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    1. Tig felt the impact come up through the bulkhead and the handhold and into his arm

    2. He clung to a handhold in front of the chair

    3. Horcheese was fully through the hatch and clinging to a handhold near the NAV console before he turned and saw her

    4. The Chief grabbed a handhold in front of the command chair

    5. In order to descend, he would have to turn the slightest bump into a handhold

    6. Lucy had found a handhold but when the rope snapped taut she was torn free and fell screaming over the precipice

    7. He found another handhold, just enough to hook his fingertips into, and then he set above looking for a foothold

    8. His leg swung free for a moment as he sharply returned his hand back to its safe handhold

    9. His hand only slid a couple of centimetres before he found a handhold

    10. This time he found another handhold and then another

    11. There were always plenty to see, plenty of actors in this theatre of the street, the drunks gently surfing from one handhold to another,

    12. He grabbed for a nearby handhold and

    13. Sliding towards the rear of the vehicle, I desperately scrabbled about for a handhold to stop myself careering right off the back

    14. He tried to find a handhold in the rocks, a fissure, a jutting piece of granite or lime, but all he could grasp was the thin, cold rush of air

    15. Hang on! Hang on! Grab anything! Gotta get up onto the raft, his thought raged on through the frustration of the failed attempt, as he looked for a handhold that would get him up with a one pull

    16. brass handhold at the edge of one of the big glass doors and almost

    17. An overwhelming wave of nausea and the scribe’s final handhold on the mountain gave way

    18. Then I grasped another handhold and hoisted myself back up

    19. handhold hollowed out in the stone below

    20. without security, without even a handhold on the smooth speeding sides of the

    21. I finally had a good handhold on the myth

    22. Aesa smirked as he found the first handhold

    23. Ignoring the sharp pain in her scraped hands, she pushed upright and ran, grappling for a handhold

    24. The aircraft banked sharply to the right, jolted the two lads who had to grasp for a handhold

    25. slippery vegetation that off ered no handhold

    26. the rear, up to his waist, he grabbed a silver handhold and

    27. She heard the air disappear as the hold was depressurised and grabbed a handhold against the pull of the void

    28. The room rotated around her as she reached for a handhold

    29. The tattered canvas beckoned as the only handhold on the otherwise smooth ship

    30. She found a good handhold, flipped to her stomach

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    handhold hold grip clutch purchase squeeze fist