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Vexation en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He wanted to cry with vexation.
  2. That was a great vexation to me.
  3. The hostess reddened with vexation.
  4. The vexation was back on her face.
  5. This is also vanity and vexation.

  6. But as the fierce vexation of a dream.
  7. But he overcame his vexation at once.
  8. The snake hissed angrily in vexation.
  9. Her vexation did not end with the week.
  10. Everybody began to have their vexation.
  11. I cry with vexation and disappointment!.
  12. Of his vexation, and he answered, I can.
  13. This also is vanity and vexation of spirit.
  14. Indeed, he was in a perfect agony of vexation.
  15. Carton showed plainly his vexation at the affair.

  16. Tears of vexation and fatigue sprang to her eyes.
  17. His sickly face was puffed with vexation and rage.
  18. Yes, yes! Natásha murmured as if in vexation.
  19. Leave off, Sonia, he answered wearily, almost with vexation.
  20. I am really frantic with vexation; forgive my writing boldly.
  21. Kennedy hung up the receiver with an exclamation of vexation.
  22. Here he halted, puffing with labour and vexation, and knocked.
  23. Leave off, Sonia,’ he answered wearily, almost with vexation.
  24. And it now seemed to culminate in this harsh grasp of vexation.
  25. Her face was warped with a collage of tempered joy and vexation.

  26. What a beast! said Denísov with his former look of vexation.
  27. I asked him the cause of his vexation, and he answered, I can feel.
  28. We’ve stayed too long! said the count with involuntary vexation.
  29. In his attitude to her there was a shade of vexation, but nothing more.
  30. And to the vexation of many in Britain this argument is a right too far.
  31. But be looked at me with vexation and jumped up, breaking off his remarks.
  32. But he looked at me with vexation and jumped up, breaking off his remarks.
  33. And he had actually flushed with vexation, and had said something unpleasant.
  34. In a very few moments he returned, his face reddened with vexation, while he.
  35. You are always spoiling things, the elder man interrupted, with vexation.
  36. What was tranquillity and comfort to Fanny was tediousness and vexation to Mary.
  37. Our Major knew all about it, and hated the two Lomofs, sparing them no vexation.
  38. It had become a regular ritual and she frowned with contrived vexation every time.
  39. And evidently suppressing his vexation with difficulty, he turned away from the boy.
  40. I turned over with vexation on the sofa, though I was far from agreeing with Versilov.
  41. Strange to say, a queer, irrational vexation rose up in his heart that she was not here.
  42. And the feeling of energy with which the troops had started began to turn into vexation.
  43. I’ll turn him out! shouted Gania, glad of the opportunity of venting his vexation.
  44. Oh, he was angry now! He was speaking coarsely, carelessly, with vexation and impatience.
  45. To increase my vexation I found it far more difficult to get a lodging than I had imagined.
  46. He is in such bad health, and now this vexation about his son is enough to kill him!.
  47. Often, speaking with vexation of some failure or irregularity, he would say: ‘What can one.
  48. You can say that again ! the other responds with evident vexation, and now that you.
  49. And she ran out of the room, with difficulty refraining from tears of vexation and irritation.
  50. She was forced to consent, to her intense vexation, with a smile and a stealthy hiss of anger.
  51. De Griers stamped his foot with vexation, and hastened to communicate the tidings to the General.
  52. She thrust the volume into the desk, turned the key, and burst out crying with shame and vexation.
  53. It came from the pressure of various feelings, in which there was much affection and some vexation.
  54. He preferred not looking at her and not speaking, until he had got over the first spasm of vexation.
  55. I looked up at my tall father with light-hearted vexation, sure it was true, but it didn’t help me.
  56. Julian Mastakovich, all flushed with vexation, venom in his look, began to threaten the red-haired boy.
  57. A burning, childish blush, with a life of its own and an insolence that turned her vexation on herself.
  58. The old feeling of indulgent tenderness overcame her vexation, and she grew thoroughly moved and alarmed.
  59. After the usual vexation of finding parking space, I went upstairs and found Karima busy cleaning the flat.
  60. Despite the copious amounts of snickering she was doing internally at his vexation, she wisely muted herself.
  61. The bulky Denizen of Chaos howled in vexation and clawed at the short bolts lodged in his shoulder and thigh.
  62. No doubt that came in, that vexation, it must have done indeed; but yet that was not it, that was not it either.
  63. He now felt the same loathing and pity and vexation as when, out shooting, he was obliged to kill a wounded bird.
  64. Tom walked out of the room as he said it, and Edmund was left to sit down and stir the fire in thoughtful vexation.
  65. Levin was so hurt that he said, in a tone of vexation, ‘You might have left me something!’ and he felt ready to.
  66. She saw decision in his looks, and her surprise and vexation required some minutes' silence to be settled into composure.
  67. Levin reddened with vexation, not at being defeated, but at having failed to control himself and being drawn into argument.
  68. It was she who, to her great vexation unable quite to control her hands, had bumped the tray she was carrying against the door.
  69. They had talked, and they had been silent; he had reasoned, she had ridiculed; and they had parted at last with mutual vexation.
  70. Whatever the case, she let loose a cry of vexation and threw the weapon at me, and it clattered to the floor short of the doorway.
  71. On the other hand, the French officers seem to have suspected their own men, and this suspicion was a source of no little vexation.
  72. But his face was so piteous, that she restrained her vexation, and flinging some clothes off an arm-chair, she sat down beside him.
  73. And Olga Vseslavovna once more took refuge in her pocket handkerchief, this time, instead of tears, giving vent to sobs of vexation.
  74. Grey had protested violently, and Brock's nose twitched in vexation as he recalled the remarks that the old badger had thrown at him.
  75. On her return however, finding Sathyam sitting drowsily on the staircase, Roopa said in vexation, ‘I had to ring up Prasad for you.
  76. She never cried from pain or vexation, but always from sorrow or pity, and when she wept her radiant eyes acquired an irresistible charm.
  77. It was now Heyward's turn to bite his lip with vexation as the other so coolly alluded to a force which the young man knew to be overrated.
  78. Thumbling crept still farther in, and as it soon became quite dark, they were forced to go home with their vexation and their empty purses.
  79. Maria, remembering how confused the gentleman with the greyish moustache had made her, coloured with shame and vexation and disappointment.
  80. And the feeling of energy with which the troops had started began to turn into vexation and anger at the stupid arrangements and at the Germans.
  81. Mistakes with regard to this sometimes ruin the custom-house officer, and frequently occasion much trouble, expense, and vexation to the importer.
  82. To add to his vexation, such terrible voices were shouting behind him, before him and on both sides of him, that Ivan Andreyitch's heart was torn.
  83. Brooke nodded at Sir James, and felt that he was both showing his own force of resolution and propitiating what was just in the Baronet's vexation.
  84. In spite of his vexation, he could not but smile with sheer pleasure at the sight of her, as her eyes and her white teeth flashed a smile upon the room.
  85. Do please just leave me alone! And she ran out of the room, with difficulty refraining from tears of vexation and irritation rather than of sorrow.
  86. Without wasting any time in the fruitless indulgence of vexation, I once more set out in search of an abode in which I could hide myself for a few weeks.
  87. Yulian Mastakovitch, flushed with vexation and anger, was frightening the red-haired boy, who, retreating from him, did not know where to run in his terror.
  88. Now for vexation, and exasperation, and endless trouble! By God! I long to exert a fraction of Samson’s strength, and break the entanglement like tow!.
  89. He did not conceal his vexation, which was almost anger, and gave vent to all his accumulated spleen, disconnectedly and incoherently, without choosing words.
  90. If you want him defined, here he is: a prime, well-fed beast such as takes medals at the cattle shows, and nothing more,’ he said, with a tone of vexation.
  91. When the Iwins arrived I found that, instead of being as delighted as usual to meet Seriosha, I felt a kind of vexation that he should see and be seen by Sonetchka.
  92. Since we all have recently experienced much vexation of spirit and stress of mind, I suggest that no mention be made of our trials and troubles while on this holiday.
  93. One evening when Charles was listening to her, she began the same piece four times over, each time with much vexation, while he, not noticing any difference, cried—.
  94. Her visitor took it and was about to depart in vexation, when he reflected that this money lender was his last resource—and, besides, he had another object in coming.
  95. For a second he felt that he was sharing the feeling of Agafea Mihalovna, vexation at their making jam without water, and altogether at the outside Shtcherbatsky element.
  96. Marianne spoke inconsiderately what she really felt, but when she saw how much she had pained Edward, her own vexation at her want of thought could not be surpassed by his.
  97. Marianne spoke inconsiderately what she really felt-- but when she saw how much she had pained Edward, her own vexation at her want of thought could not be surpassed by his.
  98. At first he scarcely said anything; his looks only expressed his extreme surprise and vexation, and he walked to the gate and stood there, without seeming to know what to do.
  99. If you want him defined, here he is: a prime, well-fed beast such as takes medals at the cattle shows, and nothing more, he said, with a tone of vexation that interested her.
  100. And he pulled off his cloak and hung up his hat with a brisk cheerfulness at which I, who had just seen him striding about among puddles, rent with vexation, could only marvel.

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