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    1. rubbish we are fed about local customs and dishes when we stumble

    2. Are you fed up with either? :

    3. Whatever it takes to keep these two fed and safe

    4. Many years ago when tests were run on the toxicity of DE, it was found to be beneficial to the animals fed with it as they gained weight and seemed healthier then those not fed DE

    5. Animals fed DE have fewer problems with intestinal parasites

    6. “Fuck that motherfucker! I’ll fucking kill that fucker fifty times before he realizes I fed him his own cock through his asshole!”

    7. The answer is simple, trees cannot use 90% of chemicals your fertilize them with, and the remaining goes into the ground and pollutes everything! Trees must be fed naturally and in accord with how the natural system works

    8. He had everything sent by Fed Ex so he’d never have to leave his house

    9. doostEr was sitting on a comfortable rock after he fed them, still in his tattered old night fur

    10. "Nope, I'm up and fed and working on the chores

    11. By the end of it Liz and I were thoroughly fed up with the exercise so when Stephen bounced in after a day in the office, we were not amused

    12. ‘I had moved up country and was fed up with commuting over that distance

    13. She fed a stream to Ava but got only a few quick messages of 'thanks' and 'interesting' and she did not come out of her lab

    14. shepherds feed the flocks? Ye eat the fat, and ye clothe you with the wool, ye kill them that are fed: but ye feed not the flock

    15. shepherds fed themselves, and fed not my flock; Therefore, O ye shepherds, hear the word

    16. Nevertheless, who knows what really awaits us after death, to the Other Side? Imagine some sort of aliens waiting there, ready to be fed with strong souls!” Alexander said at a moment, in a rather equivocal manner

    17. I felt rough fibres catching at the corners of my mouth as though I were being force fed a winding sheet, and then, as stars started to explode across my eyelids, I realised with a flood of relief that my head and shoulders were still covered by the sacking

    18. Why would they keep you fed and dry? You convince yourself that there is a point

    19. Those fabricators fed the last Angels running in the last instrumentation pod of Gordon's Lamp

    20. ‘Yes … and?’ Kara said impatiently, fed up with being treated as some kind of invalid

    21. construct realities based on what they are fed and what they

    22. So the back-story of the 5,000 being fed is really interesting

    23. She got the signals into the best analysis pipe she could formulate and fed the results back thru a correlation space

    24. ) She fed them and herself dinner; then went for a walk before turning in for the night

    25. hard work, they were fed as with the others

    26. He came in and fed the ‘twins’

    27. Fed on a diet of the thinnest celebrity gruel,

    28. Michael bent over and hugged him and gently patted his massive head lovingly; he fed him a small amount of meat and placed a bowl of water before him

    29. He draws me out of the stables with a final command to his son to ensure that Adamant is fed

    30. My rider was one of the men they fed to the hatchlings

    31. This only fed my delusions of grandeur

    32. The birds sang sweetly in the hedgerows and the last of the house martins were diving and darting across the sky as they fed themselves up for their long autumn flight south

    33. He was content as long as I fed him

    34. Lord Mantel was master of Field Hold; his people saw to the planting and harvesting of the many different crops that fed the People

    35. We wrapped her up and put her in the bottom oven of the range to try to warm her up, do you remember? I fed her with warm milk on the end of a cotton bud, her little pink tongue licking the milk off

    36. ‘He’s only protecting himself from the possibility of having fainting women on his hands, Anna, he knows only too well that I need to be fed regularly!’

    37. I was being fed a presentation in that case, and we can’t be sure of any of the things I learned

    38. But she couldn’t prove they were not still in that tin shed with the whole expedition to 61 Cygni and back synthesized and fed in

    39. The Hausa were moved to an area off to the side and well back from the entrance; there they were relieved of their burdens, and watered and fed

    40. She was fed gruel for breakfast, but at least it had some bits of dates and fig in it

    41. ‘Well, when you get fed up with this lout and his magazine, Sarah, give me a ring

    42. Well fed, dressed like the better class of peasant women, and with a much better ID, they set off on the road to the harbor and passage to the 57th century

    43. in our care are fed and sheltered, and to do our best

    44. and fed thee? Or thirsty, and gave thee drink?

    45. of the rapids, fed by waterfalls on either side

    46. movement of the water, except where the lake is fed by small streams

    47. ‘Otherwise it’s going to stretch on and on and you’ll get fed up with it, lose the edge

    48. He guessed it could keep him fed for a couple of days

    49. It’s fed to dogs, perhaps, where there’s nothing better

    50. in the garden, and now fed very well on two consecutive mealtimes,

    1. “We got another mouth to feed

    2. The bait gets them into the trap and once they enter the water to feed, the soap in the water prevents them from being able to leave

    3. Nitrogen s not the most important element of what you feed your plants

    4. Fly parasites deposit their eggs inside immature fly pupae, the parasitic eggs hatch into larvae which feed on their hosts

    5. Lo and behold, it's like a completely different place -- the farmhouse is completely rebuilt and in excellent condition, there are plenty of cattle and other livestock happily munching on feed in well-fenced pens, and the fields are filled with crops planted in neat rows

    6. It grinds men apart slowly to feed off their terror

    7. Other insects will come around to feed on this nectar as well

    8. Many of us are in a better financial situation that we did not have the luxury of when we had to work and spend so much time away from our children in order to feed, cloth, and keep a roof over their heads


    10. Eggs hatched along the shoreline and the insects came back tenfold to feed upon him

    11. "What did you feed me?"

    12. • Using a mulching mower is one of the best ways to recycle your grass clippings and feed the lawn at the same time! Try the newer solar mulching mowers!


    14. Trees love compost: Compost is one of the few things you can feed trees with

    15. Feed yearly if possible

    16. • Never Feed trees a chemical fertilizer (this is about using organic )

    17. Also Foliar feeding them will provide for them the fastest source of food and energy therefore it is important that you only feed them nutrition that relieves stress; and not causes it

    18. All plants have leaves of one form or another, and when you feed them through these leaves, you are foliar spraying them

    19. This was due largely to the masses of people that needed to feed themselves and to their ability to learn from others

    20. like a seed! Feed me with your Heavenly bread, my lord, so that i could

    21. Parasites who feed off the poor after the banks have already stripped them of everything they possess

    22. A feed of all the channels Narrulla could currently open from the planet below was up on screens around them

    23. You feed your spirit with it

    24. The optical links were still functional and she could get a feed from that scope transmitted here

    25. hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own

    26. shepherds; Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves! should not the

    27. shepherds feed the flocks? Ye eat the fat, and ye clothe you with the wool, ye kill them that are fed: but ye feed not the flock

    28. He Feeds the Sheep (Jeremiah 3:15; Ezekiel 34:14; Isaiah 40:11) - "Feed" and

    29. As he triple-checked his gunner’s load and ammo feed, he said, "Those Squidies all got propulsion built in their suits

    30. It detected the output of a data feed that Brazilian intelligence had secretly attached to all outgoing starships

    31. Talstan had no angels when they left, but now mortal Talstan was nothing but a feed lot for their Angels

    32. You could only feed for so long on fresh meat in one place

    33. The dungeon guards had been ordered not to feed Son so that he would

    34. Feed it every day out of the wellspring of your

    35. He knew that he could not feed the baby even if he could escape

    36. that he couldn’t feed her and he knew she would not survive the journey to

    37. Once again, Jesus asks how they are going to feed so many

    38. They feed the people

    39. From drawing images on a canvas, to creating a whole new world with a few different colored markers, most of the images that are posted on the company's feed use a variety of colors, show images popping up off the screen and show some form of creativity flowing off the page

    40. against the elements providing feed for the flock

    41. “The duck will want a special feed

    42. balance of nutrients so the duck can feed her birthducks, when

    43. That’s where the crows feed

    44. What kingdom is it that we subscribe to when we choose our homes? How much land is sufficient? How large of a house is conducive to claiming that we are Kingdom oriented? What is the proper mentality to hold for occupation and self-life? When guests come, what is the proper way to house them and feed them? What I find is that even across the United States of America the answer to these questions are vastly different depending on where you live

    45. “Say,” he asker her, “do you want me to feed the twins?”

    46. above the fields upon which I feed,

    47. Something would be along in a day or two to feed on her useless flesh, then this could be done with and she wouldn't have to suffer with what she'd made of herself any more

    48. come feed me when the rains don’t fall,

    49. A few have been recreated lately from preserved DNA but they are still too rare to feed quibartas

    50. “Well hi!” he said, but wondered what he would feed her, he only had seven mooliuks and that’s not a large feast for one

    1. He claimed that the guards were feeding him zombie meat

    2. By top-dressing Is the lawn being damaged by them? When you have your lawn and property with year-old horse manure, spotted the telltale signs of gophers or moles (a small you will not only be feeding your soil, but also repel-mound of soil or dead plants), naturally as they do not like manure

    3. Use a combination of organic liquid fertilizers as foliar feeding with organic fertilizers that are applied

    4. A stomach poison that stops insects from feeding and become paralyzed

    5. I provide a feeding station for them on another part of the property that I do not mind them being in

    6. Keep your pets in shape by feeding them good food and giving them plenty of exercise

    7. Read the ingredients of the food you are feeding your animals

    8. Give Caesar his Due: Feeding the ants will reduce their activity in other parts of their kingdom(our yard and house)

    9. The basic idea is to provide for the ants a feeding center, see Ant Cafes™ chapter one

    10. Also Foliar feeding them will provide for them the fastest source of food and energy therefore it is important that you only feed them nutrition that relieves stress; and not causes it

    11. She moves his arm, seems to scold him, continues with the feeding

    12. her mother’s choice, the path that lead to feeding on carrion, of chasing down the

    13. The bundles of control conduits feeding into Horcheese blocked the projection in a few places, but the bridge’s tactical display covered half the bridge

    14. That was her mother’s choice, the path that lead to feeding on carrion, of chasing down the rabbit and the rat and vole just to fill your belly and your veins

    15. Something has to keep feeding the negative energy frenzy

    16. Herds of grazers came by, slowly this time, feeding

    17. feeding on the frenzy,

    18. They were then led to the feeding grounds by Rah

    19. Your friend is still feeding, and resting James

    20. Intelligent crime on a huge scale with a demon in the detail; a high-powered, heavily-armed, luxurious schooner feeding world-wide drivelling greed, gagging for more and supplied on demand by ruthless slavering zeal

    21. For this reason, deliberately feeding your mind with positive

    22. She could be storing all the real signals from Sol and feeding us this script

    23. She continued to the stables and found Master Seatac feeding the Hausa

    24. He seemed to enjoy that response, laughing loudly as he went about feeding the Hausa

    25. Simon starts feeding Treacle with tiny bits of left-over beef

    26. H) Feeding the Beast

    27. There are lots of families out feeding the ducks and even a few sailing boats on the water

    28. RECOGNISE that your attention lies on a non-‐truth and you are feeding it

    29. That responsibility burdened him as much as feeding the four of them did back before the starship

    30. I dig Sam’s bowl out of the carrier bag and we set up her feeding place

    31. Oh, sure, she saw him out on the tractor, riding up and down the fields, and sometimes she would even catch him feeding the horses

    32. The two dogs finished their feeding at the same time

    33. Early diners had just discovered this and there was a feeding frenzy building as they watched

    34. Should it grow beyond our control, it will not stop feeding until the entire Seventh World is devoured

    35. No doubt people were feeding them up there

    36. What was left of him – his paper-thin flesh, and fleeting soul – were the only things keeping it from feeding upon the entire Seventh World

    37. feeding the poor so they could devote themselves to two things:

    38. feeding the poor, healing the sick, and reaching the lost, and

    39. beast by feeding her apples and whispering reassuringly

    40. sake of feeding the hungry of the world

    41. Being mindless feeding machines, the walking dead made for easy targets

    42. Granny was feeding Lemoss's Uncle Todd's shire horses with a bucket of oats and chopped vegetables

    43. Jean was absently feeding

    44. And now they were traveling out of London, raping and pillaging as they went, feeding off the general population like the Vikings of old

    45. What's particularly sad is most of them are also feeding the fire

    46. They had just come in from feeding the horses a few apples while Elmore described the lineage of the stallion and the records he had set

    47. donkey by feeding her some of his bread, but the animal

    48. Had the Scotch cattle been always confined to the market of Scotland, in a country in which the quantity of land, which can be applied to no other purpose but the feeding of cattle, is so great in proportion to what can be applied to other purposes, it is scarce possible, perhaps, that their price could ever have risen so high as to render it profitable to cultivate land for the sake of feeding them

    49. This seemed to be the only part of the immediate area that wasn't occupied by something pertaining to the care and feeding of floaters

    50. The land is manured, either by pasturing the cattle upon it, or by feeding them in the stable, and from thence carrying out their dung to it

    1. The Krummling feeds on fear

    2. The eggs develop into legless larva that feeds on tiny amounts of organic matter for up to one month

    3. It feeds off of you, turns you into a shrieking bonfire

    4. He Feeds the Sheep (Jeremiah 3:15; Ezekiel 34:14; Isaiah 40:11) - "Feed" and

    5. In His own land, there is a multitude that gathers and He feeds them

    6. Instead of sending them away, He feeds them with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish

    7. So, use the feeds, promote, and keep your followers in the loop using Facebook to leverage your Instagram contests

    8. Something feeds back on the PA

    9. Once, he foolishly asked his lord the obvious question, to which he received the simple, and more obvious answer; “It feeds

    10. What I don't like is that Klarrain gives her almost twice the going rate, plus puts her up and feeds her, buys her trinkets, takes her out, gives her the use of everything in the house, including the help, and worst of all, lets her have a say in the business

    11. It is this stock which feeds, clothes, and lodges the people

    12. news sites, web sites with news feeds on them, and news emails delivered to

    13. The expense of a great lord feeds generally more idle than industrious people The rich merchant, though with his capital he maintains industrious people only, yet by his expense, that is, by the employment of his revenue, he feeds commonly the very same sort as the great lord

    14. You know how it goes, right? Jobs that have become a burdening, stressful weight rather than a joyous opportunity to learn and contribute; once vibrant relationships gone sour yet clung to in a monotonous and abject state of surrender; and unending financial woes that in great part are self-generated due to an insatiable purchasing hunger that feeds on itself like the viral monster that it is

    15. Such a proprietor, as he feeds his servants and retainers at his own house, so he feeds his tenants at their houses

    16. As the expense of purchasing those unnecessary utensils would diminish, instead of increasing, either the quantity or goodness of the family provisions; so the expense of purchasing an unnecessary quantity of gold and silver must, in every country, as necessarily diminish the wealth which feeds, clothes, and lodges, which maintains and employs the people

    17. The self-centered self needs things, is afraid of things, feeds on compliments, wants to be right about everything, and is embarrassed when viewed in an unflattering light

    18. that feeds off the energy of a host, be it a person, animal, or


    20. Its body feeds on life-force, its mind on pure thought energy

    21. So Roidon had become crucial in overriding their monitoring systems and providing them with false feeds

    22. His attention was caught by an image on one of the video feeds, the gradual movement of a mechanical figure – Torbin Lyndau making his glacially slow way along the corridor connecting the hanger

    23. Mint is traditionally used in animal feeds as an appetiser

    24. penny, feeds his guests and clients cheap meals, whines about his expenses and high cost of living, and stiffs servers in restaurants

    25. It is on them chiefly that the tsetse feeds, and they are apparently inoculated and do not suffer any evil effects

    26. Although I firmly agree that professionalism is a function of character rather than appearance, I am equally inclined to support the notion that many individuals (including yours truly) require (some) structure in their lives and that the degree an employee adopts a more casual approach to his or her personal appearance, he or she will likely to adopt similar (laid-back) attitudes as they relate to work; that is to say, that the one arguably feeds off the other

    27. In the Feeds and Web Slices section, click on Settings

    28. When an army feeds its horses with grain and kills its cattle for food, and when the men do not hang their cooking-pots over the camp fires, showing that they will not return to their tents, you may know that they are determined to fight to the death

    29. “He feeds the crows, the foxes, the worms and the vultures

    30. Not even data feeds

    31. The screen snatched surveillance feeds

    32. Each of the lobes feeds and is fed by the other lobes, by matter called the corpus callosum

    33. 16 My beloved is mine, and I am his: he feeds among the lilies

    34. 20 He feeds on ashes: a deceived heart has turned him aside, that he cannot deliver his soul, nor say, Is there not a lie in my right

    35. Every action we do in the present, feeds into the stream of our actions

    36. feeds on the monitor next to the sleeping guard, and knew that

    37. They expect the worst outcome, and they become afraid and the fear feeds the disease

    38. As he was headed for the door, several witnesses heard Chelsea say, ‘You know what they do to a Doberman that bites the hand that feeds him

    39. He is blind to the machinery of evil that feeds on the worst crumbs of human experience

    40. everywhere, for life feeds on life

    41. She feeds it day after

    42. mother because she feeds it and hates her because she is late

    43. For memory feeds imagination and im-

    44. It feeds on fruits, insects and spiders, but especially on the nectar produced from the flax and fuchsia plants

    45. Thus, on the one hand it feeds and recreates the spirit, but on the other it also provides material well being for its citizens

    46. It feeds almost exclusively on grass and leaves its burrow between two lights

    47. To keep on top of things in your industry, you need to follow the Twitter feeds below:

    48. if there are conferences and annual meetings for your industry, subscribe to their Tweeter feeds, including those of the conference speakers and the main speakers

    49. follow the Twitter feeds of your clients and your potential customers

    50. You can gain a lot of intelligence from their Twitter feeds and how best to serve them and keep them happy

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