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    1. her to try a new sport that is not traditionally played by girls? maybe a

    2. The topics are usually politics, sport and profession

    3. The 1960's iconic American sport was her way of relaxing and releasing aggression safely

    4. I loved her then for her beauty, for her sport,

    5. There were about six of us flying to Bristol and once on board I sat as far apart from the others as I could just in case they started chatting about the weather, or politics, or even worse, sport

    6. Cyberia was an Olympian in making a sport out of rudeness

    7. They think of it as sport; something to do to pass the time

    8. This one had settings for golf, sailing, sport fishing, scuba, flying and horse breeding, with wealth level settings and other custom settings in each hobby

    9. part of that communit where everyone has a singular commitment to their sport

    10. How they manage to avoid hitting each other I do not know, but I have to say that, although most cars sport some sort of scratch or dent, I didn’t see a single accident

    11. I’ve always maintained that lovemaking is not a spectator sport

    12. They were hunting grizzly bear, for food and sport

    13. Lots of live sport on satellite, though

    14. Ed was in his mid-forties, clean-shaven and wore jeans and a sport coat that

    15. Jameson got there attention again, “If you wish, you may deal with me and have done with your sport

    16. Spelman and young Miss Kaitlyn into joining them for certain undisclosed sport, and with some regret I must admit, I was forced to dissuade them from their request

    17. Sport has always been apart of the Malvern experience, yet it was not Harry's intention to let gymnastics become his be all and end all; in fact it was for him more of an outlet for continuing his own regimen of flexibility and creative response

    18. For the most part, whatever sport was coming up next was the one that On

    19. sport, seeing them tearing skin from humans was not

    20. that had eluded the Silver Streaks since baseball became a sport at the high school

    21. of his sport for some days, Pippi could tell that his

    22. questions are in sport

    23. ’ You see, those athletes who are most proficient at handling the ball or scoring points and so on are those who are more highly valued and therefore naturally selected to be a part of the team in any given sport

    24. We can have sport or athleticism without Zen, but to have artistry we require spiritual

    25. Capoeira became the national sport of Brazil, proving that just about everyone in

    26. In Japan Shootfighting is a sport that is very popular

    27. more specific, Kempo mainly uses the forbidden techniques of sport karate and

    28. the sport, and opened the eyes of everyone across the world

    29. means of fast delivery of the sport

    30. The truth is, Victor deemed sport

    31. They had a commonality of a love for baseball, which was the only sport that Martin had had any success with as a teenager in Jamaica

    32. He kept his grey hair very short and was the only person in the crowded bridge to sport a beard, albeit a very neat one

    33. So that’s it sport you know everything that happened to Snowy Ben and me and to tell you the truth its done me good to tell it to a mate and get it off my chest

    34. Shopping around to search for the most effective lessons for your level of interest in the sport of golf is of utmost importance

    35. As with any sport, there are a few rules of etiquette golfers should follow

    36. Have fun and enjoy the sport!

    37. Time proven tips by masters of the sport will have lent you their important tips on how to survive the game of golf well under par

    38. Without the interest of junior golfers the professional sport of golf would dwindle

    39. With first place prizes being the best in golf, PGA tournaments have the most loyal fan base as any sport

    40. On the other hand it has been said one person can find golf relaxing, while another individual might think it the most stressful sport in the universe

    41. As a spectator sport golf ranks high on the television ratings

    42. As golf can be a tremendously relaxing sport it is also a competitive sport and to achieve your best swing, your accurate puts and the best score you have ever dreamed of having most of us have to endure at least a few lessons

    43. Truly what sport would be complete this day and age without a fantasy league to

    44. But it’s also a demanding sport

    45. But the sport has tons of subtleties as well and the technical age has definitely made an impact

    46. Tall women should sport earrings that are long and dangly

    47. Body building has long been thought of as a man’s sport, but

    48. Some women have never considered body building as a sport

    49. Body building is an extreme sport that can yield amazingly

    50. “Hey, you need some happy juice boss,” being as irritatingly happy as he himself could muster, bosses were fair sport in his opinion

    1. The central set of shelves held a selection of weaponry that not only looked lethal but also sported notes stating where it had been used, against whom and what the outcome had been

    2. returning them to the “short back and sides” cut they had sported

    3. sported a van dyke beard and moustache, and who Tom had no

    4. By the break between terms just before Thanksgiving, homes all through the village sported construction paper pilgrims and turkeys, red and green paper chains and all the other crafts projects which spring from the elementary classes of schools everywhere, like apples on apple trees

    5. ever changing eyes sported a look of disapproval

    6. He was only in his late twenties but a sported a good sized beer belly and always looked slightly unwashed

    7. Her beautiful translucent globe sported a blue glowing heart in the centre

    8. Tops of many of the houses sported roofs made from tiles

    9. It sported thick velvet curtains and large framed paintings on the walls

    10. Yellow stains marked the armpits of the vests and several sported dried blood spatters

    11. Through it all, Maldynado sported a grin he would probably wear to bed

    12. He sported the rank of a raw recruit, and he had a swollen and likely broken nose

    13. Everybody was dressed in early 20th century attire; the ladies wore long dresses, couples walked arm-and-arm, and the men sported white straw hats like the kind they used in the political campaigns of the seventies

    14. He observed me dressed in a military uniform adorned with medals, and Adas who was wearing a gray businessman’s suit, a Borsalino hat and sported a mustache

    15. Dugout canoes that serve as taxis between the islands, sported colorful canopies

    16. Her dry wrinkled face nevertheless sported piercing cougar-like eyes, and if looks could kill, hers would have been a weapon of mass destruction

    17. The room was otherwise uninteresting; it sported a single door barely recognizable by its very thin frame, probably made of the same material as the walls

    18. The man in charge wore a full set of fatigues and even sported a red beret

    19. Ethan had his arms crossed and sported an incredulous-looking face when he pointed at Andy and asked, near the point of laughter: “You’re telling me, you’re working for the French?”

    20. Ethan had the air of an angry animal about him, as if trapped in a cage: he sported a razor-sharp gaze, fidgeting and looking pumped-up

    21. He sported a red bow tie on a white shirt and a blue stovepipe hat with white stars on it

    22. The dignified guest sported a dark maroon military jacket with brass buttons and two silver bars over a cavalry insignia

    23. The yam in the village closest to Nanih Waiya was run by Konshak Lusa, an ancient, small, thin, and very dark man, one of the very few Pansfalaya who still sported the deformed heads

    24. Joan was a well-proportioned girl of twenty with a nose pointed up at the tip and she sported auburn hair

    25. He wore glasses, sported a crew cut and

    26. The front sported two huge iron wheels with spikes sticking up

    27. restaurant booth, it sported six more safety belts

    28. In this group, some leaders stood out, as they sported an air of great importance while aggressively shouting orders, showing their sharp, crooked teeth

    29. A moment later Mark realized that a few hairs around the muzzle of one were gray, not black or silver, and that the horn that one sported was much longer and thicker than the other’s

    30. He sported the standard goatee and his head was

    31. He sported solid gold cuff links, and a gold chain coursed across his middle to the watch pocket of his crisp Sulka black suit

    32. Each conveyance sported a single torch at the bow with one on each

    33. marker, I now sported a mustache and goatee, something that Lope

    34. yet he sported a full beard which engulfed his chin

    35. Both sported full body suits of armour, Meo's staunch

    36. face, and he sported a purple hoodie

    37. The wal sported

    38. Except in one case the Saxons were not bearded but mostly sported luxuriant mustaches

    39. On the other hand, the Saxons sported plenty of tattoos themselves

    40. Barrad now sported a new deep purple cloak that Tamar had insisted he wear instead of the traditional Su-Katii red

    41. This new model sported several new side features that provided users with further functionality

    42. There we stayed in a youth hostel that sported a large flock of small green parrots

    43. The residence was silent but sported a sinister touch that I had overlooked the first time I was in the vicinity

    44. like appendages protruding from their forearms while others sported heavier units that seemed to

    45. The big head sported a mass of glossy black hair, tied at the back by a leather band

    46. The contemporary ranch house stood within yards of the original cabin and sported most of the modern conveniences

    47. His slack face sported a grin as the psyched up man dug in for this last half mile

    48. Marlene sported a zigzag part in her hair, tucking the lifeless strands behind her ears

    49. Apart from their green skin and yellow stripes, the long-snouted, gold eyed creatures called gufders sported bright blue bristles on their backs that stemmed from the back of the head to their rump

    50. One sported a Sputty, and fired it, shattering the Sekku’s shield and sending her flipping back with a yelp

    1. Ricci enters, sporting a fresh change of wardrobe (the guy’s really a clothes horse): This time it’s a palace casual, a brilliant blue thobe trimmed with gold thread

    2. He stops at a door sporting Stephen’s name and opens it

    3. The guys, sporting whatever medals they have, are very smart as they stand straight and square shouldered with others of their generation

    4. You can offer things such as free trips, gift cards or credit card gift rewards, movie tickets, backstage concert tickets or tickets to their favorite sporting event of the year

    5. Proudly sporting the lapis necklace and ring, she greeted Renald warmly

    6. others that I was a cuckold, that she was a sporting lass,

    7. Then he spotted a boy working his way down a line of parked cars, who was taking advantage of the crowds to steal the radiator badges from the more expensive sporting models

    8. Terry searched his mind's incomplete catalogue of sporting bubble gum cards, but there didn't seem to be anything filed under the name of Nudger

    9. The manor house was beautifully appointed, inside and out, sporting a novelty coat of arms above the door and a beautiful wisteria that twisted and flowered around the porch and around the front bay windows

    10. Sporting bruises and cuts to their heads and hands, and with the

    11. Terry searched his mind's incomplete catalogue of sporting

    12. All but a few of the sporting societies at Malvern retained a serviceable membership during Summer Term

    13. The gentlemen greeted each other as old friends, exchanged banter befitting sporting partners, and Mr

    14. He’d been clad all in gang clothing, sporting a bandana around his shaven head and swearing every other word

    15. Soon she was sporting gold teeth,

    16. Well can you think of others I might have tried, for instance boxing matches and other sporting events gave me great returns, all those bets made within the twelve hour period

    17. Within seconds the door was opened by a tall, stooped, gray haired man sporting the uniform and flashes of a warrant officer class 1

    18. sporting competitions, archery and arrival at

    19. Golden Frog was sporting a frog-like head but had a scrawny lion-cub body

    20. with one set sporting a nifty slide to one side

    21. giving the poor chaps a sporting chance to regain their freedom

    22. The nurse yelled for back up while Hans dashed into the room, sporting his magically charged Sword of Light, the chosen weapon of all Temple Guardians

    23. The corridors were lined with pale wallpaper, sporting an incongruous flower design that wound its way gracefully up the stairs with them as they walked

    24. “Well, at least it gives prisoners a sporting chance

    25. She strode up to him and stood a metre away, hands on her hips in a confident posture, her eyes sporting a confrontational smirk

    26. "A sporting chance, with their swords

    27. The duty sergeant was not a man in the habit of tolerating constables sporting the wrong colour boots

    28. He was probably a better swordsman than any of the enforcers, but they would not attack one at a time in a sporting manner

    29. People generally presented themselves with distinction; jacket and tie, (even at sporting events) much like everyone dresses today, only down-graded in tattered shirts, (torn) designer jeans and Gucchi shoes

    30. A pair of soldiers began clearing away the remnants of the large doors, and the drawbridge – sporting a fresh, solidly made hinge, slowly began to raise

    31. This sporting pogrom is another transparent attempt engineered by Feminists (men and women alike) who are hoping to advance a unisexual agenda aimed at feminizing robust young boys and transforming them into

    32. A tie, in whatever sporting event, is tantamount to taking one‘s sister to the prom!

    33. They created pseudo academic and sporting groups to explain the wicked Apartheid ways as only a true spin-doctor could

    34. Delnagro‘s troubling column (―Anthem gets attention‖) questioning why players and fans attending professional sporting events should be required to stand during the playing of our National Anthem, despite conflicting ideological viewpoints, instead of being allowed to ―sit it out in peace‖, if that is their desire, underscores a disturbing tendency among a number of Americans who routinely take peace for granted

    35. O‘Connor‘s sporting obituary rather pre-mature considering that Tiger Woods is only in his late twenties

    36. It wouldn‘t be very sporting on my part were I to gloat over the recent rioting in France‘s Muslim Communities

    37. His broad face was every bit as amicable, sporting cherub cheeks sprinkled with blond stubble

    38. Treetops, still sporting as yet unbroken red buds, waved and swayed in the blustering winds

    39. If one needed proof of that, all one had to do was take a look at him and notice the shiny, embalmed, and thus quite dead skunk he was holding in one hand, the obscenely shaped carrot dangling in front of his nose tied with a red T-string around his head, and last but not least the fact that he had been carrying a ten-gallon beer can strapped on his back, with a regulator valve hanging over his shoulder, wearing nothing other than rubber boots and some boxer shorts sporting the American bald eagle, front and back

    40. A slit on the door opened, and a set of eyes appeared, sporting a troubled gaze right under a couple of eyebrows so large there could have been a whole lice ecosystem in there, hitherto unknown to man

    41. happens within a local sporting environment

    42. The three of them, two middle-aged men whose sporting days were well behind them and a pre-pubescent boy, always sat together on the double-decker bus that carried them to Nottingham

    43. He had always thought middle-aged men looked ridiculous wearing club colours, advertising the mismatch between sporting fitness and their overweight, ill-maintained bodies

    44. For them, going to the match was at once a social and a sporting occasion

    45. Hiding below a natural rock ridge was a small plant, sporting a beautiful flower, a Yellow-bell

    46. Andy finally reappeared sporting a thin grin and a thick bundle of a white, waxy rope

    47. He was probably about twenty years old, sporting a fro; he was a white boy sporting the fro

    48. He was sporting leather pants, a leather vest, and had no shirt underneath

    49. moment and was sporting a white jumpsuit

    50. still sporting an all black ensemble, but she wore the White Herons’ crest on her

    1. · Know the main events of your grandchildren's lives--not only what sports they are playing and when they have days off from school, but also their likes, dislikes, successes, and failures

    2. The driver of the diabolical sports coupe

    3. Well, other then the yellow weed and nick-names to sports clubs

    4. Through the window, I could just make out some lights, orange, so still in what must have been sports arenas and motorways

    5. He moved straight back into the Ritz, bought new clothes, bought a brand new sports car and almost immediately found that his fair weather friends, now that the rain had ceased to fall in the soldier’s life, all suddenly had sunny windows in their diaries

    6. there any sports shop in Belrampur?'

    7. 'I said this is a sports store

    8. But if it is sports

    9. They can barely teach the course there, forget sports

    10. Sports has moments that requires you to think in every possible way - analysed,

    11. They have a sports shop

    12. This two-bit shop is about to move to a prime location sports store,' I

    13. The Pandit Sports Goods Suppliers was located in Ellis Bridge

    14. Who would buy sports stuff after

    15. 'A sports shop closed down

    16. not spend two samosa plates worth of money on sports

    17. had once met the chairman of the biggest sports company in India

    18. “Yeah, that would work as a name for a sports car but not for a planet

    19. Zubin, he owns Wilson sports

    20. that? In fact, how does the whole sports thing work in Australia

    21. Sports or the AIS and initiated the world's best scholarship programme

    22. was the equivalent of thirty-five thousad sports scholarships a year for India to

    23. 'Here sports is a national obsession,' Fred said

    24. She made a flurry of getting the key out of her XXL a-cup sports bra

    25. We offered studies and sports at the same place but we never, not once, spoke

    26. to cutting-edge sports and nutritional products that

    27. She had on a little more clothing, briefs and a sports bra

    28. Even though he is wearing a sports jacket, Ted can feel Ken's nails as they plough the material into his skin

    29. The sports bag with the screwdriver case is on the bed

    30. Alex takes a second black case, larger than the one containing the screwdrivers, out of the sports bag

    31. his own reading the sports page of a newspaper

    32. would have told you that Roman wasn’t into sports

    33. He was in sports medicine and renowned all over the state for his work

    34. was active in the Girl Scouts and sports, and was in beauty competitions and

    35. A scrimmage of sorts was being played out on the sports field and the permanent citizens of the Park---the squirrels, birds, and bugs---added their own ambiance to Harry's afternoon walk

    36. They spent the rest of the day talking about all sorts of things, such as sports, the weather, what they wanted in life, their favorite foods and drinks, and their favorite hats

    37. On Deck was actually a steel sports training complex, one hundred and

    38. He was senior, a big man on campus not because of the sports he played, but for the fact that he was who he was

    39. Businesses in the area began offering to sponsor clubs and sports, societies and endowments for school age children at first, then for the greater enrichment of the general population at large

    40. Sometimes it would rise to a full daylight for sports, sometimes it would become full night for romance

    41. They poked at spectator sports and found that lead to nothing but balrog technology

    42. sports reporters to find that Roman was on pace to break just about every pitching

    43. They were devoted to romantic and sexual adventure, entertainment and participatory sports

    44. Learning about diseases and sports

    45. When you have busy nights such as evenings that are full of sports games or practices with

    46. quietly, suddenly erupted, “What about the Inter-IIT sports meet

    47. needed to hop to the Inter-IIT sports meet

    48. wedding and sports, brimming with masala and thrill, still it left

    49. “Why don’t you go on the tour and leave for the Inter-IIT sports

    50. Sports and humanitarian work come in second

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