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    1. The Cash for Gold shop was a prominent local feature in the town and could be seen from the window of his hotel room looking down over the town’s main cross roads

    2. With his skills as a technician he removed that feature and would not even allow even these animated drawings of women to endure more than a slap on the ass

    3. With no access to any control panel at all, there was no way he could turn that feature off

    4. She could not see any feature on the man except for darkness

    5. They are recommended in cases that feature coarse wrinkles and severe blemishes such

    6. The most important feature of this exercise is the gradual increase of the stretch of the free arm, which should be brought over farther and farther each time you practice this exercise

    7. This is a feature that is never

    8. “There’s an interesting feature on the front page

    9. Encapsulating in the mechanisms of storage, retrieval and query is the most basic feature of a Repository

    10. It was a totally disconcerting feature of whatever this game was

    11. By the light of the lamp standing on the pavement a few yards up the road, I can see every feature of his face

    12. The terms 'presently' and 'directly' commonly used by the usually invisible human beings that Jock calls the ‘turnip-heads’, terms that mean some time in the next three weeks, do not feature in Jock's dictionary

    13. feature, which occurred to Tom rather slowly, was that, although

    14. “No way that I know other than even greater feature width

    15. If he was like this home, his look would be his strongest feature, the man within maybe less

    16. Kaitlyn Spelman stayed out of the limelight to the best of her ability, allowing instead the talents and gifts of the Company to feature foremost

    17. He sent a probe to that volcanic plug to get some detailed pictures of the feature

    18. He began picking through the throng of disfigured amputees, searching for the man's only truly distinguishing feature

    19. Today the Sherlock Holmes saga continues in movies, TV and in newly created stories which feature the ‘amateur consulting detective’ and his sidekick, Watson

    20. Zeus being his characteristic feature

    21. never had this feature, it seems

    22. need an in-depth training video? Will ‘Bob’ appreciate this feature? Will it

    23. emphasizing the benefits within the feature

    24. Don’t use the auto-play feature when you use video

    25. women here have this feature

    26. So, enable the Open Rate feature of your Autoresponder so that you can accurately measure the number of subscribers who opened your email broadcast

    27. Yet another well known successful person is Oprah Winfrey, whose talk shows feature inspiring stories which help lift people’s spirit

    28. Prior to our incarnation, we have all ‘signed up’ for the ups and downs that will feature in our present Earthly life

    29. Concretes for which common feature is slag-alkaline binders application are included into group of slag-alkaline concrete

    30. But her most distinguishing feature

    31. The most worrying feature was the colour; it was a mix of dark red with areas tinged yellow

    32. “Perhaps it’s some volcanic feature,” suggested Melissa, “Though I can’t think what would have these effects

    33. The central feature of the compound was now the mysterious stone block, resting on the custom-welded support cage

    34. It is even more astonishing to find that if one considers each book in the New Testament, they all demonstrate this very peculiar feature: Each book contains words that are only used in that specific book and are divisible by 7

    35. The message that is conveyed by the four Gospels and other books of the New Testament was already hidden in a “watermark”-like feature in the very first book of the Bible, written around 1500BC

    36. Her eyes ran slowly over his face, taking in every perplexing feature

    37. Lit up, his every feature in the strobe, the voice and the words exact as if being back in that time

    38. All waiting for the main feature

    39. They all filed out of the auditorium, as people would leave after the main feature

    40. feature in the back yard would enhance the buyer’s lifestyle

    41. This you could feel in the dark and was an excellent feature, but I did not like the P38

    42. The second nice feature was a wire cutter built into the bi-pod

    43. (The AK47 bayonet had the same feature

    44. The following feature presentation has been rated R by the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences

    45. Another way to speed up Windows boot by a few seconds is to disable a feature called GUI boot

    46. The indexing feature was designed to speed up Windows search

    47. Remote Differential Compression is a Windows Vista and 7 feature that detects file changes over a network, so that the changes can be transferred with minimal bandwidth usage instead of having to transfer the whole file after it has been moved

    48. While this feature can potentially be useful, it’s not needed by average home users

    49. Usually the Check for Updates feature is located in the program Help menu

    50. It has a feature called SmartScreen Filter that scans all the websites you browse to identify phishing scams and warns you whenever a suspicious site is detected

    1. So, to build a bare bones system that includes the above features you would pay about $9450

    2. recommend a system that is both easy to use and install AND has sophisticated features like an expensive custom designed cart

    3. His jowls and the bags under his eyes hung low, distorting all the features on his face

    4. I can confidently recommend a system that has all the features listed in the checklist above

    5. working in about an hour with no technical experience whatsoever AND they have a video tutorial and complete manual online to help you really maximize the sales features of your system

    6. This is one of my favorite features

    7. · Our brain features are different

    8. She was petite, blonde, with fine features and a smooth lilting voice that swayed with southern French tones

    9. He pulled at the tailgate, screwing up his scrawny, twitching features, and slowly

    10. depth of his features, a smile that warned, a smile that promised destruction once the

    11. He had a wide face and features, his beard was short and black

    12. Brasil was a place daddy was from, a distant curiosity with some neat features like carnival costumes and caipirinhas

    13. He pulled at the tailgate, screwing up his scrawny, twitching features, and slowly but surely, emitting mineral groans and metallic shrieks, the metal and glass door began to inch upwards until, with the tailgate at seventy-five degrees, the little man was able to clamber onto the space made by the flattened seats, cross his legs, and utter a loud harrumph

    14. His face wore a permanent smile, a smile that started in his eyes and spread across the full depth of his features, a smile that warned, a smile that promised destruction once the fun was done with

    15. He’s a rugged looking man, she thought, chiseled features, and a very strong will, like in the dreams

    16. Restylane smooths wrinkles, and helps shape and sculpt lips and facial features

    17. From here it was just possible to see the features of the mountain, The Karthuum Valley and Rankor Hill, glowing softly green with the light of all the Nightday lanterns that burned beneath the upper fronds of that urban mountain

    18. From time to time she watched the new world of alien features and fads strut and crow and found it all strangely attractive, but the rules of the game quite prevented her from embracing such energy and liveliness

    19. Yes, all the features in an asp

    20. But all bore the same general features as Tarak

    21. features be damned! The medium pace ball rose high on the bounce and smash!

    22. The Shark-IV had several user panels but they controlled things like what kind of suit it wore, the color and style of hair, features, build, the sound and tone of voice it used, its manners and personality type and what hobbies it should speak of in social settings

    23. features, but not one of these job titles were correct

    24. She turned a dial and zoomed the camera in, carefully studying its features

    25. features and on the cinema newsreels that tracked the early stages

    26. she watched the new world of alien features and fads strut and crow

    27. More entries about building works … Bert features a fair bit

    28. One of the great features about WordPress is that you can change your website

    29. He had chiseled facial features

    30. Suddenly his features softened and he took the

    31. She could just make out the features of the

    32. features were more pronounced than he remembered

    33. ’ He protested, amusement lighting up his features

    34. She peered at the photos, surprised to see that the features of the body were much as you’d find anywhere

    35. pointed out the various features and pieces of equipment with

    36. distaste and surprise at his own reactions suffused his features, until

    37. Chrissie, apparently asleep, looking young and vulnerable; Mary, an older, less polished version of the same features to some extent, looking older than her years

    38. recognised the features of one of his – until recently -

    39. reaction, took a closer look at his features and at the

    40. at the man’s features, noted his name, and understood

    41. “Look here! He's included a real stage at one end of the building! Oh Harry!” They pointed to the features and showed the others excitedly

    42. examining the dead features of his wife’s former husband

    43. He laid the Conceptual Plans out in the desk and pointed out the features which answered to the client's initial requirements

    44. its features stand out like those of a

    45. Her body was soft, smooth, and perfectly shaped, clothed in a one-piece, skin-tight jersey-like outfit with a low, low as in under, cut top that made a very fine presentation of very fine features, just the right shape between curve and point, voluptuous but not sloppy or out of proportion

    46. Tom squinted trying to make out his features

    47. thinner, and without the other’s balding features

    48. "I am sorry, child," he replied, his tone and features devoid of emotion

    49. Yet, like most of the modern day elves his eyes were dull and lifeless, his features despondent

    50. "We'd be dead if it wasn't for you, my lord," the boy replied, his features hidden beneath the blood of the living and the undead

    1. “Did you see that film last night featuring the woman who was married to that chap? You know, the one who used to go out with the woman

    2. Its design was identical to that found and recovered by the Imperial scouts near Bthalft, featuring the same black dragon with the red and bleeding or weeping eye upon crimson cloth

    3. What follows is an epic struggle for justice, featuring, among other things, the Loch Ness Monster, a potato with gunshot wounds and the occasional interspatial warp matrix interface

    4. On one particularly quiet night, I was listening to the radio featuring a host who was a clairvoyant

    5. An appropriate album, matching Doc's euphoric mood, featuring Chic Corea, with Stanly Clarke (Stanley-Fucking-Clarke, Man!) on bass

    6. Johnny and I attended a Black History Program featuring Eartha Kitt

    7. I was watching a movie recently on Turner Classic Movies entitled ―The Sign of the Cross‖ (1932) featuring Fredric March and Claudette Colbert in the starring roles

    8. Plastered on every available wall were posters featuring the symbolic logo of their movement: a silhouette in profile of the legendary Augusto Sandino, wearing his trademark wide brimmed cowboy hat

    9. There are many available online resources featuring case studies and lessons learned

    10. Jason Duffy thought he had accepted a routine burglary case when a career studio musician hired him to recover a memorabilia collection featuring unusual treasures from some of the top performers in the music industry

    11. offers over 150 guest rooms featuring the same

    12. On the other hand, looking for negative tweets finds tweets featuring a range of frowns

    13. Silaran also wore his gold-trimmed armor, a cunningly articulated set of plate barding that covered him almost completely, featuring white silk tassels and a glinting meter and a third long sword blade that was mounted on his head just in front of his exposed horn

    14. liked the national flag featuring a red background with a tunduk, the

    15. Silaran also wore his gold-trimmed armor, a cunningly articulated set of plate barding that covered him almost completely, featuring white silk tassels and a glinting four-foot sword blade that was mounted on his head just in front of his exposed horn

    16. However, an amateur archaeological dig near York has quite recently uncovered a Cross-shaped gravestone featuring an English-language carved incription: "Here Rest Alcuin of York and Tetta of Lindisfarne"

    17. I’m a bit disturbed by the Huff Post featuring a blog that is covering one of the most bizarre stories in the history of ufology ending with the line: “The truth is out there

    18. carrots a million blind african termites build a 10-foot-tall nest, featuring

    19. • Build up the reputation of guests and performers you’re featuring and prepare a

    20. Until Sony launched the PSP; featuring a wide screen display, graphics that surpassed the original Playstation One and support from a wide range of game

    21. In fact, Claire, what would you think about me featuring it in the front of

    22. weren’t for the situation I was dealing with; all the old magazines featuring the current

    23. And last but not least, Dandy’s girlfriend’s boss and local favorite, Marv from Marv’s Diner made quite a splash, arriving in a Food Truck with billboard size advertisements featuring the Starlet Waitress herself on each side

    24. Spencer, age seventeen, involved with several young starlets with the pictures to prove it, nude photos came across your news feed featuring best new artist and a leaked letter of apology felt a little insincere

    25. With Silver the only real piece of 'cleverness' in terms of the UK ebook was that I wrote a self-contained story featuring Noah Larkin, one of the characters, and offered it for free - all people had to do was email in to get it

    26. very explicit…plus three magazines featuring child sex…paedophilia…absolutely disgusting…and this was a leader of Industry and a philanthropist!……this was one person that Rory was going to be happy to put away!

    27. After explaining in detail to James, how he had become involved in the investigation into Illegal Drug sales and distribution - and the reason that their paths had crossed,…Rory came to the point: ‘…we, “The Circle”, operating with the assistance of the Minister of Police, would like to hire yourself and filming crew to supposedly shoot part of a Documentary film that is being produced for the Education Department, featuring Dairy Farming and Dairy products

    28. As a side note, the stories featuring Cornelius begin with

    29. The front display windows, dusty and cracked, were pasted with yellowing ancient Kodak posters featuring bonny healthy beauties of another era

    30. The first time she came by I was with another chick from school and she had a boyfriend this skitzo dude named Ben we all had heard of from stories featuring him ripping of dudes heads

    31. Space) a collection of poetry featuring 12 poets, Văn

    32. The song was recorded many times by others, including a fine version on the LP Streetnoise of Trinity, featuring Julie Driscoll on vocals

    33. is The Journey Of Man, featuring Spencer Wells, who set out on a long mission to trace his roots

    34. It was a masterpiece featuring over fourteen hours of horror, gore, violence and shock

    35. Not long ago I used my VCR to record a PBS concert from a program in Kentucky featuring the blues band, Kay Kay and the Rays

    36. agents relative to child pornography charges when a screen saver featuring child-sex images showed up on his PC

    37. He looked up from the Cravenswood Gazette sports page cover that was featuring his baseball team's season, and an article that included himself

    38. Opening it, the first thing he saw was the copy of a magazine cover featuring a very beautiful young woman wearing a combat uniform and standing in front of a gray P-40 fighter aircraft

    39. “Have you ever heard of Buffalo Bill? Well, he had a show featuring Annie Oakley, she was billed as the best sharp shooter in the world

    40. Featuring scenes in The Netherlands, New York, Los Angeles and the Czech Republic, it’s a rollercoaster of a story and a fitting end to the year that changed Martin’s life

    41. These microprocessors were used in the AT&T 3B5 and 3B15 minicomputers; in the 3B2, the world's first desktop supermicrocomputer; in the "Companion", the world's first 32-bit laptop computer; and in "Alexander", the world's first book-sized supermicrocomputer, featuring ROM-pack memory cartridges similar to recent gaming consoles

    42. While the PSP boasted superior graphics and power, following a trend established since the mid-1980s, Nintendo gambled on a lower-power design but featuring a novel control interface

    43. That limited menu was in turn a bit strange in its composition, featuring things like roast beef and steak tartar but very few items that would be considered usual American fast food fare

    44. within a natural context featuring all four of the classical elements:

    45. Crescent Moon symbol featuring prominently on it, as the very banner

    46. Soon after, it opened its doors to the public featuring live

    47. Deadly Inheritance A murder thriller featuring Dave Pritchard who has been tasked with finding the remaining heirs to a large fortune

    48. “Chicken or Fish, Sir?” is also a work in progress is the first in a series featuring Geordie Fortune, who is a food safety investigator on the hunt for a poisoner out to wreck his friend’s catering business

    49. historic collections featuring hundreds of

    50. The average batch size for those, featuring similar construction characteristics to the model being discussed (Fig

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