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    1. You could squeeze him to hand the lot over and I can keep an eye on him

    2. The big man began to shuffle around the counter and squeeze through the small entrance into the reception area

    3. I would squeeze these verses out through salty bubbles… and at that

    4. He was eating his corn, fingers dripping with butter when she reached under the table and gave him a loving squeeze

    5. She scooted over and laid her head on his chest, giving him a quick squeeze

    6. He held on to her waist and gave her a tight squeeze

    7. She tried to squeeze any blood and dirt out of the hole and then keep it a little closed

    8. He turned around and looked at Kate with wide eyes and gave her hand a quick tight squeeze; he made a flimsy excuse and left them

    9. Normally at this stage in my traumas, there'd be a motherly squeeze and she'd say something to boost my confidence but she wasn't there

    10. ’ He said, his grip on my waist becoming a happy squeeze

    11. His hands felt good, the skin was rough and calloused, but gentle, and the dose of hormones he was able to squeeze from her went a long way towards making up for the thick yaag missing from her head

    12. 'Business and pleasure, as usual, with the emphasis on as much pleasure as I can squeeze in,' she sniggered

    13. ’ He chuckles at that, and puts an arm round me, giving my shoulders a squeeze

    14. I desire you to squeeze me

    15. It disappears as two of the club's clientele squeeze past a knot of female drinkers and talk to him

    16. lift his head and squeeze a round off from his heavy hands before he completely

    17. He reaches out behind his back, locates Helen's hand and gives it a faint squeeze

    18. squeeze, and then began to gather old bags and planks of

    19. The front door of my cottage is in the middle of the side of the building and opens onto the drive where I can just about squeeze my car

    20. much she could squeeze the stuffing out of him

    21. One simple squeeze, a reaction, a muscle spasm, and he can be with Bex

    22. happen had not yet given Roman the courage to pick up the weapon or squeeze its

    23. With a quick kiss and a little squeeze, he was off

    24. One does what one must do,” she replied, receiving a squeeze of her hand from her present husband in admiration

    25. "My god Sis, what is it?" she exclaimed, throwing her arms around her "Did Juan talk to you about the Village?" she asked with the biggest squeeze Emma could remember receiving, in a long time

    26. I started to squeeze I knew he was dead when his eyeballs popped out of his skull

    27. and nails covered it like he was going to squeeze his head in

    28. " She said with a slight squeeze of the hand

    29. Giving his shoulder a squeeze of reassurance, she stood

    30. “Surprise!” Babs gave his shoulder a chiropractic squeeze

    31. " he stopped, whirling to squeeze her frozen arms

    32. into which we could just about squeeze the beast

    33. with the long barrels that could spark a flame at the squeeze of a trigger

    34. managed to squeeze into the space itself)

    35. squeeze in (we all had to get out beforehand as there was

    36. It was a tight squeeze, and we

    37. squeeze and sent a silent prayer of thanks to Saint

    38. squeeze his way back outside, he noticed a shaft of

    39. A dozen Dort residents got very sticky letters on the Monday, with a few dried droplets of slurry wine and ale, but nobody seemed to mind for they all had managed to squeeze into the hall for that final waltz

    40. When she was satisfied that a wound was sufficiently packed she would squeeze it closed and the natural adhesive qualities of the web would keep it perfectly sealed

    41. next to his son and gave his arm a grateful squeeze

    42. Often your squeeze page is the first contact someone has with you and the first

    43. The purpose of your squeeze page is to capture interested people’s names and

    44. You can have external links to the rest of your website, so your squeeze

    45. The best converting squeeze pages are usually pure white templates

    46. Ensure your OTO page is as strong as the sales or squeeze page you have for

    47. You then need to build a squeeze page

    48. Your squeeze page has one purpose

    49. Here are two quick ways to increase the traffic to your squeeze page

    50. If you just have a squeeze page and nothing else, the average affiliate

    1. Ackers carefully inserted the device into the crack on the door, and then he squeezed what looked like the blue mercury down the tube, out of the device and into the door

    2. She giggled and squeezed his hand as she led him out of the taverna and into

    3. Here it comes, thought Dan, and he squeezed Jen’s hand tightly for a moment

    4. He squeezed the Range Rover through the narrow gate, jumped out to close

    5. " he squeezed his shoulder

    6. Squeezed into the back are John and Russ, their hands tied

    7. The Leopard squeezed that final shriek of horror out of Johnny’s throat as her

    8. She squeezed her eyes shut together and wished, but no data at all arrived

    9. “Hah? What’s with this guy?” She said to the little male companion squeezed in next to her

    10. As the bus squeezed and wheezed its way through streets full of bars and girls Stu hoped that his chosen destination might have something at least a little different to offer tonight

    11. She squeezed him with the arm around his waist

    12. and squeezed them into a crack in the bare earth

    13. He squeezed Kate around the waist in his excitement

    14. There was an opening at the rear of the cave and I squeezed into it with all my might

    15. It didn’t, thank God! I squeezed thru the opening into another area and turned around to see where this had led me

    16. "Yeah," she giggled, but squeezed his ass one more time as he turned, "but hold that thought for later

    17. Several of the older boys squeezed their way up thru the flooring and found the school pantry

    18. It also improves flabby upper arms, and excessive flesh on the shoulders will slowly be squeezed away

    19. "Oh Luray," he squeezed her shoulders, "Thank you for sharing this time with me

    20. The old man passed me the cabbage whilst he squeezed past and scrambled onto the gravel

    21. Gonzar came by and squeezed in between Gondin and D'nore as they told that

    22. Total strangers came and hugged us or squeezed our shoulders and offered us tissues

    23. He sighed and squeezed himself down in stony silence

    24. “That and much, much more, my dear friend,” she squeezed his arm once

    25. She returned the smile, squeezed his arm and turned to Lord Tarak

    26. Duncan squeezed her hand slightly and caressed his face with it, Naria purred softly in reply

    27. They passed a cut thru an older wall, then squeezed thru a narrow passage into an even narrower passageway

    28. More people had electric scooters than cars, and she would have rather been on one of them than squeezed into this little thing

    29. I chuckled and squeezed her

    30. I snaked one hand between us and squeezed her stomach

    31. I returned to the bear and squeezed the water out so it fell on his mouth

    32. The young witch squeezed his hand tightly,

    33. you will live,’ she squeezed his hand once again

    34. ‘Release me from this pain,’ she squeezed his hand

    35. Roman tilted Johnny’s head back and squeezed his nostrils shut with the

    36. pistol with both hands in the approved manner, and squeezed the

    37. I pointed the shotgun in his direction and squeezed the trigger at the

    38. smiled and squeezed her husband's hand

    39. She squeezed his hand surrounding her waist and responded, “it is alright, their fine

    40. ” Chloe squeezed his hand in hers, and they walked with the rest of the household to the Dining Room

    41. She squeezed his hand, but there was a tension, that surrounded them now “Jim, I'm new at taken care of myself

    42. The pkattas were really good, especially with some of the berry juice squeezed on them while they cooked

    43. Once back at Knume’s she washed some clothes she would be taking, while they soaked, she squeezed and strained the lvinch, filling three big skins with the juice

    44. Desa and Alan squeezed in at the table by sitting on the windowsill behind it

    45. "Alright, but if you start having problems breathing” he squeezed his brow together

    46. Tom grabbed her and squeezed her tight

    47. He took her hand and squeezed it reassuringly

    48. Ghosts adorned the front window, squeezed between the Rx sign and the newest movie release to video

    49. we squeezed through the throng

    50. gun at point blank range and squeezed the trigger

    1. “And we’d love to hear you talk about it on the show,” he grasps my hand and squeezes it

    2. She squeezes his hand

    3. He squeezes the trigger

    4. Bolt squeezes off one more frame - FLASH! - before joining the exodus

    5. He smiles at me and squeezes my arm gently against his body

    6. ’ I replied, sounding a hell of a lot calmer than I am feeling … where is this confidence coming from? We’ve only been going out for a matter of days and, here I am, more or less offering to have his children … He reaches over and squeezes my hand

    7. Dave squeezes my hand encouragingly as we reach the door of the room

    8. “Ew!” He squeezes the ball at me again, but the opening is at the wrong angle, and the paint sprays into his mouth instead

    9. He squeezes one eye shut and breathes slowly in

    10. He slides his hands down my arms and then squeezes my hips, his fingers sliding over the skin just above my belt, and I shiver

    11. Will squeezes her hand

    12. My finger squeezes the trigger, but not hard enough to fire

    13. She nods and squeezes my fingers so hard they hurt

    14. Tobias squeezes my hand, and then releases it, and I stand with Christina at the edge of the Candor symbol

    15. My chest squeezes, and I can’t breathe

    16. He leans his forehead against the door and squeezes his eyes shut

    17. My hands tremble, and Christina squeezes my knee

    18. George squeezes Amar’s arm and waves at the rest of us

    19. Her hand squeezes the edge of the table, the knuckles pale

    20. The priest, in return, squeezes his eyes shut and silently mouths what is probably a prayer

    21. He softly squeezes my hand, and a tear flows down his cheek

    22. I declined rides from my former squeezes at Motorola to prove my virtue

    23. I want to hate her, but how can I when she squeezes me so warm and tight as if I’m her long- lost sister

    24. He groans, and his lips catch mine as he squeezes my waist with a burning desire

    25. John squeezes my hand, and we both turn, looking at Mother

    26. ” With a gentle touch, Mother squeezes my hand

    27. He squeezes me closer as he breathes out

    28. Finally, he squeezes Simon’s shoulder and the scribe struggles to his feet

    29. was a killer because it squeezes the battery case and shorts the plates inside

    30. There was so much love in their eyes and in their squeezes that

    31. Recchia squeezes his hand tighter, painfully, and goes on, “You think

    32. The kiss lasts only seconds, her tongue digging deep into his mouth as she squeezes his firmness in her grip

    33. He flicks it, ready to touch it to the gas hose as he squeezes the handle

    34. diploma, gives you a mean look, and squeezes your hand hard

    35. “I think there’s only one more,” she squeezes your hand and somehow this ‘poetry-reading’ seems more a test of your patience and love than it does an appreciation for the arts

    36. The youngest girl carefully squeezes his manhood between her soft fingers then gently wraps her lips tightly around it

    37. He wraps his arms around us both and just squeezes, letting us know with his strength and his silence and his glad, Marqe-lighted eyes that he’s glad I’m home safe

    38. She squeezes into the tightest clothes she can wear and obsessively

    39. Steve pulls in behind him and jumps out; Curly Pete has parked the Mercedes as close as he can to the little wooden jetty that is Steve's berth and Steve squeezes past and approaches his boat

    40. Returning to the engine room he heats the uniform and using his hands like a mechanical vice he squeezes out the purple dye

    41. Then, holding the gun behind the infants head so that the shot will kill them both, she squeezes the trig

    42. If she squeezes your hand when you squeeze hers, you are in

    43. When the piston squeezes out the water, more is drawn in behind it

    44. I wonder how he squeezes their money out of them

    45. Scott squeezes my hand in reassurance and smiles down at me

    46. similar to the way a python constricts its prey and squeezes them to

    47. In fact he stands, approaches, and squeezes the note into my

    48. She then steps aside away from Craig and squeezes between the crowd behind Mike and Mitch as Mike and Mitch chit chat with the other boys

    49. and kisses and squeezes her, rubbing her

    50. She squeezes my hand tighter

    1. He kept squeezing until there was no more blue liquid in his device

    2. Only he remained, holding her hand, squeezing her

    3. If it wasn't for them, how could I have done that stupid mindless job day in and day out, year in and year out, squeezing whatever bit of pride out of it that could be found?

    4. I could not mark the world with my anger, but by looking my demons in the eye, by taking that black heart of oblivion in my imaginary hands and squeezing it until it burst, I found the strength to stand as a man in the darkness

    5. “Lovely touch, Sir,” said the gaoler, squeezing out from behind the committee chairman

    6. ’ I said, laying a hand on his arm and squeezing it slightly

    7. He smiled at her and reached for her hand squeezing it, “That’s great news kid, good for you!” He noted her use of ‘Tar’; a familiarity that spoke volumes

    8. She took his hand in hers, lowered her head and took a deep breath; squeezing his hand tightly to her breast she whispered thru clenched teeth,

    9. ’ I said, reaching over and squeezing his hand

    10. “I would consider you a major score in such an endeavor,” he said, squeezing her once again

    11. Thank you once again for a wonderful sleep,” he said, squeezing two and kissing three

    12. My face smooshed into his flabby chest, his arms wrapped around me, squeezing

    13. " she asked with all the persuasion she could, squeezing his hand helped

    14. " He seemed to suddenly understand, squeezing her free hand, he gave in

    15. But we can get back, I might be still squeezing but now that we’re still, it’s getting pretty cold

    16. She somehow found her voice, managed to drag it through her throat and squeezing his hand she cried out, "Whimly, Whimly, what is it?"

    17. So the group, hand in hand skirted the heights of the mount, or tried to, for the rocks seemed to getting larger and the pathway steeper, until squeezing between huge boulder pillars they reached the summit

    18. “Do you think you can tell us the rest?” Willow whispered in my ear, squeezing tighter

    19. Or he can try squeezing in with Hesper

    20. Her shouts and groans, her pats on the back, her pinching of his flesh, the squeezing pressure of her legs about his neck, were all ample indication of her arousal

    21. ” he replied, squeezing his way past Richard

    22. Sebastian turned her face until he could see the one tear squeezing out of her eyelid to run down her face

    23. Alex shook her head, a few tears squeezing over the rims of her eyelids

    24. Squeezing between the others in the cramped cabin, Felix slid across to the control console beside the pilot’s chair to throw the three switches on the console, activating the dinghy’s electrical systems

    25. " Danny realised he was squeezing too hard and eased off

    26. through the unbarred chain link fence, squeezing its bloated body through a hole in it

    27. He pulled her in even tighter as a lump caught in his throat, squeezing her shoulders to comfort them both

    28. tight about the warm metal of the key, squeezing it until its sharp edges pressed painfully into her

    29. Thin hard fingers found Holland’s throat, squeezing the arteries each side of his neck

    30. On the other side of the boulder Stelze lay down in a shady spot, squeezing her exhausted body against the cool rock

    31. Stooping he picked it up, but before he could use it Gonzalez had his arm around his neck, squeezing hard, gripping his right wrist so he couldn’t bring the gun into play

    32. He winked, squeezing the trigger

    33. With one last glance at Thesa, Rooten tutted, shook his head, then followed Comfrey, squeezing his way through the hole that the falling stones had uncovered

    34. The hole that had been cleared at the back of the chamber was small but so was Thesa, and he had little difficulty in squeezing his way through it

    35. It is all a matter of negotiation then and no negotiation starts without the squeezing process in place

    36. “Come and get it, you bastards!” he grunted, his heart literally stopped in his chest as Sergeant Phillip Oberon kept squeezing the trigger

    37. “Just a second,” I said quickly cutting her off and gently squeezing her hand again, “was there any evidence that indicated how much earlier she had been raped? She had been raped, yeah?”

    38. He held her again at arms length, saw trust in her eyes and, with his hands light upon her, pulled her close to his chest and nuzzled into her hair, squeezing shut his eyes to close out his apprehension

    39. Trent queried the technicians, with one hand on GeeBee’s shoulder, unconsciously squeezing hard

    40. There was something else squeezing in

    41. Gravitation pressed them into the floor, squeezing till they gasped in agony

    42. Clenching/Grinding is the unconscious habit of squeezing and rubbing the teeth together

    43. Her hand was squeezing his urgently just before the one in the middle stepped out into the open

    44. He held his breath a second, refusing to inhale, then exhaled slowly, squeezing the air from his lungs

    45. I could feel their probes squeezing my brain for information…’

    46. He began to feel something different in his head, a growing anticipation, a building of something intense, and then suddenly they both yelled as they came in one huge climax, with her pussy squeezing his cock in the contractions of the orgasm, and him spurting inside her

    47. She greeted them at the door as they left, her left hand squeezing her clothes

    48. ” He sets his hands on my shoulders, his fingers pressing, squeezing

    49. Before the guards can stop him, he closes a hand around my throat, squeezing my trachea with his fingertips

    50. Now the monstrous thing has its claws around my throat, squeezing my airway

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