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Foot en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I am a foot washer.
  2. The foot / the toe.
  3. At the foot of love.
  4. He was a mere foot.
  5. At the foot of the.

  6. I swung my foot out.
  7. A side of His foot.
  8. With my foot in its.
  9. It was a monster foot.
  10. We are going by foot.
  11. I have a roving foot.
  12. He was bare foot, so.
  13. He stopped a foot away.
  14. Then they went on foot.
  15. This is a 48 foot boat.

  16. In the foot well, two.
  17. Bang your foot on the.
  18. Her foot hits the brakes.
  19. We have one foot in an.
  20. She lifted her left foot.
  21. Nita is tapping her foot.
  22. The path now was on foot.
  23. Kevin lifted his foot up.
  24. Thomas put his foot down.
  25. It was not fleet of foot.

  26. I sort of had a foot in.
  27. Where to put my foot next.
  28. Dorian stopped a foot away.
  29. The foot was huge and bare.
  30. How is your foot now?
  31. It was almost a foot long.
  32. Foot Room Over A Garage!.
  33. I nudged him with my foot.
  34. We still his foot soldiers.
  35. He had to put his foot down.
  36. Foot racing? No good either.
  37. He stopped at the foot of.
  38. Montana took the other foot.
  39. She stomped her foot angrily.
  40. Yes, and with half a foot.
  41. It's a foot washing kingdom.
  42. Amy puts her foot on the gas.
  43. A clawed foot and horny leg.
  44. Hassan! Foot off the table!.
  45. Noah glanced down at his foot.
  46. He put his foot to the pedal.
  47. Chandio lifted his foot again.
  48. Klowa prodded him with a foot.
  49. Only the most fleet of foot.
  50. His foot slipped off the gas.
  51. Hal gazed at her scraped foot.
  52. It was about nine foot high.
  53. Withdraw your foot from your.
  54. We couldn‘t see a foot ahead.
  55. She had never set foot there.
  56. A small foot was sticking out.
  57. She jammed her foot on my neck.
  58. Then they started out on foot.
  59. Susan stuck out a foot proudly.
  60. He fidgeted from foot to foot.
  61. Forrest is about five foot ten.
  62. She was manacled hand and foot.
  63. He always thinks Hot Foot has.
  64. He backed off on the foot pedal.
  65. One Foot In Front of the Other.
  66. Foot notes were carefully added.
  67. Barry prodded her with his foot.
  68. Zia prodded Setne with her foot.
  69. I see a foot, he reported.
  70. The foot would be the pedestal.
  71. One Foot in Front of the Other.
  72. Joey planted a foot behind him.
  73. Hell my Aunt Bergit lost a foot.
  74. She’s on her way here on foot.
  75. Then you need to stroke the foot.
  76. Jack turned his focus to my foot.
  77. Dozens of humans saw his foot.
  78. I kicked the outside of his foot.
  79. Place their foot on a skateboard.
  80. Probably he used to be six foot.
  81. The young man’s foot shifted.
  82. He then placed his foot in the.
  83. He would have to proceed on foot.
  84. Your foot is saying otherwise.
  85. Williams nudged me with his foot.
  86. As soon as he set foot in their.
  87. Guess I really stuck my foot.
  88. I moved to the foot of the grave.
  89. Hasn’t set foot there in years.
  90. Your foot connects with her neck.
  91. It had a seven foot wooden fence.
  92. She ran to the foot of the stairs.
  93. He was tall, about six foot five.
  94. Amy’s foot is already on the gas.
  95. With his toes he stroked her foot.
  96. The 50 foot walls of stone feels.
  97. Her foot struck something on the.
  98. Of the sheath half a foot and more.
  99. Poor peasants had to walk on foot.
  100. Tina looked at the foot of the bed.
  1. He is the firm, sure footing.
  2. I lost my footing, but hung on.
  3. She loses control of her footing.
  4. But somehow he kept his footing.
  5. Hed never have lost his footing.
  6. His footing on the treacherous rime.
  7. And fragrance in thy footing treads;.
  8. Janelle stiffened to keep her footing.
  9. Claire lost her footing, hit the gravel.
  10. Then you can put it on a sound footing.
  11. The other men had regained their footing.
  12. A gust hit her and she lost her footing.
  13. But you were on a friendly footing?
  14. Ted had the feeling he was losing his footing.
  15. Briefly scared she would lose her footing, she.
  16. Dominex is footing the bill and the vitamins.
  17. Remember to check the suitability of the footing.
  18. Especially when the casino was footing the bill.
  19. Now the vengeful urge no longer had sure footing.
  20. By this time they were all on a friendly footing.
  21. That means the sellers finally found their footing.
  22. This allowed him to regain his footing and stand up.
  23. Snail: Snails deal with steady footing and stability.
  24. She lost her footing and somersaulted along the wall.
  25. The fisherman slowly regained his footing and looked.
  26. In regaining his footing, he at first refused to move.
  27. His face is pink with a rash and he loses his footing.
  28. The second set is obviously on a very different footing.
  29. She twists down on you pushing off to gain her footing.
  30. With Russia they are on the best footing of friendship.
  31. Then he lost his footing and rolled down an embankment.
  32. Rich danced sideways, tried to regain his footing, then.
  33. If he does, he will lose his footing and fail at his task.
  34. And once you’re anchored in, you try to get your footing.
  35. Canning places the disavowal, solely, on the footing of Mr.
  36. Harmony was terrified and in her panic she lost her footing.
  37. The firmer the woman's footing in society, the worse it is.
  38. The harpy cried in pain as she tried to regain her footing.
  39. He almost had the bag in his grasp when he lost his footing.
  40. She moved with such fluid ease Jean nearly lost her footing.
  41. They agreed that the gentleman must have missed his footing.
  42. Interfering with their flight would put us on a war footing.
  43. Walking his LORD's Path he went with swift and sure footing.
  44. Connor pushed him sideways and Andrew almost lost his footing.
  45. McLean regained his footing and bull-rushed a cluster of Rot.
  46. Marina watched her footing on the branch and went to the edge.
  47. The business remains on a good footing with other businesses.
  48. He must have missed his footing when he landed on this side.
  49. They struggled to keep their footing as they fought to hold on.
  50. Justin stumbled backward, almost losing his footing on the rock.
  51. I ran toward an exit but lost my footing and fell to the ground.
  52. Marraud struggled with the change and felt his footing give way.
  53. Were the centuries steadily footing it that way, all the while.
  54. A bass drum beat knocks you from your footing, you swim upwards.
  55. She was thin and struggled with her footing in the soft terrain.
  56. Twice he nearly lost his footing, only to recover and stagger on.
  57. Hazel, who was not sure of his footing, had to stop several times.
  58. Ravan panicked, struggled to gain his footing, and started to yell.
  59. Nancy lost her footing and had to grab the desk to steady herself.
  60. He had a footing everywhere, and got information about everything.
  61. He stood with confidence but I had trouble getting a true footing.
  62. Finally, gaining his footing, he struggled across the floor to the.
  63. As Jeff recovered his footing, they both broke into a run, giggling.
  64. A few times Roger fell because it was too dark to see one’s footing.
  65. Frank caught her and they both had to struggle to keep their footing.
  66. No matter what the terrain, his footing was sure, his gait effortless.
  67. His deliverance succeeded in wrong footing some members of the Assembly.
  68. The lines grew ragged as lost footing sent some to join the ranks below.
  69. Robby looked at his brother’s knee as he tried to keep his footing on.
  70. David’s preparedness and quick footing prevents an unfortunate accident.
  71. He was distressed with a sense of being on a more formal footing with her.
  72. And it would certainly be desirable to know on what footing he stands now.
  73. He steadied his footing, body but was startled suddenly to see Mei Yinxue.
  74. Hadaen shifted his footing and it was then that he felt the pain in his gut.
  75. Joey could see that large stones provided their footing down the steep path.
  76. Thus these transactions are almost always effected on a businesslike footing.
  77. The ox found its footing and lumbered out of the water, splashing and snorting.
  78. That is another way of saying that I am placed on the footing I have indicated.
  79. In order to negotiate, you have to be on even footing, and you, Jack, are not.
  80. Your hesitation shows that you are not ready to loose your footing in mind and ego.
  81. Whatever it was, it caused him to lose his footing and fall backward with a splash.
  82. When the wind whipped up, and we were footing long distances, it required a nimble.
  83. He and I did not come to a rupture, but we were never on a really friendly footing.
  84. Then he insists on footing the bill, and it takes me a while to talk him out of it.
  85. It exasperated me that even in the street I could not be on an even footing with him.
  86. However, he helplessly lost his footing when all of the earth under his feet gave way.
  87. The company had secured a room with a kitchenette and would be footing the weekly bill.
  88. After having regained his footing, the soldier had hastened off in answer to a sudden.
  89. And after that, winking, twitching his shoulders, and footing it to the tune, he sang:.
  90. He pushed himself up and struggled to gain his footing, to meet his visitors eye to eye.
  91. I am trying now to attract her to the community, but on quite, quite a different footing.
  92. Betts scrabbled across the boat, loosing her footing as she was hit by the struggling men.
  93. What world had I tripped into this time? I thought to myself as I found my footing.
  94. Tier 4, where the GP participates on equal footing with the LPs, is known as a high split.
  95. The look of some of the lumps suggested that Nem wouldn’t want to lose his footing here.
  96. He wobbled more than he wanted to, especially at the middle, but he never lost his footing.
  97. Thereafter, ask for footing or positive criticism from a friend or family to help you with.
  98. While many animals in the herd quickly regained their footing, they stood spread-legged but.
  99. We have been on a friendly footing for some years—I may say on a very friendly footing.
  100. With his hooves now under him, the horse scrabbled for firmer footing in the rapidly sliding.
  1. Dirty t-shirt and bare footed.
  2. Love is a fleet footed creature.
  3. A flat footed kick to the chest of.
  4. Each of them landed more sure footed.
  5. Her steps were sure footed, and with purpose.
  6. Cador was naked, bare footed and knew little of the dangers.
  7. As we step across the treacherous surface, I feel sure footed.
  8. Finally, an old woman came to leave water in a footed skyphos.
  9. I’m bare footed and the grass is coming up between my toes.
  10. The last few hours had made her firmer footed, gentler, taller.
  11. Emily, bare footed to help hide her movements, was out the door the.
  12. The few I have there now are sure footed and will be canny of the bogs.
  13. After this we 'ave a very beautiful pitcher hintitled "Four footed Haristocrats".
  14. For a moment we were caught flat footed looking in all directions and not knowing where to go.
  15. His black footed ferret had fallen to the floor, and he was unable to reach it without getting up.
  16. And the , though he divide the hoof, and be cloven footed, yet he cheweth not the cud; he is to.
  17. The track was too square with the toes tucked too tight to have been put there by a splay footed hounddog.
  18. I couldn’t but help notice how sure footed she was in the dark, as she stepped over and around obstacles that lay in her path.
  19. The boy had been sent by a hungry guard to fetch a night-time snack and had himself been bare footed and silent in his approach.
  20. Applies, to if your are left footed forward, and so is your opponent, except that you and your opponent is in the reverse stance.
  21. Strangest problems of life seem clearing; but clouds sweep between—Is my journey's end coming? My legs feel faint; like his who has footed it all day.
  22. They’d peeled off from the throng in the secretive way of girls and were scrabbling with sticks around the base of a tree still footed in white drifts.
  23. Just look and see who it was footed the bill for this party of guests and you will rest easy, and have no trouble doing exactly as I say, had said Blauner.
  24. As she didn’t want to seem to be wrong footed, she told him that she expected this as Vicky had family in the area and had mentioned she might be visiting them yesterday evening.
  25. When I sat down and you were bare footed, I just knew God was tormenting me with something that wasn't real – His voice broke and she could almost feel the lump in his throat.
  26. Besides,' thinks I, 'look at it once; why, the end of it—the foot part—what a small sort of end it is; whereas, if a broad footed farmer kicked me, THERE'S a devilish broad insult.
  27. His automobile had broken down on the way to meet the seven-fifty train, and he had footed it to the railroad station, only to find that whoever he was to meet there had not come down.
  28. Impossible, that he now footed the rent entire, two hundred bucks monthly for the privilege of pressing his cheek to the window and still not being able to see spectacular Midtown views.
  29. Understanding however was suddenly made very clear when almost without warning a swarm of fleet footed creatures swept into the shattered campsite below and commenced to tear it even more part than it already was.
  30. Thy sauntered in the paddy fields and roamed about the mango groves until Sandhya became sore footed to go any farther, and ignoring her coy protests, he carried her in his arms, inducing her to cling on to him comfortably.
  31. In any case, Basil began frequenting the couple and eventually when he saw that they were not romantically linked he started going out alone with Janet to the cinema and to restaurants where Janet almost always footed the bill.
  32. The little tables with those colourful sun umbrellas, the happy visitors watching La Belle Province pass by, the waiters, fleet- footed and gossipy, serving coffees and creamy cakes, had all disappeared to await the coming of another summer.
  33. Thus it became obvious the Colonel was shitfaced and so began the real party led off by Smiggenhiggens, as he was to be forever known, singing a rousing Be Kind to Your Web Footed Friends accompanying himself with appropriate quacks on his battered but perfectly tuned duck call.
  34. There is none who is able to know her ways nor that can search out her paths: But he who knows all things knows her and has found her out with his understanding: he who prepared the Earth for evermore and filled it with cattle and four footed beasts: he who sends out light and it goes and has called it and it obeys him with trembling.
  1. The production for the year foots up over 4,500,000 tons.
  2. The Swiss foots it toward his hills, the Prussian goes his way, the.
  3. The anthracite coal production for 1889 foots up 35,200,000 tons, as against 38,145,718 tons for 1888.
  4. Reptiles of the Dinosaurs were created in diverse groups varying from 90 foots long weighing about 30 tons to their smallest size.
  5. The average employer-sponsored premium for a family of four costs close to $13,000 a year, and the employee foots about 30 percent of this cost.
  6. In the prematerial world the spirit of the earth asked its God to make it subjected for this man in order that he foots and walks on it and profits by its blessings.
  7. I was left a helpless widow, with a daughter on my hands growing up in beauty like the sea-foam; at length, however, as I had the character of being an excellent needlewoman, my lady the duchess, then lately married to my lord the duke, offered to take me with her to this kingdom of Aragon, and my daughter also, and here as time went by my daughter grew up and with her all the graces in the world; she sings like a lark, dances quick as thought, foots it like a gipsy, reads and writes like a schoolmaster, and does sums like a miser; of her neatness I say nothing, for the running water is not purer, and her age is now, if my memory serves me, sixteen years five months and three days, one more or less.

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