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Fertilise en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The Queen then chose an annual consort to fertilise her.
  2. As yet I have not found a single terrestrial animal which can fertilise itself.
  3. Scientists have found ways to fertilise an ovum with chemicals, without the help of semen.
  4. It also thickens the cervical mucus so that no sperm is able to penetrate the womb and fertilise an egg.
  5. Where the father was able to produce sperm, then his natural sperm was used to fertilise the mother’s ovum for the test tube baby.

  6. These ‘Holy Scriptures’ have been written with their contextual stories, laws and rules that provide the foundational impetus for the intellectual, behavioural and emotional climate of a believing people that can fertilise the seeds of innate spiritual desires and needs, and the attitudinal climate that incubates and nurtures the ongoing culture, theology and philosophy of a people.
  7. In the second place, it is almost as much opposed to the theory of natural selection as to that of special creation, that in reciprocal crosses the male element of one form should have been rendered utterly impotent on a second form, while at the same time the male element of this second form is enabled freely to fertilise the first form; for this peculiar state of the reproductive system could hardly have been advantageous to either species.
  8. For example: your parents, having sex, before, you were, even born, fort hard, for your fathers sperm, to fertilise, your mothers egg, while having sex, that is, that is it was not, you wouldn't, be born, THUS: it was a battle, of survival, that you be born, before you even did, now we face a fact that you mother spent 9 months caring you, unless it was a pre matter birth, as your mother and father spent 9 months feeding you by what your mother feed on, if they did not have enough bread and water and food and drink, and starved as the mother dies you would to, so it's a battle of survival so as in the work force, so as you will be born, now that you were, it's that the father and mother has to fight a battle, to keep the job, or to get a better job, that is the father and mother, to continually, to feed you, themselves, and pay the bills, so you don't go hungry, and have a roof over your head, to also put you through school, to be educated, so as the whole process, repeats itself, but this time as you take responsibility, to become a father or mother.

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