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Heading en una oración (en ingles)

It was heading in my.
Heading 1 in the text.
And placed on a heading.
He was now heading back.
Heading back to the men.
This will be the Heading.
Joe would be heading off.

She knew she was heading.
Heading On and Into Texas.
We were still heading east.
There was no heading back.
So where are you heading?
I’m heading for a stroke.
The heading was: Parts List.
It seems to be heading.
I’m heading to a secret.
I was heading north anyway.
A vessel heading to the rock.
They are heading this way.
We're heading to Prada next.
Once the shell was heading.
It was heading for the roof.
The time was heading from me.
I drove off heading for home.
Fazzino is heading this way.
The path was heading downhill.
Now she’s heading this way.
She was heading to her truck.
Where are you heading to?
Heading out the door of the.
I'm heading for South America.
He’s heading for Ocean Drive.
Then she saw Jared heading out.
The dogs are heading this way.
Atlas and heading towards them.
The Nautilus is heading that.
They were heading towards land.
Zem noticed Sue and I heading.
He’s then heading to the A.
I bet it's heading this way too.
He headed east on Rt.
We headed for the door.
He headed to the bar.
He headed for the door.
I headed up to my room.
But he was headed in.
He headed into her room.
And headed for the bar.
We headed toward it at.
She headed for it, but.
Zem headed in the same.
They headed for the fort.
They headed for the cave.
She headed for the falls.
I got up and headed over.
She headed for the house.
They headed back up the.
Gloria headed to the door.
I sighed and headed on in.
Thedes headed for the door.
Smiling, I headed in the.
Don headed upstairs to bed.
I was headed back to the.
Where are you headed to?
I was headed for the roof.
We headed through the hall.
They headed for Troll cave.
We were headed south on U.
Johnny headed out the door.
I headed back towards town.
They headed to the third.
I headed toward the patio.
They headed out to it and.
I headed off to break the.
He headed down to the Hall.
I headed out to the college.
Torm headed toward the ramp.
This was so wrong headed.
She headed for their table.
He packed up and headed off.
Mira heads back to us.
A lot of nodding heads.
He heads down the hall.
Thanks for the heads up.
Here is a quick heads up.
If it was heads he’d.
Aunt Abby over their heads.
They also had heads that.
Heads turn in my direction.
The heads of the tunnels.
The boys shook their heads.
Shout if he heads this way.
They all nodded their heads.
He looked over their heads.
Still no heads to shoot at.
Heads with helmets on them.
They all shook their heads.
The doctors nod their heads.
The girls nodded their heads.
Heads have been turned over.
They both shook their heads.
Heads twisted to follow her.
But all without their heads.
The others shook their heads.
By the heads on their phones.
The heads already have it.
Jaden heads under the clouds.
But enough to put our heads.
They only shook their heads.
Then she heads off overseas.
He's starting to turn heads.
He saw two heads on his body.
Heads raised around the table.
They had shaken their heads.
So Bob heads back to the 35.
Patrice heads out for the day.
They turn their heads to look.
These beads: are deaths heads.
He took both heads, crept.
Five heads went down to drink.

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Put it on your head.
Going Out of my Head.
Tom scratched his head.
Johnson shook his head.
Max only hung his head.
My head was full of it.

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