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    1. Woman and Serpent traveled to the center of the Garden and she plucked a fruit from the tree

    2. plucked a violin string, marvelled again at the resonance

    3. He plucked the rigid pastry from Williams’ hand and gnawed through it in anger

    4. ' With great concentration, he plucked a string and listened

    5. He did it again until he was satisfied, then plucked the others and tuned them to the same questions

    6. He was overjoyed when he plucked the last petal from the now bald flower head and found that she loved him

    7. And he had been with Lord Boras since plucked from a Scather raid as a young toddler, he thought to himself angrily

    8. could still fly, and if they could still fly he plucked off their wings

    9. He was overjoyed when he plucked

    10. Somehow, though, she has never plucked up the courage

    1. It took about a week for me to pluck up the courage to steal the teaspoon

    2. and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

    3. Here it seems like we pluck shreds of paper with tweezers for its fuel value and there's shiploads of it down there

    4. you all are these the only tests of pluck? Where my humble life

    5. There was also fruit, because my brother Nikos had climbed halfway up the cliff to pluck pears from a tree that jutted out

    6. I guided Izzy to sing her energy into a spun web, which expanded into delicate strands she could pluck and project towards the objects in front of her

    7. When she saw the portentous expression on his face, like a child waiting for the Magician to pluck fire from the air, she couldn't contain herself, and burst out laughing, dumping the exercise books on the floor and falling back on the sofa

    8. Orion held the Harp of Souls to pluck the three strings again

    9. Empress of the Office, where she spent most mornings on the red willow love seat that faces my desk, raising her regal head only at unfamiliar sounds: in winter, the heavy snow sliding off the metal roof and crashing to the deck below, startling us both; in early spring, the northern flickers trying in vain to pluck insulation for their nests from the roof vents; a heavy summer rain; the grinding noise of the propane truck making its first delivery in fall

    10. The small fury feathers were the hardest to pluck clean, as they would stick to your hands and the bird and anything else that made contact with them (like my shirt, pants, face, and boots)

    1. with the feathers from the old woman’s plucking of her geese,

    2. He walked down the street towards his home plucking the petals from the flower as he repeated that lover’s mantra of old: “She loves me, she loves me not”

    3. It could be plucking a leaf off of a tree

    4. finally plucking up the courage to ask a question, “What’s it called?”

    5. "Hurry, Theodorous, they're coming stronger now," Bri Lynn said, plucking away at the advancing horde with a short bow while the rest of the soldiers cut down any of the advancing undead she couldn't hit

    6. said yes and I began plucking the strings of my guitar softly and

    7. The soft plucking of the guitar notes blended beautiful with

    8. “Sorry, but we need your ribbon back,” a blushing judge murmured, plucking at his white coat

    9. Fiendish tortures were also often resorted to, especially with prisoners of war, when the executioners vied with each other in devising fearful methods of torture, such as flaying alive, plucking out eyes, and even more original devices

    10. The enraged soldiers soon ceased to discriminate, and several harmless pacificos were shot plucking mangoes, and many insurgents were killed at night by pickets, for not answering the foreign challenge promptly

    1. Fixer plucks a dandelion as an example but his words

    2. He plucks another shrimp from the plate on his desk, “One more bite

    3. An infected young budgie cannot properly digest her food; even though she feeds heavily, she loses weight, plucks herself, screams, and is obviously uncomfortable

    4. Sergei plucks these metals as well as gold and silver from ocean depths of over 4000 meters

    5. Sometimes he tears out its feathers before slaughtering it, or even plucks out its head by hand without using knife

    6. "No!" Tee screams and she plucks the

    7. He greedily plucks and devours the white Gods’ Eye bloom, then another, then another

    8. Glacia plucks up the rest of my berries and uses them as eyes for her pancake smiley face

    9. the grains of Magnesite & PLUCKS it out thus resulting in terrible wear of

    10. The vendor plucks it up and holds it out to her excitedly

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    jerk pull rip snatch tear tug yank boldness courage determination mettle nerve resolution spirit

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    pluck gutsiness pluckiness cull pick deplumate deplume displume pull tear plunk pick off pull off tweak fleece gazump hook overcharge plume rob soak surcharge hustle roll jerk rip snatch tug yank boldness courage determination mettle nerve resolution spirit