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    1. She grit her teeth so hard she could barely get her words out

    2. She grit her teeth knowing he was right, "Don't be, it's the truth

    3. This is the heart and grit of the Kingdom of God

    4. grit in his swollen throat, obscured vision,

    5. Outside a stiff wind blew the spume about the waves where windsurfers danced and bobbed on the water while grit and dust blew everywhere on the land

    6. I don't think they saw her fling down the shovel into the gravel or understood the curses she invoked, but certainly they felt the sting of the grit that flew from her hands and showered them like nettles

    7. Grit under his fingernails

    8. One mistake, either way, and the last thing that he and Helen taste will be cold, hard grit

    9. There was less grit in the wind at this height

    10. Thinking about the Guild and its members, namely the ones still missing, reignited that customary grit in the Nord and he finally eased himself out of bed, gathered his things, and made way for the sleepy hamlet to the west

    11. I'll just have to grit my teeth, brace myself and bear it

    12. “Look I know how you feel and I wish there was something that we could do but we will just have to grit our teeth and hope for the best

    13. Someone came sliding into my shell hole with an avalanche of stone earth and grit I was just about to give them a mouthful when I saw who it was

    14. Every time I encounter the term, I grit my teeth

    15. ‘Imagine you had rolled down a hill gathering dirt or bits of grit, a constant momentum through time

    16. The man has grit, courage, and integrity, all of which are sadly lacking in all too many current American politicians

    17. “Not on your life,” grit out Kay between clenched teeth, finding another foothold

    18. After they managed to wash away some of the sweat and grit and more importantly quench their thirst and fill their belly with more water than it could handle, Amonas took Hilderich by the arm and suggested to him that they should try and make some sort of camp there, near the water

    19. The grit and sweat had turned them into a mess

    20. I jog next to the car, wincing, then grit my teeth and grab the handle on the side

    21. I grit my teeth

    22. I grit my teeth and hit the crow again with my hand

    23. I grit my teeth and hold on as hard as I can, digging my heels into the ground

    24. I grit my teeth and shift my arm down, firing at Eric’s foot

    25. I grit my teeth and consider lunging across the table and strangling her

    26. I grit my teeth and try not to think about that

    27. I cover my face and grit my teeth as the tears fall, bearing the wave of despair like it is a fist, striking me

    28. That move made her grit her teeth

    29. Grit digs into his cheek and all he can see is the executioner’s feet and the wild swirls of the cloak he wears

    30. Instead, the grit and soil carve out their patterns on the underparts of my feet; I can feel each small puncture like a gift that focuses me on a lesser pain

    31. to flap and fly in the early morning air, leaving a trail of sand and grit behind them

    32. “I know, but we'll just have to grit our teeth,” Moshe continued, “and, once again, do what we

    33. My expectations were dashed by the smell of urine, the grit, and the insects rushing under the moldings

    34. Matthew noticed that a few tiny specks of Joe’s blood behind the radiator in the bathroom, where he had fatally fallen were still visible and had to grit his teeth to stop him crying

    35. He was crying in a monotone, “don’t take me, don’t take me, don’t take me,” until it made her grit her teeth and hold her hands over her ears

    36. 'Who goes there?' they shouted, and Conan grit his teeth at the hated Nemedian accent

    37. Grit is a finely ground calcium-rich material often derived from oyster shells or limestone rocks

    38. Budgies and other parrots, however, hull their seeds before swallowing them, so there is no need for having grit in the gizzard to grind the seeds

    39. Giving grit to a young budgie can cause death if the bird eats too much and the grit stops up her crop

    40. Today, the general advice is not to give grit to budgies

    41. Once they had finished supper and washed off the grit from the trying

    42. For example, if you grit your teeth in anger, and you

    43. are real y steaming about something, but as you grit your teeth you say to yourself,

    44. Koinet turned and began to bring his gun around, but a casual shot into the ground temporally blinded him with grit and he dropped his weapon

    45. “Hee-hee-hee,” she laughed as the grit of his beard tickled her

    46. They were odd but had grit

    47. Paul had to grit his teeth, he hated she could call a Great General by his nickname

    48. For musicians, heroin and opium were ways to compensate for all the grime and grit of the world in which they made a livelihood

    49. The sound of the smallest grit between foot

    50. Jack would always roll his eyes and grit his teeth as Marie

    1. He would never think of dialing out hunger, so over a hearty breakfast of eggs, ham and grits, she was going to have to tell him, there was less than ninety minutes till that shutlecraft docked with the Lula at this point and less than half an hour till they had to be in the androids to greet them

    2. “I’m called Grits, real name Jim, don’t ever call me that

    3. Grits laughed, blew some smoke in my face and said, “Look in the big box behind the

    4. Grits smirked, then said, “Probably

    5. Grits laughed, “I really needed it to protect me from her!”

    6. them up, Grits only runs in the Midwest

    7. I’ll be clean by then,” Grits said offhandedly

    8. I heard a laugh behind me, and Grits stood there with a big smile

    9. I didn’t understand Grits at all, but I was very glad he was on my side, and I was grateful for the unexpected lift to Chicago

    10. Grits laughed, “He isn’t being benevolent sonny, he’s covering his butt too

    11. Grits roared out another hearty laugh, and followed Roy out, shaking his head

    12. Grits smoked one cigar after another, but as he was my host, I said nothing and tried to breathe my air from the right side of the cab

    13. The miles passed by, and Grits turned out to be a good conversationalist, regaling me with

    14. Grits seemed to drive, eat, smoke and drink simultaneously, and I assumed I was in good hands

    15. The rest of the night was uneventful, and I was still slumbering peacefully when Grits

    16. Grits had stopped right next to a Chicago Transit Authority station, so it was just a matter of minutes before I was on my way into inner city Chicago, which was where Felicity

    17. I was off the hook for the guns, and I could look Grits in the eyes and act naturally around him, not having to take any orders from that quarter either

    18. I thought that maybe you, me and Grits could pay it a visit tonight, once it’s dark

    19. “OK,” he said, “I’ll be here with Grits at eight sharp

    20. Roy and Grits were sitting near the counter

    21. Grits made a noise, and we introduced the two of them

    22. Grits was impressed, and made

    23. Grits looked at me, and I smiled back

    24. “She’s OK, Grits,” I said

    25. She left with a smile for all, and then Roy and Grits got up as well

    26. Roy shook my hand and Grits smiled

    27. how he was and suggesting that Grits come over to his house tonight as they had things to discuss

    28. I told him Roy and Grits, and let it go at that

    29. Roy was in his usual jovial mood, and Grits was there as well, along with his dog

    30. Roy and Grits got a line or two

    31. She grits her teeth and lets out a frustrated groan, more animal-sounding than human

    32. He grits his teeth to stifle a groan

    33. Tobias grits his teeth and elbows one of the guards in the face

    34. Paul loaded a spoon with buttery grits and aimed it at Xen

    35. The damp night air provided little comfort and Sam had only covered a few hundred yards before his perspiration soaked clothes stuck to him like hot grits

    36. grits into the tin and a packet of instant coffee into the cup

    37. the grits thickened the water, I carefully placed in another

    38. On that tray was a bowl of grits, a plate

    39. He likes grits with sugar and butter and an omelet with cheese and tomatoes for breakfast

    40. Still thinks he’s young and full of grits

    41. Then he grits his teeth and puts a hand to his head

    42. Victoria grits her teeth

    43. He grits his teeth as his face tenses in pain

    44. In a medium saucepan, bring the water to a boil; stir in the grits

    45. Huh? Then why do all humans waste their lives trying to become rich, if Beverly hillbillies are happier eating hog jowls and corn grits? Why do most lottery winners after they win: still work at their old jobs, and live in the same house? And confess that they are no happier than when they did not have all those millions? The lottery only sells tickets because it is based upon the imagined happiness and ease all that money will buy

    46. of grits, 800-, 1,200-, 4,000- and 6,000- grit stones

    47. Although neither of the executioners had spoken with a southern accent, I sounded to myself as though I must be trying to track down some good old boy with a red neck and a tattoo of the Confederate flag somewhere on his body, good old Jim Bob, with a juicy wad of chewin’ tobacco tucked up in his cheek and Merle Haggard playing on the radio of his pickup, while he drove around with a loaded rifle, looking for a possum to shoot so that he could bring it home to the little woman and have her make her mighty fine stew that she served over buttered grits with collard greens on the side

    48. ” He moves the transmission into D, grits his teeth as he gives it gas

    49. Devon grits his teeth and throws his foot onto the brake

    50. I ordered coffee and a big breakfast of grits and eggs, patty sausage and biscuits

    1. and through gritted teeth we waited for the whistle,

    2. I try to take my mind off it by focussing on the countryside flowing past us … on the conversations we had yesterday … on what I have learned of Errd … anything … time passes in an agony of gritted teeth and fought back tears

    3. He gritted his teeth and read Amanda's left handed writing:

    4. Roman’s teeth gritted tighter every time Carl applied the ointment

    5. Kemberra gritted his teeth and his muscles tensed for a fraction of a second before he composed his face into a very good approximation of a look of bewilderment and asked, “Who’s Teshi?”

    6. But he did not; so instead he silently gritted his teeth as the Man went up to the prize box, past the brand-new set of golf clubs, and grabbed a tatty-looking old teddy-bear

    7. " The mage said, through a smile and gritted teeth while rubbing a red hand

    8. They uttered no words, all the while they merely gritted their teeth at the obstacle before them and struck, one after the other

    9. Teeth gritted, she fired into the crowd below then ripped out another arrow from the quiver at her hip

    10. The One Elf gritted his teeth as smoke rose from his hands, his flesh sizzling from his hold on the wood

    11. Adros gritted his teeth against the pain, refusing to drop his staff

    12. ” he said through gritted teeth

    13. Knew it was too damned good to be true, they gritted

    14. Through still gritted teeth, he obliged

    15. She gritted her teeth and drew a deep breath before turning to the oddly taciturn Breton man nearby

    16. Now just give me the damn keys,’ Jodie menaced through gritted teeth

    17. "Where's this Romy,” I managed to say through gritted teeth

    18. Melissa gritted her teeth and looked away as Chris moved the syringe nearer her arm and prepared to strike

    19. to her, his eyes were firmly closed and his teeth were still gritted

    20. How can she finish her plan now?” He spat the bitter words out through gritted teeth

    21. In the backstage dressing room, Raven gritted his teeth as he listened to the announcement and prepared to enter the ring

    22. We now have the power to cut down trees, we should be able to cut down those infernal men anytime soon," her manner was soft and calm, then she gritted her teeth

    23. He gritted his teeth against the pain from whatever injuries he had received

    24. The wood handle rubbed against her palm, which was raw from grabbing the burning brand, but she gritted her teeth against the pain

    25. “What the hell you want from me?” he managed between gritted teeth, his accent much thicker now

    26. She gritted her teeth and turned her face to the side to see neither and to pull her throat from the dagger, but she was unsuccessful at shutting out what was happening to her

    27. Setting off down the road after the man, Savannah gritted her teeth, determined to see this through

    28. She gritted her teeth, stepped back several feet

    29. Not taking his eyes from the horrendous sight, Watts powered himself up the rope, slipping on the slime a couple of times in his haste, but he gritted his teeth and kept going

    30. stoke the fire like this? With gritted teeth, and every motion a

    31. Yet, if she hoped to win Caroline’s cooperation, tearing it from the wall was not an option: she gritted her teeth

    32. Colling felt his face turning red at the major’s use of the word “boy,” and his persistent mispronunciation of his name, but gritted his teeth and replied, “Yessir

    33. Maintenon gritted his teeth as a horse-cab full of citizens loomed in front of the motorcar

    34. “Where is he then?” said Ethan through gritted teeth

    35. He was about to say something when James told him through gritted teeth:

    36. ‘Oh damn!’ Trevor closed his eyes and gritted his teeth

    37. ” The bouncer gritted

    38. “Because I’ve told them,” she says, through the gritted teeth of her smile

    39. I breathe through gritted teeth, staring at Molly’s blood-covered face, the color deep and rich and beautiful, in a way

    40. “No,” says Tobias through gritted teeth

    41. He scowls and squirms in the chair, and through gritted teeth says, “Four

    42. I scream into gritted teeth, frustrated

    43. “This isn’t a classroom,” he replies through gritted teeth

    44. “Do it,” I say through gritted teeth

    45. Don’t you remember?” She gritted her teeth

    46. Barret gritted his teeth, his eyes screaming with rage, but said

    47. “This is all screwed up!” Barret snarled through gritted teeth,

    48. ” Barret said through gritted

    49. Cursing through gritted teeth, Cloud let

    50. out loud and then gritted her teeth and pushed herself up

    1. By dint of sheer willpower and a certain amount of gritting of the teeth against the pain, I manage to get dressed and pack up my bags again

    2. But, gritting his teeth, he fought back tears and battled on like a soldier on the front line

    3. Gritting his teeth, the

    4. Gritting his teeth, he swallowed his scream as a jolt pain ran the length of his arm

    5. The boy stood with his arms crossed, gritting his teeth with rage

    6. Briefly scanning the walls for signs of weakness, they continued on, Alec kept his curses to himself, gritting them between his teeth

    7. He listened carefully, gritting his teeth

    8. “What?” he snapped again, gritting his teeth, irritated by her incessant curiosity

    9. Gritting his teeth, Contin pulled the wheel in the opposite direction, managing to get the car back onto the road, where it slewed from side to side, the tyres smoking as he stamped on the brakes

    10. Pulling against the plant stem, Darkburst desperately tried to free his leg, gritting his teeth against the pain, twisting and turning this way and that, rolling over and over in his attempt to free himself

    11. Gritting his teeth, he began struggling up the steep slope

    12. Gritting my teeth, I gave the rope another hefty pull but only succeeded in tipping the bench over at a dangerous angle, forcing me to give up the progress I'd already made

    13. Gritting his teeth, he tried to free his foot one last time

    14. Hilderich flinched painfully as he repositioned himself in a more upright position using his hands and replied, gritting his teeth through some of the words:

    15. Once the initial feeling of shock had dissipated, Hilderich mustered every iota of self-control to keep himself from screaming the question through gritting teeth, his fists clenched in tension:

    16. “It explains,” he says, gritting his teeth, “why, under a pretense of neutrality—as if such a thing is possible!—you have left us to die at the hands of the Erudite

    17. communicating with loved ones more difficult, and that’s aside from gritting your teeth against the

    18. Gritting her teeth, Jesse stabbed at a piece of scrambled egg on her plate

    19. in the constricted saliva of their gritting teeth

    20. Gritting his teeth in determination he moved out again hoping that he did not run into a squad of men on the next room

    21. He was groaning and gritting his teeth

    22. "I've got it, Percy," she said, gritting her teeth

    23. “Thalia gave her life to save you,” I said, gritting my teeth

    24. when he found her this next time—and he would find her! Gritting

    25. was going to hear a lot more about it, so gritting my teeth I sat down on my own

    26. ” He tracked them down the lane, his jaw gritting tightly

    27. A boat was moving out into the bay! Gritting his teeth he increased his speed, but before he reached the beach he heard the rasp and creak of ropes, and the grind of the great sweep in its socket

    28. He cannot be allowed to escape," she said, gritting her teeth as if the idea of escape was tantamount to treason

    29. gritting his teeth, trying not to let

    30. Gritting her teeth, she sidestepped his next blow and retreated a few steps to catch her breath

    31. Seeing the enraged Nycarman woman coming Worm flipped onto his feet, gritting his teeth as the pain shot through his chest

    32. Gritting his teeth Murray said

    33. I remember keeping my eyes shut and gritting my teeth and literally pulling my head in

    34. " He said gritting his teeth

    35. After gritting my teeth and getting stuck in, I finally managed to remove it

    36. Buddy sat on a cold steel chair while gritting his new teeth

    37. Gritting his teeth, and with an imposing anger in his tone, Mahood said, “I often think about those men who came at me with rage in their teeth, blades high and sharp, voices loud with a false courage, and I can’t help but damn them for failing to kill me

    38. space suit; gritting his teeth he braced himself and looked into the visor, fully

    39. Gritting his teeth he started to pick his way through the spares

    40. Gritting his teeth, Michael shifted the lever on the electronic rifle to ‘stun,’

    41. Gritting his teeth he thrust the towel over his body, angry at the cheek they had to ridicule him

    42. Gritting my teeth, I grimaced and assured the hostess (once again) that I was fine waiting

    43. ” Gritting her teeth, she punched Andrew in the stomach

    44. Gritting his teeth, he dropped to the ground

    45. Then, gritting his teeth, Darek punched the rocks until his knuckles bled

    46. Aesa turned away, gritting his teeth

    47. Gritting her teeth, her eyes lit up again

    48. She’d been at his press conference earlier this afternoon, gritting her teeth as she watched him answer questions, charm the more hard core reporters with his wit and jokes

    49. Cristian inhaled sharply, closing his eyes and gritting his teeth

    50. Jack gritting his teeth then asked in a stern voice, “Where are they?”

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