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    1. Shortly before four, she finally got the opportunity to ask the headman, where the furniture for the Lytle White house had been placed

    2. To Roger of its sons a headman,

    3. “That is his usual way!” the headman answered peevishly, ending the meeting before any further sour notes could be offered

    4. “The village—gone!—no more!” The wail that had become words came from the headman, Zoran was sure

    5. The headman was sure he knew of one and agreed to take us to it

    6. I thought that was rather strange, but I went on into the village and asked to see the headman or guama, as he was called in Taino

    7. Seeing Judah who was mounted, as the headman, the captain addressed his remarks to him

    8. deference to the headman stated, “We came upon a large group of people just this morning

    9. Have you been able to figure out who's the second in command—or the headman, here in the village?"

    10. Liloe had done all she could to help her family and the village during Siri’s absence and she had worked tirelessly to support Lemayian in his roll as headman

    11. The village headman, Halit, held Joey’s face in his hand and examined the boy’s eyes

    12. They all wanted to comment on that honoiburst; such power in it that it could be compared to that of the wyassies or the village headman, or even greater! But they remained silent, for they were not even supposed to be watching the Rakai during his training

    13. But the headman and the wyassies knew that they would have a hard time getting them to follow their orders when it came to the Rakai

    14. So the wyassies and the headman did not bother to send them away as they stood behind them, watching

    15. He is the son of the village headman

    16. And unfortunately for these people the future headman of the village

    17. He spotted the wyassies in the center of the cluster, along with the headman

    18. First he had been forced to give up Marina and the hospitality of the Tyhunies in order to secure his position as the next village headman

    19. Soon Joey’s bed was surrounded by other figures, the three wyassies, Halirit, Mulena, Marina, the village headman and his wife Mitithra

    20. “That may be true, Karit, but you have to think of the bigger picture; off your future as the village headman

    21. “But if you also say that you would not be the next headman, then why would they follow your example? Only the Tyhunies would give credence to your actions

    22. “A leader has said that our kingdom is going to be invaded! And I, Halit of Ixia! The village headman and leader, say that we prepare for war!”

    23. Yes, the great Halit of Ixia was a great headman, yet could not properly teach his son the things a father was supposed to; like how to go to war with a smile on your face

    24. We then gave a bundle of weapons to the headman with instructions that every able-bodied man should receive one; I think we left a happier village than we had entered

    25. So I need you to keep your headman

    26. On the same day, the village headman and the village folks called for a meeting to find out the culprit

    27. My father was a village headman and whenever there was any

    28. The Brahmin looked at the Headman

    29. ‘It was their decision!’ said the Headman defensively

    30. ‘Don’t you dare call me a liar, Suryaksh!’ said the Headman

    31. ‘Two,’ said the Headman

    32. The Headman walked behind Sati, trailed by Suryaksh

    33. Sati turned towards the Headman

    34. ‘If you were half the priest your father was,’ snapped the Headman, ‘you would have

    35. ‘What the Headman says is right

    36. ‘Yes,’ said the headman

    37. Sati turned towards the Headman, fists clenched

    38. The headman has told me so

    39. The headman here says his people knew better than to do that as this is a holy place so they stayed out in the open

    40. Turning back to the headman she held out a heavy purse, which she dropped into his hand

    41. The language they spoke other than a few changes was the same as I had grown up with and I conversed fluently with the headman, who turned out to be the chief of the whole island

    42. The headman was thoroughly helpful about many things and I could tell that Colt was growing anxious to know what I did

    43. The old headman of the island turned away from the beach and the couple who lay on it to make his way back into the forest and to the village beyond

    44. A native boy passed him in route for the beach, but the old headman waved him off

    45. The headman insisted all the more vehemently, as he helped usher in the change to his people that he knew the girl and the God, who had given him a vision of the future, would bring to them

    46. He heard a low whistle and looking off to the side he saw the old headman gesture to him from an isolated part of the forest

    47. The headman tugged strongly on his shoulders and Colt sat down inelegantly on the ground of the clearing that was covered with colorfully woven blankets

    48. In particular the headman of the tribe and Clark had formed a close friendship

    49. Bring him!” The headman stepped out of the room with the device held securely against him, as if it was the only thing he cherished in life

    50. 'I am great headman, Ghvn-buri-Ghvn

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