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Gallery en una oración (en ingles)

  1. It was a shooting gallery.
  2. My God, what a rogues' gallery.
  3. Cassius watched from the gallery.
  4. THE GALLERY EXPLODED in an uproar.
  5. Down this gallery a lady came to.

  6. Whispering gallery walls have ears.
  7. Still, he called the Tatras Gallery.
  8. Mark, in the Brera Gallery, Milan.
  9. She closed the Tatras Gallery for.
  10. The main east gallery, he said.
  11. OK, let’s try the other gallery.
  12. Rayburn Gallery, and the Carey-McDuff.
  13. There was a loud rumble in the gallery.
  14. Andre d'Usseau was entering the gallery.
  15. Please step into the portrait gallery.

  16. A door opened in the back of the gallery.
  17. This gallery was going out of business and.
  18. We closed up the gallery together at 4:00pm.
  19. I opened up my home as a gallery and now I.
  20. Largest palace used as an art gallery.
  21. She looked up towards the gallery and waved.
  22. Garcia ignored the peanut gallery to his left.
  23. Those days are recalled on the gallery wall.
  24. The gallery was safe for at least another year.
  25. After some drifting about, he found the gallery.

  26. Robert hurried in to gain his seat in the gallery.
  27. Now I have to worry about the gallery being sued.
  28. I'm not going to have you painting in the gallery.
  29. Titters arose in little pockets around the gallery.
  30. Finally we made it toward the back of the gallery.
  31. Yuki saw Jacobi stand up in the back of the gallery.
  32. And the door at the end of the gallery opened, and.
  33. Except his apartment is an art gallery, not a home.
  34. Lida was facing north so she could watch the gallery.
  35. It was a leaflet, advertising a show at the gallery.
  36. Was she still on the gallery? Or in the lamp room?
  37. We visited a gallery while there and once again saw.
  38. The entire gallery was impressed with this effort of.
  39. It was under the little gallery, opposite the Morels'.
  40. Conklin said to Swanson, Quite the shooting gallery.
  41. From the rustle and gasps in the gallery, everyone did.
  42. As he stepped into the gallery, the floorboards creaked.
  43. Malcolm? Yuki asked over the laughter in the gallery.
  44. The public gallery to the left, was packed, with still.
  45. I would be honored to give you a showing in my gallery.
  46. Apparently he had done a couple of gallery displays and.
  47. To the other side of the facility was a shooting gallery.
  48. She told Thomas she worked at an art gallery in the city.
  49. The members of the gallery stood up and started chatting.
  50. That was the last time Johnson brought him to the gallery.
  51. This conversation took place in the gallery dining-room on.
  52. I stood on the dais and watched the gallery fill with press.
  53. It was so miraculously built that it looked like a gallery.
  54. Pretend there is a minstrel gallery up there in the corner.
  55. What are you doing outside the gallery on the boardwalk?
  56. The Art Gallery is very fine and exhibited a Renaissance St.
  57. Select all the images and then click on Create a new gallery.
  58. The crowd in the gallery started to grumble at this revelation.
  59. Photographic Gallery, as the family had been at sea for such a.
  60. Gary, sitting in the gallery on a special folding chair rocked.
  61. It was not jumbled with artifacts like the rest of the gallery.
  62. Caroline came out on the gallery in time to watch Michael crawl.
  63. Instead the judge was busy looking across the gallery at Shirley.
  64. A chamber-door opened: some one ran, or rushed, along the gallery.
  65. Women are no longer required to be segregated in special gallery.
  66. Cristian ran into the art gallery nearly knocking down his manager.
  67. And a broadcast of your show in my gallery will greatly benefit us.
  68. Lane sat in the gallery of the courtroom dressed in dark sunglasses.
  69. He found her in the gallery, at the bottom of the internal staircase.
  70. The Center’s foyer was decorated in a gallery style that featured.
  71. Sheriff Ed Pool stood at the back of the gallery and felt very nervous.
  72. The Corinthian girl still cowered on the gallery where he had left her.
  73. It opened into another, smaller gallery that encircled a large chamber.
  74. He gave the signal for the gallery to sit and he took his seat as well.
  75. The imagination, then, is a gallery in which we hang pictures, both of.
  76. Gallery owners and artists trembled, waiting for his reviews to appear.
  77. Chubby-cheeked Judge Bradley Mudge addressed the people in the gallery.
  78. Please step into the gallery, your excellency, said the major-domo.
  79. The crowd in the gallery gasped as if it had taken a collective gut punch.
  80. We drifted along with the crowd, from room to room and gallery to gallery.
  81. A collective groan, and then sobs, arose from the Negroes in the gallery.
  82. This is his home now, on the top tier of A-Block, Gallery L, seventh cell.
  83. Ill read you a headline, Brutal Murder of Recently Married Gallery Owner.
  84. Finally all three passed unnoticed through the glass doors in the gallery.
  85. Jack was busy entertaining his accomplice in the National Portrait Gallery.
  86. Jillian hung up the phone after talking to the director of the art gallery.
  87. Kate gripped Adam's hand tighter as they looked down from the public gallery.
  88. It also had a shooting gallery and a collection of swords plus a match ring.
  89. A young colored woman in the gallery called out, That ain’t justice!.
  90. The Gallery of Mineralogy is so long, von Rumpel can hardly see the end of it.
  91. By the time I returned to the gallery it sounded as though war had broken out.
  92. Christine gave me an odd look as I had walked through the door of the gallery.
  93. He breathed a deep sigh of relief as he stepped out upon the green jade gallery.
  94. Trid pulled me west below the gallery, and the wind stirred us into a fast walk.
  95. THERE is a collection of pictures in London called the National Portrait Gallery.
  96. At that moment, Emily and Darcy came out onto the gallery, gasping and squinting.
  97. She turned and looked up to Adam and Kate's smiling faces in the public gallery.
  98. Raphael's "Ansidei Madonna," in the National Gallery, is an instance of this (p.
  99. Besides, half the men the gallery brought her into contact with were gay, anyway.
  100. It’s a gallery, Dewey said absently, who had stuck his head into the room.

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