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    1. “You weren’t watching where I was going,” Bob said to him

    2. Johnny looked Bob in the eye

    3. “I’m scared,” Bob said sarcastically, and he took another swing at Johnny

    4. Before Bob knew what was going on, he had lost two of his accomplices

    5. “I am going to hurt you!” Bob declared, his simple mind latching onto the last thing he had heard and going with it

    6. With a yell, Bob charged at Johnny

    7. The crowd of spectators had a moment to look on in horror before Bob plowed right into them, knocking at least a dozen students to the ground and managing to land on a good number of them

    8. Uncle Bob married about the same time as Mum and Dad, but after a half-hearted attempt at farming here in England, he gave up and they emigrated to Australia

    9. Bob Ross, that happy painter who once

    10. screams that bob in the ice-cold water

    11. and Pastor Bob, who’s care takes the pain away

    12. She's married to Bob who works for the council - can't quite remember in what capacity - and they have a couple of kids

    13. The bob cut has served her well, but her stylist is working on her layers

    14. I could make a few bob, afford a nicer flat maybe

    15. The minute the brisk air hit her hot cheeks she felt the ground bob to greet her

    16. Althay moved and his eyes began to bob jauntily


    18. Bob Wills, the son of Maury Wills, was one of the players that night for Arizona State against Arizona

    19. Just 600 miles south of Miami, most people think of Bob Marley, and it‘s true this is Reggae Country

    20. He did his party head bob at the yandrille and strolled over to it

    21. Boo! Say what? Well, my good friend Morty el Mago always had a positive attitude about everything—incredible, huh?—and in relation to that, I’ve been thinking about a story he once told me that he referred to as the Tale of Bob the Buho

    22. Bob the Buho’s camouflage, found in other species of Mother Nature’s children, is not only created by the darkness of his environment when he is out on the hunt, but also his plumage itself is skillfully adapted to blend in with the colors, textures, and patterns of his surroundings

    23. Not only can Bob the Buho hang out almost invisible in his lofty environment, but he can swirl about silently in the black sky without calling attention to the sensitive eardrums of many of his prey

    24. But there’s more to the impressive skill-set of our invisible and silent night stalker! Bob the Buho’s sharp eyesight was already alluded to

    25. Furthermore, how about his hearing capabilities? Bob the Buho has an audible range similar to us Homo sapiens, but his “what’s-going-on?” sound mechanism is much more sensitive than ours to certain frequencies

    26. But can you imagine if we humans started doing some plastic surgery stuff so we could mimic Bob the Buho’s great abilities for audible fixating! From what I’ve gathered, those delicate medical operations are done for just the opposite reason—to make us more symmetrical and to correct those unsightly, off-balance, or inappropriately shaped features that we were blessed with but are not appreciative of

    27. As a final super impressive aspect of Bob the Buho, he’s equipped with an extraordinary pair of two feet and a mouth that would make those mixed martial arts fighter types green with envy

    28. Night after night, week after week, and month after month during his extended life of some 15 odd years, the “Boo, boo, boo!” and “Ha, ha, ha!” of Bob the Buho could be heard reverberating through the dimly moonlit forest that he called home

    29. with a major in Bible and a minor in Biology from Bob

    30. Ah, now here you can see that Bob has made a classic error

    31. Bob has wisely chosen to lean back against the wall, which offers both support and security

    32. Unless Bob has made a special study of how to fall on his backside without looking like a dick, he would perhaps be best advised to avoid this position

    33. Sorry Bob, try again!

    34. I know that could be brought into this” Bob

    35. “Yes send for him - now Bob, tell him of the

    36. Then Bob started talking about

    37. Bob was taken aback, as he merely tested

    38. Bob was interrupted with a cup

    39. too!” Bob sat back in a state of shock,

    40. Bob Olson, a former private investigator and skeptic of afterlife and mediums have tested many psychic mediums before concluding that there are indeed genuine mediums who can communicate with the ‘dead’

    41. The course that many people have learned the most from in that regard is "Power Copywriting for the Internet," by Bob Serling

    42. I guess she has a bob now

    43. whose names are Bob and Alice

    44. ” Bob tells her that it is fine, and Mr

    45. Corporal Bob Simmons came along and said

    46. “Look Bob I am sorry if I bit your head off I know it’s not your fault we have no water we are all just a bit tired that’s all

    47. It comes to our attention that, in a recent attempt to stem taxpayer losses for bad loans guaranteed by Fanny Mae and Freddie Mack, Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn

    48. Smoky and Bob grew and blended in with the family, along with the children

    49. Gradually, the tears subsided and we all got used to Smoky’s absence, even Bob

    50. I was just starting to pick up the piles of wrapping paper and ribbon scattered all over when I heard Bob scratching on the front door to come in, as he always did

    1. doostEr's head bobbed at that one

    2. BigThree bobbed his now and then, but only eyes three and four were up for quite awhile

    3. My feelings towards this strange new world in which I existed, and more especially for the young man holding my life in his hands, troubled me greatly, adding volume to the already flooded sea of confusion upon which I bobbed along

    4. Outside a stiff wind blew the spume about the waves where windsurfers danced and bobbed on the water while grit and dust blew everywhere on the land

    5. A smouldering cigarette bobbed between his swollen lips when he spoke, 'Hi

    6. “Got you,” he snarled as his head bobbed up and down just

    7. Gulls bobbed around on the swell, unfazed by the movement of the water beneath them

    8. sailing boats bobbed contentedly as we strolled lazily

    9. Tetloan's head bobbed up and down while he constantly chattered with every step he took

    10. He tried to sort his thoughts and must have dozed for when his head bobbed he was startled to see that the sky was already lightening

    11. It bobbed up and down, the flames rolling around

    12. Danny nudged Jodie and she bobbed forward within the Akashi current that was still holding them

    13. Danny felt expansive and peaceful as he bobbed within the water

    14. Here and there pulsating squares of light bobbed in the waters - the Akashi books waiting to be born

    15. Two were sitting in a dark green jetcraft, as it bobbed on the rippling water, while three more were sitting against the embankment

    16. You just have to see this!” he shouted and then bobbed back into the hole

    17. The cultist’s head bobbed respectfully up and down subtly

    18. The gnarled head bobbed slowly

    19. The platform bobbed under his weight and, not for the first time, the old Custodian wished he were not so heavy

    20. The boat bobbed up and down over the waves which grew in intensity as the dawn began to spread across the sky in earnest

    21. The girl’s red curls bobbed at the motion

    22. Makis' large head bobbed up and down, and that familiar tension start up in the pit of my stomach

    23. A few seconds later, Piers and Troy bobbed into view

    24. “Who is this person; this ‘Mike Scumbag?’” He tapped at the page with the eraser end of his pencil, and glared his rage at poor Manuel, whose Adam’s apple bobbed at the sight of Gordon’s humorless glare

    25. Then the metal egg or machine, whatever it was, bobbed slightly as if trying to mimic a human’s bow

    26. The construct bobbed again and wiggled its large round base a little

    27. The egg-shaped machine bobbed and leaned slightly forward, its black band adorned with a single red dot of light, it’s voice low with faint undertones of mirth:

    28. The machine bobbed just once and floated at a smaller height from the granite floor, its voice filled with mild aggravation:

    29. The Prosops bobbed slightly leaning to and fro as well, as if it were intrigued and curiously undecided about what it should say

    30. The machine bobbed enthusiastically, his voice lilting:

    31. The machine bobbed slightly as if nodding with reticence

    32. The machine suddenly bobbed and leaned forward, the color of its entire band a harsh blinding red

    33. There was bad on the occasional fruit that bobbed at the water’s edge, but they ate what was good and now saved what little fruit that had been gleaned from the trees for toting

    34. ledge, and kept it there while he bobbed his head to the music

    35. A little fishing boat humbly bobbed on the water, barely noticeable in the midst of larger ships

    36. It smiled at her with knowing eyes and bobbed its head once

    37. shirt, his eyes glued to my nipples as they bobbed up and down in the suds

    38. Her hands came up out of the yellow mass and her head bobbed

    39. ” Moshe bobbed his head up and down in agreement at the memory of what Youssaf had told him

    40. closed, his head bobbed, and his hands dropped down as

    41. head bobbed back up, and he lifted the paper in front of

    42. ” The weaving light staggered in stops and starts and bobbed up and down in the calm air as if it wanted to attract attention

    43. He took it out— and the wind at once blew it right out of his hands! It fell into the sea and bobbed there in the wind

    44. My head and shoulders bobbed over

    45. Dublin actually turned around and looked me in the eye, then turned back and bobbed his head

    46. Their eyes gleamed, and their legs bobbed at the idea of

    47. Little rowboats bobbed gently under a full moon alongside the jetty, the night was magic, the small combo played the samba, the rumba, the slow English waltz, the tango

    48. The bag with her clothes bobbed up and down and did not leak as she shepherded it in front of her

    49. Her hands covered her face and her shoulders bobbed up and down as she sobbed

    50. Seconds passed, and then Bryony’s head bobbed into view

    1. She climbed back to the saddle, stroking and soothing the bobbing beastie the whole time

    2. The few other powered boats were stilettos that slid thru the chop without bobbing

    3. with the soggy shoes happily bobbing and sailing in and

    4. the white bobbing gull maiden,

    5. The café is situated on one side of a small square and, from where I am sitting, I can see the masts of boats bobbing at the quay just down the street; the tang of salt in the air is tantalising

    6. The bad news was, without magic she had the alimentary canal to deal with, and she had to deal with it while bobbing in this boat that seemed no bigger than a bottle cap in the wide expanses of sea they crossed

    7. protest of people bobbing up in down in the water while in floatation

    8. The boat was still bobbing, that was a good sign, but the outrigger was completely aground

    9. It was sublime, and Chloe and Kaitlyn just grinned with the sheer pleasure of accomplishment, never taking their eyes from the bobbing orbs

    10. looking up, his line bobbing in the wake of the boat as it

    11. Bobbing in the air behind her came the imp Galimoto

    12. The Sea of Galilee glistened far below, where sails were busily bobbing up and down

    13. She could see him laughing as she made each bobbing circle

    14. merchant ship with square sails bobbing in the

    15. With a great deal of shouting and physical exertion, the seamen turned the craft and began sailing towards the small skiff bobbing in the waves

    16. Not certain of the strength of the force, the Spaniards fired only a few desultory volleys, but as the vanguard came unseen down the road, the captive war balloon was sent bobbing along in the very advance, just over the tree-tops

    17. But as we watched the straw hats bobbing, and an occasional swarthy face, the whole cavalry division reverted from individual firing to rapid volleys, a machine gun turned loose, the infantry on our left were responding strongly, and the enemy withdrew to their first line of entrenchments with loss

    18. Dr Vasant sat slumped on the big couch, head bobbing as he tried to raise it

    19. I told him the events of my day from bobbing in the ocean to when I landed up at Evelyn’s

    20. She pointed at the bobbing figure

    21. “I’m holding a little down-stick on it, Robert, and I’m watching our altitude as best I can,” I yelled, and watched his head bobbing in the front cockpit

    22. Troy cursed silently as she disappeared up the steps, her lantern bobbing in her hand

    23. Running out of the cave, Conal spotted a lamp bobbing up the beach towards him, realising that it must be Troy

    24. Five minutes later he was back at their side, bobbing in the sea with a big smile on his face

    25. The tops of heads were bobbing along in a traverse behind us and to our left

    26. The Patriarch let out an almost hysterical laughter, his shoulders bobbing freely up and down in an unseemly lack of decorum

    27. Horrible, ugly things, imagine all those dead skins floating at the water’s edge, bobbing up and down in the waves

    28. And then I was shaking with it, paralyzed as that great obscene man stood before me, erect blades bobbing inches from my chest

    29. It felt completely out of place in the Centron, and the slightly bobbing form of the Prosops inside struck Hilderich as almost vulgar

    30. The machine seemed to be encountering some difficulty, bobbing up and down erratically, frantically rotating and skewing its body as if it was trying to free itself of invisible leashes, it’s voice crackling with a slow and heavy stutter as if it had been somehow damaged:

    31. That something in the distance now gave reassurance that it was more than a shadow moving within the overcast, and the bobbing that he thought he had seen seemed to be real after all

    32. His face sat in a frown for a moment or so, before looking sideways at Nicole and then back again at the Swede who was looking upwards and bobbing his head slightly as if counting in his head

    33. The stillest and clearest moonlit night imaginable captured small anchored fishing boats bobbing in the shimmering sea below us

    34. Tobias swallows hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing

    35. Realising that I was studying him, Tommy began bobbing his head and humming loudly in a clear, sweet treble voice

    36. The bobbing light of lanterns danced off the walls behind her and glinted off the water that ran down the tunnel walls, illuminating flecks of gold in the stone

    37. of pants faster, with his head bobbing up and down to the

    38. He nodded, the cigarette hanging limply from his mouth, bobbing up and down with his head

    39. Moshe, while keeping an eye on Youssaf and Korah, also noticed a nervous fidgeting and head bobbing of the other townsmen

    40. No use in having several heads bobbing around up here for the Egyptians to see, Yigal thought

    41. head bobbing of the other townsmen

    42. No use in having several heads bobbing around up here for the Egyptians to see, Yigal

    43. Her blonde ponytail was bobbing with the movement of the trot

    44. could, a stream of bobbing heads and flailing hair breaking

    45. of them all, plying his hands together, bobbing his head up and

    46. to crawl through the disgusting debris that was bobbing on the

    47. his armpits, his pale face bobbing out of the water with each

    48. swimmer; which meant that they would only see me bobbing

    49. easy as turning their heads away from my bobbing shape in the

    50. exactly as Mitra had promised, there was a plastic raft bobbing

    1. The Indian clerk bobs his head from side to side, tuts a bit

    2. The clerks looks up, bobs his head from side to side, smiles

    3. It was her older brother Bobs

    4. I sat watching silently as he banged and crashed about the barn, attaching various bits and bobs to the machine he was building

    5. This was a Boogie Bobs conversation about empty beds kind of alone

    6. I looked at Bobs I

    7. I held Bobs shoes up in the air and said, “Yep and I am bringing Bobs’ spirit with me to the battle, he will be rockin’ head spins Saturday night

    8. While staring Blazin' down I reached into my backpack and I showed him Boogie Bobs shoes

    9. Blazin' had this worried look on his face but he smirked anyway and said, “You can do it Swift, I’ve seen you do it before, plus you’ve got Bobs shoes

    10. In addition, for a change, he asked me about Bobs cancer, instead of busting my chops about Salsa dancing

    11. I had worn “my” shoes during my no handed windmill routine for my turn, so while I was watching Jet Drinkwater rock it out, I started putting on Boogie Bobs shoes

    12. I had changed the lyrics and was laughing to myself about it while I was un-knotting Bobs shoes, which made me relax

    13. I swear I even laughed through my nose on accident, just like Boogie Bobs laugh

    14. He had re-ocked out with his cee-ock out but deep down, I knew, I needed to execute Bobs head spins before it was all said and done

    15. I started thinking about how this was Boogie Bobs turn - Not mine

    16. After I had managed to create enough room to get on down to business, I took one last glance at my (Boogie Bobs) shoes

    17. … Bobs parents knew all about the break dance battle last night and they will be very happy to hear that you guys had won …

    18. She bobs her head to greet me

    19. „Frances, how can you add to Bob"s little punishment?"

    20. So it was Bob"s fault

    21. “Perfectly legit,” he said, “I have a spare room and all the bits and bobs you ladies need for an overnighter

    22. He attempted other dubious activities to get back inside prison, but when all his attempts failed, he moved Thailand and then to Cambodia, where he married and had a beautiful baby daughter, Sarah, which was Bobs first child, at the ripe old age of 65

    23. Billy Bob"s face turned red and then as pale as a bloodless corpse

    24. Evelyn’s lifelessly head bobs following the motion of the car

    25. She bobs slightly in the greenish waters of the bay

    26. Michael clears his throat and bobs his head without really looking at anyone

    27. Glacia’s face bobs thirty yards away

    28. Glacia bobs her head slowly

    29. The wolf puts back its ears, bobs its head, thumps its tail and opens its eyes wide

    30. He feels her buried face bobs against his chest, as she laughs cynically

    31. You see it was a cottage, but it was two stories crammed to the brim full of all the bits and bobs we'd picked up in our travels

    32. bobs he would find I the skips, the place

    33. chairs and bits and bobs he would find I the

    34. “Sure, I’ll give you a call,” returned Mark, knowing full well he did not have Bobs number

    35. There were the Blond Bobs caressing their freshly cut blond bobs

    36. As she came out of the library she could see two of the Blond Bobs standing outside the music room, very deep in important, loudly confidential conversation

    37. But the Blond Bobs had husbands and houses and absolute certainty about their places in the world

    38. (The hall did get a bit stuffy when all the doors were closed, with all the farting children, perfumed Blond Bobs and their lavishly cologned husbands

    39. She looked back to the front of the hall, where there was still a hubbub of noisy activity, with kids being asked to sit down please, and teachers fiddling with sound equipment, and the Blond Bobs hurrying about looking very involved and important as they did each Friday morning

    40. Blond Bobs ran this way and that with mobile phones pressed to their ears

    41. As she made her way through the crowd, she passed a group of four Blond Bobs huddled together so close, it was obvious they were sharing something scandalous

    42. God! How beautiful now across the mist of years! But their children are grouped in her imagination about the bedside, hers and his, Charley, Mary Alice, Frederick Albert (if he had lived), Mamy, Budgy (Victoria Frances), Tom, Violet Constance Louisa, darling little Bobsy (called after our famous hero of the South African war, lord Bobs of Waterford and Candahar) and now this last pledge of their union, a Purefoy if ever there was one, with the true Purefoy nose

    43. This saves them a lot of time and means they can buy groups of companies for your pension rather than take a bits and bobs approach

    44. Blessed be her Cries! They prove at least that she is still alive! The Babe bobs upon the Water before the fat, floating Moon Face of her lunatick Nurse, who seems near-dead from the Fall; and yet Belinda lives! Prue is her Raft, her Yawl, her Pinnace, her Pilot, her Wherry! Horatio swims to her with what manly and heroick Resolution I cannot e’en say, snatches the Babe, and whilst she screams in his Arms, he swims alongside our Boat

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