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As I float on Mars.
He helped to float us.
See the notes float by.
I watch him float about.
No, it does not float.
The launch of float seems.

The rest quickly float away.
I Float Because Of Your Will.
We're going to float over you.
Wings to float among the clouds.
She needed something to float on.
And she was on a float trip? No.
A week to float aimlessly about.
There’s a house that can float.
They seemed to float leisurely by.
Short Percent of Float is 1.
As I float peacefully in the ocean.
All the while, the Jews can float.
Holding on to it helped me to float.
Dry flies are simply flies that float.
Sometimes it’s best to float away.
Scraps of burned paper float overhead.
Make me float in the river that swells.
I hope they don't float around too much.
The same cop that was going to float me.
They’re waterproof and they’ll float.
Can I get a sage root float too?
Do you think it will actually float?
Even if you and me can float on the sea.
There was a gap between one float.
It spells FLOAT and then it spells CAT.
She could make it seem to float in mid-air.
With Drudge's help, they made the boat float.
The top of board with no abortion yan float.
I couldn’t trust myself not to float away.
He lay peacefully, letting his thoughts float.
Float round the old suns when faileth the day.
Thin wisps of smoke began to float into the.
Wet flies are simply flies that don’t float.
He was floating in time.
It is a floating forest.
Ask it to stay floating.
We are floating in a pool.
Dust, floating in the air.
It was floating in the air.
Mim had been floating nearby.
I felt as if I was floating.
It was like he was floating.
It was floating on the water.
It felt like she was floating.
Floating a trace higher than.
Maggie was floating next to me.
The Anna Belle was a floating.
It felt like floating on water.
Things were floating around me.
See, he was floating face down.
He was floating in the air! As.
Whether you are floating about.
They shoved aside the floating.
I could be floating in the river.
I suddenly feel like I'm floating.
As suspected, Harmony was floating.
And that's what keeps it floating.
A moment is floating through time.
There was talk of a floating body.
They were now floating high over.
I raced for the floating elevator.
His fingers are floating over them.
Some men were floating in the surf.
He had me floating on a pool with.
I remember a floating human head.
You inhale a cluster floating away.
I was floating above the ash cloud.
I felt as if I was floating on air.
Again, he was floating in stability.
Not even a floating bolt in our way.
Fantine was innocence floating high.
It has been reported floating along.
Someone who is floating in the ether.
He floated a bit closer.
She floated out the door.
They floated down to Bev.
He floated down into the.
The eyes floated to her.
A voice floated over them.
The crew floated in the Rec.
The smoke floated softly up.
The mask floated on the wind.
Dunk shoved away and floated.
Floated midway on the waves;.
He had no legs, but floated.
A portion floated on the top.
All his clothes floated around.
Some lyrics floated over them.
High overhead a heron floated.
His smoke floated into the air.
Samantha floated back to Brady.
It floated away like a glowfly.
They floated, fell: they faded.
Red Mars floated near the rocket.
The landscape floated under him.
Faye Anne and Janet floated away.
It just floated there, inanimate.
Her robes floated gently on the.
Isaak's, floated across my mind.
Sharon floated into the darkness.
His head floated up next to my ear.
Brittany just floated up and over.
Low moans floated in on the breeze.
Flybe floated in 2010 at over 300p.
Mammy and Cookie floated up to her.
A thought floated through her mind.
The men floated in a sensory vacuum.
Music floated in as the door opened.
The figure floated above Zar’s bed.
For a while this floated motionless.
After a while they floated restfully.
Then silently it floated into the air.
Particulate matter floated in the air.
But it floats back up.
He floats over his house.
Oil floats on water, and the.
Catch the Star that floats afar;.
It floats but sadly is devoid of.
A drum beat floats over the Temple.
Earth floats in orbit around the Sun.
Within the immensity of space floats a.
One of the floats dipped under the water.
All the sub light squared stuff floats in it.
They say that is the reason the globe floats.
I say fine, honey, whatever floats your boat.
She floats into the kitchen some minutes later.
Willie's skull-cap floats up with the dust cloud.
A relaxed body floats best—so try to stay calm.
The cables are removed and the ship floats free.
It is very odd that it floats at all, isn't it?
You watch yourself turn to where your ghost floats.
The water turns into little balls and floats forward.
He steps onto it and floats over to where Bellona is.
Blood splatters in all directions, but floats upwards.
She floats free of the earth, just a crafter of doors.
The King Magnus still floats and can be readied within.
Steam floats off the water as Cap orders, Roll call!.
The lotus grows in mud, but its leaf floats above the water.
Paper, too, escapes my paw and floats, serenely, to the floor.
Mount Shasta, draped in Alpenglow, seemingly floats above the.
Examples of floating point numbers (or floats for short) are 3.
Hear their sweet song as it floats on the mild breeze blowing.
A gray dress clings to her shoulders, floats away from her waist.
Whatever floats your boat Kemp, I said trying to stay calm.
In each bowl floats in one or another liquid a pinkish body part.
She jumps up out of her seat and almost floats over to the counter.
It floats in a sleepy, timeless wonder of nourishment and silence.
Fuel cans, plastic bottles, logs—anything that floats can be used.
The modern version would be ‘whatever floats your boat is good’.
He floats like a white cloud, one with the existence, in tune with it.
A sphere floats through the intersection, so he jumps forward and—.
Consider a firm who floats a bond issue of 100 million at 8 % interest.
Eventually, a huge chunk of the country breaks off and floats out to sea.

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