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Frasi con hurt (in inglese)

  1. I said you hurt me.
  2. I want him to hurt.
  3. It hurt to the core.
  4. It did not hurt me.
  5. It will not hurt me.
  6. This hurt him a lot.
  7. She said I hurt her.
  8. To heal the hurt of.
  9. It was meant to hurt.
  10. Did he get hurt? Yes.
  11. It said they hurt him.
  12. You could hurt a guy.
  13. It hurt so badly it.
  14. He did not hurt Ella.
  15. It can't hurt to ask.
  16. I was hurt and angry.
  17. He hurt all over now.
  18. It kind of hurt Gabe.
  19. He was alive but hurt.
  20. I will never hurt you.
  21. It won’t hurt a bit.
  22. Strive to hurt no one.
  23. I knew it would hurt.
  24. He wanted to hurt her.
  25. I hurt him pretty bad.
  26. The sun hurt his eyes.
  27. But he could hurt her.
  28. I was hurt to put it.
  29. She had hurt her hero.
  30. This is going to hurt.
  31. His body hurt al over.
  32. And you have hurt her.
  33. Kulai was hurt by that.
  34. I'm tired of being hurt.
  35. All his bones hurt him.
  36. It hurts me to hurt her.
  37. Part of her face hurt.
  38. I have been hurt before.
  39. But it was a nice hurt.
  40. Yes it hurt and he's.
  41. He said he hurt you.
  42. She wanted to hurt him.
  43. The fear of being hurt.
  44. Her eyes hurt so badly.
  45. I would never hurt you.
  46. She had hurt his pride.
  47. My hurt is the greatest.
  48. She gave him a hurt look.
  49. Why should it hurt? He.
  50. He was hurt and shocked.
  51. So that he may hurt too.
  52. The naked truth can hurt.
  53. This won’t hurt a bit.
  54. I know it would've hurt.
  55. The truth hurt too much.
  56. No? I wouldn't hurt her.
  57. It hurt to see the 436.
  58. That will hurt the other.
  59. It was starting to hurt.
  60. He would never hurt her.
  61. My husband was hurt and.
  62. It would hurt him deeply.
  63. I think he hurt his back.
  64. My stomach began to hurt.
  65. They won't hurt you now.
  66. We hoped nobody was hurt.
  67. She could feel the hurt.
  68. She is hurt, that is all.
  69. She would never hurt you.
  71. I know, but it hurt me.
  72. It couldn’t hurt to try.
  73. And that nobody was hurt.
  74. He allowed me to hurt her.
  75. It hurt me to think it.
  76. It hurt to talk about it.
  77. At least it won’t hurt.
  78. The hurt of the heart,.
  79. Of all the hurt by me,.
  80. Lucy was hurt by this,.
  81. It would hurt this much,.
  1. My kneecap is hurting me.
  2. Worse yet, I was hurting.
  3. It’s hurting both of them.
  4. And it’s hurting all of us.
  5. He wasn’t really hurting me.
  6. She’s not hurting a thing.
  7. My body was aching and hurting.
  8. This man was hurting their mate.
  9. Outraged, I was hurting with him.
  10. I didnt care if he was hurting.
  11. He was hurting more than helping.
  12. Stop him without hurting him—.
  13. Hitting is hurting: Hitting hurts.
  14. Stop it! You’re hurting her!.
  15. When you realise that by hurting.
  16. I was hurting, but I didn’t care.
  17. She was hurting more because of me.
  18. And they’re hurting her, Rhys.
  19. He’s scared of hurting you, Zandra.
  20. And it’s not hurting anyone now.
  21. It was hurting her, so I sedated her.
  22. Her words were hurting him a lot more.
  23. On top of that, my stomach's hurting.
  24. Boris, Boris! The boys are hurting Nick.
  25. Dewi, I regret hurting you, I really do.
  26. CINDY: Yes, but he wasn't hurting anyone.
  27. She was still too physically hurting to.
  28. If you only knew how you are hurting me.
  29. I bet that leg is hurting pretty badly.
  30. Christ is present with the hurting, the.
  31. My belly which had been hurting, stopped.
  32. I can’t imagine him hurting anybody.
  33. I said your name when she was hurting me.
  34. He was with her and he was hurting Essylt.
  35. Oh, God! My head is hurting with all these.
  36. He was pleased to find he wasn’t hurting.
  37. Could have brought not hurting but healing.
  38. Since her father was incapable of hurting.
  39. There are tears in my eyes, days hurting me.
  40. Hurting innocent people wasn’t an answer.
  41. I can’t have you hurting yourself over me.
  42. Please stop, please stop, you're hurting me.
  43. He’s really hurting, and so is his dragon.
  44. He couldn’t bare the thought of her hurting.
  45. I can’t stop thinking about hurting myself.
  46. This separation has been hurting me very much.
  47. Her head was still hurting but she ignored it.
  48. He was hurting, but no way he’d admit to it.
  49. Its hurting him, its keeping him out, he said.
  50. In his room, everything was hurting and scary.
  51. He wasn’t hurting it, Juan pointed out.
  52. Marcus had no compunction about hurting anybody.
  53. Hurting others was a different matter entirely.
  54. It was good to know that they weren’t hurting.
  55. Jared stopped when he realised he was hurting me.
  56. And this was what was really hurting the economy.
  57. At least for now, until it stops hurting so much.
  58. I hate hurting you, you know? he whispered.
  59. You're protected from my hurting you, by my love.
  60. Stop it, you’re hurting her Kaoru shouted.
  61. They glittered in the sunlight, hurting our eyes.
  62. I was exhausted, and my stomach was hurting again.
  63. He did not try to rub his obviously hurting chest.
  64. However, I sensed that she was hurting awfully bad.
  65. Tie her up and such, without actually hurting her.
  66. Unresponsive initially, Drola’s head was hurting.
  67. What he truly feared, he realized, was hurting her.
  68. Sarah Proud had stopped Friedman from hurting him.
  69. Karan: You are hurting an innocent without a reason.
  70. I think about hurting them – they are old men now.
  71. But then, maybe they were hurting as much as he was.
  72. I worried about injuring the fish, hurting the worms.
  73. Then within a minute or so my chest started hurting.
  74. Someone said that hurting another being that means.
  75. She says her elbows, knees and hips are also hurting.
  76. He had this stupid idea that hurting Joshua would.
  77. How to keep his friend without seriously hurting him.
  78. She was pleading for his help, and he was hurting her.
  79. She tried hurting the both of you? squeaked Kala.
  80. His throat was hurting and he was struggling to speak.
  81. He said: you're stomach's hurting? I said: very badly.
  82. Spending that time hurting yourself is a waste of life.
  83. I was shocked and recognized Max was often hurting too.
  84. I sat there a while, hurting and deeply angry at myself.
  85. Not without hurting Louise as much as she had hurt him.
  86. The sun moved and time passed and Arthur saw me hurting.
  87. She is forever falling over things and hurting herself.
  88. Whenever a titan is hurting, one must go there to heal.
  89. After crossing her, I felt that I was hurting her again.
  90. His emotions were mixed up, part pride and part hurting.
  91. She couldn’t bear the thought of Andrina hurting Gary.
  92. But—you must feel something of this that is hurting me.
  93. Adi’s behavior was so resentful that it was hurting me.
  94. In return, all I had to do was be awake without hurting.
  95. There was no hint of stealing anything or hurting anyone.
  96. Stop with the stealing and killing and the hurting stuff.
  97. I had to close my eyes as the light started hurting them.
  98. Her pity came up, hurting her till she could not bear it.
  99. There is no true joy in the sadness and hurting of others.
  100. My face was hurting from the ongoing hysterical amusement.
  2. It hurts me, it hurts.
  3. I tried, but it hurts.
  4. It never hurts to ask.
  5. But it hurts too much.
  6. My body hurts all over.
  7. Damn, and it hurts too.
  8. It hurts, but it works.
  9. It hurts me to hurt her.
  10. Oh my god, that hurts.
  11. Worse than it hurts them.
  12. If it is true: it hurts.
  13. It never hurts to check.
  14. My heart hurts at what.
  15. But it hurts, he mouthed.
  16. This hurts ME to the core.
  17. That looks like it hurts.
  18. That's what hurts so much.
  19. It hurts, and I curse her.
  20. Whatever it is, it hurts.
  21. It never hurts, my dear.
  22. Except my head still hurts.
  23. It hurts, it hurts so much.
  24. It hurts but I prefer that.
  25. Without your love, it hurts.
  26. Justice heals and it hurts.
  28. Let go of me; that hurts.
  29. God that hurts! That hurts!.
  30. It hurts my heart to see him.
  31. This hurts too much as it is.
  32. My elbow hurts, he said.
  33. Yes, but it hurts as well.
  34. It hurts me to break my code.
  35. Shit, he thinks, my head hurts.
  36. Killing Hurts the Killer, not.
  37. My chest hurts, she said.
  38. This acutely hurts the father.
  39. You said your shoulder hurts.
  40. He just falls and hurts himself.
  41. My head hurts, Emily said.
  42. It… it hurts, he sobbed.
  43. I love you, but that hurts too.
  44. Gas hurts, body nothing to save.
  45. The more it hurts the better!.
  46. It still hurts me to know that.
  47. It hurts like all hell-fire now.
  48. It only hurts if your balls.
  49. If your hurts grieve you still.
  50. He had new hurts that he could.
  51. That truly hurts my feelings.
  52. All the past hurts reared their.
  53. It hurts to lose someone simply.
  54. And what if he hurts you?
  55. It hurts my feelings, I tell you.
  56. Aw, crap that hurts, he said.
  57. Mother it hurts to see you so sad.
  58. They’d try to hit where it hurts.
  59. Hitting is hurting: Hitting hurts.
  60. But my elbow hurts, he said.
  61. What if he hurts you? I said.
  62. It hurts me so much to have to.
  63. I love you so much that it hurts.
  64. You know that hurts my feelings.
  65. I don’t see how this hurts us.
  66. Never stretch so far that it hurts.
  67. This hurts more than getting shot!.
  68. But he hurts you, said Susi.
  69. Ooh, that hurts, quipped Jerry.
  70. Damn, it hurts too much even to cry.
  71. I love you so fuckin' much it hurts.
  72. The hall is so white it hurts my eyes.
  73. My head hurts a bit but I’m okay.
  74. Holy fuck that hurts! she said.
  75. But be … easy, Mommy’s head hurts.
  76. Not only that, it hurts your knuckles.
  77. That hurts – my room isnt a dump.
  78. My god that’s something that hurts.
  79. I know the way I said hurts him a lot.
  80. And that which hurts not does no evil?
  81. That hurts, too, he said ruefully.
  82. It hurts my ears, but I managed a smile.
  83. Rejection hurts no matter the intention.
  84. When love hurts you, dare to love again.
  85. My head is sore; it hurts all the time.
  86. I know how much your duty hurts you.
  87. Killing hurts the killer, not the killed.
  88. It hurts, doesn’t it? said Alan.
  89. And shield you from the hurts and harms.
  90. That tickles a little and hurts a lot.
  91. Ouch, that hurts man!, Alcor cried.
  92. That overconfidence hurts many a trader.
  93. My head hurts and I'm starving to death.
  94. I am, and it’s good, but it also hurts.
  95. Chapter 11: What Hurts the Most Epilogue.
  96. This hurts, more than I thought it would.
  97. His throat and lips are so dry, it hurts.
  98. Hurts the eyes and the waterhole’s dry.
  99. It never hurts, Thomas admitted then.
  100. It’s nothing that hurts you, of course.

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