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    1. Frank still labours under the illusion of more TV work and has

    2. It is an illusion and you are trapped in

    3. The mirror is a barrier… it is an illusion

    4. The Illusion of Infinity

    5. From a distance, trees look healthy but as we draw closer, it becomes obvious that this is an illusion

    6. Like Scientology, this is an empty promise that shows no results, just the illusion of them

    7. She was a master at the art of illusion and had the ability to hide in plain sight; something the crew found very unnerving

    8. Soon I would be leaving the land of Athena and Alexis and Alessandra and returning to live a modern myth, The Great Social Illusion

    9. We are legion, and our only shield against that reality is our illusion of wholeness

    10. He’d chewed at the unwelcome news that the titanium was an illusion whilst lying in bed trying to sleep

    11. At least with Andy still there, there would have been some illusion of normality

    12. the illusion that he was a Christian

    13. He wondered why it had been, and all he could think of was because with Shinvei he was just one of the gang, with Luray he could keep the illusion that he was something special to her, or could be something special to her

    14. As quickly as it began, the illusion was gone, and his flesh was baby soft and perfect once more

    15. The Red Mage spent his life clinging to the illusion, always shifting shadows


    17. His dead flesh on Ki'minsyllessil was but an illusion – Anon’s greatest one yet

    18. He seemed to have suffered not at all from the ordeal – but that was another illusion, for it could be said he had suffered the most, having died to save the Elf Prince

    19. For Chatuum's benefit they had to go thru the whole story of the crystal illusion and how the expedition from Alan's home world was sent back with a fake story about Kassidor

    20. government, which proved to be a vision, an illusion,

    21. There would be no hiding from Dona’Cora now, she could see clearly, even through his greatest illusion

    22. 2 The illusion of remembering scenes and events when experienced for the first time; a feeling that you have seen, heard or felt something before

    23. And symbolic illusion is the goal

    24. Don’t center yourself around the illusion of your sight for the beliefs in your soul

    25. Some hold that reality itself is an illusion

    26. Ego is the self destructive illusive mind illusion that you create to hide from the world

    27. Break the illusion by the truth from within

    28. When we practice our training we begin to see the self in the illusion of state we have been living in

    29. thatof illusion state, But there is another approach, one that aims directly at that elusive state of total

    30. Without the seductions of a conflicted ego, reality lacks the incentive to transform itself into illusion

    31. It seeks to hold your entire attention and trap you in the comforting illusion of a rational universe, when the real universe is irrational

    32. As you begin to pay less attention to your own needs and more to the needs of others, you may see that your sense of separateness is an illusion

    33. Illusion is…it’s a very powerful thing-”

    34. It is as though a thick fog of illusion surrounding me has disappeared

    35. However, in certain cases this may be just an illusion to help comfort the newly arrived being, as these souls could eventually turn out to be their spiritual guides or guardians

    36. Another explanation of this concept of illusion can be approached from a scientific perspective

    37. there may be the illusion of a seamless continuity, but

    38. that they all seem to run together to produce the illusion

    39. illusion of movement but with an unchanged overall

    40. illusion of movement and an unchanged reality picture

    41. ” The separation is merely an illusion

    42. Visual relay gave the illusion of a 180 degree screen, with light-shift corrected for optical clarity

    43. The illusion made him feel slightly nauseous

    44. After a few subjective days the illusion of a body had mostly gone; only when asleep did he have the feeling of being whole, although without the sense of heft and effort of movement of his waking memories – they were fading as if now becoming an unhelpful irrelevance

    45. Another illusion, of course, fed into him by the wealth of telemetry regarding its state, reporting any abrasion to the primary plating

    46. No longer the illusion of a body, just a numb floaty feeling

    47. That was imagined, of course, but at the time his endorphin-filled mind convinced him this was true; the only one who ever gave him that illusion

    48. Torbin at first thought he’d imagined it, that the lessening of the force was merely an illusion due to his pressure sensor going off line

    49. Sticking to a black skirt is ideal for creating the illusion of a slimmer body and the high waist will cinch your curves in the right way

    50. Thin-lipped gals should use pale shades for lip color, which creates the illusion of fuller lips

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