a sperm donation and a man wondering what a night in bed could really produce

    35. so invested in the faulty idea that a

    36. He’d been manhandled a few times before for faulty measurements and lack of detail but when he was less stressed he produced some of the most pristine suits in the West End

    37. branch on another, yet this difference has nothing to do with objective illusion or faulty

    38. A faulty F is either not an F, because it lacks something necessary of F-ness, or still an F,

    39. It was one of those long, hot summer days so often dreamed about and so rarely found except in the faulty memories of the old

    40. The only way to correct a faulty part, from this mechanical perspective, is to intervene with a forceful intervention

    41. We must direct force or energy at the faulty part, or consume substances that interact with the faulty part to destroy it or change it into something else

    42. ’A faulty theory, Alison, and one I have never subscribed

    43. faulty it is just as easy to replace the entire

    44. and opened it, thanks to a faulty lock, which I never had time to fix

    45. "We have to make just the opposite estimation," he said, "because there is no way we know which SAM site or gun pit is in a training status or has faulty equipment or error-prone gunners

    46. Marjie had been having frequent headaches caused by a faulty implant

    47. A faulty chart, based on the best information of the day, misplaced Howland Island

    48. Faulty transmission batteries plagued the Howland Island site

    49. Earhart"s radio communications equipment may have been faulty, and a high-quality transmission device on the aircraft had been installed by technicians not affiliated with the company that produced it

    50. A faulty fuel ejection intake system may have facilitated the rapid flooding and sinking of the aircraft

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