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    1. She grit her teeth so hard she could barely get her words out

    2. She grit her teeth knowing he was right, "Don't be, it's the truth

    3. This is the heart and grit of the Kingdom of God

    4. grit in his swollen throat, obscured vision,

    5. Outside a stiff wind blew the spume about the waves where windsurfers danced and bobbed on the water while grit and dust blew everywhere on the land

    6. I don't think they saw her fling down the shovel into the gravel or understood the curses she invoked, but certainly they felt the sting of the grit that flew from her hands and showered them like nettles

    7. Grit under his fingernails

    8. One mistake, either way, and the last thing that he and Helen taste will be cold, hard grit

    9. There was less grit in the wind at this height

    10. Thinking about the Guild and its members, namely the ones still missing, reignited that customary grit in the Nord and he finally eased himself out of bed, gathered his things, and made way for the sleepy hamlet to the west

    1. He would never think of dialing out hunger, so over a hearty breakfast of eggs, ham and grits, she was going to have to tell him, there was less than ninety minutes till that shutlecraft docked with the Lula at this point and less than half an hour till they had to be in the androids to greet them

    2. “I’m called Grits, real name Jim, don’t ever call me that

    3. Grits laughed, blew some smoke in my face and said, “Look in the big box behind the

    4. Grits smirked, then said, “Probably

    5. Grits laughed, “I really needed it to protect me from her!”

    6. them up, Grits only runs in the Midwest

    7. I’ll be clean by then,” Grits said offhandedly

    8. I heard a laugh behind me, and Grits stood there with a big smile

    9. I didn’t understand Grits at all, but I was very glad he was on my side, and I was grateful for the unexpected lift to Chicago

    10. Grits laughed, “He isn’t being benevolent sonny, he’s covering his butt too

    1. and through gritted teeth we waited for the whistle,

    2. I try to take my mind off it by focussing on the countryside flowing past us … on the conversations we had yesterday … on what I have learned of Errd … anything … time passes in an agony of gritted teeth and fought back tears

    3. He gritted his teeth and read Amanda's left handed writing:

    4. Roman’s teeth gritted tighter every time Carl applied the ointment

    5. Kemberra gritted his teeth and his muscles tensed for a fraction of a second before he composed his face into a very good approximation of a look of bewilderment and asked, “Who’s Teshi?”

    6. But he did not; so instead he silently gritted his teeth as the Man went up to the prize box, past the brand-new set of golf clubs, and grabbed a tatty-looking old teddy-bear

    7. " The mage said, through a smile and gritted teeth while rubbing a red hand

    8. They uttered no words, all the while they merely gritted their teeth at the obstacle before them and struck, one after the other

    9. Teeth gritted, she fired into the crowd below then ripped out another arrow from the quiver at her hip

    10. The One Elf gritted his teeth as smoke rose from his hands, his flesh sizzling from his hold on the wood

    1. By dint of sheer willpower and a certain amount of gritting of the teeth against the pain, I manage to get dressed and pack up my bags again

    2. But, gritting his teeth, he fought back tears and battled on like a soldier on the front line

    3. Gritting his teeth, the

    4. Gritting his teeth, he swallowed his scream as a jolt pain ran the length of his arm

    5. The boy stood with his arms crossed, gritting his teeth with rage

    6. Briefly scanning the walls for signs of weakness, they continued on, Alec kept his curses to himself, gritting them between his teeth

    7. He listened carefully, gritting his teeth

    8. “What?” he snapped again, gritting his teeth, irritated by her incessant curiosity

    9. Gritting his teeth, Contin pulled the wheel in the opposite direction, managing to get the car back onto the road, where it slewed from side to side, the tyres smoking as he stamped on the brakes

    10. Pulling against the plant stem, Darkburst desperately tried to free his leg, gritting his teeth against the pain, twisting and turning this way and that, rolling over and over in his attempt to free himself

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