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Gallery en una oración (en ingles)

It was a shooting gallery.
My God, what a rogues' gallery.
Cassius watched from the gallery.
Down this gallery a lady came to.
She closed the Tatras Gallery for.
Still, he called the Tatras Gallery.

Whispering gallery walls have ears.
Mark, in the Brera Gallery, Milan.
The main east gallery, he said.
OK, let’s try the other gallery.
Rayburn Gallery, and the Carey-McDuff.
There was a loud rumble in the gallery.
Andre d'Usseau was entering the gallery.
Please step into the portrait gallery.
A door opened in the back of the gallery.
This gallery was going out of business and.
I opened up my home as a gallery and now I.
She looked up towards the gallery and waved.
We closed up the gallery together at 4:00pm.
Largest palace used as an art gallery.
Garcia ignored the peanut gallery to his left.
Those days are recalled on the gallery wall.
The gallery was safe for at least another year.
After some drifting about, he found the gallery.
Robert hurried in to gain his seat in the gallery.
Now I have to worry about the gallery being sued.
I'm not going to have you painting in the gallery.
Finally we made it toward the back of the gallery.
Titters arose in little pockets around the gallery.
Yuki saw Jacobi stand up in the back of the gallery.
Except his apartment is an art gallery, not a home.
And the door at the end of the gallery opened, and.
It was a leaflet, advertising a show at the gallery.
Was she still on the gallery? Or in the lamp room?
Lida was facing north so she could watch the gallery.
The entire gallery was impressed with this effort of.
We visited a gallery while there and once again saw.
Conklin said to Swanson, Quite the shooting gallery.
It was under the little gallery, opposite the Morels'.

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