Oraciones con la palabra "hurt"

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Hurt en una oración (en ingles)

I want him to hurt.
It hurt to the core.
It did not hurt me.
I said you hurt me.
This hurt him a lot.
She said I hurt her.
It will not hurt me.

To heal the hurt of.
He hurt all over now.
It hurt so badly it.
I was hurt and angry.
You could hurt a guy.
It was meant to hurt.
Did he get hurt? Yes.
He did not hurt Ella.
It said they hurt him.
It kind of hurt Gabe.
It can't hurt to ask.
This is going to hurt.
And you have hurt her.
He wanted to hurt her.
I was hurt to put it.
I knew it would hurt.
But he could hurt her.
Kulai was hurt by that.
I will never hurt you.
He was alive but hurt.
It can’t hurt us.
It won’t hurt a bit.
Strive to hurt no one.
I hurt him pretty bad.
My kneecap is hurting me.
Worse yet, I was hurting.
It’s hurting both of them.
And it’s hurting all of us.
She’s not hurting a thing.
He wasn’t really hurting me.
My body was aching and hurting.
This man was hurting their mate.
I didnt care if he was hurting.
Outraged, I was hurting with him.
He was hurting more than helping.
Stop him without hurting him—.
Stop it! You’re hurting her!.
Hitting is hurting: Hitting hurts.
When you realise that by hurting.
She was hurting more because of me.
And they’re hurting her, Rhys.
I was hurting, but I didn’t care.
He’s scared of hurting you, Zandra.
It was hurting her, so I sedated her.
And it’s not hurting anyone now.
Her words were hurting him a lot more.
On top of that, my stomach's hurting.
CINDY: Yes, but he wasn't hurting anyone.
Dewi, I regret hurting you, I really do.
Boris, Boris! The boys are hurting Nick.
My belly which had been hurting, stopped.
If you only knew how you are hurting me.
I bet that leg is hurting pretty badly.
I can’t imagine him hurting anybody.
Christ is present with the hurting, the.
I said your name when she was hurting me.
She was still too physically hurting to.
He was with her and he was hurting Essylt.
There are tears in my eyes, days hurting me.
He was pleased to find he wasn’t hurting.
Oh, God! My head is hurting with all these.
Could have brought not hurting but healing.
Hurting innocent people wasn’t an answer.
Since her father was incapable of hurting.
It never hurts to ask.
But it hurts too much.
It hurts me, it hurts.
I tried, but it hurts.
Damn, and it hurts too.
My body hurts all over.
It hurts me to hurt her.
It hurts, but it works.
It never hurts to check.
But it hurts, he mouthed.
My heart hurts at what.
If it is true: it hurts.
Oh my god, that hurts.
Worse than it hurts them.
That looks like it hurts.
This hurts ME to the core.
That's what hurts so much.
It hurts, and I curse her.
It never hurts, my dear.
Whatever it is, it hurts.
Justice heals and it hurts.
It hurts but I prefer that.
Except my head still hurts.
It hurts, it hurts so much.
Without your love, it hurts.
Let go of me; that hurts.
God that hurts! That hurts!.
It hurts me to break my code.
Yes, but it hurts as well.
It hurts my heart to see him.
My elbow hurts, he said.
This hurts too much as it is.
Killing Hurts the Killer, not.
Shit, he thinks, my head hurts.
This acutely hurts the father.
My chest hurts, she said.
The more it hurts the better!.
I love you, but that hurts too.

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