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Fertilize en una oración (en ingles)

  1. As I already mentioned, don’t fertilize your grass.
  2. That line of shit is too runny to fertilize crops.
  3. In February, farmers started to fertilize the soil by.
  4. Fertilize the garden soil before you plant the onion seeds.
  5. You may then ask, How can I water and fertilize my word?

  6. These streams visit and fertilize a considerable part of Belmont.
  7. I’m sure you have heard men moan about having to fertilize the grass.
  8. She used to love telling me that it would soon be possible to fertilize.
  9. One of the reasons why grass grows so fast is because people fertilize it.
  10. In other words, it increases the chances of the sperm to fertilize the egg.
  11. Sow this seed in the soil of love, water it, fertilize it, let it absorb light and grow in its nature.
  12. The word then enters the woman’s ear together with her sexual organ and twines into her womb to fertilize the sperm seed and create the embryo.
  13. Ff the test is successful, it only increases the chance of fertility but does not guarantee the sperm will be free to fertilize the egg when it reach the.
  14. We sat in the courtyard with Cuauhtzin discreetly positioned to fertilize the flowers, while Tetl served us chocolatl and brought me up to date on the staff.
  15. Water buffaloes are then turned in to eat the straw and fertilize the ground and tramp it all about, and the ground is ready for sowing again to repeat the cycle.

  16. And some bacteria help to fertilize the soil for agriculture, and so, man has no right to suffer or kill any living thing even if it is an ant without legal right.
  17. Even when a sperm does fertilize an egg, there’s only a fractional chance that the egg will attach to the wall of the uterus and eventually develop into a growing baby.
  18. The answer is simple, trees cannot use 90% of chemicals your fertilize them with, and the remaining goes into the ground and pollutes everything! Trees must be fed naturally and in accord with how the natural system works.
  19. It serves to create mould over rocks, to increase their decomposition, to add to our cultivable soil, to amalgamate the alluvial and organic deposits, to fertilize sandy and unfruitful tracts in the course of time, to administer to vegetable life, &c.
  20. Luke 13:6-9 A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard and he came and sought fruit on it and found none; then he said to the dresser of his vineyard note that these three years I came seeking fruit on this fig tree and found none; cut it down; Why burden the ground? and he answering to him said: Lord leave it alone this year until I also dig around it and fertilize it and if it holds fruit it is well; and if not then after that you shall cut it down.
  21. His gusts should fertilize, amend,.
  1. Without God’s intervention analogous to the fertilizing male.
  2. Althrough the ICSI has a success rate 50% to 80% for eggs fertilizing, it.
  3. This would prevent sperm leakage, and increase the sperm’s chances in fertilizing the egg.
  4. On top of that, maintaining them is limited only to the regular mulching, weeding, and fertilizing.
  5. Everything is maintained with horses in his fields: fertilizing, plowing, planting, seeding, and weeding.
  6. Until they began artificially planting these seeds and nuts, and irrigating them, watering them, fertilizing them.
  7. In other words, if you make use of it, then you can see healthy grass without constant mowing, and even without fertilizing.
  8. When it comes to fertilizing your lawn, you have to consider that there are lots of different fertilizers available in the market today.
  9. The one wise administrator of his surplus has poured a fertilizing stream upon so,1 that was ready to receive it and return a hundredfold.
  10. When a farmer plants seeds on fertile ground the seeds will grow, but there are things he can do to increase his harvest such as watering and fertilizing the soil.
  11. It was discovered over eons that rotating crops gave the earth time to replenish its nutrient content, that bugs dying in the soil decay and restore nutrients to the soil, that manure from cows and other animals was a miracle for fertilizing land.
  12. Blithe wa s the singing of the young girls ove r the ir te st-tube s, the Pre de stina tors whistle d a s the y worke d, a nd in the De ca nting Room wha t glorious joke s we re cra cke d a bove the e m pty bottle s! But the Director's fa ce, a s he entered the Fertilizing Room with Henry Foster, wa s gra ve, wooden with severity.
  13. Whatever the biologists say! Without detracting from the laudable work of these creatures that scholars praise for their role at Earth; making it suitable for farming, loosening roots and compressing soil, by fertilizing the land, and if this were not enough, as ultimate sacrifice, they serve as food to birds, mammals and reptiles; the truth is, it must be said, that nature behaved with them as a cruel tyrant when it comes to lavish her gifts.
  1. She fertilized it with dung collected.
  2. From there the fertilized egg moves to uterus for.
  3. One of the eggs will be thawed and fertilized with your.
  4. The spirit starts at the fertilized egg to process the body.
  5. It may not interferes with implantation of fertilized eggs but.
  6. The fertilized cell, which contains 46 chromosomes, is called an.
  7. If the egg is not fertilized, the lining is shed during menstruation.
  8. Without them crops would not get fertilized and everyone would starve.
  9. A pregnancy in which the fertilized egg is implanted itself around where the.
  10. The seed cares not how it was sown nor fertilized, but simply that it's alive.
  11. These fertilized eggs are sticky and will adhere to the needles on the branches.
  12. They had all been collected after he'd been shot, fertilized using his frozen sperm.
  13. This is because earthworms keep the soil fertilized, which can make your plants happy.
  14. So after long term exposure, they removed her ovaries, manipulated them and fertilized them.
  15. Even though it was watered, and fertilized, and babied like no other tree has before or since.
  16. The fertilized herring eggs are a delicacy for the native Alaskans and are actively harvested.
  17. Possible infestations are fought biologically, and the olive grove is fertilized with goat manure.
  18. I’m not sure if they are allowed to eat produce that has been fertilized with meat by-product waste.
  19. What is left is fertilized roe stuck to the seaweed in the ocean, which is brought back to the European coasts by the current.
  20. But if the problem fertilized with a solution, you will latch out dozens of solution and at the same time reflect the opinion of God.
  21. But what the fields are sowed with, how they are fertilized and watered, influences the fruits of fertile, infertile or polluted fields.
  22. Even seahorse males who “give birth” to young are only surrogate “mothers,” being simply the recipients of labor-avoiding moms’ fertilized eggs.
  23. Isis is called the Star of the Sea and represents the fruitful, rich plains of Egypt, the prima materia, which brings forth life when fertilized by Osiris, the Nile flood (Larousse 19).
  24. Their only drinking water came from a reservoir fed by runoff from rice paddies fertilized with human excrement, and to avoid dying of thirst, the POWs had to drink it, leaving 90 percent of them afflicted with dysentery.
  25. Brought together by the sub-soil conditions, the males and females of a given creed, and or hybrids of sorts, in due course would have evolved themselves into seeds that the soil conditions would have fertilized as plants in time.
  26. Sexual gratification? Being kissed, penetrated, and fertilized by the irresistible President of the USA? Is power really a womans greatest aphrodisiac as Henry Kissinger once declared? In any case, everything eventually comes out in the wash.
  27. Without the use of chemical fertilizers: nitrates to be specific: international globalist agri-business corporations would never have been created: in fact they couldn’t have been created because that couldn’t have artificially fertilized their huge tracts of land with cheap, nitrate-based man-made chemical fertilizer.
  28. Although the seeds of Christ’s reality have been sowed and fertilized we can still observe that the beliefs and practices of organized Christianity and other institutionalized religions has impacted and influenced the world in a distorted and corrupt fashion, causing significant suffering to both followers of Christianity, other faiths and non-followers alike.
  29. Are they chemically fertilized mono-green, stylized keep off the over watered lawns, or walkways lined with edible plants, fruits and vegetables, where the hands of children, the hungry, and homeless are welcome to pick and loiter? Can you imagine a stranger eating a hand gathered meal under your welcome to all front yard apple garden? Perennial parking strips turned into rows of abundance? Green spaces that are open invitations to a feast where nothing is owned, but all is shared 19.
  30. For example, what does it mean to contextualize a verse that calls for a massacre of the Jews? Does it mean explaining the call as function of the period, of the historical context, of the reason for writing and thinking such thing in the tribal moment? and afterward? Does anti-Semitism disappear when we show that its roots reach down into a loam fertilized by its history and geography? Does the call to crime suddenly and magically cease to be a call to crime? Whatever we think of the context, we cannot alter the fact that the words were written down in black and white.
  31. Do you say so now, Mercedes?—then what would you say if you knew the extent of the sacrifice I make to you? Suppose that the Supreme Being, after having created the world and fertilized chaos, had paused in the work to spare an angel the tears that might one day flow for mortal sins from her immortal eyes; suppose that when everything was in readiness and the moment had come for God to look upon his work and see that it was good—suppose he had snuffed out the sun and tossed the world back into eternal night—then—even then, Mercedes, you could not imagine what I lose in sacrificing my life at this moment.
  1. Or as the proverb states, ‘the bee fertilizes the flower it robs’.
  2. Primarily sex determination occurs at fertilization and depends upon the type of sex chromosome in the sperm that fertilizes an ovum.
  3. If it is an ‘X’ bearing sperm that fertilizes the ovum, the fetus is a female and if it is a ‘Y’ bearing sperm then the fetus is a male.
  4. A botanist notices that the bee flying with the pollen of a male flower to a pistil fertilizes the latter, and sees in this the purpose of the bee’s existence.

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