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    1. The garble of voices slowly dissolved as she closed her ears to that kind of talk

    2. turning the others words into garble

    3. "Don't let him feed you a bunch of garble!" David exclaimed

    4. Lance managed to garble a few words in his voice, distorted by blood

    5. Holding it to my chest to help garble my accented reply I said in my best English, which wasn’t very good, “Nahh

    6. I added to the unrest by waving my arms up and down and screaming out a nonsensical garble of sounds

    7. Sir, is it parliamentary, is it genteel, or agreeable to common sense, that a hundred and forty men should sit here listening to what one man says, and he having recourse to papers in every one's reach? I had rather consult the papers for myself: for I should not garble them, taking just what suited me, but should read the whole

    1. She waited almost a minute, then heard something garbled thru the tube

    2. A frantic phone call; triple nine, garbled words, gun shots, men, cars without windows

    3. that of an infant and as they went on they became garbled from his tears and snot

    4. Only, there was a problem: what came out beyond the headline instructions appeared to be garbled nonsense

    5. Spicklittle, you sell books, eh?” garbled Huckle MacPine, coughing, choking, and smiling at the same time, all while cramming pink macaroons down his hatch

    6. But he smelled like fear, like fear and sweat and the animal smell that was meat, and as she flew toward him, her thoughts became garbled in the assault of his scents

    7. My ears, swathed in the helmet as it were, caught the high-pitched notes of some garbled reply

    8. “Mmkay!” she shouts, the word garbled by food

    9. “GET US IN, David,” Nita says, her voice garbled by the mask

    10. "When he asked me a question, the words came out garbled, but unfortunately he didn't have very many questions

    11. "The ship answered our hails only once and the staticky, garbled response was impossible to make out for sure

    12. She would have dearly liked to put off her aunt with a light story, yet wasn't an eager liar, and she knew the truth—or, more likely, a garbled and poisonous version—would before long reach the old lady

    13. Daveda was only just beginning to speak garbled words and it angered me that Harry was

    14. he intermittently garbled animatedly with me

    15. “Barty Ashby,” you are struggling right now, words half garbled, nothing makes sense, for the most part the hedonists that happen to hold you hostage seem to be on a catch and release policy for the moment

    16. “How’d you knows that, then?” he garbled

    17. A garbled response sent a chill through Jonathan

    18. They got back to the hotel about thirty minutes later and walked Zombie like to the reception, the manager mumbled something about Nick, but it was just a garbled noise

    19. The garbled warnings of the Zuagir returned to him, seeming somehow less fantastic than they had seemed in the crowded, sunlit streets

    20. A breathless messenger had burst into the palace where Valerius was amusing himself with his dancing-girls, and throwing himself on his knee, gasped out a garbled story of a bloody prison break and the escape of a lovely captive

    21. A commercial came on and the couple watched the confusion develop due to a garbled cellular phone conversation

    22. In addition to all manner of garbled alien words, there were shrieks and snarls emanating from the center of the circle

    23. He remembered a garbled conversation, then him and Fishmael clasping hands and shaking firmly, after the bloody signing of the contract

    24. the connection was slightly garbled, as if he were speaking on a cell

    25. conversation, garbled and unintelligible – in the language of Farsi, that which is spoken in Iran –

    26. rambling, but then he mentioned a few half garbled names and they started

    27. al consuming, it flooded his every sense until reality was nothing but a garbled

    28. With a distance of 22 light years between our two star systems, this would mean that those signals, which were badly distorted and garbled, were emitted from your Earth in your year 1936

    29. house……………fetch the kids toys and post them… garbled address……………… bye

    30. By the end of my tale, my speech was a garbled mess that he most likely struggled to understand

    31. The drug-related circumstances of the destruction of Glassvexx garbled the story into suggesting that drugs and Klaxworms were in direct connection with each other

    32. “Hello,” said the elderly woman in a garbled vocalization

    33. He continued his garbled dragon speech, which was improving, Aesa noticed

    34. anyone, just a lot of garbled thoughts

    35. John could only believe that he was hearing a garbled tale of something that actually happened

    36. Speech was a garbled, incoherent burble underwater

    37. He bellowed "Mime!” — garbled without a tongue — and reclaimed his most prized possession

    38. I do hope that my frantic typing isn’t garbled and that I don’t repeat myself too often

    39. Hearing the elevator door open and muffled footsteps and garbled voices coming down the hall, he hastened to close the computer

    40. I popped it into the translator then opened a second page and translated it back to make sure I wouldn’t end up with some garbled nonsense

    41. garbled story the other woman had told her? But she

    42. The quiet rant continued, but Eilidh could only hear muted and garbled sounds

    43. nothing behind but a garbled blur

    44. The entire semantic use of the word: Constant by Science, and scientists is a garbled hoax

    45. Then the priest led them, chanting garbled voodoo psalms, inside the church and my role in her life was over

    46. They were used by the elite in so many ways… manipulated in so many ways… given so much false, misleading propaganda as education… that their reality was mostly a mass of garbled insane superstitions and propaganda

    47. It was all a bit garbled, but it seems someone's attacked Gilbert, the lodge-porter

    48. All of these garbled lies are mixed with bits of truth… But they are too mixed up together to ever accurately separate fact from fiction

    49. he could not make any sense of the garbled sounds ris-

    50. his garbled lectures are not constructive

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