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Headache en una oración (en ingles)

  1. If you had a headache.
  2. It gave me a headache.
  3. She had such a headache.
  4. I have a major headache.
  5. A headache began to throb.

  6. Garcia woke to a headache.
  7. I don't have a headache.
  8. I think I have a headache.
  9. Caris still had a headache.
  10. Jeeze, Ive got a headache.
  11. But my aunt has a headache.
  12. I have a bit of a headache.
  13. I don't need the headache.
  14. Maybe she had a headache too.
  15. Now to that headache of yours.

  16. She says she's got a headache.
  17. It begins as a faint headache.
  18. Do you have a headache?
  19. He woke up with a mild headache.
  20. I start to get a headache, shit.
  21. And something for that headache.
  22. I have pills for the headache.
  23. A dull headache capped her head.
  24. The runways were another headache.
  25. I have such a bad headache today.

  26. The headache I had all day faded.
  27. Isabel’s headache began to wane.
  28. It was a headache for the statue.
  29. He could feel a headache coming.
  30. You know, my headache is gone.
  31. I have one splitting headache.
  32. The World Headache Alliance (WHA).
  33. It started to give her a headache.
  34. It was even giving him a headache.
  35. There are several types of headache.
  36. Reacher’s headache was coming back.
  37. Oh my God, I have such a headache.
  38. I'm getting a headache already!.
  39. His dull headache completely vanished.
  40. Severe headache, often with vomiting.
  41. I have a headache, he told her.
  42. I’ve got a headache, she said.
  43. And many a headache they gave me too.
  44. That just gave me an instant headache.
  45. His headache returns and he ignores it.
  46. My headache began to pound in earnest.
  47. He started to feel a headache come on.
  48. This whole day was an instant headache.
  49. Why not? It solves a headache for us.
  50. Why have I got this damn headache?
  51. Gimbel, except for the headache I have.
  52. As I did, I got an awful headache and.
  53. He’s already giving me a headache.
  54. A radical remedy to a chronic headache.
  55. That too was a headache, retooling the.
  56. Tips on how to avoid a hangover headache.
  57. Harry had woken with a terrific headache.
  58. This is all giving me such a headache!.
  59. Is it the headache you want stopped?
  60. To be honest it has been a real headache.
  61. This time with a splitting headache and.
  62. He had a slight headache, and his mouth.
  63. Yeah, but this always gives me a headache.
  64. She had a headache and a touch of nausea.
  65. I was suffering from a bit of a headache.
  66. No headache, however, so that was a plus.
  67. I will leave you; I've a slight headache.
  68. I have no Advil for your trading headache.
  69. He had a headache and he was groggy, but.
  70. This will invariably result in a headache.
  71. Lucy had a headache and went early to bed.
  72. I have a slight headache and this room is.
  73. But his headache, the earthquake, and the.
  74. I love waking up with a splitting headache.
  75. He had a splitting headache, and his body.
  76. You couldn’t have had a headache?
  77. Trying to visualize it gives me a headache.
  78. The headache? He checked the monitors.
  79. His headache increased, his sanity wavering.
  80. You can also try one of the major headache.
  81. And my back hurts and I have a headache now.
  82. Have some water, it'll help your headache.
  83. It is effective for headache relief as well.
  84. Next day morning, I woke up in a bad headache.
  86. It would certainly help with this headache.
  87. IT IS the headache from hell that won’t quit.
  88. How's the headache? the doctor asked her.
  89. She has a headache, Trox said, irritated.
  90. Hawthorne Clinic battled with his headache for.
  91. Natasha, pleading a headache, remained at home.
  92. Despite her headache, Tara smiled at her friend.
  93. She’d hurry to her room and plead a headache.
  94. Also, very soon you will have quite a headache.
  95. I had the worst headache when I got in the house.
  96. Consult the doctor specifically for the headache.
  97. Causing them neither headache, nor intoxication.
  98. Soothes headache and anxiety and reduces fatigue.
  99. You have to understand that the tension headache.
  100. Zarek woke up with a headache and a troubled mind.

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